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WCCW TV 6/5/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 6/5/1982

Taped 5/23/1982 at the Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Aired on 6/5/1982.

Mark Lowrance is on commentary. He runs down the stars scheduled on this week’s show. Kim Duk joins Lowrance for an interview. Duk says that The Spoiler talked him into coming to World Class to battle The Great Kabuki and The Magic Dragon. He mentions that Kabuki & Dragon have disgraced Asian people in how they wrestle. He says they use sticks and illegal holds and he will do the same against them.

“Wild” Bill Irwin vs. Tom “Boogaloo” Shaft

Irwin gets in a few forearms on Shaft’s right arm and he keeps attacking his arm including using the ropes to try to injure his arm. He pulls at Shaft’s arm and gets him in a wristlock while continuing to attack his right arm with forearms and kicks. Shaft shoves Irwin into the corner and fights back.

Irwin regains control of the match and keeps kicking at Shaft. He goes back to work on Shaft’s right arm. Referee Bronco Lubich warns him. Irwin stomps on Shaft and continues to attack him. Shaft tries to fight back and finally gets in a knee lift along with some kicks and punches at Irwin. He tosses Irwin across into the turnbuckles. Irwin responds and uses the ropes to choke Shaft. Irwin goes for a pin but Shaft gets his foot on the ropes.

Shaft continues to get beaten down by Irwin but is able to get in a kick on Irwin. Fans cheer Shaft as he fights back. He whips Irwin into the ropes and catches him with a hip attack. Irwin makes a comeback and slams Shaft. He follows with a big splash off the ropes and covers Shaft for the pin.

WINNER: Bill Irwin

The Great Kabuki & The Magic Dragon (w/ Gary Hart) vs. Ken Mantell & Kim Duk

Ken Mantell and The Great Kabuki start the match. Kabuki sprays the green mist and gets his hands covered in it. Kabuki misses with a chop on Mantell and he tags in Kim Duk. Fans start to make some noise as The Spoiler shows up holding the kendo stick. Duk gets in a kick and grabs Kabuki in a Cobra Clutch. Kabuki escapes.

The Great Kabuki chops Kim Duk but misses a kick. They both attempt kicks that miss. Kabuki gets Duk in his corner and tags in The Magic Dragon. The Dragon gets in some hard chops on Duk but he fights back and they exchange some hard chops. Duk takes the Dragon down to the mat. Kicks and chops exchanged and Duk tags in Mantell. The Dragon grabs Mantell in his Dragon Sleeper but Duk makes the save.

The Dragon gets Duk with a nerve hold but Mantell lifts him up for a back breaker. The Dragon quickly recovers and again gets Mantell in a Dragon Sleeper but Duk makes the save. The Dragon gets Mantell in a nerve hold and follows with a kick. Back and forth punches between the two until Kabuki gets in a chop off the ropes on Mantell. Kabuki gets Mantell in his under-arm nerve hold. Fans cheer on Mantell who picks up Kabuki and tags in Duk.

Kim Duk gets in some forearms on Kabuki but he counters with some thrust kicks. Back and forth chops between these two. Crowd gets heated! Duk throws several chops at Kabuki and knocks him down. Duk goes for a pin but Kabuki kicks him. The Dragon comes in and kicks Duk and goes for his sleeperhold. Mantell makes the save. Dragon continues his attack on Duk.

The Magic Dragon gets Kim Duk in a nerve hold. Duk tries to escape but struggles to do so. Double-fist by Duk at Dragon but Dragon is able to tag in Kabuki. Kabuki with some hard chops. Duk fights back. Punches thrown at Kabuki by Duk. Kabuki whips Duk into the corner and catches him with a thrust kick. He whips Duk into the corner but Mantell makes the save by placing his body on the corner to soften the blow for Duk. This allows Duk to make a comeback on Kabuki and gets him in a Dragon Sleeper. All four men get into the ring.

Mantell beats on The Dragon in the corner. Duk continues to beat on Kabuki. The bell rings to indicate that both teams have been disqualified. Duk brings in the kendo stick and attacks both men. Kabuki grabs his sword and attacks Duk. The Spoiler gets involved and he and The Dragon fight over the kendo stick. Referee David Manning gets knocked down. Hart gets his men to get out of the ring.


Jose Lothario joins Mark Lowrance for an interview. Lothario holds the Mexican Brass Knuckles Champion. He says he has beaten all the top Mexican and Puerto Rican wrestlers who have challenged him for that title. Wild Bill Irwin interrupts the interview and Lothario excuses himself and leaves.

