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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 2/27/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 2/27/1982

Taped 2/24/1982 at WPCQ-TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 2/27/1982.

Bob Caudle and Roddy Piper are on commentary.

Sgt. Slaughter joins them to open the show and says he is the United State Heavyweight Champion but he should be the World Heavyweight Champion and later on the show they will show a video why he should be.

Terry Taylor vs. David Patterson

David Patterson tries to take Terry Taylor down but Taylor escapes. Taylor reverses a headlock into a headscissors on Patterson. Patterson with a fireman’s carry takedown on Taylor but Taylor keeps countering every move Patterson attempts. He tosses Taylor into the ropes and armdrags him. Taylor counters him off the ropes again and gets him with an armdrag.

Patterson with a slam on Taylor but Taylor rolls thru and keeps the armbar locked in on Patterson. Big forearm by Patterson at Taylor. Taylor counters with some forearms of his own. Austin Idol shows up in studio and starts filming the match with his own camera.

Taylor keeps Patterson with an armdrag. Patterson reverses by pulling Taylor’s hair. Taylor reverses it back into an armbar. Patterson escapes gets in a few forearms and a hard chop in the corner. He lands a knee on Taylor but Taylor kicks out of the pin attempt. Taylor moves out of an elbow drop. He dropkicks Patterson. Taylor follows with a reverse backslide for the pin but Patterson escapes.

Patterson goes to work on Taylor. Backbreaker by Patterson on Taylor and he gets a two-count. Taylor slams Patterson twice! He climbs up to the middle rope and lands a fistdrop on Patterson. Taylor goes for the pin but Patterson kicks out. Taylor catches Patterson with a forearm off the ropes and then gets him with a stretch into a pin for the win.

WINNER: Terry Taylor

Pvt. Don Kernoodle & Pvt. Jim Nelson (w/ Sgt. Slaughter) vs. Mike Davis & Vinnie Valentino

Mike Davis and Vinnie Valentino go to work on Pvt. Jim Nelson’s left arm but he quickly gets to his corner and tags in Kernoodle. Kernoodle beats on Valentino. Quick tags from the two privates. Nelson with a headlock on Valentino. Kernoodle back in with an elbow across Valentino’s back and into a headlock.

Valentino tries to escape but the Privates keep him in their corner. Elbow by Nelson on Valentino. Front facelock by Nelson. Valentino slams Nelson but Nelson tags Kernoodle at the same time and Kernoodle gets in the ring ring. Valentino slams Kernoodle into the corner and tags in Mike Davis. Davis with a dropkick at Nelson and gets a two-count.

Mike Davis gets Kernoodle with a backdrop and he starts to punch him near Nelson. Kernoodle is able to reach out and tag Nelson. Nelson stomps on Davis and gets him in a chinlock. Austin Idol is out ringside filming this match. Sgt. Slaughter’s not pleased and starts to argue a bit with Idol. Davis misses a dropkick on Kernoodle. Kernoodle with a neckbreaker on Davis and he gets a 2-count.

Elbows across the neck of Davis by Kernoodle. He stretches Davis neck. Nelson tags in and he keeps Davis in the same submission hold. Davis kicks at Nelson’s head but he tags Kernoodle who chokes Davis. He gets Davis with a standing dropkick. Double-team by Nelson and Kernoodle and Nelson gets Davis with an elbow but still can’t get the pin on Davis.

Davis fights back and knocks Kernoodle down. He whips Kernoodle into the corner but Kernoodle raises his knee up and knocks Davis down. Powerslam by Kernoodle on Davis. He picks him up and lifts him up for Nelson to jump off the top rope with a clothesline on Davis. Nelson gets Davis to submit with the Cobra Clutch. They both beat up Valentino after the match.

