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Memphis Wrestling 7/21/1979

Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling TV 7/21/1979

Taped 7/21/1979 at the WMC TV Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lance Russell and Dave Brown on commentary.

Terry “The Hulk” Boulder & Eddie Boulder are interviewed by Lance Russell. Terry talks about Ron Bass and tells the story of a neighborhood dog that was mean but a bigger dog showed up. He compared that to him being the big dog out to beat Ron Bass. He promises to beat on Ron Bass.

Buddy & Ken Wayne vs. Koko Ware & Pat Hutchinson

Ken Wayne and Koko Ware start the match. Armdrag by Koko Ware sends Wayne down. Ware continues with a backdrop but Ken Wayne lands on his feet. Ken starts to brag but Ware dropkicks him! Ware tags in Hutchinson and gets him with a wristlock. He drops an elbow across Ken’s left arm. Wayne shoves him into the ropes and gets in a knee. Side headlock by Hutchinson but Wayne tosses him into the ropes. Buddy Wayne gets in a shot and knocks down Hutchinson.

Buddy Wayne tagged in and he continues the attack on Hutchinson. He slams Hutchinson and covers him for the pin. The Waynes and Koko Ware continue to brawl until Buddy tosses Ware to the outside.

WINNERS: Buddy & Ken Wayne

Dave Brown and Eddie Marlin talk about an upcoming shows in Jonesboro and other cities.

The Fabulous Freebirds interrupt Lance Russell. Hayes asks Russell why he’s taken so long to bring them out. He tells Russell that he could get fired for making that mistake. Gordy says Russell’s friends (Lawler & Dundee) are scared and said he gives them credit for having the sense to not come out to the ringside area.

The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy) vs. Steve Regal & Ricky Morton

This is an expiration of time match. Regal starts off against Hayes. Hayes struts across the ring. Hayes with a side headlock takedown but Regal reverses it into a headscissors. Hayes breaks out. Quick work by Regal to take Hayes down. Hayes slams Regal and again tries to get him down with a side headlock. Regal reverses it into a headscissors. Hayes tries to escape and try to pin Regal but is unsuccessful. Hayes breaks out of the hold but gets back in a side headlock.

Regal continues to knock Hayes down and follows with a pair of armdrags. Hayes tosses Regal into his corner and tags in Gordy. Back and forth between Gordy and Regal! Regal tags in Rick Morton. Morton keeps Gordy in an armbar. Gordy escapes and attacks Morton’s left arm. Hayes tagged back in and he drops a few elbows and kicks at Morton. Gordy back in and kicks Morton in the side of the chest.

Ricky Morton tries to fight back but Gordy gorilla press slams him into the mat. Gordy whips Morton into the ropes and Hayes hits him with an elbow. Hayes doesn’t go for the pin and tags Gordy back in. Front chancery by Gordy on Morton. Fans cheer for Morton. Gordy and Hayes continue with quick tags. Hayes beats on Morton. Gordy back in and he continues to land elbows across Morton’s forehead. Morton tries to fight back.

Morton with a the knees at Gordy’s chest but Gordy still keeps control of the match. Morton goes for a dropkick but Gordy quickly back up. Morton tries to get Gordy with a headscissors but Gordy tags in Hayes who jumps off the ropes with an elbow at Morton. Hayes gets Morton in a headlock but quickly tags in Gordy. Gordy whips Morton into the ropes and kicks him. Russell mentions to Brown that Morton’s holding in there and Hayes over hears them and tells them he’s only wrestling “the best team in the world.” Hayes back in against Morton.

Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy keep Morton near their corner and keep coming in with quick tags and Morton can’t escape. Gordy tags Hayes. Hayes with a big right hand at Morton. Gordy back in and Morton knocks him down with a kick but Gordy grabs his leg and tags in Hayes. Hayes whips him into the ropes and lifts him up in the air for a back drop and Gordy catches him and gets Morton with a shoulder breaker for the pin.

Match resumes with The Fabulous Freebirds waiting for their opponents. Regal returns with Bill Dundee and a brawl ensues in the ring between both teams! Double dropkick by Dundee and Regal at Gordy! Hayes heads over to the announcers table. Russell mentions that it appears that Morton was too hurt to return and Dundee replaced him.

Dundee beats on Hayes in the ring. Hayes knocks him down and tags in Gordy who stomps on Dundee. Gordy backdrops Dundee and quickly tags in Hayes. Hayes with a big elbow on Dundee only gets a two-count after. Dundee tags in Regal. He takes Hayes down with a side headlock. Dundee climbs the ropes and threatens to jump but doesn’t. An armdrag by Regal takes Hayes down again.

Gordy back in the ring and he gets backdropped by Regal. Regal beats on Gordy and hiptosses him out of the corner and tags in Dundee. Dundee knocks Gordy down with a forearm and then slams him. He gets a near fall on Gordy. Quick tags by Dundee and Regal.

Gordy picks Regal up and places him in a tree of woe in the corner. The Freebirds beat on Regal. Referee tries to untangle Regal from the corner. Freebirds beat on Dundee on the other side. Hayes stomps on Dundee as Gordy holds him down. They punch at Dundee. Regal finally escapes and he gets involved. Jerry Lawler comes out and he brawls with Gordy. Dundee and Regal get disqualified due to Lawler getting involved.

