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ECW TV 11/16/1993

Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV #32 (11/16/1993)

Taped 11/13/1993 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aired on 11/16/1993.

Show opens with Badd Company (Pat Tanaka & Paul Diamond) lockerroom promo. They talk about facing The Public Enemy. They say they are all about survival. Paul Diamond suggests an empty arena match against The Public Enemy. Pat Tanaka nods in approval.

Matty In The House talks about November to Remember and talks about Badd Company’s empty arena match challenge to The Public Enemy. He throws it out to The Public Enemy. They think Badd Company are crazy for making that challenge. They talk about being in prison and vow to end Badd Company. Grunge and Rock talk about being in prison.

Music video (Onyx’s “Slam”) recapping The Public Enemy vs. Badd Company’s feud airs. Matty In The House is back to talk about The Public Enemy accepting Badd Company’s challenge. He follows up on Johnny Hot Body and Tony Stetson defending the ECW Tag Team titles against The Bad Breed at November to Remember. They show highlights of Johnny Gun & Tommy Dreamer beating Johnny Hot Body and Tony Stetson for the ECW Tag Team titles. Gunn and Dreamer post-match promo followed highlight.

Joey Styles interviews Salvatore Bellomo who finally got revenge against The Rockin’ Rebel at November to Remember. He thanked the fans for their support.

Matty In The House returns to talk about Sensational Sherri battling Malia Hosaka at ECW’s November to Remember. Highlights are shown while Aerosmith’s “Back In the Saddle” plays. Sherri chases away a bunch of people who get in the ring to try to stop her. After the November to Remember clips it just turns to a bunch of highlights from Sherri since she joined ECW.

Malia Hasaka is interviewed by Joey Styles. She talks about having been beaten by some of the toughest Japanese female wrestlers like Dump Matsumato and Bull Nakano. She calls them true wrestlers unlike Sherri Martel. She also claims her bleeding in that match against Sherri was the first time an American female wrestler bled during a match in the U.S.

The Public Enemy are shown standing outside the ECW Arena and they cut a promo. They warn Badd Company that they are going to knock them out.

Jim Neidhart vs. The Sandman

Tony Rumble joins Joey Styles on commentary for this match. There’s a message saying this was a special bonus match taped exclusively for ECW Television.

Jim Neidhart knocks down The Sandman a few times. The Sandman takes Neidhart down after he tries to shove him a third time. Sandman whips Neidhart into the ropes but Neidhart knocks him down with a shoulder block. Headlock by Neidhart. He gets whipped into the ropes again and Sandman gets knocked down again. Sandman takes Neidhart down with a drop toehold. He gets him in a leg lock.

Jason “The Sexiest Man on Earth” shows up ringside. Rumble asks Styles if Jason’s a model. Neidhart whips Sandman into the ropes and can’t knock Neidhart down. He finally takes Neidhart down with a clothesline. Sandman with a leapfrog and Neidhart drops down on the mat and grabs hold of his right leg. Referee checks on him. Sandman gets near him and Neidhart tosses him to the outside.

Neidhart gets back in the ring and does a few jumping jacks to show that he wasn’t really hurt! Neidhart with a big forearm across Sandman’s chest. He bites The Sandman’s forehead. He uses the ropes to choke Sandman. Big punch thrown by Neidhart. He slams The Sandman and climbs up to the middle rope. The Sandman catches Neidhart with a punch. He dropkicks Neidhart. They both run into each other and knock each other down. Sandman drops Neidhart face first with a brainbuster variation.

Double clothesline knocks both down. Both have their arms over each other and the referee counts three on both. Match ends in a draw with a double pin.

WINNER: DRAW (Double Pin)

Jason grabs the mic and enters the ring. He calls both extraordinary athletes. He wants to talk to both Sandman and Neidhart but first he wants to know what everyone thinks of his suit. He tells Neidhart that he’d like to be his manager but Neidhart turns him down. Jason then tells The Sandman that he’d like to manage him but The Sandman turns him down. Jason superkicks The Sandman. He beats on The Sandman! Jason misses a clothesline and The Sandman slams Jason! Mr. Hughes shows up and attacks The Sandman. They both beat down The Sandman.

Highlights of The Road Warrior Hawk & Sabu vs. King Kong Bundy & Terry Funk match are shown. Joey Styles interviews Terry Funk after he lost the ECW Television title in the tag match. Funk says he has no fear and has smelled death before. He says his father died in his arms and he knows what fear and death are about. He talks about Paul E. and Sabu. Funk says he is not afraid of Sabu, Hawk, King Kong Bundy and certainly not afraid of Paul E. Dangerously. Funk asks Styles if he’s the same size as Paul E. and he slaps him. He asks if Paul E. would be afraid if he grabbed him by the collar and Styles says yes. Funk thinks Styles is lying. He starts choking Styles and asks if Paul E. would be scared of that. Funk says he’s the “toughest Son of a…” and Sabu and Paul E. should be scared of him.

Matty In The House makes fun of Joey Styles. He says that while everyone was worried about Styles, Road Warrior Hawk was ready to do an interview. He interviewed Hawk and he talks about being covered in his plasma and hemoglobin. He knows Funk is crazy. He wants more of Funk and is glad that Sabu pinned Funk. Neidhart and Hawk want to know where King Kong Bundy went. Hawk says Funk should pray because he and Neidhart will be around.

Paul E. Dangerously talks about what has been going on in NWA Eastern Championship Wrestling. He gives a quick rundown of what has been going on in ECW. He says Funk’s attack on JT Smith led to Smith refusing to take ECW Commissioner Tod Gordon’s calls because he isn’t sure he wants to continue wrestling. Paul E. then mentions how Sabu’s beaten Terry Funk. He mocks Terry Funk. He says Sabu is obsessed with Terry Funk’s demise. Paul E. says he will not be responsible for anything Sabu does because the ECW fans wanted blood and guts. Dangerously mentions that Public Enemy vs. Badd Company want to wrestle in an empty arena match, which he believes is going to be the next WCW Omni card! LOL!

Matty In The House sends out to Badd Company for another promo. Badd Company and The Public Enemy brawl backstage. Audio goes out and all we see is everyone fighting until Badd Company is laid out.

SHOW THOUGHTS: They aired some highlights for the November to Remember show. I don’t think I could sit thru these shows with so much Matty In The House on them. This episode was slightly better than the previous week. They had one match air complete but it was Neidhart vs. The Sandman. Not much to that match. The promos to close the show were good with Funk and Paul E. The closing segment with Public Enemy attacking Badd Company was okay.


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