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WCCW 2/22/1981 “Star Wars 1981”

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 2/22/1981 “Star Wars 1981”

Taped 2/22/1981 at Reunion Arena in Dallas, Texas.

Gene Goodson is on commentary.

Mil Mascaras vs. “Killer” Tim Brooks

Mil Mascaras gets Killer Brooks on the ropes and breaks cleanly. Goodson talks about Mil Mascaras being a star in both pro wrestling and movies in Mexico. Mascaras with a diving headbutt that sends Brooks to the outside. Brooks gets back in the ring. They lock-up in a test of strength with Mascaras bridging down and getting back up and taking Brooks down. They struggle on the mat before Brooks tries to get a pin attempt on Mascaras.

Mil Mascaras and Brooks break up from being on the mat as they reach the ropes. Mascaras with a takedown on Brooks and gets him in an armbar and turns it into a hammerlock. Brooks chops Mascaras across his chest as he’s on the ropes. Mascaras threatens to punch Brooks. Mil Mascaras gets Brooks in a headlock but he slams Mascaras down. Front chancery by Mascaras on Brooks.

Killer Brooks breaks out of the hold. He pulls Mil Mascaras mask and takes him down on the mat. Mascaras gets back up and takes Brooks down with a leg trip. Brooks claims his hair was pulled but the referee doesn’t believe him. Brooks gets Mascaras in a headlock again but Mascaras reverses it and goes to work on Brooks left arm and then twist him and arm drags him down to the mat. Brooks complains that Mil Mascaras pulled his hair.

Headscissors by Mil Mascaras takes Brooks down to the mat. They break the hold and shake hands which surprises everyone. Brooks then gets in a punch on Mascaras. Elbow smashes by Brooks at Mil. He whips Mil into the ropes and continues to deliver more punches. Mil Mascaras reverses a whip into the corner and Brooks goes over the top rope. Brooks wants Mascaras to get disqualified and he get the win but the fans boo this. Referee David Manning tells Brooks to continue the match.

Mil Mascaras gets Brooks in a side headlock. Brooks shoves him into the ropes and tries to knock him off. Brooks slams Mil Mascaras but Mascaras kicks Brooks off of him and goes back to getting Brooks in a side headlock. Brooks pulls at Mil’s mask. He lays in a few punches and then slams Mil’s head into the top turnbuckle a few times. Brooks with a kick at Mascaras. He rakes at Mil’s eyes and gets in a few more punches.

Double axhandle across Mil Mascaras back. Mil Mascaras fights back and they go back and forth with some punches. Mascaras whips Brooks into the ropes and catches him again with the diving headbutt across the ropes. Brooks misses a legdrop. Mil Mascaras climbs up to the top rope and gets Brooks with a flying body press for the pin. Pretty good match.

WINNER: Mil Mascaras

Fritz Von Erich vs. The Great Kabuki (w/ Gary Hart) in a Texas Death Match.

Goodson mentions that Fritz Von Erich had kept away from wrestling The Great Kabuki for some time but during a TV interview The Great Kabuki attacked David Von Erich. David lost a few teeth during the attack and Fritz Von Erich got involved at that point and now wanted revenge against The Great Kabuki. Goodson mentions that Gary Hart and Kabuki have been aligned together for a long time as Kabuki became Hart’s hitman. Hart was able to get The Great Kabuki in the U.S. just a few months ago.

The Great Kabuki sprays his green mist up in the air. He brings out a sword and does a ritual with it in the ring. The Great Kabuki with a spin kick but Fritz moves out of the way as the match starts off. Kabuki goes for another kick but Fritz grabs his leg and kicks Kabuki. Kabuki spins around in outrage. Kabuki gets in a chop but Fritz blocks a punch and knocks Kabuki down.

Fritz slaps Kabuki to the delight of the fans. They kick at each other. Kabuki attacks Fritz but Fritz catches him and punches him. Kabuki spins around again and gets into his fighting pose. Kabuki kicks at Fritz. Fritz misses a punch and Kabuki gets him with a kick. He starts to chop and stomp on Fritz and follows by biting at Fritz! Fritz grabs Kabuki with the Iron Claw in the mid-section. Crowd starts to cheer. Hart gets up from his seat to check in on Kabuki. Kabuki gets away from Fritz’s grasp. Fritz with more punches and kicks at Kabuki.