WINNERS: The Fabulous Freebirds

The Blonde Bombers (Larry Latham & Wayne Farris) (w/ Sgt. Danny Davis) vs. Tommy & Eddie Gilbert

Match is joined in progress with Tommy Gilbert taking down Wayne Farris with a slam. Tommy Gilbert follows with an armdrag to take Farris down again and get him in an armbar. Farris tries to break out of the hold but can’t do it. Farris breaks out of it but Tommy Gilbert catches him with a dropkick and again gets him in an armbar. Tommy tags in Eddie Gilbert who keeps hold of Farris. He tags Tommy back in and he keeps the armbar on Farris.

Eddie Gilbert back in the ring gets in a few elbows on Farris and gets him in an armbar. Farris struggles to get to Latham and gets dragged back into the Gilberts corner. Tommy with an elbow off the middle rope on Farris. Quick tags by the Gilberts. Farris shoves Eddie into Latham’s knee in the corner.

Latham stomps on Eddie and then body slams him. Big knee to the mid-section by Latham. He tags in Farris and whips Eddie into the ropes with Farris hits him with an elbow. Farris gets Eddie in a headlock. Eddie tries to escape but Farris tags in Latham. Latham gets Eddie in a headlock. Eddie fights back and tries to get to his corner but the Bombers keep him in their corner. Farris gets Eddie back in a headlock.

Farris tags in Latham. Farris grabs hold of Eddie’s feet as Latham runs over and stomps on him. Latham gets Eddie in a chinlock. Tommy gets the fans to cheer on Eddie but the quick tags from the Bombers keep Eddie from making the tag. Clothesline by Latham. He goes for a pin but Tommy breaks it up at two. Farris back in and he gets Eddie in a chinlock.

Eddie Gilbert finally escapes and tags in his father Tommy. Tommy Gilbert takes on both Bombers. Knee lift by Tommy at Farris. Referee tries to get Eddie out of the ring. Danny Davis runs into the ring and hits Tommy with his helmet. Farris pins Tommy. Referee Paul Morton starts asking around if Danny Davis got involved. Lance Russell and Eddie Gilbert mention Davis interference. Referee reverses the decision and gives the win to the Gilberts and disqualifies the Blond Bombers.

WINNERS: Tommy & Eddie Gilbert via DQ.

Lance Russell mentions that Memphis was selected as the host city for the WFIA Convention for this week.

They re-air a video looking back at the career of Jackie Fargo.

Lance Russell is joined by Danny Hodge. Hodge says he is there with the WFIA Convention. He also talks about a cook book that will be released very soon. Russell asks Hodge if he can stay for the next match and he agrees to do it.

Jerry “The King” Lawler & “Superstar” Bill Dundee vs. The Gestapo & Hans Schroeder

Bill Dundee and Hans Schroeder start the match. Hodge mentions that he helped Dundee a few years back with some wrestling holds. Dundee gets Schroeder in a side headlock and quickly tags in Lawler. Lawler takes Schroeder down but Schroeder quickly tags in The Gestapo. Some quick tags by Dundee and Lawler. Dundee with a backdrop on The Gestapo and he only gets a 2-count.

Dundee kicks at The Gestapo. Gestapo accidentally nails Schroeder in the corner. Dundee and Lawler go to work on The Gestapo’s left arm. Double-team work followed by a slam by Lawler. Gestapo tags in Schroeder. Schroeder beats on Dundee. He kicks him a few times. Dundee charges at Schroeder and tags in Lawler. Lawler with a few punches at Schroeder but misses one. Schroeder goes on the attack and tags in The Gestapo.

The Gestapo and Lawler exchange forearms in the corner. He gets the advantage and beats on Lawler in the corner. Lawler makes a comeback with a series of punches! Lawler tags in Dundee and he goes for a body press at The Gestapo and covers him for the pin.

WINNERS: Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee

Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee go over and shake hands with Danny Hodge. Lawler asks Hodge to try to keep Russell in the line. Lawler mentions that the shows gone on for about 30 minutes now and Russell hasn’t mentioned once that he’s back in the Top 10. Russell replies that he’s barely in the Top 10 at Number 10. Lawler then tells Russell that at least he’s in the top 10 and asks Russell where he’s at in the Top 10 Announcers. Dundee then puts over Danny Hodge and says he’s the greatest.

They show an interview with Jackie Fargo talking about The Blond Bombers and Danny Davis. He calls Davis an idiot. Fargo says he’s been running and preparing on facing Davis and the Bombers. He mentions that he’s called his brother Roughhouse Fargo. He tells Davis to get out of his way and warns him that he’s going to give him a beating.

The Blond Bombers and Danny Davis join Lance Russell for an interview. Farris points to Latham’s face claiming Lawler did something to him last Monday. Latham shows a burn on the side of his face and neck. He blames Jackie Fargo and says they’ll find out next Monday what Fargo and his brother can do.

Russell runs thru the entire July 23rd Mid-South Coliseum card.

The following match featuring Ron Bass & Pete Austin vs. Randy Tyler & Dallas Montgomery doesn’t end up on video.

Video ends with a news report on the Memphis Mid-South Coliseum show but from a different week.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Not quite a complete show but what was available was pretty good. Best match on the show was the Fabulous Freebirds tag match. That was pretty good. Everything else was kept pretty short. There’s also the Terry “The Hulk” Boulder appearance at the start of the show. Lawler’s back and forth with Lance Russell late on the show was funny as well.


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