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Mid-South Wrestling 11/11/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 11/11/1982

Taped 11/10/1982 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 11/11/1982.

Boyd Pearce and “Cowboy” Bill Watts are on commentary.

Bill Watts interviews Ted DiBiase and Matt Borne about winning the Mid-South Tag Team Titles and forcing The Junkyard Dog out of Mid-South for 90-days. DiBiase is upset because he knows JYD isn’t gone and is actually Stagger Lee. He lost respect for Watts who says he also lost respect to DiBiase. Watts asks DiBiase if he knows who The Grappler or Mr. Wrestling II is, which DiBiase says he doesn’t. They show the final moments of the Mid-South Tag Team Title match.

Watts asks DiBiase what he’ll stoop to. DiBiase said that Duggan was in Houston and had seen a similar situation with Tully Blanchard and Gino Hernandez and they took a bit from that and incorporated it in their situation. Borne and DiBiase said that JYD and Mr. Olympia knew the stipulation and JYD has to leave for 90-days and they are upset because they believe JYD is Stagger Lee. They show a clip of Stagger Lee’s debut.

DiBiase tells Watts that he saw all the moves that Stagger Lee did in his debut and it proved that it was The Junkyard Dog. He asks who he thinks S. Lee is. Watts says that no one knows and that they send his checks to a P.O. Box just like they do The Grappler and Mr. Wrestling II.

Bill Watts has video shown of Tony Atlas bench-pressing 500 lbs with The Junkyard Dog and Stagger Lee standing by him. DiBiase still believes The Junkyard Dog is Stagger Lee and says Borne has signed a contract to wrestle Stagger Lee on the show and they are going to unmask him and prove to everyone that JYD violated his contract. Watts says that they have 90 days to prove it and if it is indeed JYD that he will be suspended for one year.

“Mr. U.S.A.” Tony Atlas vs. Vladic Smirnoff

Tony Atlas takes down Vladic Smirnoff. He gets him back down again with a fireman’s carry takedown. Atlas back with a side headlock. Smirnoff shoves Atlas into the ropes but Atlas fights back. Watts talks about how some people knock Atlas for his lack of education and he was told by Tony that they are correct and that he tells kids to stay in school and that he works twice as hard as others.

Atlas gets Smirnoff in a wristlock as Watts continues to talk about him. Smirnoff tries to break away but Atlas gets him in an armbar. Smirnoff gets in a knee into Atlas mid-section and tries to fight back against Atlas but Tony regains control of the match. Atlas with a body press slam. He follows with a middle rope head-butt at Smirnoff and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Tony Atlas

Matt Borne (w/ Ted DiBiase) vs. Stagger Lee

Matt Borne attacks Stagger Lee as soon as he shows up to the ring. Borne tries to unmask S. Lee who fights back and tries to escape Borne’s grasp. Both men brawl with Borne trying to unmask Stagger Lee. Fireman’s carry takedown by Borne and he keeps trying to remove Stagger Lee’s mask. He stomps on Lee and follows with a punch. Stagger Lee fights back with a forearm.

Ted DiBiase climbs up on the ring apron and roots on Borne. Borne climbs to the top rope and goes for the “Bombs Away” on Lee. DiBiase and Borne unmask Stagger Lee and its not Junkyard Dog. Another Stagger Lee runs out and attacks DiBiase and Borne. He cleans house. DiBiase and Borne furiously leave the ringside area.

WINNER: No Contest

Col. Buck Robley & Mr. Wrestling II vs. Tony Anthony & Marty Lunde

Tony Anthony gets Mr. Wrestling II in a headlock but he quickly breaks free and sends Anthony to the outside. Watts talks about how Mr. Wrestling II’s mask has been discolored and Mr. Wrestling II thinks someone sabotaged his mask. Robley comes in and gets Anthony in an armbar. Anthony with a forearms gets to the corner and tags in Lunde.

Robley with an armdrag takedown on Lunde. Mr. Wrestling II tagged back in and goes to work on Lunde’s left arm. Quick tags from Robley and II. Robley keeps working on Lunde’s left arm with an armbar. Lunde is able to reach out and tag in Anthony. Anthony and Robley exchange punches and elbows. Robley tags in Mr. Wrestling II who comes in and catches Anthony with a knee lift and covers Anthony for the pin.

