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Mid-South Wrestling 11/3/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 11/3/1982

Taped 10/27/1982 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 11/3/1982.

Boyd Pearce and “Cowboy” Bill Watts are on commentary.

Bill Watts is ringside interviewing Ted DiBiase, Matt Borne & Hacksaw Duggan. He mentions that they made fools of everyone last week. Watts mentions how DiBiase’s father had some respect and chivalry and would be rolling over in his grave at what Ted did last week. DiBiase tells him that he doesn’t care what Watts or what his father might think because they have all the titles. Watts asks Borne if he’s proud of what he did and said he was very proud and insults The Junkyard Dog. Duggan makes gorilla noises. They make some racial comments and then replay the tag team match from last week.

Watts tells DiBiase that JYD knew something was going to happen in that tag team match. DiBiase tells Watts it doesn’t matter what JYD thinks he might have known because he’s going to have to think about it somewhere else for 90 days.

They air a video of “Mr. USA” Tony Atlas working out.

“Mr. USA” Tony Atlats vs. Bob Stabler is the next scheduled match. Hacksaw Duggan interrupts and mentions that he is the Louisiana State Champion and says he gets to decide what happens on the show. Duggan says he’s going to do 20 perfect push-ups and wants to see if Tony Atlas can do them as well. Atlas does 20 and then does more with one hand.

Duggan then decides to do a few with one arm and can only do two before he gets Atlas to do more push-ups. Duggan attacks Atlas! He beats on Atlas. Fans cheer for Atlas. Duggan slams Atlas and tries to spear Atlas. The spear doesn’t knock down Atlas instead Duggan is left bloody. Stabler and Marty Lunde get involved and attack Atlas. Atlas fights them off. Duggan gets both out of the way and he goes after Atlas. Tony Atlas beats on all three men and sends them to the outside.

Stagger Lee vs. Ted DiBiase

This is a non-title match. This skinny wrestler enters the ring with a banner. DiBiase starts laughing at him. The banner gets shown to say “S. Lee is Stagger Lee”. DiBiase laughs a little more at the skinny guy and asks who Stagger Lee is. The music starts to play. A bigger wrestler in orange and green gear appears and attacks DiBiase. Stagger Lee beats on DiBiase.

Bill Watts says Stagger Lee is someone that Junkyard Dog talked about in the past and said that Stagger Lee use to steal his lunch money when he went to school. Stagger lee powerslams DiBiase and covers him for the pin! Stagger Lee put something in his mask and headbutts DiBiase who goes to the floor.

WINNER: Stagger Lee

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. Vinnie Romeo

Watts wonders if Duggan will be able to wrestle. Duggan shows up all bandaged up and still bleeding and quickly attacks Romeo before the bell rings. He beats on Romeo and slams him into the corner turnbuckles! Follows that up with a backbreaker and a knee drop. He throws his bandages at Romeo as he continues to beat on him. Big elbow at Romeo. Forearm smash across the back of Romeo. He whips Romeo into the ropes and backdrops him.

Duggan continues to beat on Romeo. He charges at him and spears Romeo! He covers Romeo for the pin and gets the win.

WINNER: Hacksaw Duggan

Col. Buck Robley & Mr. Wrestling II vs. The Grapplers (The Grappler & The Grappler #2)

The Grappler and Buck Robley start the match. Robley with a takedown on The Grappler but he breaks out. Watts on commentary mentioned that there was a stand-by match between Mike Sharpe & Mr. Olympia against Marty Lunde & Vladic Smirnoff but he was just told that Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne bought off Marty Lunde & Vladic Smirnoff’s contracts for that match and they would instead be in that tag team match later on the show. The Grappler tags in The Grappler #2 who goes up against Mr. Wrestling II. II quickly tags in Robley and he gets Grappler #2 in a wristlock. Quick tags by Mr. Wrestling II and Robley as they go to work on Grappler #2’s left arm.

The Grappler #2 tries to escape from Mr. Wrestling II but he and Robley keep hold of him by his left arm. The Grappler #2 backdrops Robley and follows with an elbow. He tags in The Grappler who continues to go to work on Robley. The Grappler slams Robley and follows with several elbow drops. Mr. Wrestilng II gets in the ring and makes the save. He beats on The Grappler and slams him.

Mr. Wrestling II whips The Grappler #2 into the ropes and backdrops him. He gets a two-count. The Grappler #2 is able to tag in Grappler who beats on Mr. Wrestling II. Atomic drop on Mr. Wrestling II. Mr. Wrestling II crawls under Grappler’s legs and tags in Robley. Robley backdrops Grappler and then takes on The Grappler #2. Backbreaker on The Grappler #2. Neckbreaker on Grappler #2 by Robley. He whips Grappler #2 and gets him with a reverse elbow. He slams Grappler #2 and Mr. Wrestling II gets him with the knee lift and covers him for the pin. Robley stops The Grappler from making the save.