WINNERS: Pvt. Don Kernoodle & Pvt. Jim Nelson

Sgt. Slaughter joins Bob Caudle and praises his new recruits and talks about a match between Ricky Steamboat and Ric Flair. He challenged Ric Flair for the NWA World Heavyweight Title. Flair told Slaughter to get away from him. He then challenged Ricky Steamboat for a title shot if he won and Slaughter claimed that Steamboat said some mean things to him.

They show highlights from Sgt. Slaughter attacking Ricky Steamboat during his World title match against Ric Flair. Nelson and Kernoodle come out to help Slaughter. Flair goes and tries to help Steamboat. Slaughter uses a belt to choke Flair and then grabs another belt from one of his recruits to attack Flair. Steamboat runs in with a chair to get all three men out of the ring. More wrestlers come out to help Flair and Steamboat. Steamboat carried Flair to the back.

Pvt. Kernoodle and Pvt. Nelson join Bob Caudle and said Sgt. Slaughter gave them strict orders and they will do what they did to Flair and Steamboat to anyone else. Nelson said they were cowards and made Slaughter look like a fool so they had to get even with both of them. Kernoodle said that all Slaughter wanted to do was congratulate Steamboat but Steamboat attacked him. Kernoodle says it takes a special man to take on Sgt. Slaughter’s orders and to be a marine. Nelson mentions that they will be in the tag tournament and take the $25,000.

Roddy Piper asks Bob Caudle if he can interview Ole Anderson and Stan Hansen. As he starts to interview them, Jimmy Valiant’s music starts to play. They are talking about the tag team tournament. Jimmy Valiant strolls out to the interview area. He confronts Hansen and Anderson. Valiant starts to brawl with Ole and Hansen attacks Valiant. Ole and Valiant head into the ring and Ivan Koloff is in there already. Valiant brawls with Koloff and Ole. Hansen comes in and brawls with Valiant. Piper going wild on the mic. Blackjack Mulligan Jr. and Ray Stevens run-in to even up the sides.

Jimmy Valiant gets interviewed by Bob Caudle. He thanks Blackjack Mulligan Jr. and “The Crippler” and says he’ll take on all of them (Ole, Hansen and Koloff) one at a time.

Next match was going to be Ivan Koloff vs. Tony Anthony but due to Koloff getting involved in the brawl it was changed.

Mike George vs. Mike Miller

Mike George catches Mike MIller with a backdrop and then gets him with an abdominal stretch. David Crockett joins Bob Caudle on commentary as Piper left when the brawl went down. George with a hiptoss sends Miller across the ring. Chinlock by George. Austin Idol returns ringside to film the action. Miller gets George on the ropes and punches him.

Mike George is able to counter Miller and lays in some hard forearms across Miller’s back. He slams Miller. George with another forearm. He tosses Miller into the corner but Miller gets in a few kicks at George. Some punches thrown by Miller followed by a high knee lift. Front facelock by Miller on George. George reverses it into a suplex. He goes for a pin but Miller kicks out. Another big forearm across Miller’s back. Knee lift by Mike George. He knees Miller’s back while he’s on the ropes.

Shoulder tackle by Mike Miller on George. Miller gets knocked down the second time. Mike George picks Miller up and gets him in a shoulder breaker and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Mike George

Ray Stevens joins Bob Caudle and he talks about Ole Anderson and his gang agitating other people. He mentions how in the past they tried to injury his tag team partner Pat Patterson. Ray Stevens was not pleased with Sgt. Slaughter and his men.

Jake Roberts joins them and says he too didn’t like what Slaughter did when they attacked Flair and Steamboat and says they did a little too much. Roberts doesn’t know what happened to Don Kernoodle.

Blackjack Mulligan Jr. said everyone is finding out hard about Sgt. Slaughter and his boys and says he’s going to get revenge against them.

Ron Ritchie vs. Bill White

They lock-up and quickly on the ropes. White with a hiptoss on Ritchie. Ritchie counters with an armdrag. White gets Ritchie in a side headlock. Ritchie shoves him into the ropes but White knocks him down with shoulder tackles. Ritchie finally catches White with a hiptoss.

