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WCCW 12/25/1981 “Christmas Star Wars”

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 12/25/1981 “Christmas Star Wars”

Taped 12/25/1981 at Reunion Arena in Dallas, Texas.

Gene Goodson is on commentary. Mark Lowrance is the ring announcer. There are two rings at this show which are used for the later matches on the show.

“The Big Cat” Ernie Ladd © vs. Jose Lothario for the NWA Texas Brass Knuckles Title

Both men have their fists taped up as part of the gimmick to this title. Ladd backs away and stalls early on to get the crowd riled up. Lothario gets Ladd in a headlock but Ladd shoves him into the corner and he punches at Lothario. Lothario fights back and knocks Ladd down to the mat. Ladd steps out of the ring.

Ladd backs away a bit from Lothario when he returns. Lothario gets Ladd in a bear hug but Ladd punches Jose. He chokes and attacks Lothario in the corner. Throws a couple of punches at Lothario’s head. He starts to choke Lothario some more. Ladd gets Lothario in a bear hug.

Jose Lothario breaks out of the bear hug and the two go back and forth throwing punches. Lothario gets Ladd with a hard left hand. He continues to attack Ladd in the corner. Ladd slips down to the mat. He struggles to get back up. He calls for a time out. Referee turns to back away Lothario and as he does this, Ladd reaches into his trunks!

The referee tries to see what Ladd pulled out of his trunks. He jabs Lothario in the neck and knocks him down. Ladd hides the weapon but pulls it back out again and pops Lothario again with it. Judo chop across the neck by Ladd. Another hard chop sends Lothario to the outside.

Ladd attacks Lothario as he tries to get back in the ring. Ladd celebrates as Lothario struggles to return. Lothario makes a comeback and slams Ladd into the corner turnbuckles. He climbs to the top rope and lands a punch on Ladd. He covers Ladd for the pin and gets the win and is the new NWA Texas Brass Knuckles Champion!

WINNER: Jose Lothario

El Solitario © vs. “Killer” Tim Brooks for the UWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Title

El Solitario with a clean break to start the match. Brooks with a takedown and goes to work on El Solitario’s left leg. El Solitario flips him over and escapes. Solitario with a leg takedown on Brooks but Brooks reaches the ropes. Books offers to shake hands with El Solitario but backs away.

Test of strength but Brooks kicks Solitario in the mid-section. They go for it once again but Solitario dropkicks Brooks this time. Brooks with a side headlock on El Solitario. Solitario whips him into the ropes and catches him with an armdrag followed by a couple of reverse kicks. Brooks heads to the middle of both rings but Solitario dives onto him with a headbutt.

Back in the ring, Brooks with a hard chop at El Solitario. Brooks tosses Solitario into the corner. He chokes El Solitario with the ropes. He drops the knee onto Solitario’s neck and covers him but only gets a two-count. Brooks backdrops Solitario and covers him again for the pin but again only a two-count. Brooks whips Solitario into the ropes but Solitario goes for a sunset flip and gets a two-count of his own.

El Solitario gets Brooks with several dropkicks in the corner and Brooks goes outside the ring. Brooks slams Solitario into the corner turnbuckles. He goes for it a second time, but Solitario counters and slams Brooks into the ringpost and sends him to the floor. El Solitario climbs up to the top rope and lands a plancha to the outside onto Brooks!

They both get back in the ring. Brooks is bleeding from his forehead. El Solitario climbs up to the top rope and hits a cross body block off the ropes at Brooks! He covers Brooks for the pin and gets the win.

WINNER: El Solitario

Al Madril comes out to the ring to congratulate El Solitario.

Fritz Von Erich vs. The Great Kabuki (w/ Gary Hart) in a Texas Death Match

Mark Lowrance mentions this match will take place in both rings and has No DQ and no time-limit and the match will only end once one man is no longer able to continue! They have two referees with each in one ring. The Great Kabuki sprays the green mist before the match starts. Goodson mentions the past issues between Fritz and Kabuki.

Referee Bronco Lubich is talking to Fritz, Hart and Kabuki before the match. Fritz and Hart argue a bit and as Fritz starts to remove his shirt, The Great Kabuki charges at him. Fritz catches him with a kick! He starts to beat on Kabuki and quickly goes for the Iron Claw! Kabuki blocks his attempt. Fritz kicks at Kabuki and gets the Claw on Kabuki’s mid-section.

The Great Kabuki reaches the ropes to break the hold but Fritz keeps the claw locked in on him. Kabuki finally rolls out to the floor. Crowd cheers on. Fritz continues his attack on Kabuki but Kabuki slaps Fritz across the face and knocks him down! Fritz gets in a few kicks on Kabuki. Fritz continues his attack on Kabuki but Kabuki gets in a chop. He knocks Fritz down. Hard chops across Fritz shoulders. Kabuki bites Fritz!

Kabuki starts to choke Fritz but he fights back. Von Erich gets in a big hard left into Kabuki’s mid-section. More chops and punches from Fritz. Fritz tosses Kabuki across the ropes and into the other ring. Fritz goes for the Iron Claw again but Kabuki escapes again. He kicks and chokes Fritz Von Erich. Kabuki gets a nerve hold on Fritz! Gary Hart climbs up to argue with referee Bronco Lubich.

