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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 2/6/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 2/6/1982

Taped 2/3/1982 at the WPCQ Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 2/6/1982.

Bob Caudle and David Crockett are on commentary. Jimmy Valiant joins them as the show starts. He talks about all the “big boys” avoiding the “Boogie Man”. He points out Ivan Koloff being afraid of him. He wants Koloff to give him some “action” and thinks Koloff’s ears might not be working.

Sandy Scott joins them to talk about the NWA World Tag Team Title tournament. He says several tag teams are putting up the $1,000 entry fee and entering the tournament. They announce Ric Flair will be on the show. Piper will be wrestling on the show and David Crockett says that maybe Piper will let them know who his tag team partner will be.

“The Universal Heartthrob” Austin Idol & “The Russian Bear” Ivan Koloff vs. Don Gilbert & Vinnie Valentino

Koloff rolls up Valentino early in the match and gets a one-count. Valentino gets Koloff in a wristlock but Koloff kicks out. He tags in Idol and Valentino goes to work on Idol’s left arm. Idol whips him off the ropes but Valentino keeps hold of Idol’s left arm. Idol is able to break out of the hold and knocks Valentino down with some punches. He tags in Koloff who starts to kick at Valentino’s waist.

Ivan Koloff gets a reversed into the corner but Koloff knocks him down. Big slam by Koloff followed by a knee drop. Koloff tags in Idol and whips Valentino into the ropes. Idol lands an elbow across Valentino’s chest. Idol tosses Valentino to the outside. Referee warns him. Valentino back in and he tags in Gilbert. Gilbert gets in a few punches on Idol. He whips Idol into the ropes but Idol kicks him and Koloff comes in and stomps on him. Koloff slams Gilbert across the top rope.

Double-team work by Idol and Koloff. Idol with an elbow and a backbreaker. Idol covers Gilbert for the pin but starts to pick him up before the count is complete but the referee counts three and calls for the bell to ring.

WINNERS: Austin Idol & Ivan Koloff

Ricky Steamboat joins Bob Caudle to talk about Ric Flair. They show a video of Ric Flair battling Jay Youngblood.

“The Nature Boy” Ric Flair © vs. Jay Youngblood for the NWA World Heavyweight Title

Match is joined in progress with Flair and Youngblood on the ropes. Ray Stevens is on commentary along with Roddy Piper and someone else. Stevens is explaining that he was invited to join on commentary and Piper tells him that he doesn’t care. Youngblood with a hammerlock on Flair. Piper and Stevens argue for a bit. Flair whips Youngblood into the ropes but Youngblood tackles him and then gets Flair with a hiptoss. Flair stares at Youngblood for a bit.

Side headlock by Flair gets reversed into a hammerlock by Youngblood. Flair elbows Youngblood. They run the ropes until Youngblood with a nice leg takedown on Flair and gets him in a leglock. Flair reaches the ropes and gets a clean break from Youngblood. Flair argues with referee Dave Hebner. Youngblood counters a whip into the ropes by Flair and dropkicks him. He slams Flair and Flair backs away.

Ric Flair yells at the referee again. Flair shoves Youngblood out of the corner and then struts a bit. They get near the ropes and Flair breaks cleanly this time but Youngblood delivers a hard chop across the chest of Ric Flair! They get back into the corner and Flair delivers some punches and elbows at Youngblood but Jay fights back and tosses Flair into the turnbuckles. Fans cheer loudly for Youngblood.

Jay with a side headlock on Flair and he gets whipped into the ropes. He tackles Flair but on the second attempt, Flair tosses Youngblood to the outside. Flair warns Ricky Steamboat to not get involved. Fans start a loud “Go Jay Go” chant! Flair suplexes Youngblood back into the ring. He follows with an elbowdrop and goes for a figure-four leglock but Youngblood goes for a small package roll-up on him. Flair escapes. He whips Youngblood into the ropes and misses a chop. Youngblood with a cross body block and gets a two-count on Flair. Double chop by Youngblood on Flair!

