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Memphis Wrestling 9/1/1979

Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling TV 9/1/1979

Taped 9/1/1979 at the WMC TV Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lance Russell & Dave Brown are on commentary.

Buddy Wayne & Ken Wayne vs. Sonny King & Rick Morton

Rick Morton and Ken Wayne start the match. They lock-up and break away a few times before Morton finally takes Ken down with an armdrag a few times. Buddy motions to Ken to tag him into the match. Sonny King tags in as well. King gets Buddy into the corner and Buddy complains about getting hit. Sonny reverses Buddy’s hold into an armbar.

Buddy Wayne is able to break free by pulling Sonny King’s tights. He gets King in a headlock but King shoves him into the ropes and catches him with a knee. Sonny King grabs hold of Buddy with an armbar but Ken interferes. The Waynes double-team Sonny King in their corner. They punch and choke King. Ken comes in and attacks King. King tags in Morton who gets in a punch at Ken’s mid-section and follows with an atomic drop. He goes for a pin after a snapmare.

Ken Wayne reaches his corner and gets a few words from Buddy. Side headlock by Ken on Morton and he tags in Buddy. Morton sends Buddy into the ropes and armdrags him and then follows with a dropkick. Morton with a quick two-count with Buddy kicking out. Buddy gets an Irish whip into the corner reversed by Morton but he’s able to get in a punch on Morton and tags in Ken Wayne.

Ken Wayne gets in a knee at Morton and continues his attack on him. Pair of elbows by Ken on Morton. Ken whips Morton into the corner. He whips him across the ropes for a backdrop but Morton reverses it into a sunset flip pin attempt. Buddy runs into the ring but so does Sonny King. All four men brawl in the ring. They send both Waynes smashing into each other. Morton and King pin both Waynes to get the win.

WINNERS: Sonny King & Rick Morton

Highlights of Bill Dundee beating Ron Bass for the Southern Heavyweight Title on August 27, 1979 at the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis are shown. They play some music during the highlights. Ron Bass kept putting Dundee in the Stampede power slam and pulling him up. Bass is confident after taking Dundee down with a backbreaker across his knee. Bass pins Dundee in lazy fashion and Dundee is able to reverse the pin attempt to get the win.

Highlights of Nick Bockwinkel defending the AWA World Heavyweight Title against Jerry Lawler from the August 27, 1979 show are also shown. This match ended in a draw and they show about 10 minutes of what was a 60-minute time limit draw match. Again they include music during the highlights. This was a pretty wild brawl with Bockwinkel punching Lawler quite a bit in a title match. They continued to brawl after the time limit had expired with Bockwinkel calling Lawler out. Lawler got a pinfall on Bockwinkel during the post-match battle.

Lance Russell interviews Jerry “The King” Lawler about the match against Nick Bockwinkel. Lawler makes jokes about Lance Russell. He says that he won the match against Bockwinkel and claimed he fought two world champions in Nick Bockwinkel and world cheating champion referee Tommy Marlin. He says it was two against one and said Marlin cheated him out of the championship.

He says Tommy is Eddie Marlin’s brother. Eddie Marlin is Jerry Jarrett’s father-in-law and says it was very convenient to have him as a referee. Lawler claims that Jarrett didn’t want him to win because he knew Lawler would leave and he could not afford to have him leave. He still believes that he beat Nick Bockwinkel.

He then says that when Bill Dundee lost to Bockwinkel that Jarrett showed video of that match to the AWA President and was able to get Dundee a rematch. He won’t do the same thing for Lawler. Lawler vows to get a rematch against Bockwinkel. Lawler doesn’t think anyone wants to see a “sawed-off runt”, “bugged-eyed” Bill Dundee. Lawler wants to know if Dundee will put the Southern Title against him on Monday night.

Lance Russell tells Lawler to keep quiet so they can air a video interview from Bill Dundee. Bill Dundee says there are three things in the back of his mind and he’s going to tell Lawler each one-by-one. Dundee says if Lawler wants a shot at the Southern Title, he needs to prove himself by beating The Hulk, Ron Bass, Sonny King, Jimmy Valiant, and The Freebirds. If he can beat all those guys then he’ll give him a title shot because right now all Dundee sees is that Lawler’s a “jabroni”. Second thing Dundee said that Lawler couldn’t beat Bockwinkel and he tried everything while Dundee said he actually wrestled Bockwinkel. The third thing is that when they wrestle on Monday and Dundee said last time they wrestled they were still friends but after the match, Lawler called Dundee a joke around Memphis. He says last time they wrestled they were friends but now he hates him. He vows to fight him and calls Lawler his Number One Enemy.