Fritz goes for the claw again on Kabuki but he blocks it! He brings Kabuki down on the mat and continues to try to get the claw on and finally does lock it on but they are onthe ropes. Kabuki rolls to the outside. Hart talks to Kabuki.

Kabuki gets back in the ring and attacks Fritz Von Erich as Hart helped by holding Fritz’s foot. Kabuki continues his attack on Fritz. He gets him with a series of kicks and then starts to spin around before he gets Fritz with his nerve holds across Fritz’s shoulders. Kabuki goes after Fritz’s eyes. Referee pulls him off. Fritz grabs Kabuki and slams him into the ring post. Kabuki climbs to the top rope and misses a chop. Fritz kicks Kabuki and he gets tossed into the corner.

Kabuki kicks and chops at Fritz and then gets a nerve hold under his left arm pit. Fritz gets the Claw across Kabuki’s forehead and shoves him into the corner. Gary Hart punches at Fritz’s leg. A fan jumps Gary Hart!!! Hart shoves the fan away until security arrives and takes the fan away. Hart continues to go after Fritz until the referee kicks Hart off him. Kabuki chops Fritz and gets another nerve hold on him.

David Von Erich runs out and attacks Kabuki and then goes and attacks Gary Hart! Crowd is wild. Kabuki and David brawl for a bit before Kabuki takes David down and he goes back after Fritz. Kabuki starts to spin around and David hits him with a dropkick! There’s NO DQ in this match as it’s a Texas Death Match. David whips Kabuki into the ropes and backdrops him. David tells Fritz to cover Kabuki for the pin and does so!

The Great Kabuki wants to go after the Von Erichs. Hart tries to stop him but Kabuki shoves him off. David gets up to go at Kabuki but Gary Hart gets in front of Kabuki and tries to calm him down.

WINNER: Fritz Von Erich

Harley Race © vs. Kerry Von Erich for the NWA World Heavyweight Title

Harley Race lays in a forearm across Kerry’s chest on the ropes but Kerry reacts and gives Race a forearm in return. Kerry slams Race to the mat! He gets in a forearm and an elbow on Race. Follows that up with a dropkick and covers Race for the pin but Race kicks out. Kerry slams Race again and follows with an elbowdrop. Kerry goes for the pin but Race gets his foot on the bottom rope.

Kerry gets Race in a side headlock. Goodson reminds everyone that Kerry Von Erich beat Harley Race in a non-title match in Fort Worth, Texas. Race grabs hold of Kerry and gets him on the ropes. Race and Kerry exchange forearms and again he slams Race. Kerry goes for an elbow drop but Race moves out of the way. Race gets Kerry for a suplex but Kerry reverses and gets Race in a sleeper hold! Crowd cheers loudly as Race struggles in the sleeper.

Harley Race breaks out of the sleeperhold with a foul on Kerry. Both men struggle to get back up on their feet. Kerry punches Race but Race counters with a headbutt at Kerry’s mid-section. He goes for another headbutt on the side of Kerry’s face. Race slams Kerry’s head into the top turnbuckle. Kerry kicks at Race but Race punches Kerry. Side suplex attempt by Race gets reversed by Kerry. He misses an elbow drop again on Race.

Race with some left-hand punches at Kerry Von Erich. He whips Kerry into the ropes but Kerry goes for a sunset flip on Race for the pin. Race kicks out at two. Kerry whips Race into the ropes and Race takes Kerry down with a shoulder tackle. Both men go down on the mat. Kerry gets Race with a Claw on Race’s stomach. He tries to lift Race up but Race ends up going over the top rope to the outside. Referee Bronco Lubich asks Kerry if he threw him over the top rope on purpose but Kerry says he didn’t. Kerry tells the referee that Race grabbed the ropes to go over the ropes to escape the Claw.

