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WCCW TV 5/29/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 5/29/1982

Taped 5/23/1982 at the Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Aired on 5/29/1982.

Mark Lowrance is on commentary. He opens the show joined by King Kong Bundy who talks about his match later on the show against Kerry Von Erich. He says Kerry is just another Von Erich he’ll be beating and getting a bonus for doing so.

“Wild” Bill Irwin vs. Ken Mantell

Wild Bill Irwin with a takedown on Ken Mantell but he reverses and gets Irwin in a hammerlock. Irwin reaches the ropes and screams at referee Bronco Lubich to get Mantell to break. Irwin with a toe hold takedown on Mantell. He gets Mantell in a headlock. Mantell gets back to his feet and whips Irwin off the ropes. Irwin reverses a hiptoss but misses an elbow!

Fans yell out “What’s a matter Chauncey” at Bill Irwin. Mantell with a leg takedown on Irwin. Irwin tries to reach the ropes. Mantell goes to work on Irwin’s left leg but Irwin reaches the ropes. Side headlock by Mantell on Irwin. Irwin shoves Mantell into the ropes but Mantell reverses and goes for a pin attempt! Irwin escapes.

Old lady holding a little girl yells, “Get Dirty!” at the wrestlers. Test of strength with Irwin getting an early advantage.Mantell powers up as the fans cheer him. He breaks out of Irwin’s grip and kicks him down to the mat. He goes back to another toe hold on Irwin. Irwin reaches the ropes and again screams at referee Bronco Lubich.

Irwin misses with an elbow off the ropes at Mantell but he catches him with a kick! Irwin with a few more kicks and forearms at Mantell. Knee lift by Irwin who goes for a pin attempt. Mantell trips up Irwin but Wild Bill quickly gets back up and attacks Mantell. Irwin uses the ropes to choke Mantell. Mantell slams Irwin’s head on the top turnbuckle.

Irwin and Mantell continue to go back and forth. Mantell picks up Irwin with a suplex! Irwin kicks out of a pin attempt. Both men get knocked down after hitting each other off the ropes. Irwin attacks Mantell. He slams Mantell and punches him. Irwin climbs up to the middle rope and misses a splash! Both men are down.

Ken Mantell gets back up on his feet and attacks Irwin. He punches Irwin and sends him to the outside as time is starting to run out. Mantell brings Irwin back into the ring with a suplex. He misses a knee drop on Irwin. Wild Bill with a big kick at Mantell. Back and forth action as time starts to run out. Mantell knocks Irwin down with a hard right! He goes for a neckbreaker as the bell rings. Match ends in a draw.


Kim Duk vs. The Magic Dragon (w/ Armand Hussein)

Hussein corrects the ring announcer who only referred to The Magic Dragon as “The Dragon”. The Magic Dragon tries to kick Kim Duk. Chops exchanged by both! Duk whips The Magic Dragon into the ropes. The Magic Dragon catches Duk with a superkick! Hard chops and kicksk thrown by The Magic Dragon but Kim Duk counters.

More hard chops from The Magic Dragon. Duk fights back. The slaps can be heard. Duk body slams The Magic Dragon. The Magic Dragon gets him in the corner and does a back flip off the top rope. Duk chops him and gets him in his sleeper hold variation. Hussein runs in and interferes. Referee calls for the bell. Hussein and The Magic Dragon attack Kim Duk. The Spoiler runs out with kendo sticks and makes the save for Kim Duk! Crowd is wild! Hussein restrains The Magic Dragon from returning to the ring.

WINNER: Kim Duk via DQ

The Great Kabuki (w/ Gary Hart) vs. Al Madril in a Taped Fist match

Kabuki goes for a kick but Madril eludes it. They finally lock-up and Madril punches Kabuki! Another punch from Madril. Kabuki counters with a pair of chops and screams in excitement. He superkicks Madril right on the chin. Kabuki quickly goes for a nerve hold. Fans cheer for Madril.

Madril breaks free and throws a series of punches at Kabuki. He slams Kabuki’s head into the turnbuckle. Kabuki counters with some chops. Reverse chop and a spinning thrust kick at Madril. Kabuki gets Madril with another nerve hold. Madril gets up and elbows out of the hold. Kabuki gets the hold back on Madril. Elbows thrown at Kabuki and he whips him into the ropes and knocks Kabuki down. Punches thrown at Kabuki. Madril starts to box with Kabuki and keeps knocking him around the ring.