Jerry Lawler doesn’t believe what Dundee said. He said Dundee tried everything he could against Bockwinkel and couldn’t beat him. Lawler again claims to have beaten Bockwinkel unlike Dundee. Lawler compares Dundee to a leech that clamps onto you and sucks your blood out. He claims Dundee saw him as his meal ticket and Lawler did take him to the top. He vows to beat Dundee within an inch to his life on Monday.

Lawler returns and tells Lance Russell that Dundee says he can’t wrestle so he’s going to prove he can wrestle against his friend Jerry Bryant. He says he doesn’t want to hurt this guy so he’s going to show everyone he can wrestle. He places his crown on Lance Russell’s head.

Jerry “The King” Lawler vs. Jerry Bryant

Lawler shakes hands with Bryant. Bryant armdrags Lawler. He does it a second time and Lawler bounces up and stares at referee Jerry Calhoun. Bryant gets Lawler with an armdrag for a third time and Lawler shows some frustration. They lock-up and Bryant reverses it into an armbar. Lawler breaks free but misses an elbow drop.

Lawler gets upset and yells at Bryan and asks, “Are you going to wrestle or cheat all day?” Lawler argues a bit with the fans before they lock-up. Bryant powers out of a headlock and gets Lawler into a wristlock. Lawler complains about hair-pulling by Bryant. Bryant takes Lawler down to the mat. Lawler calls for a clean break and then starts to punch Bryant.

Lawler catches Bryant with more punches. He snapmares Bryant and then stomps on him. Bryant fires back with some punches and forearms of his own. Lawler kicks Bryant and then lands an elbow on him for the pin.

WINNER: Jerry Lawler

Tommy Gilbert vs. Bub Smith

Smith takes Gilbert down but Tommy Gilbert quickly back up and gets Smith in a front facelock. Smith elbows Gilbert and gets him in a side headlock. Fans start to chant for Gilbert. Gilbert with a nice leg takedown breaks out of the hold.

Smith goes back to getting Gilbert in a standing side headlock again. Gilbert is able to backdrop Smith and cover him for the pin.

WINNER: Tommy Gilbert

They give a rundown for the September 3rd Mid-South Coliseum show in Memphis.

“Handsome” Jimmy Valiant interview about an upcoming match against Ron Bass. He calls Memphis the cleanest city in America. He says that Mayor Chandler has asked Valiant to keep Memphis clean and says it’s Bass that he is talking about. He calls Bass garbage. He says that the Governor, the mayor and himself are investing a lot of money in Beale Street and want to clean it up.

Rick & Robert Gibson interview about heading to Memphis to challenge The Blonde Bombers for the Southern Tag Team Titles. Rick Gibson said that six months ago Latham & Farris went to Pensacola, Floria and injured him. He vows revenge and warns Danny Davis about interfering. Robert Gibson said he is looking forward to being back in Memphis.

The Blonde Bombers (Larry Latham & Wayne Farris) (w/ Sgt. Danny Davis) vs. Dallas Montgomery & Eddie Gilbert

Wayne Farris and Eddie Gilbert start the match. Gilbert reverses a wristlock and Farris quickly tags out to Latham. Gilbert gets Latham in an armbar. Latham whips Gilbert into the ropes but Gilbert catches him with a dropkick.

They lock-up again and Latham gets in a punch at Gilbert’s mid-section while on the ropes. Gilbert gets Latham with a standing side headlock. He gets whipped into the ropes and Latham knees him. Farris and Latham with some quick tags to beat on Gilbert as TV time starts to run out. Latham backdrops Gilbert and tags in Farris. Farris whips Gilbert into the ropes and get kicked. Gilbert reaches out and tags in Montgomery.

Montgomery comes in and goes for a dropkick at Farris but he holds onto the ropes and Montgomery drops down to the mat. Farris goes for an elbow drop and covers Montgomery for the pin. Latham knocks Gilbert down.

WINNERS: The Blonde Bombers

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode with the main focus being the Lawler and Dundee feud. All the matches were very short with the longest match airing on this episode being the highlights of the Bockwinkel vs. Lawler AWA World Title match. Really enjoyed the interview segments between Lawler and Dundee as they built up their singles match at the Mid-South Coliseum.


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