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World Of Sport Ep. #7

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Of Sport Ep. #7

Count Bartelli vs. Roger Wells

This match is heavyweight bout with 6 five-minute rounds. They shake hands before the match starts. First round starts with Wells shoving Bartelli into the ropes. Count Bartelli gets Wells in a front facelock but Wells quickly escapes. Wells is able to escape a armlock once again. Wells takes Bartelli down but Bartelli reverses. Wells gets Bartelli back down with an armbar. Bartelli powers out of the hold to the delight of the fans.

Roger Wells uses his strength against Bartelli but Bartelli is still able to counter all his holds. Wells reaches the ropes. Slow-paced match at times. Wells extends his hand to Bartelli to shake it. Bartelli does but offers his hand once again and squeezes Wells hand. Wells gets Bartelli in a hammerlock. Bartelli tries to slam him but Wells rolls thru and keeps the hold on him.

Front chancery by Wells on Bartelli but he escapes. The bell rings to announce that the first fall is over. They skip round two and go to round three next.

Round three starts with Wells grabbing hold of Bartelli by the head. Referee warns Wells. Wells catches Bartelli with a knee lift and goes back to work on Bartelli with a headlock. He throws a punch at Bartelli’s face and gets up and claps as he stomps around Bartelli. Back and forth with punches and forearms before Bartelli knocks Wells down. Uppercut by Bartelli and a few chops knock Wells a bit. Wells counters with a punch. Bartelli’s nose is bleeding. Wells whips Bartelli off the ropes. Referee gives Wells a warning. Bartelli gets back up and punches Wells a few times to the delight of the fans.

Roger Wells backs away from Bartelli. He heads into the corner. Bartelli whips Wells into the corner. He whips him into the other corner as well. Announcer mentions Wells has been given two public warnings already. They tangle on the ropes. Bartelli snaps Wells arm with the top rope. Big knee lift by Bartelli followed by a few chops across Wells neck. He stomps on Wells.

Announcer mentions that Count Bartelli has been trying to lift a donkey on his farm as a way of training to lift an opponent up. Round four starts with Wells getting Bartelli in a headlock followed by a knee lift. He tosses Bartelli across the ring. He whips Bartelli into the corner. He attempts it again but Bartelli reverses. Bartelli slams Wells and covers him for the pin. Bartelli wins the match.

WINNER: Count Bartelli

The Exorcist (Clay Thomson masked) vs. Bob Kirkwood

This match consist of 6 five-minute rounds with one fall, one submission or one knockout to determine the winner. Round one starts with Kirkwood getting The Exorcist in a hammerlock and The Exorcist reaching the ropes for a break. Kirkwood escapes a wristlock by The Exorcist. He gets him in the hold again but again Kirkwood escapes.

The Exorcist and Kirkwood go back and forth on the mat reversing holds until Kirkwood gets him in a headscissors. They are near the ropes so they have to break again. Kirkwood takes The Exorcist down but it is quickly reversed into a headscissors. Kirkwood escapes rather easily. Another wristlock by The Exorcist but it gets reversed into a hammerlock by Kirkwood. The Exorcist reaches the ropes to break the hold and the fans boo him.

Side headlock takedown by Kirkwood. The Exorcist escapes and gets Kirkwood in a headlock. He gets Kirkwood in a neck nerve hold. Kirkwood escapes with a headscissors. Head chancery by The Exorcist. He takes Kirkwood down and starts choking him. Referee pulls The Exorcist off as the bell rings.

The Exorcist threatens to put the claw on his opponent or his second. Round two starts off with The Exorcist knocking down Kirkwood. He gets Kirkwood again with a claw nerve hold across his neck. Referee warns The Exorcist and he gives him his first public warning. He goes and starts strangling Kirkwood. He punches Kirkwood. He switches over into that nerve hold again. Fans start to cheer for Kirkwood. Bob Kirkwood tries to grab hold of The Exorcist mask. Referee shoves off The Exorcist as he appears to be choking Kirkwood.

