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ECW TV 11/23/1993

Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV #33 (11/23/1993)

Taped 11/12/1993 at Tabor Community Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aired on 11/23/1993.

Recap of The Public Enemy attacking Badd Company to open the show. They play a 9-1-1 emergency call.

Joey Styles talks about ECW’s November to Remember and Terry Funk attacking him. He mentions all the matches airing on this show were taped at a local high school. He called what The Public Enemy did to Badd Company a “mugging”. They recap the attack again. That’s followed by video of The Public Enemy getting “arrested” and being taken away. That’s followed by a “police officer” talking about the arrest. He mentions that Pat Tanaka suffered three broken ribs during the assault.

Kevin Sullivan (w/ Woman) vs. Keith Scherer

Kevin Sullivan attacks Scherer as soon as he enters the ring. He tosses Scherer to the outside. He tosses a chair at Scherer! Sullivan follows that up with a chair shot to Scherer’s back. He sends Scherer back into the ring. He places Scherer in the tree of woe in the corner. Sullivan charges knee first into Scherer’s mid-section three times! Sullivan stomps on Scherer’s stomach and covers him for the pin. Woman comes in and covers Sullivan’s eyes with a headband to try to calm him down. She tries to sooth Sullivan and finally gets him out of the ring.

WINNER: Kevin Sullivan

Joey Styles sends it to ECW Commissioner Tod Gordon who has some news on NWA Eastern Championship Wrestling. Gordon thanked the fans for packing ECW Arena for the November To Remember show. He announces ECW will be back in ECW Arena for a TV taping on December 4th and tickets will be available for $5 as a token of appreciation. He also mentions a show called “Holiday Hell: The Bodycount” coming up on December 26th.

Angel interrupts Joey Styles to cut a promo about ECW giving her break to become a professional wrestler and she vows to get revenge against Sherri Martel. She vows to end Sherri’s career. Video package is shown of Sherri Martel beating up Malia Hosaka and a bunch of other people who tried to make the save for her.

Matty In The House promo about the December 4th show with $5 tickets.

Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka promo asking us what are we going to do about it.

They show a recap of Hot Body & Stetson losing the ECW Tag Team titles to Tommy Dreamer and Johnny Gunn at ECW’s November To Remember.

Johnny Hot Body & Tony Stetson (w/ Hunter Q. Robbins) vs. J.T. Smith & The Sandman (w/ Peaches)

J.T. Smith is still dealing with an injured knee at the hands of Terry Funk. The Sandman starts off against Tony Stetson. Stetson and Hot Body taunt Smith over his injury. The Sandman gets a roll-up pin attempt on Stetson who kicks out. The Sandman with a clothesline on Stetson and he knocks down Hot Body. Bodyslam on Stetson and Sandman goes for a pin. He tries for another pin on Stetson after a clothesline. Stetson heads to the outside.

Stetson back in the ring with a leg sweep on Sandman that knocks him down. He goes to work on The Sandman’s left leg. Hot Body jumps off the top rope with a kneedrop onto The Sandman’s left leg. Peaches encourages The Sandman ringside. Hot Body continues to beat on The Sandman and attack his left leg. Sandman elbows his way out of Hot Body’s grasp but Hot Body quickly attacks him again. Slingshot on the bottom rope knocks The Sandman silly. Stetson tags in and clotheslines The Sandman.

Johnny Hot Body tags back in and works on The Sandman’s left leg. The Sandman reverses and rolls up Hot Body for the pin but Hot Body kicks out. Snap suplex by Hot Body. Stetson back in and he double chops The Sandman. Stetson punishes The Sandman on the ropes but Sandman tags in Smith. J.T. Smith takes on both until Stetson kicks at Smith’s left knee. Stetson knee drops Smith’s left leg.

