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Mid-South Wrestling 10/28/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 10/28/1982

Taped 10/27/1982 at Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Boyd Pearce and “Cowboy” Bill Watts are on commentary.

“Cowboy” Bill Watts interviews Paul Boesch. They are in the audience as they are promoting a local fair and a group of kids are in attendance. Watts points out that there is a man dressed in a gorilla outfit in the crowd who he believes is there as part of the fair. Boesch mentions he is there to see the tag match because it will have an effect on his promotion in Houston. He said he’s pulling for Junkyard Dog to win. Watts mentions that Boesch crowned JYD the “King Of Wrestling”. Boesch tells him that the fans crowned him that.

Watts said that earlier in the day Ted DiBiase contacted matchmaker Grizzly Smith and told him that Hacksaw Duggan had been detained. Watts said knowing Duggan’s violent demeanor that seemed very possible that happened. He thinks that Duggan might be incarcerated. DiBiase has flown in Matt Borne to tag with him in the tag title match.

They show highlights of a match that happened in Houston, Texas between Andre The Giant, Mil Mascaras & The Junkyard Dog against Killer Khan, Gino Hernandez & Tully Blanchard. They show the heels going after Andre’s left leg. Watts talks about Mil Mascaras being a movie star in Mexico. Khan, Blanchard and Hernandez keep attacking Andre’s left leg. Mil Mascaras comes in and goes to work on Blanchard. Tully tries to throw Mil Mascaras to the outside but Andre catches him and tosses him back on Tully and he covers him for the pin.

Kamala (w/ Friday) vs. Ted Allen

Kamala attacks Ted Allen right as the bell rings. He chops Allen several times. He whips Allen into the ropes and chops him. Kamala lifts up Allen with a choke and slams him down. He follows with several splashes to the back of Allen and then rolls him over and covers him for the pin. Short squash match.

WINNER: Kamala

Mr. Olympia & The Junkyard Dog © vs. The Rat Pack (Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne) for the Mid-South Tag Team Titles; No Disqualification Loser Leaves Town for 90 days.

They start to brawl as soon as JYD and Mr. Olympia enter the ring. JYD and Mr. Olympia slam both Borne and DiBiase into each other and send them to the outside. DiBiase and JYD start the match and exchange punches. JYD gets DiBiase with a headbutt and an inside cradle but DiBiase breaks out. He goes with a legsweep and again goes for a pin on DiBiase but DiBiase heads to the outside.

Matt Borne and Mr. Olympia now in. Mr. Olympia punches at Borne and knocks him down. Borne gets in a few knees on Mr. Olympia but Mr. Olympia reverses a whip and backdrops him. He takes Borne down a few times. Everyone back in the ring. JYD gets in and takes Borne down with an armbar. Borne gets ina few punches and snapmares JYD. Big knee into JYD and he tries to slam him but can’t. JYD slams Borne and gets him back in an armbar. DiBiase tries to make the save but Mr. Olympia comes in and pounds on DiBiase. The gorilla is shown in the corwd.

Mr. Olympia now in the match and has Borne in an armbar. Borne whips Mr. Olympia into the ropes and hiptosses him. He tags in DiBiase but Mr. Olympia is ready for him and armdrags him. Mr. Olympia tags in JYD who continues the attack on DiBiase and goes back to an armbar. Borne gets in but JYD headbutts him. All four men now in the ring. Borne gets double-teamed and gets knocked down with a headbutt and a few kicks. DiBiase pulls Borne out of the ring. They head to a commercial break.

Back from break and JYD chases after DIBiase. He headbutts DiBiase and snapmares him and punches DiBiase across the nose. DiBiase begs off but JYD continues on. He tags in Mr. Olympia who continues with a few forearms at DiBiase. Headlock on DiBiase. DiBiase backdrop driver on Mr. Olympia. He tags in Matt Borne. Borne slams Mr. Olympia and kneedrops him. He gets a two-count on Mr. Olympia. Borne with a headlock. Mr. Olympia escapes with a hiptoss but Borne tags DiBisae and DiBiase drops a knee across Mr. Olympia’s back. Backbreaker on Mr. Olympia. JYD makes the save.

Matt Borne gets Mr. Olympia with a chinlock. Fans cheer on for Mr. Olympia. DiBiase comes in and he and Mr. Olympia go back and forth for a bit before DiBiase slams Mr. Olympia. Double-team slam on Mr. Olympia. Mr. Olympia battles back but they keep him in their corner. Double clothesline by Borne and DiBiase on Mr. Olympia. Powerslam by DiBiase followed by the “Bombs Away” drop from Matt Borne on Mr. Olympia! DiBiase goes for another powerslam and covers Mr. Olympia but JYD lands a headbutt on DiBiase to break the count. All four men back in the ring. JYD drags Mr. Olympia to his corner. JYD tagged in and he takes on both Borne and DiBiase. DiBiase reaches into his tights but JYD blocks a punch. JYD tries to grab whatever DiBiase has in his hand. Matt Borne climbs up to the top rope but JYD grabbed the object DiBiase had in his hand and punches Borne with it. He goes after DiBiase.