Ric Flair kicks Jay Youngblood and slams him into the turnbuckles. Flair goes for a suplex but Youngblood escapes. He shoves Flair into the ropes and goes for a roll-up on Flair. Flair kicks out at two. Youngblood with a hard chop and goes for a small package on Flair as the bell rings signifying the time limit has expired.

Flair doesn’t stop attacking Youngblood. Chops him across the chest. Referee tries to stop Flair but he shoves him out of the way. Ricky Steamboat runs in and tells Flair that the bell rang already and time expired. Jake Roberts, Vinnie Valentino, Terry Taylor and Tim Horner all run in to stop Flair from going after Youngblood.


Ricky Steamboat talked about how great that match was and how he’s a top contender to the NWA World Heavyweight title held by Ric Flair. He says Tommy Rich and Jay Youngblood are also top contenders and good guys.

Ric Flair joins Bob Caudle for an interview. Flair says that any man in pro wrestling would be a fool not to admit they want to be the NWA World Heavyweight Champion. He says the title means a half a million dollars and prestige. He says that the deal with Youngblood was that he never heard the bell ring. He says it makes no difference if its Youngblood, Rich or Steamboat, he will defend it against any of them. Caudle tells Flair they have tape of Tommy Rich that they will be airing.

They air video of Tommy Rich vs. Tony Russo joined in progress. Flair and Caudle do commentary during the match. Rich takes Russo down with a front facelock. Rope break. Russo gets in a few kicks at Rich. He goes to work on Rich’s left leg. Rich headscissors out of the hold. Russo goes after Rich’s left leg. Rich lands an elbow across Russo’s head. Knee lift on Russo by Rich. He slams Russo and covers him for the pin but Russo kicks out. Rich whips Russo across the ropes and backdrops him. Follows that up with an elbow.

Russo tries to make a comeback but Rich is able to knock him down. They exchange punches in the ring. Rich whips Russo into the ropes and they seem to mistime a Thesz Press. Russo whips Rich into the ropes and Rich finally gets him in the Thesz Press. Flair says it always gives him great pleasure to beat Tommy Rich.

They return to the studio and Flair cuts a promo about how he use to talk about his lifestyle before he won the world title and now everyone can imagine how much more he has.

Pvt. Jim Nelson vs. Blackjack Mulligan Jr.

Nelson misses a forearm at Mulligan Jr. Blackjack Jr. hiptosses Nelson out of the corner. Sgt. Slaughter enters the studio and watches the match. Nelson heads to the outside to ask for some advice from Slaughter. Mulligan Jr. gets Nelson with a dropkick and again Nelson rolls to the outside to get more advice from Slaughter.

Blackjack Jr. gets Nelson in a side headlock. Nelson tries to slam Jr. but he keeps hold of the headlock. Nelson pulls Mulligan Jr. by the hair to try to get control of the match but Blackjack Jr. catches him with a fireman’s carry takedown and goes back to the headlock. Nelson escapes and gets in some elbows on Jr. Hard slam by Nelson followed by an elbow off the ropes.

Nelson continues his attack on Mulligan Jr. Another hard slam and pin attempt. Blackjack Jr. fights back and catches Nelson with a forearm off the ropes. Elbow followed by a dropkick at Nelson. Blackjack Jr. whips Nelson into the ropes but Nelson holds onto the ropes and Mulligan Jr. misses a dropkick. Nelson slams Blackjack Jr. and goes for a pin attempt. He grabs Blackjack Jr. for a backbreaker and goes for another pin attempt but Jr. kicks out. Elbow and clothesline follow with pin attempts but Jr. kicks out.

Sgt. Slaughter starts to yell at Pvt. Nelson to put Blackjack Mulligan Jr. in the Cobra Clutch. The fans start yelling! Nelson gets Mulligan Jr. in the Cobra Clutch! Mulligan Jr. rolls out of the Cobra Clutch. He whips Nelson across the corner and chops him. Blackjack Mulligan Jr. then tosses Pvt. Jim Nelson over the top rope.

Blackjack Mulligan Jr. then challenges Sgt. Slaughter to get in the ring. Sgt. Slaughter takes off his hat and sunglasses and starts moving towards the ring and then backs out.

