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GCW TV 3/13/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Georgia Championship Wrestling TV 3/13/1982

Taped 3/13/1982 at WTBS Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.

Gordon Solie & Roddy Piper on commentary. Gordon Solie reports that John Studd & The Super Destroyer are the new National Tag Team Champions. Piper joins Solie and immediately gets booed by the fans.

They recap what happened between Roddy Piper and Brad Armstrong from last week. Brad defends his father Bob and tells Piper that he’s the coward. Piper attacks Brad Armstrong. Tom Prichard tries to help Brad but he gets attacked by Piper. Bob Armstrong runs in and he and Piper brawl. Gary Hart and The Great Kabuki come out to the aid of Piper. All the men get in the ring brawl until more wrestlers come out to restore some order.

Gary Hart shows up and says he couldn’t stand seeing 3 or 4 men attacking Roddy Piper so he and The Great Kabuki went out there to help him. Hart says that he and Piper are friends. Solie tells them that he’s going to have a surprise for both of them.

Tommy Rogers vs. Ricky Harris

Harris misses a forearm across Rogers on the ropes. Harris bullies Rogers into the corner but again misses a forearm. Rogers tosses Harris across the ring. Harris finally gets Rogers and lays in a big forearm across Rogers’ back. He tries to slam Rogers but Rogers slips out and goes for a pin attempt on Harris but Harris is able to kick out.

Harris beats on Rogers and slams his head into the turnbuckle. He punches Rogers across the foreheard. He whips Rogers into the ropes and body slams him. He covers Rogers for the pin but only gets a two count. Harris keeps the attack going but Rogers stuns him with an inside cradle pin attempt. Harris kicks out and continues to beat on Rogers.

He chokes Rogers across the top rope. Fans start to cheer for Rogers. Harris whips Rogers into the ropes but Rogers catches him with a sunset flip but only gets a two count. Back and forth between the two with Rogers throwing a few forearms at Harris. He whips Harris into the corner but Harris catches Rogers with a knee. Another sunset flip attempt by Rogers on Harris and again Harris kicks out.

Elbow across Rogers’ neck. They exchange punches and forearms. Rogers gets Harris with a knee lift and follows with a dropkick. He gets a two count on Harris. Harris whips Rogers into the ropes and tosses him over the top rope. Referee disqualifies Harris.

Harris tries to kick at Rogers but Rogers knocks him down and starts to stomp on Harris in the ring. Rogers gets Harris with an elbow and then a dropkick. Harris heads to the outside. Good match.

WINNER: Tommy Rogers

Bob Armstrong comes out to confront Roddy Piper. Armstrong mentions that Piper and Hart are laughing at him but he has a surprise for them. Bob shows he has handcuffs and vows if he wrestles Kabuki that he’s going to handcuff Hart to the top rope. Piper tells him that Hart has more than one friend and he’ll be involved as well. Bob says he has another surprise for Piper and its Tommy Rich! Tommy Rich brings out a contract and asks Piper if he has the guts that he’ll sign that contract. Gary Hart comes out to calm Piper down but Piper signs the contract.

Tom Prichard vs. Mike Miller

Gordon Solie mentions that next week they will have footage of Kerry Von Erich. Miller dominates the early portion of the match on Prichard. He slams Prichard and drops an elbow on him. He gets a near fall on Prichard. Prichard gets Miller with a wristlock and starts to gain control of the match. Solie reaches the ropes and they break.

Tom Prichard gets Mike Miller with a dropkick. He slams him and Prichard follows with a legdrop. Prichard whips Miller into the ropes and backdrops him. Prichard goes for a pin but Miller kicks out. Miller gets in a few punches into Prichard’s mid-section and starts to regain control of the match. Prichard fights back with a big right hand that knocks Miller down.

Prichard with a mule kick on Miller. He follows with a monkey flip out of the corner. Another dropkick by Prichard and a pin attempt but Miller’s near the ropes. Miller gets back up and delivers a few forearms. Prichard reverses a whip into the corner. Prichard catches Miller with a side kick in the corner and covers Miller for the pin.

WINNER: Tom Prichard

Roddy Piper is upset that Tommy Rich challenged him. He says he can talk big because he can fight big.

Tommy Rich cuts a promo on Roddy Piper for their match at the Omni on March 14th. He vows to be coming for blood against Piper for what he’s done to the Armstrongs.

NWA World Heavyweight Champion “Nature Boy” Ric Flair joins Gordon Solie for an interview. Flair says that in some parts of the country there are 2-out-of-3 fall matches but in general you don’t hear about those kind of matches for the NWA World title. He knows Harley Race is after him for the title. Flair doesn’t think Race is in his class and plans to hold the title for 10 years and vows to make records as champion. Flair calls himself the “Franchise” and the wrestling world revolves around him.