The Great Kabuki goes back to a nerve hold on Fritz! Fritz with a karate jab across Kabuki’s neck. He kicks at Gary Hart and heads to the outside. Kabuki follows and the two brawl outside the rings. Kabuki tries to hit Fritz with a chair but Fritz kicks at him and referee David Manning takes the chair away. Brawl continues outside the ring. Fritz gets the claw on Kabuki’s side.

They return to the ring and continue to brawl. Back and forth by both men. Kabuki lands a kick at Fritz head. Fritz fights back and punches Kabuki. Fritz rolls over to the other ring and Kabuki follows. Von Erich punches Kabuki. Kabuki goes for a kick but Fritz catches his foot and then gets Kabuki in the Iron Claw across his forehead. He drops Kabuki down to his knees. The fans cheer loudly for Fritz. Fritz keeps the pressure on Kabuki and places Kabuki’s shoulders on the mat. Referee counts three but that doesn’t count because Kabuki has a 10-count to determine if he can continue.

The referees have to remove Fritz from holding the claw on Kabuki. Gary Hart gets in the ring and argues with everyone. Fritz attacks Gary Hart and knocks him out of the ring. They have to give Kabuki a 10-count before determining if he lost the match. Kabuki gets up and is able to continue the match.

Fritz grabs hold of The Great Kabuki and tosses him into the corner. Kabuki is bleeding. Fritz continues to beat on him. He punches at Kabuki. He goes back to using the Iron Claw on Kabuki. Fritz looks over his shoulder thinking Gary Hart is going to interfere. Hart attacks the referee and tries to remove the turnbuckle to expose the rod. Referee starts to put it on but Fritz heads over and slams Hart head-first into the metal rod. Fritz then tosses referee David Manning from one ring to the other!

The Great Kabuki attacks Fritz Von Erich from behind. He then slams Fritz into the exposed metal rod in the corner. Both men fall to the mat. Fritz slams Kabuki head-first into the mat. Kabuki fights back and chokes Fritz Von Erich. The fans start to cheer for Fritz. Kabuki chops Fritz but Fritz punches him at the same time. Both men are out on the outer portion of the ring.

They start a 10-count for both men. Neither man gets up. Referee Bronco Lubich mentions that this is a Texas Death Match so he decides that the first man that gets back in the ring and gets on his feet will be the winner. Gary Hart tries to get Kabuki to get back up while the fans cheer on for Fritz. Hart pulls Fritz down to the floor and then shoves Kabuki into the ring. The Great Kabuki stands up and gets the win!

Gene Goodson mentions that Fritz Von Erich has just lost his first Texas Death Match. Kevin Von Erich runs out and attacks Gary Hart and The Great Kabuki.

WINNER: The Great Kabuki

David Von Erich, Kerry Von Erich & Kevin Von Erich vs. “Wild” Bill Irwin, Capt. Frank Dusek & Ten Gu

The rules for this six-man tag team match are that two men are in each of the rings and then the third members of each team remain on the outside and can tag in to either ring. Its one-fall with a 60-minute time limit. Mike Von Erich is accompanying his brothers.

Kerry Von Erich and Bill Irwin start in one ring and David Von Erich and Frank Dusek start in the other. Kevin and Ten Gu are in the middle portion of the rings. They quickly tag in and it is now Dusek and Kevin and David vs. Irwin. Very confusing concept. Ten Gu now comes in against David Von Erich. David gets Ten Gu in a wristlock which is reversed into a headlock. Kerry and Irwin argue in the center of the two rings.

Kevin Von Erich has Dusek in a headlock in the other ring. Irwin tries to tag in but Kevin kicks his hand away. Irwin jumps into the ring and gets backdropped by Kevin Von Erich. Kevin gets both in a standing headscissors. They attack Kevin but David makes the save for his brother. Kerry dropkicks Ten Gu in the other ring. He follows with a few punches at Ten Gu and grabs him in the sleeper hold.

Irwin runs in and makes the save for Ten Gu. David grabs hold of Irwin until the referee kicks them both out. Ten Gu tags in Dusek. In the other ring, Irwin has Kevin in a side headlock. Irwin and Dusek nearly bump into each other. The camera has to zoom out for a wider shot which is a bit of an issue in viewing the match when they don’t do it. David gets Dusek in a sleeperhold. Kerry charges from one ring to the other with a dive at Dusek and he covers him for the pin but Dusek kicks out.

Kerry Von Erich punches Dusek but Dusek gets him with a kick and attacks Kerry. Irwin with a kick at Kevin’s back. Dusek tags in Ten Gu but Kerry tags in David and he takes him down with a flying headscissors. Ten Gu and Dusek double-team David. Kevin with a hard chop at Irwin. Dusek goes for a pin on David but he’s near the ropes. Kerry tags in and he continues to attack Irwin. He gets him in a headscissors lock.

