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World Of Sport Ep. #8

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Of Sport Ep. #8

Matches were held in 1982 and were part of a tag team tournament to crown tag team champions.

The Riot Squad (Dave Finlay & Skull Murphy) vs. The Jets (Alan Kilby & Steve Logan) (11/20/1982)

Dave Finlay and Alan Kilby start the match. Kilby with a snapmare takedown on Finlay. Finlay gets Kilby in a wristlock but it gets reversed by Kilby. Finlay tries to escape but Kilby keeps taking him down. Finlay grabs hold of Kilby with a nerve hold and turns it into a chinlock. Finlay breaks the hold and flips Kilby around. He tags in Skull Murphy who gets booed by the fans.

Murphy with a side headlock on Kilby. Kilby knocks Murphy down to the delight of the fans. Murphy gets back up and grabs Kilby in an armbar. He drives a knee into Kilby’s side. Kilby with a wristlock and a kick. Murphy escapes. Skully Murphy tags in Finlay who lands a kick on Kilby. Referee warns both Murphy and Finlay. Kilby makes a comeback but Finlay stops him with a knee to the head. Referee stops Finlay.

Kilby flips Finlay across the ring and finally tags in Steve Logan. Logan whips Finlay into the corner but Finlay counters him. Uppercut from Finlay on Logan. Knee into the mid-section of Logan. Finlay stomps on him and tags in Skull Murphy. Logan makes a comeback and knocks down Murphy a few times. Murphy catches Logan with a punch to the mid-section. Murphy drops Logan across the top rope. Snapmare followed by a knee across Logan’s head by Murphy.

Finlay back in the match. He beats on Logan. Logan escapes a charging Finlay in the corner but Finlay lays in a hard elbow across Logan. Logan uses the ropes to confuse Finlay but Finlay grabs hold of him and backdrops him and covers him for the pin. The Riot Squad get their 1st fall win.

Second fall starts with Steve Logan against Dave Finlay. Finlay quickly goes to work on Logan. Logan with a kneedrop to the knee of Finlay but that is a short-lived attempt as Finlay regains control of the match. Finlay punches Logan while the referee is distracted. Finlay misses a shoulder charge into the corner and Logan tags in Kilby. Kilby beats on Finlay and catches him with a head butt and slams Finlay for the pin. The Jets win the 2nd fall very quickly.

One fall win for each team and a public warning for the Riot Squad. Finlay complains about being hurt and backs away from Kilby. Kilby whips Finlay into the corner and he slams into the corner. Suplex by Kilby but Finlay gets back up and punches Kilby in the stomach and follows with a knee lift. Finlay tags in Murphy. Uppercuts by Murphy on Kilby. Logan tagged back in. Murphy picks up Logan and he slams him into the corner. He whips Logan into the corner again. Murphy with more uppercuts on Logan.

Double under-hook suplex by Murphy followed by another punch. Referee gives Murphy his team’s second public warning. Murphy with a headbutt at Logan. He tosses Logan across the ring and then slams him. Forearm across Logan’s neck. Murphy gets Logan in a variation of the Cobra Clutch and Logan submits.

WINNERS: Dave Finlay & Skull Murphy

The Martial Arts Fighters (Kwik Kick Lee (Akira Maeda) & Clive Myers) vs. The Wilson Brothers (Peter Wilson & Tarzan Johnny Wilson) (11/20/1982)

Kwik Kick Lee and Peter Wilson start the match. Peter grabs hold of Lee’s wrist but they go back and forth reversing holds. He gets Lee in a headscissors but Lee breaks out and gets Peter Wilson in a headlock. Back up and Peter gets Lee in a hammerlock. Lee escapes and gets Peter down with a leg takedown and tags in Clive Myers.

Clive Myers takes Pete Wilson down with an armdrag. Full nelson by Myers into a headlock. Wilson escapes and tries to grab hold of Myers leg which gets a good reaction from the fans. Peter Wilson goes for a pin on Myers but can’t get it so he tags in Johnny Wilson. Myers uses his speed to keep Wilson off track. He throws a few kicks at Johnny but they don’t take him down. Myers goes for a dropkick which does drop Johnny Wilson. He tags in Kwik Kick Lee.

Kwik Kick Lee with a few kicks at Johnny Wilson and he whips him into the ropes and catches him with a dropkick. Lee with a leg takedown on Johnny Wilson. He goes for a surfboard submission hold on Wilson. He let’s go and goes for a cool looking wristlock. Johnny Wilson lifts up Lee onto his shoulders and drops him down to the mat. Lee gets back up and gets Johnny in a Boston Crab. Wilson breaks out of the hold and tags in his brother Peter. Myers also tags in.