Jim Garvin vs. Tony Russo

Jim Garvin takes down Tony Russo and gets him in a leglock submission. Russo reaches out for Garvin’s left arm. He crawls below the bottom rope to cause a break. Russo gets Garvin in a side headlock but Garvin whips him into the ropes and takes Russo down with a drop toe hold on him. He locks up Russo’s legs but Russo grabs Garvin by the head.

Russo escapes and gives Garvin a hard chop across his chest. Garvin takes Russo down again with a single leg step-over. Russo again grabs hold of Garvin’s head and escapes the hold. Russo slams Garvin’s head into the top turnbuckle. He follows with a few forearms across Garvin’s chest. Full nelson by Russo but Garvin reverses. Russo goes for a pin attempt on Garvin but Garvin reverses and ends up pinning Russo for the win.

WINNER: Jim Garvin

“The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes joins Gordon Solie. He talks about facing The Great Kabuki and how Ole Anderson stuck his nose into his business. He says he’s the meanest. Ole Anderson and Stan Hansen come out and confront Rhodes. Rhodes heads to the ring. Bob Armstrong, Tommy Rich and Bad Bad Leroy Brown show up to defend Rhodes. Ole warns Rhodes that he’s not always going to have someone by his side and when he doesn’t, they’ll get him.

Ole Anderson, Stan “The Lariat” Hansen & Terry Funk vs. Ken Timbs, Jose Medina & “The Samoan”

Stan Hansen starts the match off against Ken Timbs and beats him down. Quickly tags in Funk who continues the attack on Timbs. Hard chop knocks down Timbs. Funk slams Timbs and follows with a leg drop. He tags in Ole Anderson. Ole with a front chancery on Timbs. Timbs tags in Medina but Ole keeps the attack going and tags in Hansen.

Stan Hansen with an elbow on Medina. Hansen tags in Funk. Funk piledrives Medina. He tags in Ole and Ole uses the ropes to choke Medina. He tosses Medina into his corner. “The Samoan” as Gordon Solie calls him is now in the match. Funk punches “The Samoan”. He gets him in an armbar. Funk chops at “The Samoan” and stomps on him. Hansen comes in and beats on “The Samoan” in and out of the ring. He lands a knee across “The Samoan”. Follows that up with an elbow drop and backbreaker on “The Samoan”. Ole comes in and tosses his opponent into his corner and Ken Timbs now comes in.

Ole Anderson with a big elbow across Timbs chest. He slams Timbs and then whips him into his corner. Medina now back in the ring. Ole tries to tag in Hansen or Funk but the referee gets in between Hansen and Ole and tries to keep Hansen out of the ring. Funk comes in and charges at Medina but knocks Ole Anderson down instead. Medina covers Ole for the pin and almost gets the win. Ole tosses Medina over the top rope for the DQ.

WINNERS: Ken Timbs, Jose Medina & “The Samoan”

Ole Anderson and Stan Hansen argue with Terry Funk in the ring. Ole slaps Terry Funk. Terry Funk apologizes and offers his hand to Ole but he gets slapped again! Ole attacks Terry Funk and the two start to brawl. Stan Hansen attacks Funk. The other trio tries to help Terry Funk but they get tossed out. Hansen and Anderson start to drop elbows on Terry Funk. Referees try to break it up. They go to a commercial break.

Dusty Rhodes joins Gordon Solie and says he could have warned Terry Funk about teaming with Ole Anderson. Terry Funk comes out and tells Dusty that he hates his gut but they have one thing in common and that they have the fire down below and asks Dusty to take him as his partner against Stan Hansen and Ole Anderson. He gives Dusty his father’s rolex watch as collateral to team with him. Dusty says he’ll take the watch because it is his soul. Funk vows to kick Dusty’s butt too.

Brad Armstrong vs. Bobby Garrett

Brad Armstrong leap frogs over Garrett and dropkicks him. Garrett heads to the outside. He gets back in and Armstrong with an armdrag takedown. Brad locks Garrett up with an armbar. Garrett shoves him into the turnbuckle and gets in a forearm but misses a second. Brad Armstrong again with a takedown into an armbar on Garrett as the fans cheer for Brad.

Brad Armstrong and Bobby Garrett reverse wristlocks for a bit before Brad takes him down and goes back to work on Garrett’s left arm. Solie mentions Garrett suffered an injury a few months ago in a match against Ric Flair. Fireman’s carry takedown by Brad Armstrong on Garrett. He drives the knee into Garrett’s left arm. Back to an armbar before Garrett reaches the ropes.

