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Mid-South Wrestling 11/18/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 11/18/1982

Taped 11/10/1982 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 11/18/1982.

Boyd Pearce and “Cowboy” Bill Watts are on commentary.

Col. Buck Robley & Mr. Wrestling II vs. Kelly Kiniski & The Grappler

Robley and The Grappler start the match but Robley quickly tags in Mr. Wrestling II. He knocks The Grappler down who quickly tags in Kiniski. Quick takedown by Mr. Wrestling II on Kiniski. He tags in Robley. Side headlock by Robley on Kiniski. Kiniski sends Robley into the ropes but Robley keeps taking Kiniski down.

Mr. Wrestling II tags in and backdrops Kiniski. The Grappler gets back in the ring and gets in a few forearms on Mr. Wrestling II. Back and forth with Mr. Wrestling II knocking The Grappler down. Robley and Kiniski now in the match and he gets in a knee into Kiniski’s stomach. He slams Kiniski and lands a knee across his chest. Mr. Wrestling II tags in and gets Kiniski with a knee lift.

Kiniski tags in The Grappler but Mr. Wrestling II’s ready for him. Robley tags in and gets The Grappler with a neckbreaker. Mr. Wrestling II follows that up with a knee lift on The Grappler. He tags in Kiniski and Mr. Wrestling II gets in a punch on Kiniski. Quick tags by Mr. Wrestling II and Robley. Robley with a punch at Kiniski. He lands a knee on Kiniski but can’t get the pin.

Mr. Wrestling II tags back in but Kiniski takes him down. Mr. Wrestling II counters with a headscissors. Kiniski gets up and lands a knee across Mr. Wrestling II’s head. The Grappler comes in with some elbows but Mr. Wrestling II lays in a big elbow on him. Robley back in and he beats on The Grappler and Kiniski. Kiniski reverses a whip into a corner but Robley moves out of the way. he knocks Kiniski down with an elbow. Robley tags in Mr. Wrestling II and he charges at Kiniski with a knee lift and gets the pin.

WINNERS: Col. Buck Robley & Mr. Wrestling II

Reiser Bowden interviews Mr. Wrestling II about the mask that was destroyed and it also includes a note stating “This is just the beginning”. Mr. Wrestling II doesn’t know what this is about but warns whoever is behind this, he’ll get his revenge. He mentions that he’s a quiet man but says whoever did this to his mask will pay dearly.

They recap the confrontation between “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and Tony Atlas from a few weeks ago.

“Mr. U.S.A.” Tony Atlas vs. Marty Lunde

Tony Atlas sends Lunde to the mat after a test of strength attempt by Lunde. He tosses Lunde a second time. Lunde tries to grab hold of Atlas but he easily breaks free. Atlas whips Lunde into the ropes and he leapfrogs him and follows with a dropkick. Side headlock by Atlas.

Atlas keeps Lunde locked in a side headlock and on the mat. Lunde gets Atlas into the corner and gets in a few forearms. He whips Atlas into the corner but Atlas reverses it and knocks Lunde around with some punches. Atlas with a headbutt on Lunde. He body press slams Lunde to the mat and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Tony Atlas

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. Ted Allen

Duggan screams at Allen before the bell rings. He shoves Allen into the ropes and stomps on the mat. Duggan misses a forearm and Allen couners with a forearm of his own. Duggan recovers and slams Allen. He follows with a knee drop off the ropes. Back and forth punches thrown until Duggan is able to knock Allen down.

Duggan tosses Allen into the corner. He whips Allen into the ropes and picks him up for a backbreaker across his knee. He goes for the pin but Allen kicks out at two. Allen tries to fight back but Duggan lays in a big forearm across his back. He stomps on Allen’s back. Duggan whips Allen into the ropes but Allen kicks him. Duggan continues his attack and goes for more forearms across Allen’s back.

Duggan whips Allen into the ropes and gets him with an elbow. He whips Allen across the ropes into the corner and charges for a spear only Allen moves out of the way. Duggan’s head bounces off the top turnbuckle! Allen gets in a few punches on Duggan and whips him into the corner but Duggan charges back and spears Allen. He follows with a big knee drop and covers Allen for the pin.

WINNER: Hacksaw Duggan

Kamala (w/ Friday) vs. Joe Gaines

Kamala quickly attacks Gaines as soon as he gets his gear removed. Kamala with some hard chops thrown at Gaines. Watts mentions that the man behind Kamala will be appearing at some point. Kamala grabs Gaines by the neck and slams him down. He follows with some big splashes on Gaines back. He turns Gaines around and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Kamala

Chavo Guerrero vs. Tony Anthony

Chavo Guerrero with an armdrag on Anthony to start the match. He follows with a side headlock on Anthony. Anthony tries to slam him but Guerrero takes him down and keeps the side headlock. He knocks Anthony down off the ropes and goes back to a side headlock. Anthony punches his way out of the headlock.

