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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 3/6/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 3/6/1982

Taped 3/3/1982 at the WPCQ-TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 3/6/1982.

Bob Caudle and Roddy Piper are on commentary. Piper talks about wanting to meet the Brisco Brothers. He gets excited about the stars on this week’s show.

Jack & Jerry Brisco join them for an interview. Piper mentions how it will be a pleasure for the Briscos to meet him as well. Jerry Brisco praises the talent in Mid-Atlantic and mentions how talented Roddy Piper is but believes Piper might be best suited for commentary.

Piper interrupts. He praises Jack & Jerry and asks what it must be like to wrestle someone like himself and have all that fear going into the match against someone like Piper himself. Jack Brisco tells Piper that he’s never had fear against any opponent. He tells Piper that if he’s interested in wrestling him, he’s willing. Piper keeps praising himself and then asks if the brothers lean on each other as a tag team. Jerry Brisco mentions that they have the World Tag Team Championship on their mind. Caudle welcomes them to the territory.

Austin Idol vs. Vinnie Valentino

Austin Idol keeps his robe on as the bell rings. He argues with the referee and Valentino. Idol tells them to back away as he removes his robe. Fans start chanting “Take it Off Austin! Take it Off!” The scream as he finally removes his robe. Piper praises Idol.

Idol takes down Valentino and gets him in a hammerlock. He drops the knee into his left arm a few times but keeps him in the hold. Valentino reaches the ropes. He gets in a forearm across Idol’s head that sends Idol backing away. Idol with a hiptoss on Valentino. A second hiptoss from Idol. Idol goes for another hiptoss but it gets reversed!

Austin Idol gets Valentino in a full nelson but has his hands in Valentino’s mouth. He punches at Valentino and tells everyone to shut up. Big boot at Valentino. He slams Valentino into the corner and then follows with a slam. Idol stomps on Valentino. He gets Valentino with a backbreaker and starts posing. More knees to the back of Valentino.

Atomic drop by Idol on Valentino. He stomps on Valentino as he continues to trash talk him. More punches thrown by Idol. Valentino tries to fight back and does so with some forearms at Idol. Idol gets a whip reversed and Valentino dropkicks Idol and sends him to the outside. Idol grabs Valentino by the leg and pulls him into the ring post and slams Valentino’s leg into the ring post a few times.

Austin Idol gets back in the ring and works on Valentino’s leg. He gets Valentino in the Las Vegas Leglock and gets the submission win.

WINNER: Austin Idol

Jake Roberts joins Bob Caudle to talk about Sgt. Slaughter’s attack on Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat after their title match. They show video of the attack by Sgt. Slaughter and his privates on Steamboat and Flair. Roberts warns Slaughter about how he’s going to get guys like him and Steamboat bringing chairs to the ring and attack him.

David Patterson vs. Rick Benefield

Patterson with a knee into Benefield’s mid-section. He takes Benefield down and goes for a pin but Benefield kicks out. Patterson gets Benefield in a chinlock but Benefield breaks out of it. Patterson quickly gets control of the match again. He drops a knee across Benefield’s chest.

Benefield with a leg takedown on Patterson. Some matwork between the two with a clean break. Patterson continues with some forearms and punches at Benefield. Another knee drop by Patterson and pin attempt. Benefield gets up and gets Patterson in the corner and monkey flips him across the ring. Patterson keeps his attack going on Benefield. He whips Benefield into the ropes and catches him with a high knee strike. Patterson gets Benefield with a Russian legsweep and gets the pin.

WINNER: David Patterson

Austin Idol and Ivan Koloff promos for Ann Arbor, Michigan TV.

Ray Stevens joins Bob Caudle. Stevens has a few words to say about Roddy Piper and he praises him in what he does in and out of the ring. He also talks about Jimmy Valiant confronting Ole Anderson, Stan Hansen and Ivan Koloff. They replay the confrontation from the previous week between Valiant, Ole and company.

Ray Stevens interviews Jimmy Valiant and tells Ole Anderson, Stan Hansen and Ivan Koloff that anytime and anywhere as he dances around.

Ivan Koloff joins Bob Caudle and he’s upset that Valiant attacked him from behind and knows he wants the TV title. Koloff says Valiant tried to embarrass him.

Austin Idol talks about how Jimmy Valiant trying to make a name for himself attacking people but he didn’t attack him. He says Valiant better not miss with him. He talks about how the women want to see him on TV more.

Sgt. Slaughter mentions that he has a big match against Jerry Brisco and hopes he saw what he did to Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat. He says all marines fight together which is why you saw his privates get involved.

Jack Brisco & Jerry Brisco vs. Bill White & Mike Miller

Jack Brisco starts against Mike Miller. Clean break off the ropes. Jack Brisco takes down Miller who quickly tags in Bill White. Jack gets White in an armbar and tags in Jerry Brisco. Jerry continues to work on White’s left arm. He tags in Jack Brisco who keeps working on the left arm. White tags in Miller.

