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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 2/20/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 2/20/1982

Taped 2/17/1982 at the WPCQ-TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 2/20/1982.

Bob Caudle and Roddy Piper are on commentary. They have the NWA World Tag Team Titles on the announcers desk. Piper says he has surpassed Ricky Steamboat in the fan voting for the wrestler who contributed the most in 1981.

Roddy Piper interviews Sgt. Slaughter. They both talk about how much they admire each other the most. Bob Caudle tries to interrupt but Sgt. Slaughter tells him to leave. Caudle tells them both to stop but Piper claims they only stopped because they wanted to.

Blackjack Mulligan Jr. & Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Buck Brannigan & Don Gilbert

Blackjack Mulligan Jr. takes down Gilbert. Sgt. Slaughter stays and watches the match. Roberts comes in and gets Gilbert in a side headlock. Slaughter finally leaves the studio. Hard chop across Gilbert’s chest by Roberts. He tags in Mulligan Jr. who takes Gilbert down with a side headlock.

Brannigan tagged in but he struggles against Mulligan Jr. and Roberts. Austin Idol now shows up ringside and he’s filming the match with his own camcorder. Mulligan Jr. with an elbow on Brannigan followed by some uppercuts. He whips Brannigan into the ropes and hits him with an elbow. He tags in Roberts and gets Brannigan down with a crossface. Brannigan reverses into a cradle but Roberts escapes.

Roberts tags in Mulligan Jr. who charges off the ropes and drops an elbow across Brannigan’s left arm. Quick tags by Roberts and Mulligan Jr. Roberts with a punch at Brannigan. He whips him into the ropes and backdrops Brannigan. Roberts chops Gilbert off the apron. Roberts with a knee lift. He tags in Mulligan Jr. and he gets Brannigan with a forearm and covers him for the pin.

WINNERS: Blackjack Mulligan Jr. & Jake Roberts

Sgt. Slaughter (w/ Pvt. Don Kernoodle & Pvt. Jim Nelson) vs. Vinnie Valentino

Sgt. Slaughter shoves Vinnie Valentino off into the ropes. Big forearm by Slaughter across Valentino’s chest. That’s followed with more forearms across the back of Valentino. He attacks Valentino. Big punches at Valentino. Both Pvt. Kernoodle and Pvt. Nelson enter the ring and stand ringside. Austin Idol is out filming the match as well.

Sgt. Slaughter continues to abuse poor Vinnie Valentino. Armbar submission by Slaughter. Slaughter continues to punish Valentino. He slams him into the corner turnbuckles. He whips Valentino into the ropes and elbows him. Slaughter whips him into the ropes again and clotheslines Valentino. He gets Valentino in the Cobra Clutch and he submits. Sgt. Slaughter gets in a few cheap shots on his way out.

WINNER: Sgt. Slaughter

Sgt. Slaughter and his privates join Bob Caudle for an interview. They show Slaughter a video of Dusty Rhodes. Slaughter admits that Rhodes must be tough because he beat Harley Race twice for the NWA World Heavyweight title but he’s not as tough as him. Slaughter claims all of Rhodes moves in the match that they are showing are illegal.

Sgt. Slaughter says he doesn’t care about Dusty Rhodes, Rick Steamboat, Jack Brisco or anyone else because he has a devastating hold called the Cobra Clutch. He asks Pvt. Nelson and Pvt. Kernoodle who the greatest wrestler in the world is right now and they both say its Sgt. Slaughter.

Porkchop Cash vs. Ben Alexander

Porkchop Cash with a quick take down on Alexander. Ben Alexander quickly complains that his hair was pulled. Cash with another armdrag. Alexander tries to grab hold of Cash but he breaks out of his grasp and gets Alexander in a side headlock. Alexander tosses Cash into the ropes but Cash gets Alexander again in a side headlock.

Cash hiptosses Alexander off the ropes and again gets him in a side headlock. Piper talks about wrestlers are always copying his moves and believes Cash has copied some of his moves. Alexander gets Cash with a knee and tries to slam him but Cash is able to land on top of Alexander. Porkchop Cash with a knee across Alexander’s head. Big headbutt off the ropes by Cash knocks Alexander out and Cash covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Porkchop Cash

Promo for Mid-Atlantic Bumper Stickers! Roddy Piper joins to promote the bumper sticker, TV show, and himself. Piper says he has those bumper stickers all over his car.

“The Russian Bear” Ivan Koloff vs. Rick Benefield

“Handsome” Jimmy Valiant’s music is playing as the match starts off. It seemed like he was leaving after doing an interview. Ivan Koloff destroys Rick Benefield in the ring. Koloff gets Benefield in a bear hug. He slams him into the corner and then whips him across the other corner. Koloff tosses Benefield to the outside.