Hot Body with a splash off the ropes onto Smith’s left leg. He goes for a spinning toe hold on Smith. Smith kicks Hot Body off him but Hot Body drags Smith into his corner. Stetson slams Smith. He climbs to the top rope and misses a leg drop! J.T. Smith tags in The Sandman who beats on Hot Body and Stetson. Stetson distracts the referee. Hunter Q. Robbins smashes the Sandman with the cane and knocks him out. Hot Body pins Sandman for the win. Peaches attacks Robbins but he drops her and starts choking at her before The Sandman makes the save.

WINNERS: Johnny Hot Body & Tony Stetson

Shane Douglas music video.

Mr. Hughes (w/ Jason) vs. Kyle Scherer

They air a recap of when Mr. Hughes agreed to have Jason manage him. They both beat up The Sandman.

Mr. Hughes starts to beat on Kyle Scherer as soon as the bell rings. Styles talks about how Kyle is going to struggle just like his brother Keith did earlier. Mr. Hughes clotheslines Scherer. Jason celebrates outside the ring. Mr. Hughes misses a clothesline but gets Scherer with a side slam. Scherer heads to the outside but Jason punches him. Mr. Hughes heads to the outside and slams Scherer into the ring apron. He rolls Scherer back into the ring.

Mr. Hughes catches Scherer with a standing dropkick! He whips Scherer into the ropes and catches him with the side walk slam. Mr. Hughes covers Scherer for the pin.

WINNER: Mr. Hughes

Sabu video highlights are shown with Paul E. Dangerously hyping him up as the current ECW Heavyweight and ECW TV Champion. That’s followed by video highlights of Terry Funk choking Joey Styles while cutting a promo.

Salvatore Bellomo thanks the fans for their support.

Matty In The House hypes the Holiday Hell December 26th main event being determined by fan voting. He says the only two they can’t vote for is The Public Enemy because they don’t know their legal status. He then announces next week’s main event being Stetson, Hot Body & Hunter Q. Robbins against The Sandman, J.T. Smith and Peaches.

Tommy Cairo vs. Chris Michaels

Tommy Cairo gets in a few forearms in the corner on Michaels. He whips Michaels into another corner and hits him with an elbow. Jason joins Joey Styles on commentary. Suplex by Cairo and he continues to beat on Michaels. Dropkick by Cairo. Cairo whips Michaels into the ropes but Michaels reverses it and backdrops Cairo. He slams Cairo.

Michaels with a pair of elbow drops on Cairo. He gets a two count on Cairo. Cairo surprises Michaels with a near fall. Cairo misses a clothesline and Michaels gets him with a clotheslines of his own. He follows with a dropkick on Cairo. Michaels continues to beat on Cairo. He whips Cairo into the corner and gets him with an elbow. Follows that up with a legdrop and a pin attempt. Cairo kicks out.

Chris Michaels gets a two count on Cairo after a powerslam. Michaels misses a clothesline off the ropes but Cairo gets him with a flying clothesline. He slams Michaels and drops an elbow on him. He misses a third elbow drop attempt on Michaels. Michaels gets Cairo with a chinlock. Cairo escapes and knocks Michaels down. Cairo goes for a Thesz Press on Michaels and goes for a pin but only gets a two count.

Cairo gets Michaels with a belly-to-belly suplex. He follows with a German Suplex for the pin.

WINNER: Tommy Cairo

Jason talks about the suit he plans on wearing but Joey Styles leaves the announcer’s desk. He closes out the show. Jason shows up again and asks Joey what he thinks of his hair. Styles says he doesn’t like anything about Jason but Jason asks him how he likes his suit.
ECW music video to close out the show featuring “Roughneck” by MC Lyte and showing Mr. Hughes highlights.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Show was okay. The matches were pretty short especially the Mr. Hughes and Kevin Sullivan squash matches. They spent most of the show hyping up the December 4th and December 26th shows. They also recapped The Public Enemy attack on Badd Company and added video of PE getting arrested. Show didn’t feel as repetitive as previous shows.


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