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Memphis Wrestling 7/14/1979

Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling TV 7/14/1979

Taped 7/14/1979 at the WMC TV Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lance Russell and Dave Brown are on commentary.

The Blonde Bombers (Wayne Farris & Larry Latham) (w/ Sgt. Danny Davis) vs. Rick Morton & Dallas Montgomery

Rick Morton with a quick takedown on Wayne Farris. Farris complains to the referee about Morton pulling his hair. Morton again with an armdrag on Farris and follows with more complaints. He tags in Larry Latham and Morton gets Latham with an armdrag. Latham tags Farris back into the ring. Morton with a hammerlock and tags in Montgomery who keeps the hammerlock locked in on Farris. Farris reaches the ropes.

Wayne Farris gets Montgomery in an armbar but Montgomery takes him down and reverses the armbar. Farris tags in Latham and he struggles against Montgomery as well. Montgomery tags in Morton as they continue to work on Latham’s left arm. Farris trips on the ropes trying to make the save for Latham but Latham kicked out of the pin attempt. Farris argues with the fans while Morton continues to work on Latham’s left arm. Latham tags in Farris and he and Morton go back and forth until Farris elbows Morton. Double-team work by the Bombers on Morton. Latham with a foot to Morton’s mid-section.

Double elbow by the Bombers on Morton. Montgomery makes the save for Morton. Farris with a backbreaker and keeps Morton over his knee as he tags in Latham. Latham with an elbowdrop off the ropes. He goes for a pin on Morton but Montgomery makes the save. Latham slams Morton and covers him again for the pin but Morton kicks out. Farris back in and they both kick Morton. Farris tosses Morton and gets him in an armbar but Morton fights back and tags in Montgomery.

Montgomery whips Farris across the ring but Farris moves out of the way. He sends Montgomery into the ropes but Montgomery leap frogs over Farris. However, Latham is there in his corner to elbow Montgomery. Farris slams Montgomery twice and follows with a pair of elbows. Farris covers Montgomery for the pin.

WINNERS: The Blonde Bombers

They air highlights of a Six-Man Tag match between Bill Dundee, Jackie Fargo and Jerry Lawler against The Blonde Bombers and Pete Austin at the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis on 7/9/1979. Danny Davis was originally scheduled to team with the Bombers but he was replaced by Austin. They show Jackie Fargo pinning Pete Austin. That is followed by Danny Davis, Austin and The Blonde Bombers attacking Dundee, Lawler and Fargo after the match. Davis poured something on Fargo that left him rolling around in the ring with Lawler and the referee check on him.

Jackie Fargo had some comments after whatever Danny Davis poured on him. He’s shown in bed with his eyes bandaged up. Fargo says he is unable to see and it’s a horrible feeling because he can’t do much. He talks about how he’s had bad injuries but this is the worst injury he’s had. Fargo says the doctor told him he did not suffer permanent eye damage and should be able to see soon. He thanks the fans for their support.

Lance Russell is joined by The Fabulous Freebirds, Terry Gordy and Mike Hayes (Michael Hayes). Russell mentions that they are from California. Gordy shows up with Hayes head covered with a towel. Terry Gordy said that they’ve heard of Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair but today he’s going to introduce the best. He introduces himself first and follows by introducing Michael Hayes.

Gordy says that he will unveil Michael Hayes on TV which pleases Russell. He calls Hayes “the prettiest man in the world” and says everyone is going to see him today on this show. Gordy talks about seeing a lot of pretty women and says Hayes has seen more. Gordy talks about how Lawler and Dundee like to “bend the rules a little bit” and warns them that if they try to mess with Hayes, he’s going to hurt somebody. Gordy says he will reveal Hayes later on the show and wants everyone to get around their TV to witness Michael Hayes.

Gordy comes back and tells Russell that Hayes has prettier hair than Farrah Fawcett and has more dance moves than John Travolta. He also says Hayes is 110% all man.

Ron Bass & Pete Austin vs. Koko Ware & Pat Hutchinson

Ron Bass brings with him the Southern Heavyweight title. Bass and Hutchinson start off the match. Bass waves off a dropkick by Hutchinson and starts to beat on Hutchinson. He drops Hutchinson over the top rope and gets thrown around the ring. Pete Austin tags in and pounds away at Hutchinson. More punches and forearms thrown at Hutchinson before he’s thrown into Bass’ big knee.