The Exorcist goes back to that nerve hold again. Kirkwood chops at The Exorcist sides of his waist. He gets in some upper cuts and a knee lift. He whips The Exorcist across the corner and continues with more uppercuts and forearms as the round is about to end. More uppercuts as round two comes to an end. He slams The Exorcist as the bell rings!

Round three starts and Kirkwood goes after The Exorcist. He continues to attack The Exorcist but Exorcist reverses a whip and goes at Kirkwood’s neck. He knocks down Kirkwood and covers him for the pin. The Exorcist wins!

WINNER: The Exorcist

Kamakazi (Maurice Hunter masked) vs. Jim Breaks (October 1981)

Jim Breaks asks the ring announcer that since he’s the champion shouldn’t he be introduced first. Match is a 6 five-minute rounds with 2 pinfalls, submissions or knockouts to determine the winner.

Round one starts with Breaks getting Kamakazi in a side headlock. He takes down Kamakazi. The announcer mentions that all he knows about Kamakazi is that he is “oriental” and won’t say a word to him in the locker room. Jim Breaks gets Kamikaze in a chinlock but Kamakazi kicks his way out of the hold. He gets Breaks with an armbar and uses his speed to armroll Breaks down to the mat. Breaks with a hammerlock. Kamakazi escapes and Breaks sets him up for a monkey flip but Kamakazi does a cartwheel on the side of Breaks!

Wristlock by Jim Breaks gets reversed by Kamakazi. Breaks with a reverse side headlock and he breaks away from Kamakazi. Some good exchanges going on and Breaks complains to the referee about his wrist being hurt. Back to a wristlock followed by a takedown by Kamakazi. Kamakazi with a full nelson on Breaks. He knocks Breaks down and stomps his face. He then slaps him across the face. Breaks punches back but the referee warns him. Kamakazi with a dropkick at Break. Breaks goes for an armbar but Kamakazi kicks out of it and the bell rings signaling the end of round one.

Round two continues with the announcer mentioning that every time he tries to talk to Kamakazi that he runs away from him. Breaks with a takedown on Kamakazi followed by a front chancery. Kamakazi powers out and knocks Breaks down. Breaks with a full nelson on Kamakazi but he breaks out and follows with a few chops. Breaks cries. Kamakazi with a reverse roll-up gets the pin on Breaks. Breaks complains and tells the fans to shut-up.

Round four airs next. Breaks grabs hold of Kamakazi’s left arm and tosses it into the ropes. Breaks goes for his special arm breaker submission hold. Kamakazi escapes and tries for a dropkick but Breaks moves out of the way. He stomps on Kamakazi and follows with the “Breaks Special” arm submission hold to get the win in Round four.

Jim Breaks tells the ring announcer that he doesn’t think his opponent can continue. The referee gives him a public warning for saying that. Each now has one fall.

Round five starts with Breaks trying to go with his submission hold quickly but Kamakazi breaks away. Breaks grabs hold of him with a wristlock and again tries to go for the submission hold. Kamakazi escapes and catches him with a pair of chops off the ropes. Kamakazi hits the ropes again but falls thru the middle rope and falls to the outside. The bell rings. Breaks screams at his opponent. The referee, ring announcer, seconds and other go check on Kamakazi. Ring announcer states that Kamakazi is unable to continue and the winner is Jim Breaks.

WINNER: Jim Breaks

Kamakazi is shown grabbing his right leg as a group of people help him out. Referee asks Jim Breaks if he accepts the win and he says one word, “YES!”

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode of World of Sport. I wasn’t familiar with many of the wrestlers on this show besides Jim Breaks but the action was pretty good. I do enjoy the round system used. I’m not sure if this is something current fans would enjoy but if you like a more mat or move-based style then this is a show worth watching. Thought the Kamakazi vs. Jim Breaks match was the best match on the show. The other two matches were a little more slower paced.


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