Bronco Lubich allows the match to continue as Race makes his way back into the ring. Kerry stomps on Race as he enters the ring. Big punch by Kerry at Race. Harley Race tosses Kerry Von Erich to the outside. Race goes after him and tries to slam him into the ring post but Kerry reverses it and sends Race head first into the ring post. Referee starts to count Race but he gets back in the ring. Harley Race is now bleeding. Kerry goes after the gash across Race’s forehead.

Kerry tries to pin Race but Race is near the ropes. He gets the claw on Race’s forehead. Race reaches the ropes. Both fall to the outside onto the concrete floor. Kerry and Race continue to brawl outside the ring. Race uses the sandbags that are ringside and throws them at Kerry Von Erich. Harley Race returns to the ring. Kerry struggles to get back in the ring but Race grabs him by the hair and tries to get Kerry in a suplex, but can’t do it. Kerry lands on top of Race and gets a two count!

Kerry punches Race a few more times. He snapmares Race and gets him in a headlock. Race reaches the ropes. Kerry continues to kick at Race but Race headbutts him agian. Race whips Kerry into the corner. He punches Kerry. Kerry reverses a whip into the corner and sends Race into the referee. Kerry kneedrops Race. Referee falls to the outside. Kerry Von Erich heads to the outside to check on the referee. Harley Race follows him to the outside. Race with a few forearms across Kerry’s back. Kerry fights back and gets Race in a sleeper hold. Referee Bronco Lubich is grabbing his arm and shoulder. Kerry tosses Race into the ring and goes back to check on the referee. Race hits Kerry with a forearm and he falls.

Kerry and Race continue to fight in the ring. Von Erich slams Race onto the mat. He goes for another kneedrop and Kerry covers Race for the pin. There’s no referee to make the count but then referee David Manning runs into the ring and starts to make the count and Race kicks out at TWO!!! Kerry Von Erich slaps the ring in anger. Kerry continues his attack on Race. They announce that David Manning has replaced Bronco Lubich as the referee in the match.

Kerry Von Erich knocks Harley Race to the outside of the ring. Race grabs Kerry’s leg and pulls him outside. They brawl outside the ring. Race slams Kerry onto the timekeeper’s table. Race goes for a headbutt but Kerry rolls off the table. Kerry tries to get back into the ring but Race grabs hold of Kerry and the referee counted both men out.

Kerry Von Erich shows his frustration in the ring. The fans boo the result. Fritz Von Erich comes out and yells at Harley Race. Kerry grabs the belt as he’s upset.

WINNER: Double Count Out

Ali Mustafa & Hercules Ayala ©vs. David Von Erich & Kevin Von Erich for the WCWA World Tag Team Titles

Kevin Von Erich and Hercules Ayala start the match. Ayala complains that Kevin is trying to punch him. Ali Mustafa tries to kick at Kevin. Clean break from Kevin on Ayala on the ropes. David Von Erich heads over to Ali Mustafa to get him to stop trying to kick at Kevin. Ayala gets Kevin in a side headlock. Kevin with a knee on Ayala and then slams him. He goes for the Claw early on and Mustafa made the save. David gets involved and he and Kevin get Ayala with a double dropkick.

They toss Mustafa to the outside. David slams Ayala. He then whips Kevin off the ropes and Kevin lands a splash on Ayala. Ayala punches Kevin and knocks him down. Ayala with a double chop at Kevin. He slams Kevin across the ring. Mustafa stomps on Kevin’s leg as the referee is distracted by Ayala. Big punch by Hercules Ayala. Mustafa comes in and continues the attack on Kevin. He picks Kevin up and tosses him onto the top rope.

Ali Mustafa with a front facelock. Kevin reaches David but the referee did not see it. Ayala runs in and attacks Kevin. Kevin tries to fight out of the corner but Ayala knocks him down. Mustafa attacks David. Referee gets David back to his corner. Mustafa puts Kevin in a full nelson. Ayala comes in to kick Kevin but he moved out of the way and Ayala kicks Mustafa. Kevin tags in David. David knocks Mustafa down with a dropkick. He gets Mustafa with a sleeper hold but Mustafa reaches the ropes.