Ron Bass back in and he suplexes Hutchinson. He slams Hutchinson with the Stampede and covers him for the pin. Ware comes in to check on his tag partner. Quick, short match.

WINNERS: Ron Bass & Pete Austin

Lance Russell interviews Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee. They talk about next Monday’s tag title match against the Blonde Bombers. Lawler talks about feeling bad over what happened to Jackie Fargo in that 6-man tag match. He talks about how Fargo and him became close friends after having a rivalry in the past. He explained how Fargo got involved in helping him and Dundee against Latham, Farris and Davis. Lawler talked about having experienced not being able to see and said it is very difficult so he understands what Fargo is going thru.

Jerry Lawler vows to get revenge on Latham, Farris and Davis for what they did to Jackie Fargo. Dundee says they are going to hurt them by taking back the tag team titles.

Eddie Boulder joins Lance Russell for an interview. They show tape of Eddie Boulder’s first match in Memphis where he is beaten by Ron Bass and Pete Austin. Ron Bass mocks Eddie Boulder and asks that he pose for them and then pokes fun at Boulder’s hair. They return to the interview with Eddie Boulder. Lance Russell didn’t realize that Terry Boulder, “The Hulk”, is Eddie Boulder’s brother.

Eddie Boulder tells Lance Russell that he brought along a tape to introduce “The Hulk” to the fans. Video shows “The Hulk” posing as the narrator talks about how big and strong he is while they are also playing some scary sounding music. Lance Russell is impressed and says now no one will forget that “The Hulk” is Terry Boulder. Eddie Boulder said last week Ron Bass and Pete Austin jumped him from behind and he didn’t realize that they were those type of men. Eddie said that he called Terry and told him that he was coming to Memphis to help him with this situation. Eddie Boulder said that he and Terry have always had each other’s back.

Lance Russell gives a rundown for the Monday July 16th Mid-South Coliseum lineup.

Lance Russell rings the bell for the next match to get announced. Lawler and Dundee enter the ring. The Fabulous Freebirds head over to the announcer’s table. Terry Gordy starts yelling and asking if everyone’s ready for the unveiling of Michael Hayes. He yells at the camera men. Gordy tells all the women to have a seat and suggests anyone over 60 should leave the room. Lance Russell points out that Gordy is directing all the cameras so that they get a close-up of Michael Hayes.

Terry Gordy removes the towel off of Michael Hayes head. Michael Hayes cuts a promo as Lawler and Dundee laugh at what’s going on. Hayes warns everyone that he’s going to take his robe off. He tells everyone that beauty has entered everywhere. Hayes introduces the Freebirds. Lawler motions that he’s gagging. LOL!

Jerry “The King” Lawler & “Superstar” Bill Dundee vs. The Fabulous Freebirds (Terry Gordy & Michael Hayes)

This tag match runs until the expiration of (TV) time with the team with the most falls winning the match. Hayes and Dundee start the match. Hayes struts across the ring. Hayes with a armdrag on Dundee and he struts. He hiptosses Dundee and shows off again. They lock-up near Lawler and he tags in. Lawler gets Hayes in a side headlock. Hayes tosses Lawler into the turnbuckles and tags in Gordy. Gordy and Lawler exchange punches. Lawler knocks Gordy down with a punch.

Michael Hayes complains that Lawler’s using his fists. Gordy takes Lawler down and tags in Hayes who gets Lawler in an armbar. Lawler gets a whip reversed on him and gets sent into the corner. Freebirds keep on attacking Lawler. Gordy with a knee drop on Lawler. Elbow smashes across Lawler’s head by Gordy. Hayes back in and gets Lawler in a side headlock. Fans cheer on for “The King”.

Lawler whips Hayes into the ropes but gets knocked down the first time. He follows that up with some armdrags. Lawler tags in Dundee who goes to work on both Freebirds with punches that knock both of them down. Dundee with a big forearm across Hayes head. He gets a one-count on Hayes. Hayes tags in Gordy and whips Dundee into the ropes. Hayes flips Dundee over his back and Gordy catches him and drops him onto his knee. Gordy covers Dundee for the pin. Lawler tries to break the pin but is too late. Freebirds win 1st fall.