WINNERS: Buck Robley & Mr. Wrestling II

Kamala “The Ugandan Giant” (w/ Friday) vs. Jesse Barr

Jesse Barr dropkicks Kamala but doesn’t take him down. Kamala with a series of chops at Barr. He whips Barr into the ropes and hits him with yet another chop. Kamala chokes Barr. More chops from Kamala. He lifts Barr up and chokes him and then tosses him across the ring. More chops at Barr’s head! Kamala chokes Barr on the ropes until the referee stops him. Kamala misses a chop and Barr goes for a cross body block. Kamala catches him and slams him. He follows with two big splashes across Jesse Barr for the pin.

WINNER: Kamala

Matt Borne & Ted DiBiase vs. Mike Sharpe & Mr. Olympia

Ted DiBiase mentions that they bought out the contracts of Marty Lunde & Vladic Smirnoff because they wanted to give the fans a treat of seeing the new Mid-South Tag Team Champions in action. He stumbles a bit in his promo and mentions that he’s so excited that he can’t talk. DiBiase says everyone suddenly doesn’t know who Stagger Lee is but he knows its The Junkyard Dog because no one else walks like Fred Sanford like JYD does.

Mr. Olympia tells Ted DiBiase that he doesn’t know who Stagger Lee is, doesn’t know who Mr. Olympia is, and doesn’t know who Mr. Wrestling II is. He tells DiBiase that he bought the contract to wrestle in the match so asks him to wrestle!

Ted DiBiase and Mr. Olympia start the match. Mr. Olympia gets a near pin on DiBiase when he reverses a sunset flip and just sits on DiBiase for the pin. DiBiase kicks out and tags in Borne. Borne knocks down Mr. Olympia. He misses a kick and Mr. Olympia gets him with an atomic drop.

Bill Watts mentions that if Ted DiBiase can unmask Stagger Lee and prove that he is The Junkyard Dog then JYD runs the risk of being suspended from wrestling in Mid-South Wrestling for a year.

Ted DiBiase back in the ring against Mr. Olympia. Side headlock by DiBiase but Mr. Olympia tags in Mike Sharpe. Sharpe slams DiBiase. DiBiase gets Sharpe with a knee across the midsection and then tries to slam him into the corner but Sharpe reverses. He tags in Mr. Olympia who continues to beat on DiBiase. Dropkick and slam by Mr. Olympia on DiBiase. He tags in Sharpe again who gets DiBiase in a side headlock.

DiBiase fights back and tags in Matt Borne. Borne punches Sharpe in the mid-section. Side headlock by Borne but Sharpe hiptosses him. Borne gets back up and attacks Sharpe. Snapmare by Borne into a headlock. Sharpe fights back but Borne is near his corner and tags in DiBiase. DiBiase with an elbow on Sharpe followed by a knee drop. He misses a second knee drop on Sharpe and he tags in Mr. Olympia.

Mr. Olympia whips DiBiase into the corner and knocks down Borne. Inside cradle by Mr. Olympia on DiBiase gets him a near fall but DiBiase kicks out. Mr. Olympia goes for a backslide pin on DiBiase and again he kicks out. DiBiase grabs Mr. Olympia by the trunks and tosses him to the outside. Sharpe helps him back in.

DiBiase whips Mr. Olympia into the corner and tags in Borne. Double elbow by DiBiase and Borne. Borne gets a two count on Mr. Olympia. Reverse chinlock by Borne on Mr. Olympia. He escapes Borne’s grasp. Borne and DiBiase distract the referee from seeing the tag with Sharpe.

DiBiase and Borne double-team Mr. Olympia but he catches them with a dropkick. DiBiase heads to the outside. Referee still trying to get Sharpe out of the ring. Mr. Olympia gets Borne in the sleeperhold. Borne gets near the ropes and DiBiase loads his glove up and punches Mr. Olympia! Borne covers Mr. Olympia for the pin!

WINNERS: Matt Borne & Ted DiBiase

Boyd Pearce and “Cowboy” Bill Watts close the show praising Mil Mascaras and Chavo Guerrero who will be on next week’s show.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Very Good episode following the previously excellent episode as it continued the storyline between Ted DiBiase, Matt Borne & Hacksaw Duggan cheating their way into winning the Mid-South Tag Team Titles and also forcing The Junkyard Dog out of Mid-South Wrestling for 90-days. There was the great surprise for Ted DiBiase of the masked Stagger Lee debuting and going after him. There was also Duggan trying to attack Tony Atlas and getting bloodied by Atlas. Show closed with DiBiase and Borne having a very competitive tag team match. Really good show from start to finish.


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