Dusek and David continue to brawl in the other ring. David gets Dusek up with a suplex and covers him for the pin but Dusek’s right leg reaches the rope. Dusek punches at Dusek.Kevin and Ten Gu brawl in between the rings. Kerry and Irwin brawl on the outside. Kerry with a kneedrop off the middle rope at Irwin only gets a two count. Ten Gu and Dusek double-team David Von Erich. Hard chops at David.

Dusek tags into the other ring and continues his attack on Kerry Von Erich. Meanwhile, David starts to beat on Ten Gu. Dusek with a suplex on Kerry. He climbs up to the top rope and misses a knee drop on Kerry! Kerry goes after Dusek’s right knee. Kevin goes into the other ring and attacks Irwin. He gets a two count on Kevin. Irwin tags in Ten Gu and he beats on Kevin. He stomps on Kevin. Kerry continues to work on Dusek’s right knee. Ten Gu tags in Irwin and Irwin charges at Kevin and misses the running knee drop. Irwin tags in Ten Gu but Kevin gets him with the Iron Claw. Irwin tries to make the save but accidentally hits Ten Gu instead. Kevin with an elbow drop on Ten Gu and covers him for the pin. The Von Erichs win!

WINNERS: The Von Erichs

14-Man Two Ring $10,000 Battle Royal: Big Daddy Bundy, Al Madril, Armand Hussein, “Wild” Bill Irwin, Blue Demon, Carlos Zapata, David Von Erich, El Negro Assassin, Capt. Frank Dusek, Jose Lothario, Kerry Von Erich, Ten Gu, Richard Blood and “Killer” Tim Brooks.

The rules are that all men will start in one ring and when they get eliminated from that ring, they then go into the second ring. Once they are thrown out of the second ring, they are eliminated. The last man remaining wins the $10,000. David Von Erich and Wild Bill Irwin interrupt the introduction. Armand Hussein tries to take away the $10,000 check from Mark Lowrance and Lowrance screams, “Please, No!”

Wild brawl to start the battle royal. Blue Demon looks very small standing around all the other wrestlers. Blue Demon beats on Armand Hussein. David goes after Killer Brooks. Everyone brawls all over the ring. Kerry and David going after Killer Brooks seems to be the most action in the match. Armand Hussein punches Dusek to the middle of the ring. David Von Erich gets tossed into the second ring. Killer Brooks soon joins him.

David Von Erich and Killer Brooks beat on each other in the second ring. Al Madril and El Negro Assassin follow them into the second ring. Kerry gets tossed into the second ring. More guys start to join them in the second ring. Big Daddy Bundy tosses Wild Bill Irwin to the outside of the ring and he is the last man in the first ring so he waits for the final man in the second ring.

Killer Brooks, Armand Hussein and Blue Demon are some of the early names eliminated from the match. Frank Dusek gets eliminated by Kerry Von Erich. David Von Erich appeared to be eliminated along with Brooks while they were brawling outside. Ten Gu and Kerry Von Erich go over the top rope.

Last four men left are Wild Bill Irwin, Jose Lothario, Carlos Zapata and Richard Blood. Blood eliminates Zapata and Irwin quickly tosses Blood out of the ring. Lothario tries to punch Irwin but he ducks and goes over the top rope.

Final two are Wild Bill Irwin and Big Daddy Bundy. Irwin goes to the outside to have a pep talk with Capt. Frank Dusek. Irwin heads to the first ring and makes Bundy walk over to him and he attacks Bundy in the middle of both rings. He tosses Bundy into the second ring. Irwin with some big forearms and punches at Bundy but Bundy fights back. Big forearms across the back of Irwin. Elbow at Irwin but he misses an elbwod drop. Irwin follows with a running kick at Bundy and he tries to throw him over the top rope. Bundy fights back and knocks Irwin down.

Big Daddy Bundy tries to toss Irwin out of the ring but Irwin grabs hold of the ropes and doesn’t go over the ropes. Bundy keeps trying to toss Irwin out of the ring. Irwin punches at Bundy. He tries to get Bundy thrown out of the top rope. He gets close but Bundy hangs onto the ropes. Bundy goes over the top rope but doesn’t touch the floor. Irwin charges at Bundy but Bundy moves and pulls down the top rope and Irwin flies over the top rope and lands on the floor. Bundy wins!

WINNER: Big Daddy Bundy

SHOW THOUGHTS: I thought this was an okay event. Not a big fan of the two ring set-up and the rules they came up with for using that concept for the final three matches. This wasn’t as strong of an event like the February 1981 Star Wars with Kerry Von Erich challenging Harley Race for the NWA World Heavyweight title. I also think that the two ring idea hurt the way one would watch this show because they would have action in both rings at the same time and it was confusing and when the camera would zoom in to one ring, you were missing everything else going on in the other ring and around the ring. It was interesting to see Blue Demon in the ring with wrestlers from that era in that territory. He looked really small. El Solitario looked good in his match. You can see that he had a lot of charisma and was good in the ring. I thought that was the best match on the show with Fritz vs. Kabuki being pretty good as well just for the amount of heat it had. Didn’t really like the last two matches on the show.


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