Bill White takes down Ron Ritchie and goes to work on his left leg. Ritchie tries to counter White. He does so with a leg to White’s head. Hammerlock by Ritchie but he has to break the hold. White with an elbow and a snapmare into a chinlock. Hard punch to Ritchie’s chest by White. Ritchie tries to fight back. He sends White into the corner and then backdrops him. Ritchie gets White in an armbar.

More forearms and elbows from White at Ritchie. He slams Ritchie and covers him for the pin but Ritchie kicks out. White wihps Ritchie into the ropes and Ritchie gets him with a sunset flip pin attempt but can’t keep hold of him. White tries to slam Ritchie but he reverses, rolls him up and gets White with a pin.

WINNER: Ron Ritchie

David Crockett interview Ron Ritchie. Ritchie talks about what Sgt. Slaughter and his privates did when they attacked Ricky Steamboat. Sgt. Slaughter shows up and doesn’t want Ritchie to talk about him. Ritchie says that he doesn’t have to take it and leaves. Sgt. Slaughter’s upset that he was talking about him that way.

Don Gilbert and Kelly Kiniski join Bob Caudle for an interview. Kiniski said he’s looking forward to wrestling Stan Hansen and Ole Anderson. Gilbert welcomes Kiniski to the Mid-Atlantic area and says he thinks they have a shot.

Ole Anderson & Stan Hansen (w/ Gene Anderson) vs. Don Gilbert & Kelly Kiniski

Ole Anderson beats on Don Gilbert to start the match. He takes him down and gets him in a headlock. Gilbert is able to reach his corner and tag in Kiniski. Kiniski with a takedown on Ole and he quickly tags in Hansen.

Austin Idol returns to the studio but without his camera. Bob Caudle asks Idol what happened to his camera and Idol says he’s been told that a lot of people have been complaining about taking footage of them. He said that he doesn’t care who complains and thinks a lot of wrestlers are jealous.

Quick tags by Ole and Hansen. Kiniski holds his own and gets Hansen in a headscissors. Hansen escapes and takes Kiniski down with a leg takedown. They beat on Kiniski but Kiniski keeps fighting back. Ole with a big forearm. Kiniski with a slam on Ole. He tags in Gilbert.

Ole Anderson recovers and knocks Gilbert down and tags in Hansen. Hansen slams Gilbert. He whips Gilbert into the ropes and elbows him. Ole Anderson back in and they get in a double-elbow at Gilbert. Ole Anderson slams Gilbert. Hansen back in and he whips Gilbert into the ropes and knocks him down with the lariat. He covers Gilbert for the pin.

WINNERS: Ole Anderson & Stan Hansen

Ole Anderson, Stan Hansen and Gene Anderson join Bob Caudle and Ole says they are going to be the most devastating tag team in wrestling. Caudle wants to talk about Jimmy Valiant. Stan Hansen screams at him and tells him that they don’t want to talk about Jimmy Valiant. Ole Anderson says Valiant is like several others because he showed off but it will be the last time he does that. Hansen says it is Valiant’s fault what they will do to him. Hansen vows that “The Lariat and The Hook” are the most devastating team. Austin Idol shows up to close the show.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Fun show. I thought the wrestling matches were just okay but they had some very good segments on the show. Sgt. Slaugher’s interviews and his commentary during the highlights of him and his recruits attacking Ricky Steamboat and Ric Flair was pretty great. He later came out to confront Ron Ritchie for mentioning his name and warning him not to talk about him. I also thought Kernoodle was great in the interview segment that he and Nelson were a part of. The other segment I enjoyed was Jimmy Valiant just showing up while Piper’s interviewing Hansen and Anderson and getting into a brawl with those two and Ivan Koloff. I was also slightly amused by them interviewing Kiniski and Gilbert as if they had any shot of beating Ole and Hansen.


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