Backdrop by Clibe Myers on Peter Wilson. Leg takedown by Peter Wilson but he can’t keep hold of Myers. Myers spreads Peter’s legs. Monkey flip by Myers while Peter keeps hold of his leg. Peter Wilson goes back to grabbing hold of Myers’ leg but he has to break the hold. Lee gets back in the ring and catches Peter Wilson with a kick. He follows with a suplex and covers Peter Wilson for the pin. Lee and Myers win the first fall.

Kwik Kick Lee and Peter Wilson start the second fall. Peter with a leg takedown on Lee but he reverses it into a Fujiwara armbar. Wilson tries to break out of the hold. He does so and gets him in a hammerlock. Peter gets Lee in a headlock but Lee breaks out of it and gets him in a wristlock. He follows with a snapmare on Wilson and lands an elbow. Peter tags in Johnny. Johnny Wilson lands a knee across the head of Lee. He gets in a dropkick and slams Lee down and covers him for the pin. The Wilson Brothers win the 2nd fall.

Johnny Wilson and Kwik Kick Lee start the third fall. Johnny takes down Lee and locks up his left leg. Lee breaks free and gets Johnny Wilson in a hammerlock and takes him down to the mat. They both break the hold and tag out.

Myers snapmares Peter Wilson a few times. He whips Wilson off the ropes and lands a kick across his chest. Peter tags out. Johnny Wilson comes in and Myers throws some kicks that don’t take him down. Knee lift by Johnny Wilson followed by a slam. Myers gets Johnny in a side headlock. He tries to knock down Johnny Wilson and finally does so with a kick to his chest. Johnny stops to take a breath and then tags his brother back in.

Peter Wilson grabs hold of Clive Myers and whips him over the top rope. Myers goes over the announcers table! Huge fall from Myers. He can’t get back in the ring and is counted out. The Wilson Brothers and Kwik Kick Lee go over to check on him.

WINNERS: Peter & Johnny Wilson

The Riot Squad (Dave Finlay & Skull Murphy) vs. The Wilson Brothers (11/27/1982)

This is theWorld Of Sport Top Tag Team tournament final for the belts. Peter Wilson knocks down Skull Murphy and follows by dropkicking him out of the ring. Murphy gets back up on the ring apron and knocks down Peter Wilson and goes for a slingshot splash back into the ring but Wilson moves out of the way. Wilson catapults Murphy into his corner and into Finlay. Finlay tags in. Finlay is able to kick Peter Wilson and slams him on themat. He climbs up to the top rope and misses a big splash

Johnny Wilson comes in and knocks down Davd Finlay a few times. Finlay tags in Murphy. Johnny keeps knocking Murphy down with more forearm charges. Murphy asks for a break and tells the fans to keep quiet! Peter Wilson comes back into the ring against Skully Murphy. Another forearm at Murphy. He whips him into the corner but Murphy knocks him down. Murphy tags in Finlay who lands a knee across Peter’s head. Finlay gets Peter in a full nelson and Murphy comes in and hits him. Referee gives Murphy a warning.

Finlay grabs hold of Peter Wilson again and Murphy tries to hit him again but Peter moves and Murphy hit Finlay instead. Finlay regains control of the match and elbows Peter across the upper chest. Finlay does that a few times. He stomps on Peter. Murphy back in and he headbutts Wilson. Murphy goes for a variation of the Cobra Clutch and gets Peter Wilson to submit. The Riot Squad wins the 1st fall.

Round two starts with Murphy charging at Peter Wilson. He continues to beat on Peter. He tags in Finlay who again lands a knee across Peter Wilson. Referee gives The Riot Squad a second public warning. Neckbreaker by Finlay on Wilson. He goes for a second one. Finlay continues to attack Peter’s neck. Another neckbreaker! He tags in Murphy who lands a big forearm across Peter’s face. Murphy’s relentless in his attack. He picks him up over his shoulders and drops him onto the top rope.

Murphy hits a forearm on Peter and Finlay lays one in as well which the referee warns him not to do. Johnny Wilson stretches out to try to get his brother to tag him in. Murphy goes back to his same submission hold and gets Peter Wilson to submit. The Riot Squad wins 2-0 falls.

WINNERS: Dave Finlay & Skull Murphy

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode of World of Sport. This episode covered a tag team tournament from 1982. I thought the first match was the best on the show but I also enjoyed the second match as well. The final in the tournament was more dominated by The Riot Squad than their earlier match. Fun seeing Akira Maeda as Kwik Kick Lee. One thing I’ve noticed on the World of Sport shows is that there’s usually at least one match where a guy takes a big dive/fall to the outside that looks pretty crazy especially given the time that it was happening in and this episode had a big bump to the outside by “Ironfist” Clive Myers.


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