Mike Miller gets in a few shots at Jack Brisco who quickly tags out to Jerry Brisco. Jerry with a go-behind takedown on Miller but Miller quickly tags in White. Big knee across the mid-section by White on Jerry. Double-teaming from Miller and White. Miller gets in a few forearms on Jerry Brisco. Austin Idol shows up to film the match. Jerry Brisco takes Miller down and tags in Jack Brisco. Jack goes to work on the left leg. He tags in Jerry and he gets Miller in a leglock.

Bill White charges in to try to save Miller. Jerry punches at Miller and goes back to working on the left leg. He tags in Jerry and Jack lands a knee across Miller’s left leg off the middle rope. Half crab by Jack Brisco. He tagsin Jerry who backdrops Miller. Knee lift on White to send him back out of the ring. Jerry with a leg-lock on Miller.

Jack Brisco back in the ring and he drops a knee across Miller’s left leg. Ankle-lock by Jack Brisco on Miller along with more knee strikes at Miller’s leg. He goes for a pin but Miller breaks out. White makesk the save. Jack tags in Jerry who hits a dropkick on Miller. Jerry tags Jack back in the ring and he gets Miller in the figure-four leglock to get him to submit. Jerry Brisco and Bill White tangle up as the bell rings.

WINNERS: The Brisco Brothers

They plug the Mid-Atlantic bumper sticker again. Blackjack Mulligan Jr. and Jack Brisco promos for Ann Arbor, Michigan show.

Pvt. Don Kernoodle & Pvt. Jim Nelson vs. Ron Ritchie & Tony Anthony

Don Kernoodle and Ron Ritchie start the match and Kernoodle quickly beats on Ritchie. Quick tags from the two Privates. Kernoodle and Nelson in and out on Ritchie. Kernoodle knocks Ritchie down with an elbow. He whips him into the ropes again but Ritchie catches him with a high cross body block. Kernoodle is able to tag in Nelson who beats on Ritchie and gets him in a headlock.

Ritchie reverses on Nelson and tags in Anthony. Front facelock by Anthony on Nelson. Nelson reaches his corner and tags in Kernoodle. Snapmare by Kernoodle followed by a knee drop on Anthony. He sends Anthony into the knee of Nelson. Double-team clothesline by Nelson and Kernoodle. Nelson ties up Anthony. He escapes and tags in Ron Ritchie. Ritchie with some punches at Nelson. Kernoodle comes in and gets back droppped by Ritchie.

Ritchie whips Kernoodle into the corner but Kernoodle raises up his knee. He gets Ritchie with a neckbreaker. Nelson gets in the match and gets Ritchie in a headlock. Ritchie tries to fight back but Nelson tags in Kernoodle. He lands a top rope elbow on Ritchie and follows with an atomic drop. Kernoodle charges over and knocks Anthony off the ring apron. Kernoodle goes for a pin but Ritchie kicks out and tags in Anthony.

Tony Anthony with some dropkicks on Kernoodle gets a near fall. He whips Kernoodle into the ropes but Kernoodle lands an elbow on Anthony. He tags in Nelson who gets him in a headlock. Anthony slams Nelson but he had already tagged in Kernoodle. Hard chop from Kernoodle at Anthony. He sends Anthony into the ropes. More double-teaming from the Privates. Ritchie starts to get the fans to cheer for Anthony.

Anthony fights back and gets some elbows at Nelson but Nelson catches him with an elbow. Nelson whips Anthony into the ropes and Kernoodle catches him with a dropkick. Kernoodle whips Anthony into the ropes and Nelson gets him with an elbow. Nelson bear hugs Anthony and raises him up and Kernoodle hits a clothesline off the ropes. He covers Anthony for the pin and gets his team the win.

WINNERS: Pvt. Kernoodle & Pvt. Nelson

Kernoodle kicks at Anthony as he leaves the ring.

Pvt. Kernoodle and Pvt. Nelson join Bob Caudle and say they are tired of all the crying from guys like Jake Roberts. Nelson says they were taught by Slaughter that top rope clothesline. Ricky Steamboat shows up and confronts both Privates. They back away.

Ricky Steamboat talks to Bob Caudle and says he and Don Kernoodle were close friends and said he lost a friend but gained one with Ric Flair returning to be his friend. Steamboat wants to know how tough Sgt. Slaughter is and asks him to face him one on one.

SHOW THOUGHTS: An okay episode with the most interesting match being the Brisco Brothers tag team match. Also enjoyed the last match a bit. They did more recapping of what has been going on in territory with Slaughter’s attack on Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat and Jimmy Valiant battling Ole, Hansen and Koloff. Best part of the show might have been the interview with the Briscos and Piper interrupting and joining in for the interview.


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