Garrett catches Brad with a knee and forearm. He gets Brad in a headlock but again Brad Armstrong reverses and goes back to work on Garrett’s left arm with a hammerlock. Armstrong tries to go for a pin but Garrett kicks out and he gets in a few shots. Armstrong goes for a reverse pin attempt but Garrett kicks out. Fast-paced action between the two and Armstrong catches Garrett with a cross body block for the pin.

WINNER: Brad Armstrong

Stan Hansen and Ole Anderson join Gordon Solie for an interview to talk about Dusty Rhodes and Terry Funk and facing them at the Omni on March 14th. Hansen doesn’t care about Funk’s watch and they vow to destroy both Funk and Rhodes.

Bob Armstrong vows to slap Hart’s jaw. He also says that if he beats The Great Kabuki, he’s going to take the handcuffs and cuff himself to Hart until one of them is immobile. He talks about a few other matches including Rich vs. Piper and the Ole & Hansen vs. Rhodes & Funk tag match.

Steve O joins Gordon Solie at the desk. Tommy Rich and Bob Armstrong join them. Steve O congratulates both of them especially Rich for getting Piper to agree to a singles match. Rich says Piper lost his cool and signed the contract. They recap that situation. Bob Armstrong vows to leave Kabuki and Hart in two colors, “black and blue”.

Tom Prichard vs. Tony Russo

Russo gets Prichard with an armbar. Prichard tries to get him with a headscissors but Russo blocks it and knocks him down. He goes for the headscissors a second time and pulls it off. Piper returns to join Solie and puts down Tommy Rich. Russo gets in a punch at Prichard’s gut and follows with a backdrop. Gordon Solie mentions Kerry Von Erich will wrestle on next week’s show. Russo goes to work on Prichard’s back.

Tony Russo slingshots Prichard into the ropes and works on Prichard’s back. Russo whips Prichard into the corner and lands a forearm across his back. He slingshots Prichard again into the ropes but Prichard grabs the ropes and lands on Russo. He slams Russo and follows with a high knee lift. Prichard with a dropkick on Russo. Side headlock on Russo. Piper mentions that he’s surprised to see Terry Funk and Dusty Rhodes teaming together when they hate each other. Russo gets Prichard with a backbreaker.

Prichard and Russo exchange punches. Russo gets a kick in on Prichard but Prichard keeps fighting back. He dropkicks Russo. Prichard spins Russo around and punches him again. Prichard jumps off the ropes and gets Russo with a rolling reverse cradle for the pin.

WINNER: Tom Prichard

They show a video interview with Harley Race about his title match against Ric Flair. He does a few “Whoo’s” because he got the 2-out-of-3 title match at the Omni. He vows to win the title and be a 7-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

The Great Kabuki (w/ Gary Hart) vs. Ken Timbs

The Great Kabuki beats on Ken Timbs right as the bell rings. He gets in a few kicks on Timbs. Kabuki chops Timbs. He rakes at Timbs face and then catches him with a superkick. He gets Timbs with a nerve hold. Timbs punches at Kabuki but Kabuki keeps the nerve hold locked in under Timbs arm pit. Another kick by Kabuki.

Kabuki goes back to another nerve hold on Timbs. Timbs fires back and sends Kabuki into the corner. Timbs charges at Kabuki but gets caught by a superkick! The Great Kabuki climbs up on the ropes and follows with a fistdrop. He gets the pin on Timbs. Kabuki attacks Timbs after the match but Hart stops him.

WINNER: The Great Kabuki

Gary Hart and The Great Kabuki join Gordon Solie and Roddy Piper for an interview. Hart mentions his attorney has told him that he can’t be banned from being ringside. He vows that Kabuki will destroy Bob Armstrong at The Omni.

Ric Flair joins Gordon Solie to talk about his 2-out-of-3 falls NWA World Title match against Harley Race at The Omni on March 14th.

Big John Studd & The Super Destroyer vs. Jose Medina & Mike Miller

The Super Destroyer starts off with a dropkick at Mike Miller. He takes Miller down and follows with a few knee drops on Miller. He tags in Studd and he shoulder blocks Miller and knocks him down. Studd tags in Super D who continues to beat on Miller. Studd back in and he gets in a few punches in on Miller. He slams Miller and follows with an elbow drop. Armbar by Studd and he reaches over and tags in Super D. Miller reaches his corner and tags in Medina who immediately gets beaten up by Super D.

Medina gets thrown into Studd’s big boot. Studd comes in and he drives Medina into the corner. They both continue to beat on Medina. Super D with a high knee at Medina. He continues to beat on Medina. Super Destroyer gets Medina in a bear hug and then slams him down to the mat. He goes for the pin but Studd yells at Super D asking him to let him in the match. Studd slams Medina. He picks Medina up for an over-the-shoulder backbreaker for the submission win.