David is able to tag in Kevin and he dropkicks Ali Mustafa. Kevin Von Erich gets Mustafa with the Claw but Ayala makes the save. All four men get in the ring. David tosses Ayala into Mustafa. Kevin follows with a knee into Ayala’s mid-section. Kevin goes for a big splash on Ayala and goes for the pin but only gets a 1 count. Ayala tags in Mustafa and they attack Kevin. Kevin is able to tag in David again. David kicks Mustafa and then slams Ayala and Mustafa’s heads together. He covers Mustafa for the pin but Mustafa reaches the ropes. Kevin and Ayala get back in the ring.

Referee gets Kevin out of the ring and Ayala attacks David. Ayala chokes David. Fans start to cheer for David as Ayala has David in a nerve hold. David with a big elbow but he gets punched in the mid-section by Ayala. Hercules Ayala back with a shoulder nerve hold on David Von Erich. David fights back again and punches at Ayala but Ayala is still able to slam David. He tags in Mustafa. Kevin runs in and all four men are back in the ring.

Mustafa goes after Kevin while Ayala chokes at David in the corner. Kevin throws Mustafa into the ring post. Ayala steps on David’s ankle and Mustafa comes in and attacks David. David tries to reach out for Kevin. He finally does and Kevin attacks Mustafa. He dropkicks Mustafa! Kevin whips Mustafa and backdrops him. Kevin gets the Claw on Mustafa’s forehead but again Ayala in with the save. All four men back in the ring but referee restores order.

Ali Mustafa slams Kevin. He tags in Ayala and catapults Kevin into Ayala’s arms for a bear hug! David makes the save. Ayala tags in Mustafa. Mustafa slams Kevin but then misses an elbow drop. Kevin with an elbow on Mustafa gets a 2-count. Mustafa punches his way against Kevin and then tosses him to the outside. David heads over to check on Kevin. Mustafa slams Kevin and covers him for the pin but David makes the save.

Kevin Von Erich with a bodyslam and goes for the pin but Ayala makes the save. All four men back in the ring. Mustafa tosses Kevin to the outside onto the table. Mustafa and Ayala attack David Von Erich. Mustafa prepares to catapult David but Kevin climbs to the top rope and goes for a sunset flip and gets the pin on Mustafa to win the tag team titles!

All the Von Erichs run into the ring to celebrate!

WINNERS: David & Kevin Von Erich

$5,000 Battle Royal: Bruiser Brody, Killer Tim Brooks, Ali Mustafa, Mr. Chang Chung, Hercules Ayala, Billy White Cloud, Brian Blair, Jesse Barr, The Lawman, Don Slatton, Raul Mata & Jose Lothario

Order of Elimination: Chang Chung (by Brody), Jesse Barr (Ayala & Mustafa), Billy White Cloud (pinned by three men), The Lawman (pinned by three men), Brian Blair (Ayala & Mustafa), Hercules Ayala (Jose Lothario), Raul Mata (Mustafa Ali), Lothario (Mustafa & Brooks), Mustafa & Brooks (Brody)

Mostly a brawl with some guys standing around looking for someone to fight. Brody was the most active participant for much of the match. Wrestlers could get eliminated via pinfall or over the top rope. Mustafa held Brody as Brooks charged at him but Brody moved out of the way and Brooks and Mustafa went over the top rope that led to Brody winning the battle royal.

WINNER: Bruiser Brody

SHOW THOUGHTS: This was an excellent show. Lots of action throughout with some good brawls involving all the Von Erichs. Mil Mascaras looked great in the first match. You sometimes forget that he was actually good because he’s been around for so long. There was a lot of crowd energy throughout the matches that I think also helped especially for the Von Erichs matches. The Kerry vs. Race title match was the best match on the show. The tag title match was more of a brawl but it did have a ton of heat throughout. I wasn’t as into the battle royal to close the show out but that at least only went about 10 minutes.


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