Kabuki gets in a kick but Madril keeps throwing punches. Kabuki gets in front of the referee David Manning and gets nailed by one of Madril’s punches! Gary Hart climbs up on the ring apron and grabs hold of Al Madril. Kabuki punches at Madril and then kicks him. Referee gets back up and counts the pin for Kabuki. Referee raises Gary Hart’s arm in victory.

Referee Bronco Lubich comes out and tells David Manning what happened during the match and the decision is reversed. Madril wins and he punches Hart! Kabuki attacks Madril with the nunchucks! Tom Shaft comes out and Kabuki knocks him out of the ring. Ken Mantell comes in and Kabuki takes him down. Jose Lothario comes out and gets knocked away as well but Lothario is able to toss Kabuki out of the ring! Hart keeps Kabuki from going back in the ring again.

WINNER: Al Madril

Mark Lowrance is joined by H & H Limited members Armand Hussein, King Kong Bundy and Bugsy McGraw. Hussein says they are an organization that builds champions. He says H & H have the money to make champions. Bundy says he’s making money with H & H unlike with the Von Erichs. McGraw talks about slamming giants.

Fritz Von Erich joins Mark Lowrance for an interview. He talks about his retirement at Texas Stadium. He mentions that he’s glad he’ll be wrestling King Kong Bundy for the American Heavyweight title and bringing that belt back to the family. He says that he has to do it and will not be able to live with himself if he can’t. He talks about the match being falls count anywhere. He plans to devote all his time to his sons. He wants all of them to be a World Champion. Fritz said he never held the NWA World Heavyweight Title but he wants his sons to do so.

Bugsy McGraw vs. “Boogaloo” Tom Shaft

They quickly start exchanging punches before the bell rings. Shaft knocks McGraw down with a headbutt but Bugsy quickly gets back up and attacks Shaft. Hard forearms across Shaft’s chest from McGraw. Bugsy whips Shaft into the corner but Shaft moves out of the way. He throws some hard punches and headbutts at McGraw, who falls to the outside.

Tom Shaft follows McGraw to the outside. McGraw throws Shaft into the ring post and brings him back into the ring. Bugsy stomps on Shaft. Elbow drops from McGraw who then climbs up to the top rope and lands a big splash on Shaft and covers him for the pin!

WINNER: Bugsy McGraw

Kerry Von Erich vs. King Kong Bundy (w/ Armand Hussein)

King Kong Bundy shoves Kerry Von Erich away after they lock-up. Kerry catches Bundy with a dropkick! Crowd cheers him on. Bundy gets Kerry in the ropes and gets him with a knee lift. They exchange forearms until Bundy gets Kerry in the corner and charges at him. Von Erich makes a comeback and knocks down Bundy!

Kerry goes for a wristlock but Bundy punches him away. Bundy rakes Kerry’s eyes and punches and elbows him. He snapmares Kerry and gets him in a headlock. Hussein screams at Bundy to remember the bonus. The fans start a “Go Kerry Go!!!” chant. Bundy whips Kerry into the ropes and hiptosses him and follows with a knee drop! Bundy gets a two-count. Kerry quickly back up and trips up Bundy. He goes to work on Bundy’s left leg.

Kerry with some hard punches at Bundy. Bundy slams Kerry Von Erich. Knee drop by Bundy and he gets a two-count. Bundy continues his attack on Kerry. He slams Kerry into the top turnbuckle a few times. Kerry fights back but Bundy tosses him into the corner. Kerry moves out of the way and goes for a knee drop on Bundy!

Kerry Von Erich punches at King Kong Bundy and prepares for the Claw! Bundy holds Kerry off. Kerry gets the claw on Bundy’s mid-section. Bundy rakes Kerry’s eyes to escape. Kerry quickly goes after Bundy. Both exchange blows. Bundy uses the ropes to choke Kerry. Bundy tosses Kerry to the outside.

Bundy follows Kerry to the outside. They brawl outside the ring. Big forearms from Bundy while Kerry punches at Bundy. Referee calls for the bell as they couldn’t get back in the ring. The two continue to brawl outside the ring. Referee Bronco Lubich tries to break them up.

WINNER: Double Count-out

Mark Lowrance interviews King Kong Bundy and Armand Hussein. Bundy says Kerry was lucky because if the match hadn’t been stopped, he would have beat him. He vows to beat Kevin Von Erich next week and collect his bonus.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode with some pretty good brawls throughout the show. Matches are kept short but have a lot going on. I don’t think there was a standout great match on the show but just some fun action that made everything feel like it was moving along quickly. The Great Kabuki’s been the standout of these World Class shows in 1982. I saw him when he was a little older a few years later and the novelty of who he was may have worn out a bit at that time but in 1982, he was getting a lot of heat and the crowd was into his matches.


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