Koloff continues his attack on Benefield. He whips him into the ropes and shoulder blocks him. Backdrop by Koloff and he goes for the pin but picks Benefield up. Benefield has a brief comeback before he gets knockded down again by Koloff. Atomic drop by Koloff. Back rake on Benefield! Backbreaker by Koloff and then a big boot that sends Benefield to the outside. The fans argue with Koloff. Koloff drives Benefield into the corner post.

Back in the ring, Koloff gets Benefield in a bear hug again. Benefield elbows Koloff and finally escapes the hold! Koloff goes back on attack and kicks Benefield. He continues to kick and punch Benefield. Koloff climbs up on the top rope and grabs Benefield’s head and sends him head first into the mat with his knee on the back of his head for the pin.

WINNER: Ivan Koloff

Ray Stevens joins Bob Caudle for an interview. Stevens says Pat Patterson suffered a knee injury and said he has a few tag team partners that will be with him including Dusty Rhodes and Bad Bad Leroy Brown. He warns Ole Anderson and Stan Hansen.

Blackjack Mulligan Jr. talks about Sgt. Slaughter and the Cobra Clutch Challenge. He vows that he can get out of the hold and he’ll win the $1,000.

Rick Steamboat talks about still respecting NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair. Jake Roberts is curious why Roddy Piper and Sgt. Slaughter were showing such mutual respect and is suspicious about it.

Mike George vs. Steve Sybert

Mike George with a take down on Sybert. Sybert reaches the ropes. They tangle with each other and we see that Austin Idol is back out filming the match. Armbar by Mike George. He tosses Sybert hard into the corner and continues to work on Sybert’s left arm. Fireman’s carry takedown by George. Some big punches thrown by George. He lifts Sybert up and gets him with a shoulder breaker for the pin.

WINNER: Mike George

Another promo for the Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling bumper sticker. Johnny Weaver is proud of the bumper sticker.

Mike George joins Bob Caudle for an interview and he tells Sgt. Slaughter that he is here.

Ole Anderson & Stan “The Lariat” Hansen (w/ Gene Anderson) vs. Rick Benefield & Tony Anthony

Ole Anderson and Tony Anthony start the match off. Anderson with a takedown and quick tag to Stan Hansen. Hansen with an elbow on Anthony. He slams Anthony and follows with an elbow drop. Ole back in the ring. Front facelock by Ole. Anthony tags in Benefield but Ole keeps him on the mat. Hansen back in with a knee drop on Benefield. Snapmare followed by a knee by Hansen. Big elbow and a bear hug on Benefield. Ole back in and he also gets his opponent in a bear hug.

Stan Hansen with a big elbow across Benefield’s chest. Ole keeps Benefield in a bear hug. Hansen tagged in and he kicks and elbow drops Benefield. Austin Idol continues to film the match. Hansen tosses Benefield to the floor. Benefield back in the ring and Anderson and Hansen continue their attack on him. Anderson sends Benefield in to tag in Anthony. Anthony gets in some offense before Ole tags in Hansen who goes with several elbow drops on Anthony.

Hansen with a high knee at Anthony. Ole back in and the two whip Anthony into the ropes and get him with a double elbow. Ole slams Anthony and tags in Hansen. Hansen whips Anthony across the ropes and catches him with the lariat! Hansen follows with a knee drop and covers Anthony for the pin.

WINNERS: Ole Anderson & Stan Hansen

Ivan Koloff is upset that Jimmy Valiant interferes and interrupts him during his matches. He vows to tear apart Valiant. He doesn’t like that Valiant keeps trying to annoy him.

Bob Caudle asks Austin Idol about bringing the camcorder to ringside. He says that it is the “Idol movement” and that this is phase one in his quest to become a world champion. When he reaches phase 3 he will be a world champion.

Stan Hansen, Ole Anderson & Gene Anderson join Bob Caudle about the tag team tournaments going on around the world. Ole says what they saw in their match today could have been comparable to seeing the Briscos or Stevens or Steamboat. Hansen says he doesn’t have to rant or rave because he knows where he is from and they can beat anyone. He says they are good. Gene says that Ole and Hansen will be the tag team champions. He accidentally calls Hansen, “Nelson”, which Hansen quickly tells him that he is NOT Pvt. Nelson as the show comes to an end.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay show. Nothing really stood out on this episode. Piper and Caudle were excellent on commentary. All the matches were squashes for the most part. There were a couple of interviews including Sgt. Slaughter and Roddy Piper that were pretty good. I especially liked that they had Sgt. Slaughter do some commentary during a video of Dusty Rhodes. Other than that, not much on the show.


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