WINNERS: Buck Robley & Mr. Wrestling II

“Iron” Mike Sharpe vs. Kelly Kiniski

Sharpe and Kiniski lock up and shove each other away. Sharpe gets Kiniski in a side headlock. He keeps Kiniski in the hold for a bit until Kiniski breaks free but Sharpe gets him in an armbar. Quick takedown by Sharpe but Kiniski gets back on his feet.

Sharpe takes Kiniski down again and grabs hold of his leg. Kiniski kicks him off and Sharpe hits the ropes and gets monkey flipped by Kiniski. Kiniski goes for a dropkick but Sharpe holds onto the ropes. Sharpe slams Kiniski a few times and covers him for the pin. Kiniski gets his foot on the bottom rope.

Mike Sharpe again with a side headlock takes Kiniski down. Sharpe reverses it into a hammerlock. Kiniski slams Sharpe and drops a knee on him. He gets a two count on Sharpe. Kiniski with another dropkick and another pin attempt but Sharpe kicks out. Sharpe backdrops Kiniski. He follows up with some forearms. He whips Kiniski into the corners. Sharpe bodyslams Kiniski. He tries to go for his finisher but Kiniski blocks it.

Sharpe goes for an inside cradle pin attempt but Kiniski escapes. Back and forth action. Kiniski with a punch at Sharpe’s head. He whips him into the ropes but Sharpe leapfrogs over him and clotheslines him. Sharpe covers Kiniski for the pin.

WINNER: Mike Sharpe

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. King Cobra

Duggan knocks King Cobra down to start the match. He knocks him down a few more times. He bodyslams King Cobra but misses an elbow. King Cobra catches Duggan with a series of dropkicks that send Duggan to the outside. The crowd cheers King Cobra!

Duggan gets back in the ring and beats on King Cobra. He whips him into the ropes and catches him with an elbow. He follows with a big knee drop on King Cobra. Duggan goes for the pin but Cobra kicks out. Duggan whips Cobra again and Cobra misses a dropkick.

Hacksaw Duggan with a backbreaker on King Cobra and gets a near pin fall. Cobra catches Duggan with a sunset flip but Duggan kicks out. King Cobra gets hot on offense! Cobra misses a top rope dive as Duggan spears him in mid-air and covers King Cobra for the pin.

WINNER: Hacksaw Duggan

Chavo Guerrero vs. The Grappler

The Grappler shoves Chavo Guerrero down but Chavo is quick back up on his feet. He catches The Grappler with a real cool looking headscissors. Chavo reverses a headlock into an armlock. He uses the ropes to flip out of the hold and takes The Grappler down to the mat. Chavo gets The Grappler down in a submission hold and then gets him in a bow and arrow hold.

The Grappler escapes and punches Chavo. He follows with an elbow and then slams Chavo Guerrero. He drops an elbow on Guerrero. He goes for the atomic drop on Chavo and goes for the pin but only gets a two count. More elbows by The Grappler but Chavo fights back and monkey flips The Grappler across the ring. The Grappler escapes a suplex attempt. Chavo goes for a slingshot plancha off the ropes. He goes for the pin but The Grappler kicks out.

Guerrero goes for another plancha but The Grappler raises up his knees. The Grappler loads up his boot and goes for a stomp but Chavo moves out of the way. Chavo dropkicks The Grappler out of the ring and then goes for a tope suicida at The Grappler! Guerrero goes for The Grappler’s boot to get the weapon out. The Grappler tries to stop him. They continue to fight as TV time runs out. Bell rings declaring the match a draw.


SHOW THOUGHTS: Good show. The continuation of Ted DiBiase and company trying to prove that Junkyard Dog is Stagger Lee was pretty great. Really cool how Watts had to show them video of JYD and Stagger Lee together while Atlas was doing the bench press to prove they were different people but DiBiase didn’t believe him. Matches were pretty short. Last match on the show was the best overall with Chavo Guerrero and The Grappler. Really enjoyed how Watts got excited about seeing Chavo do a couple of planchas and the tope suicida. I also enjoyed the Sharpe and Kiniski match. Thought that was pretty good for a short match.


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