The gorilla runs around ringside and grabs Mr. Olympia and body slams him on the floor. The gorilla’s mask falls and it reveals Hacksaw Duggan who runs into the ring and shoves JYD while the referee is checking on Matt Borne! Duggan goes for the spear and knocks JYD down. The referee tries to stop Duggan. DiBiase grabs the object and loads it into his glove and punches JYD! DiBiase covers him for the pin. New Mid-South Tag Team Champions!!! The Junkyard Dog is forced to leave Mid-South for 90-days!!! Great match!

WINNERS: Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne win the Mid-South Tag Team Titles.

“Mr. USA” Tony Atlas vs. The Grappler #2

Tony Atlas shoves The Grappler #2. Watts is disappointed at the result of the previous match and mentions how wrestling was so much simpler back in his day. The Grappler #2 gets Atlas in a full nelson but he easily breaks out of the hold. Atlas knocks down The Grappler #2. He catches The Grappler #2 with a dropkick and then gets him with a flying headscissors. He takes The Grappler #2 down with a side headlock.

Watts tells Boyd Pearce that he’s going to have to step out and collect his thoughts after that last match and will have Paul Boesch join Pearce on commentary. The Grappler #2 gets in a few forearms and punches at Tony Atlas. Atlas makes a comeback and headbutts The Grappler #2. He whips Grappler #2 into the corner and monkey flips him. Another headbutt by Atlas. Atlas gorilla press slams The Grappler #2 and then splashes him for the pin.

WINNER: Tony Atlas

“Gorgeous” Gino Hernandez vs. Jesse Barr

Paul Boesch joins Boyd Pearce on commentary. Hernandez armdrags Barr and then struts a bit. Boesch mentions that he might have been responsible for Hernandez getting into wrestling and might regret that at times. Full nelson into a hiptoss by Hernandez on Barr. He poses a bit after. Barr gets Gino in a full nelson. Hernandez reaches the ropes and places his feet on the top rope. Barr lets go and Hernandez falls to the mat.

Barr armdrags Hernandez a few times. He gets Gino with a dropkick and Gino heads to the outside. Hernandez back in and kicks Barr. He whips Barr into the ropes and hits him with an elbow. He whips Barr again but Barr kicks Gino. Barr misses a corner attack as he charges into the corner and Gino moves out of the way and Barr’s neck hits the top turnbuckle pretty badly.

Gino Hernandez grabs Jesse Barr by the hair and slams him into the top turnbuckle. Hernandez with a suplex and then climbs the ropes and goes for a reverse elbow drop on Barr for the pin.

WINNER: Gino Hernandez

Paul Boesch interviews Ted DiBiase, Matt Borne and Hacksaw Duggan. Boesch is upset and tells DiBiase that what he saw in that tag match was the most devious thing he’s ever seen in the ring in more than 50 years. DiBiase agrees. Boesch points out that their monkey (Duggan) lost his head which leads to DiBiase saying something derogatory about JYD losing his head and now being gone for 90 days. DiBiase celebrates the fact that they have all the titles now. Duggan said he sacrificed his body and now JYD is gone for 90 days. Borne laughs. DiBiase says if you have titles, you make more money. He says that they use to call JYD the “king” but now he’s the “new king”.

Paul Boesch and Boyd Pearce are upset.

Mr. Wrestling II vs. Marty Lunde

Marty Lunde gets Mr. Wrestling II in a headlock but he’s taken down by II. Mr. Wrestling II with a leg takedown and he gets Lunde with a leglock. Lunde escapes the toe hold. Lunde grabs Mr. Wrestling II in a wristlock. He gets in a forearm on Mr. Wrestling II. Lunde again gets takedown by Mr. Wrestling II. They reach the ropes.

Marty Lunde gets in a cheap shot on Mr. Wrestling II during a rope break. Mr. Wrestling II makesk a comeback and punches away at Lunde. He whips Lunde into the ropes and backdrops him. Mr. Wrestling II slams him and then gets him with a knee lift. Lunde lands on the ropes and gets taken down. Mr. Wrestling II goes for a second knee lift and then slams Lunde. He heads to the corner and then charges with a third knee lift and covers Lunde for the pin.

WINNER: Mr. Wrestling II

Hiro Matsuda & Yoshi Yatsu vs. Tim Horner & Vinnie Romeo

Hiro Matsuda with a fireman’s carry takedown on Tim Horner into an armbar. Horner reverses it but Matsuda with another takedown. Matsuda tags in Yatsu who goes to work on Horner’s left leg with an inside bar toe-hold. He tags in Matsuda who keeps the hold on tight on Horner. Quick tags as Yatsu back in and he continues to attack Horner’s left leg.

Horner is able to reach Romeo. Romeo with a dropkick on Matsuda. He knocks Matsuda down with an elbow and goes for the pin. Yatsu makes the save with a kick. Matsuda tags in Yatsu. Yatsu whips Romeo into the ropes and catches him with a belly-to-belly suplex for the pin. Matsuda chops Horner after the match.

WINNERS: Hiro Matsuda & Yoshi Yatsu

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent episode built around the Mid-South Tag Team title match. They opened the show with the news that Duggan wasn’t going to be there and DiBiase had replaced him with Matt Borne. While doing that they showed what Watts said was the local fair’s gorilla there with the kids. The tag match was good with the finish revealing that Duggan was in the gorilla suit and again DiBiase was able to rob JYD of another title and also run him out of town for 90-days. Rest of the time on the show they were able to showcase some new talent coming into the territory like Tony Atlas, Gino Hernandez, Hiro Matsuda and Yoshi Yatsu.


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