Michael Hayes heads over to the announcer’s table to put over Terry Gordy as “The Master of Disaster”.

Second fall of the “Expiration of Time” match continues. Gordy and Dundee start the fall. Gordy knocks down Dundee and starts stomping on him near the ropes. He tags in Hayes who continues the attack with some kneedrops across Dundee’s back. He bodyslams Dundee and follows with an elbow. Gordy back in and continues to stomp on Dundee. He whips Dundee into the ropes and backdrops him. Quick work by the Freebirds. Hayes gets Dundee in a reverse chinlock.

Bill Dundee tries to get Hayes off him but Hayes quickly gets Dundee in a front facelock. Dundee escapes but gets punched by Hayes. Gordy back in and he continues to beat on Dundee. He whips Dundee into the ropes and punches him. He slams Dundee and then drops a knee. Facelock on Dundee and again the Freebirds go with quick tags. Hayes back in and continues to beat on Dundee. Gordy with a kick at Dundee’s side. They keep Dundee near their corner.

Hayes continues the attack on Dundee with a headlock. Dundee elbows out of the headlock but gets knocked back down by Hayes with an elbow. Gordy gets back in the ring and grabs Dundee in another headlock. Dundee tries to fight out of the Freebirds side but can’t. Lawler heads over and attacks The Freebirds. Referee gets Lawler back into his corner. Freebirds double-team Dundee.

Hayes keeps Dundee in a front chancery. Dundee can’t get to his corner as he gets cut off by the Freebirds. Dundee kicks Gordy a few times and finally tags in Lawler! Lawler slams the Freebirds heads together. He gets Gordy up with a suplex and covers him for the pin but only gets a one-count. Lawler keeps attacking both Freebirds. He punches Gordy a few times. Lawler gets Gordy with an armbar.

Bill Dundee tagged in. All four men get in the ring. Referee gets Hayes out. Lawler out as well. Dundee slams Gordy and follows with a knee drop. Only one-count on the pin attempt. Gordy tags in Hayes. Dundee keeps attacking Hayes and tags in Lawler who punches Hayes. Dundee tagged in and jumps off the ropes with a sunset flip on Hayes to get the pin. Lawler & Dundee win the2nd fall.

Lance Russell and Dave Brown talk about the first two falls and Brown mentioned that in the first fall Lawler and Dundee found out that the Freebirds were for real.

Third fall starts with Michael Hayes and Bill Dundee. Hayes and Dundee run the ropes and Dundee backdrops Hayes. Dave Brown mentions they have three minutes left before time expires. Lawler comes in and punches Hayes in the rib area. Quick tags from Lawler and Dundee. Dundee with a forearm across Hayes. He goes for a sleeper on Hayes but Gordy makes the save. Terry Gordy slams down Dundee. Hayes slams Dundee and lands an elbow off the ropes for a near fall. Gordy off the ropes with a kick.

Dundee fights back against both Freebirds. Lawler comes in. Freebirds keep attacking Dundee. Gordy off the middle rope with a forearm across Dundee. Dundee crawls beneath Gordy’s legs and tags in Lawler! Lawler punches both Freebirds. Lawler backdrops Gordy. Freebirds both head to the outside. 30 seconds left in the match. Gordy gets slammed by Lawler. Bell rings as time runs out. Bill Dundee jumps off the top rope with a kneedrop on Gordy. All four men continue to brawl.


They go to a commercial break but all four men continued to brawl. Referee Jerry Calhoun tried to stop them. They brawl around the studio. Lawler hits Gordy with a chair near were the cameras are located. Dundee hits Hayes with a chair. He then goes after Gordy with the chair. They all go back into the ring to continue to brawl in the ring as the show is coming to an end.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent episode! The Fabulous Freebirds debut was pretty great with Gordy building up Hayes big reveal followed by the tag match against Lawler & Dundee. Tag match was good as well. The Blonde Bombers match against Ricky Morton and Dallas Montgomery was pretty good as well. In between all that you had a tag squash match and Eddie Boulder (Ed Leslie) talking about his beatdown from the previous week and showing a video his “brother” Terry Boulder, “The Hulk”. They also did great continuing the feud between the Blonde Bombers and Lawler & Dundee with an interview and showing the clip of Jackie Fargo getting “blinded” by Danny Davis and The Bombers. Definitely a must-see show.


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