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Mid-South Wrestling 11/26/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 11/26/1982

Taped 11/24/1982 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 11/26/1982.

Boyd Pearce and “Cowboy” Bill Watts on commentary.

Bill Watts starts by talking about football. He mentions how a football player bench-pressed 450 lbs as he leads into video of Tony Atlas bench pressing 550 lbs. Watts interviews The Junkyard Dog about Stagger Lee. JYD mentions Stagger Lee use to steal his lunch money but now he’s helping him out.

Ted DiBiase joins Boyd Pearce at the desk. DiBiase says he has done more for the North American Title than anyone else. He talks about his successful defense in Houston,Texas against Tiger Conway Jr. who he says is a very good friend of The Junk Yard Dog. Boyd Pearce tells DiBiase that he won a recent award from a New York magazine and that it is the Most Hated Wrestler award. They send it over to the video highlights of the DiBiase vs. Conway Jr. match from Houston.

Match is joined in progress with Ted DiBiase doing commentary during the highlights. It also starts with Tiger Conway Jr. chasing Ted DiBiase around the ring. DiBiase mentions that everywhere he goes the crowd is against him and rooting on his opponent because he’s the top star and everyone is out gunning for him. Conway Jr. offers his hand and DiBiase agrees before Conway Jr. slaps him. He sends DiBiase to the outside. Conway Jr. does it a second time but DiBiase doesn’t fall for it.

Ted DiBiase beats on Tiger Conway Jr. but Conway Jr. recovers and quickly gets the advantage on DiBiase. He grabs hold of DiBiase’s left arm with an armbar. DiBiase lays in a forearm. He sends Conway Jr. into the top turnbuckle and starts to beat on him. He slams Conway Jr. and follows with a big knee across his chest. DiBiase punches Conway Jr. He whips him into the ropes and gets him with a big elbow. He stomps on Conway Jr. Backbreaker by DiBiase on Conway Jr. and he goes for a pin but only gets a two-count. DiBiase gets Conway Jr. in a sleeperhold.

Tiger Conway Jr. gets a few elbows into DiBiase’s mid-section to escape the sleeperhold. He knocks DiBiase down with a shoulder block but DiBiase counters a second attempt with a knee. He goes for a few kneedrops on Conway Jr. Reverse chinlock on Conway Jr. DiBiase keeps cutting down Conway Jr’s comebacks. He slams Conway Jr. and climbs up to the second turnbuckle and misses an elbow drop.

Tiger Conway Jr. throws a series of fists at DiBiase. He whips him into the corner and backdrops him. DiBiase begs Conway Jr. to stop but Conway Jr. headbutts him. Tiger Conway Jr. climbs to the top rope and lands a headbutt on DiBiase but Ted covered his head up with his hands and arms. DiBiase reaches into his trunks to load up his glove. He punches Conway Jr. and covers him for the pin.

Reiser Bowden interviews Gen. Skandor Akbar about his return to the Mid-South Wrestling area. Bowden mentions that he hasn’t been seen since The One Man Gang and Killer Khan were last in the territory and he asks who he has brought in now. He announces that he has leased the services of Kamala “The Ugandan Giant” and mentions how he wasn’t on the big Super Dome extravaganza and vows he will be on all extravaganzas in the world. He says everyone knows who Stagger Lee is and mentions that Kamala is the only man who has beaten The Junk Yard Dog without any outside interference.

Kamala “The Ugandan Giant” (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar & Friday) vs. El Silencio

Kamala quickly attacks El Silencio before the bell rings. He chops down El Silencio and then slams him to the mat. More chops followed by Kamala jumping high up in the air. He whips El Silencio into the ropes and chops hhim down again. Two big splashes off the ropes and he covers El Silencio for the pin.

Kamala goes after El Silencio’s mask. He takes it off and runs around and hands it over to Akbar.

WINNER: Kamala

Gen. Skandor Akbar says Kamala is going to collect all the masks in Mid-South Wrestling including Stagger Lee, Mr. Olympia and Mr. Wrestling II. He tells everyone that from now on any negotiations with Kamala must go thru him.

“Iron” Mike Sharpe & Mr. Olympia vs. The Davidson Brothers (John Davidson & Rick Davidson)

Davidson Brothers look very similar and unfortunately commentators don’t really make any attempt to differentiate the two so its a little harder to keep up with who is in the ring. Davidson Brothers are manhandled by Sharpe and Mr. Olympia. They get in some offence but its mostly all Sharpe and Mr. Olympia. Mr. Olympia gets the win with a cross body block off the top ropes on one of the Davidsons for the pin. Sharpe kept the other out of the ring.

WINNERS: Mike Sharpe & Mr. Olympia

Mr. Wrestling II vs. Marty Lunde

Mr. Wrestling II with a quick series of armdrags on Lunde that send him to the outside. Lunde gets back in the ring and gets Mr. Wrestling II in a side headlock and punches him. Mr. Wrestling II pays him back with a punch of his own. Lunde kicks Mr. Wrestling II and grabs him with a front facelock. Mr. Wrestling II escapes and takes Lunde down. He gets him with a hammerlock but Lunde reaches the ropes.

Marty Lunde whips Mr. Wrestling II into the corner and gets in a few shoulder tackles. He goes for one more but Mr. Wrestling II catches him with a knee lift! Mr. Wrestling II follows with a backdrop off the ropes on Lunde. He slams Lunde. He whips Lunde into the ropes and punches him. Mr. Wrestling II gets Lunde with a knee lift and goes for a second one to get the pin.

WINNER: Mr. Wrestling II

Bob Roop vs. Mike Bond

Bob Roop with a quick takedown on Bond. Back and forth early on until Roop gets Bond locked up. He gets in a forearm before snapmaring him down. He goes for a wristlock on Bond. Bond reverses but Roop goes for a leg takedown on Bond. He slams Bond and goes for a pin but only gets a two-count. More forearms in the corner thrown by Roop. He whips Bond across the corner and gets in the shoulder tackles into Bond.

Mike Bond fights back! He hiptosses Roop out of the corner. He does it a second time. Big forearm thrown by Bond at Roop but Roop whips him into the ropes and clotheslines him. Roop whips Bond into the ropes again and catches him with a high knee. He climbs up to the middle rope and gets in another knee into Bond’s side. Roop with a vertical suplex gets the pin on Bond.

WINNER: Bob Roop

Hiro Matsuda & Yoshiaki Yatsu vs. King Cobra & Tim Horner

Hiro Matsuda and Tim Horner start the match. Some good mat work to start between the two. Horner quickly tags in King Cobra. Matsuda gets King Cobra in a headlock and tags in Yatsu. Yatus with some forearms across the back of King Cobra followed by a side salto suplex. He slams King Cobra second time and tags in Matsuda.

Hiro Matsuda knocks down King Cobra but Cobra reaches out to his corner. Horner comes in and lays in a few punches on Matsuda. He whips Matsuda into the ropes and backdrops him. Horner with a body slam on Matsuda. Matsuda tags in Yatsu. Yatsu with some chops on Horner. He slams Horner and follows with a hard chop across Horner’s chest.

Tim Horner and Hiro Matsuda battle it out. Matsuda tags in Yatsu again. Horner fights back against Yatsu and tags in King Cobra. King Cobra dropkicks Yatsu and goes for a pin attempt as TV time runs out.


SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. The best match on the show was the Ted DiBiase vs. Tiger Conway Jr. match from Houston that aired joined in progress. The other big news from this show was Akbar now managing Kamala. The matches were mostly kept very short and not much went on with most of them. The most promising match looked like it could have been the tag match to close the show but TV time ran out on it.


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