Chavo gets Anthony with an uppercut. He follows with a monkey flip that send Tony Anthony across the ring. He gets Anthony in a surfboard. Anthony reaches the ropes to break the hold. Test of strength but Chavo gets Anthony again in a monkey flip and gets Anthony down with a headlock. He switches over into an armbar. Anthony again punches his way out of the hold.

Big elbow smash by Anthony on Chavo. Anthony tries to toss Guerrero out of the ring but he blocks it. Instead Guerrero sends Anthony to the outside. Chavo teases a dive attempt and then hits a slingshot plancha on Anthony. Anthony pulls Guerrero by the trunks and keeps him out of the ring as he makes his way back in. Anthony tries to slam Chavo back into the ring but Guerrero escapes and gets Anthony with a belly-to-back suplex for the pin.

WINNER: Chavo Guerrero

Bill Watts recaps how Ted DiBiase wants to prove that Stagger Lee was actually the Junkyard Dog. He states that Mid-South Wrestling can’t ask Stagger Lee who he is just like they don’t Mr. Wrestling II, The Grappler or the guy in the gorilla suit (turned out to be Duggan) but they will allow DiBiase and anyone to try to unmask Stagger Lee to prove who it is. They re-air last week’s confrontation. Watts reminds everyone that if they reveal that S. Lee is The Junkyard Dog, he will be banned for one-year but they only have 90 days to do it.

Stagger Lee vs. Vladic Smirnoff

Stagger Lee quickly knocks down Smirnoff. He throws a fist across Smirnoff’s face. He punches him a second time and sends Smirnoff to the outside. Smirnoff back in against Lee and they exchange blows. Stagger Lee catches Smirnoff with a clothesline and follows with a headbutt for the pin. Quick match.

WINNER: Stagger Lee

Matt Borne & Ted DiBiase vs. King Cobra & Tim Horner

Ted DiBiase and Tim Horner start the match. Horner with a side headlock but DiBiase breaks out and the two run the ropes until Horner catches DiBiase with a series of armdrags. Fans cheer Horner. DiBiase gets in a few forearms and a knee lift on Horner. Follows with a body slam and tags in Borne. Borne was going to leap off the top rope onto his fallen opponent but the referee didn’t allow him. Watts reacts by saying that is banned from Mid-South Wrestling.

Matt Borne whips Tim Horner into the ropes and Horner catches him with some kicks. Horner tags in King Cobra. He catches Borne and DiBiase with dropkicks. Both head to the outside as the crowd cheers on King Cobra and Tim Horner.

Matt Borne gets back in the ring and punches King Cobra. He tags in DiBiase who gets in a few elbows on King Cobra and slams his head into the top turnbuckle. King Cobra counters by slamming DiBiase’s head into the top turnbuckle. He tags in Horner and he continues the attack on DiBiase. Horner and King Cobra with some quick tags on DiBiase. DiBiase with a backdrop on King Cobra. He tags in Borne.

Matt Borne gets a near fall on King Cobra. He slams King Cobra’s head into the turnbuckle but it has no effect on him. Borne and DiBiase keep their attack on King Cobra but King Cobra keeps fighting back and head-butting Borne. DiBiase with a middle-rope elbow on King Cobra. More elbows on King Cobra and he goes for a pin but King Cobra kicks out.

Matt Borne slams King Cobra into a corner but when he goes for a second attempt, King Cobra reverses. Tim Horner and DiBiase are both in now. Horner whips DiBiase into the ropes and backdrops him. He lands a legdrop on DiBiase. He whips DiBiase a second time but DiBiase holds the rope and Horner falls trying to dropkick him. DiBiase catches Horner with a clothesline and tags in Matt Borne. Borne with a powerslam on Horner covers him for the pin.

WINNERS: Matt Borne & Ted DiBiase

Bill Watts mentions Gino Hernandez and Yoshi Yatsu will be on next week’s show.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. Best matches were the Guerrero vs. Anthony and the DiBiase & Borne tag matches. Every match was kept very short for TV time. They did focus on continuing a couple of storylines with Mr. Wrestling II searching for whoever was messing with his mask and Ted DiBiase still trying to unmask Stagger Lee to prove he’s the Junkyard Dog. They also brought up the Atlas and Duggan feud.


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