WINNER: Pvt. Jim Nelson via DQ

Blackjack Mulligan Jr. said Slaughter’s star pupil tried to get him in the Cobra Clutch and he broke out of it. He challenges Sgt. Slaughter to wrestle him anywhere.

Roddy Piper joins Bob Caudle and Caudle asks Piper if he’s going to tell everyone who his tag team partner is going to be and he tells him that he will not say anything. Piper talks about the NWA World Tag Team title tournament. He says he didn’t make it in wrestling by talking and refuses to say who his tag team partner will be.

Sgt. Slaughter comes out and says he doesn’t know who he is more upset with Pvt. Jim Nelson or Blackjack Mulligan Jr. He says that he isn’t afraid of any man and Mulligan Jr. got out of a cobra clutch and not Sgt. Slaughter’s Cobra Clutch.

Austin Idol and Ivan Koloff talk about teaming up and tell Caudle that it is none of his business how often they will be teaming up. Koloff says this tag team tournament is the biggest event in wrestling history. Koloff also says that as far as the Mid-Atlantic TV Title, he will take on all challengers including Jimmy Valiant.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Buck Brannigan

Ray Stevens joins Bob Caudle on commentary. Brannigan gets upset at the referee early in the match. Roberts with a leg takedown on Brannigan. Ankle lock by Roberts followed by him dropping an elbow across Brannigan’s left leg. Stevens talks about some of the tag teams in the tournament. Brannigan rakes at Roberts eyes to break out of the hold.

Brannigan with a kick at Roberts and he slams Roberts head-first into the corner. Roberts gets Brannigan in a wristlock. He goes for an armbar submission on Brannigan. Brannigan tries to hiptoss Roberts off his arm but Roberts keeps the armbar locked in. Brannigan whips Roberts off the ropes but Roberts with a tackle knocks Brannigan down. Second attempt off the ropes and Brannigan slams Roberts. He misses an elbow and Roberts goes back to working on Brannigan’s left arm.

Roberts gets in a few punches at Brannigan. He slams Brannigan and goes for the pin but Brannigan kicks out. Roberts whips him across the ropes and backdrops him. Roberts charges at Brannigan with a knee lift and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Jake Roberts

Vinnie Valentino and Don Gilbert interview. They talk about the NWA World Tag Team title tournament. Caudle mentions they have two teams in the ring right now. He notices Roddy Piper has a tag team partner and asks who it is.

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs. Keith Larson & Tony Anthony in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match

Roddy Piper heads to the commentary desk and tells Caudle he went and found a man to team with and he does what he wants. He said he found the man while looking around under bridges. Piper says he can do this by himself.

Headlock into a hammerlock by Piper on Anthony. Quick tags by Larson and Anthony but Piper beats on both of them. Hard chop across the chest of Anthony. He knocks down Larson. Anthony and Larson try to get in some hard chops and forearms but Piper fights them off. Piper gets Anthony with an abdominal stretch but Anthony tags in Larson. Piper gets Larson in an abdominal stretch and he tells referee David Hebner to ask him if he gives up.

Piper gets told to break the hold by the referee. He whips Larson into the ropes and Larson gets a two-count with a sunset flip. Piper continues to fight Larson and Anthony. Piper suplexes Larson and covers him for the pin.

Piper goes to his corner to tag his partner after the match ends.

WINNER: Roddy Piper

Bob Caudle asks Roddy Piper why they didn’t see his partner in action. Piper tells him that he doesn’t need help from anyone. He says that he didn’t even break a sweat beating up two opponents. He again refuses to say who his tag team partner will be in the tournament.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Fun episode this week. The Ric Flair vs. Jay Youngblood match that they aired was great. Flair was great during his interviews and while doing commentary during the Tommy Rich match video. Blackjack Mulligan Jr. vs. Pvt. Jim Nelson was a pretty good match as well and continued Jr’s feud with Sgt. Slaughter. The final segment with Piper wrestling in a handicap match was entertaining. He had a partner in his corner that he claimed he found somewhere in town but Piper felt he was good enough to take on two opponents which he did. The announcing also improved the past several weeks since they started having Caudle be joined by Piper or Stevens for a few matches during the show.


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