WINNERS: Big John Studd & The Super Destroyer

Dusty Rhodes joins Gordon Solie to talk about what happened earlier in the hour with him agreeing to team with Terry Funk. Rhodes mentions that he didn’t name who his partner was going to be before Funk offered to be his partner. They replay Funk getting attacked by Anderson and Hansen.

Les Thornton vs. Bobby Garrett

Les Thornton with a leg takedown on Garrett. He hooks Garrett by the shoulder and leg. He breaks but lands a knee at Garrett’s left leg. Hiplock takedown by Thornton on Garrett and into a side headlock. He does the hiplock takedown a second time. Thornton knees Garrett. He gets Garrett with an uppercut and knocks him down. Knee drop on Garrett. Thornton goes for a crucifix pin attempt on Garrett.

Bobby Garrett reverses and gets Thornton in a side headlock. Thornton escapes and again takes Garrett down and back in a side headlock. Thornton backdrops Garreett and grabs hold of his left arm. He drops a knee on Garrett’s left arm. Big forearm across Garrett’s head followed by a knee drop. Garrett kicks out of a pin attempt at two. Thornton with a atomic knee drop/backbreaker variation gets the pin on Garrett.

WINNER: Les Thornton

Terry Funk joins Gordon Solie to talk about teaming with Dusty Rhodes against Stan Hansen and Ole Anderson. He admits that he’s said some bad things about Rhodes but says Rhodes is tough and he respects him. He said Ole and Hansen will get a bit of him even if he has to bite them.

Dusty Rhodes returns and says that he just told Terry Funk if he does anything out of line at The Omni that all the people are going to jump him. Dusty again repeats that his “mystery partner” will be in the audience and is not pleased that he won’t be wrestling in the match.

Tommy “Wildfire” Rich vs. Ricky Harris

They lock-up but Rich reverses a hammerlock. Harris reaches the ropes to force a break. Harris back with a wristlock but again Rich escapes and dropkicks Harris. Fans start to cheer for Tommy Rich. Harris gets in a cheap shot at Rich but Rich fights back. He whips him into the ropes and punches him in the mid-section! Referee warns Rich.

Harris gets in a forearm on Rich. Rich counters with a forearm across Harris back and complains to the referee. Harris gets in more elbows and forearms at Rich and knocks him down. He slams Rich! Harris misses a knee drop on Rich and Rich goes to work on Harris. He knee drops Harris right leg. Piper is back on commentary and says Rich bit more than he can chew when challenging him. Rich pulls Harris off the ropes.

Piper says that he is the fastest wrestler in the world and Rich is going to look really slow against him. Rich throws a flurry of punches at Harris. He slips off the ropes. He whips Harris across the ropes and catches him with the Thesz Press for the pin. Rich points at Piper after the win.

WINNER: Tommy Rich

Piper and Rich start to yell at each other. Solie sends it to a stand-by match.

“Mad Dog” Buzz Sawyer vs. Mani

Solie mentions that Mani is a Samoan wrestler. He’s the second Samoan wrestler on the show. Sawyer lays a few forearms on Mani but Mani gets him in a bear hug. Sawyer escapes and takes down the Samoan and grounds him on the mat. Sawyer rides Mani on the mat. Sawyer with a front facelock. Mani shoves him into the corner and slams him into the turnbuckles. Big knee lift at the Samoan and he knocks him down with a punch. (Solie keeps referring to Mani as just “the Samoan”)

Sawyer with a couple of knee drops on Mani. He drops his knee on the Samoan a few more times. Mani fights back but Sawyer knocks him down. He gets the Samoan in a headlock. He rakes at Mani’s face and drags him across the top rope. The Samoan fights back but Sawyer keeps beating on him. Sawyer gets his opponent with a suplex. He follows with a diving headbutt for the pin on Mani.

WINNER: Buzz Sawyer

Ole Anderson and Stan Hansen join Gordon Solie. Ole says he’s not worried about Terry Funk. He too has a guy from Texas and he’s tougher and bigger than Terry Funk. Ole says they are the best tag team in the world. Hansen says everyone knows Funk and Rhodes don’t like each other. Roddy Piper joins them and puts down Tommy Rich. He says he can wear a dress because he’s tough enough to wear a dress.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Fun good show. The highlight was obviously Terry Funk getting attacked by Ole Anderson and Stan Hansen after their 6-man tag team match and Terry Funk following that up by asking Dusty Rhodes if he could team with him against them. The Funk – Rhodes promos were excellent. Most of the matches were just squashes as you should expect from that time period on Georgia Championship Wrestling TV shows. Best match on the show was probably Tommy Rogers vs. Ricky Harris. Some good interviews throughout the show. Piper and Solie on commentary are excellent as usual. I wish Solie would have known the names of the Samoan wrestlers on this show.


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