Wild Bill Irwin wants to know why he has to defend the Texas Heavyweight title all the time but he hasn’t seen Jose Lothario defend the Mexican Brass Knuckles Title anywhere and asks if anyone can answer that question which he says no one can because Lothario isn’t a true champion. He says he is no longer associated with “Captain Crunch” (Frank Dusek). He doesn’t believe that Dusek was a mental giant and doesn’t have a champion heart.

Jose Lothario vs. Capt. Frank Dusek

Lothario teases punching Dusek who backs away. They get in the ropes and referee demands a clean break. Dusek tells the referee to watch Lothario’s fist. Dusek gets Lothario in the ropes but Lothario escapes and throws a punch at Dusek who gets tangled in the ropes.

Dusek and Lothario tangle a bit and he’s able to get Lothario on the mat. Dusek backs away from Lothario. He complains about the punches again. Test of strength turned into a kick from Lothario. He gets Dusek into a hammerlock. Dusek spins around the ring and collapses on the mat while being held in the hammerlock. They roll around on the mat. Dusek rolls to the outside.

Dusek gets back in the ring. He gets in a punch on Lothario and then gets him with a forearm. He spins and catches Lothario with an elbow. Dusek tosses Lothario into the corner and then catches him in a headlock. Lothario reverses an armbar into a headscissors on Dusek. Dusek escapes and kicks at Lothario. Dusek gets in a few knee lifts on Lothario but he counters with a few punches.

Jose Lothario whips Dusek into the ropes but it gets reverses. Dusek can’t get Lothario up for a suplex but Lothario reverses and instead tosses Dusek to the floor. Lothario falls over as well. Lothario tries to get back in the ring but Dusek pulls him down again. Dusek tries to climb up before the count ends but Lothario pulls him down by the trunks. They continue to brawl. Dusek grabs a chair but the referee stops him. Match ends in a double countout.

WINNER: Double Countout

Kevin Von Erich vs. King Kong Bundy (w/ Armand Hussein)

Mark Lowrance points out that Kevin Von Erich is barefoot for tonight’s match and that he’s going to talk about it more in a bit. They do the introductions. Lowrance mentions that he asked Kevin Von Erich earlier why he was wrestling barefooted and Kevin said it was because he was raised barefooted and trained to wrestle barefooted and would do it tonight thinking it could add a little more quickness against Bundy.

Bundy shoves Kevin Von Erich across the ring after locking up. Fans chant for Kevin loudly from the very start of the match. Kevin tosses Bundy into the corner. Hussein tries to calm Bundy down. Kevin with a big forearm across Bundy’s back. They lock-up again and this time Bundy gets Kevin on the ropes and knees him. He tosses him across the ropes and knocks Kevin down a few times.

Bundy whips Kevin a third time but this time Kevin gets in a forearm and a dropkick on Bundy. He gets Bundy in the corner and gets the Iron Claw on Bundy. Referee starts to count Kevin to break the hold. Kevin and Bundy got for a test of strength battle. Bundy forces Kevin down to his knees but Kevin fights back as the fans cheer for him loudly. Kevin breaks the hold and dropkicks Bundy. He charges at Bundy in the corner but Bundy gets him with a knee.

King Kong Bundy steps and chokes on Bundy! Hussein yells encouraging words at Bundy. Bundy slams Kevin on the floor! He drops a knee across Kevin’s chest. Kevin fights back with a big right but Bundy continues his attack. Both get back in the ring. Bundy with an elbow. Kevin fights back with some punches. Knee lift by Kevin Von Erich and he tries to go for the claw again! Kevin pounds away on Bundy in the corner. He whips Bundy across the ropes and hits him with another dropkick. He goes for a big splash off the ropes but Bundy raises up his knees.

Hussein reminds Bundy about the bonus. Bundy lands a big splash of his own on Kevin Von Erich! Bundy whips Kevin into the corner but misses a corner splash. Kevin climbs up to the top rope and lands a twisting cross body block on Bundy and covers him for the pin!

WINNER: Kevin Von Erich

Armand Hussein threatens the referee after the loss. Referee tells him that he’s going to fine him if he keeps it up and finally does so.

Mark Lowrance interviews Kevin Von Erich and brings up the fact that he’s wrestling barefoot. Kevin doesn’t think that was a big deal and said he was more impressed with beating Bundy and hopes to beat him for his belt soon.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Great show! The tag match and the main event were both good. Dusek vs. Lothario was okay. The fans were really into all the matches but way more for the last three on the show. There were a few technical issues during the episode but they didn’t last very long and it was mostly just affecting a few seconds of audio.


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