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Mid-South Wrestling 10/21/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 10/21/1982

Taped on 10/13/1982 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 10/21/1982.

Boyd Pearce and Bob Roop on commentary.

Mr. Wrestling II vs. Rick “The Hangman” Harris

Mr. Wrestling II cleanly breaks from Harris due to being on the ropes. Harris gets a whip reversal and gets caught with an armdrag. Mr. Wrestling II knocks down Harris. He gets Harris in a wristlock. He flips Harris over and gets him in an armbar. Mr. Wrestling II with a takedown into a hammerlock. He gets in a knee into Harris back. Harris gets in a few forearms across Mr. Wrestling II’s chest. He punches him and goes back to an armbar.

Harris breaks out of the hold and gets Mr. Wrestling II with a punch. He starts to beat on Mr. Wrestling II. Snapmare into a knee to the back of Mr. Wrestling II. Harris with some forearms at Mr. Wrestling II. Mr. Wrestling II fights back with some punches. He whips Harris into the ropes and backdrops him. He follows with an uppercut and a slam. Mr. Wrestling II with the knee lift followed by a belly-to-back suplex for the pin.

WINNER: Mr. Wrestling II

They recap Hacksaw Duggan beating Mike Sharpe to win the Louisiana title.

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan & Ted DiBiase vs. Marty Lunde & Ted Allen

Ted DiBiase knocks down Ted Allen to start the match. Crowd chants “JYD” to DiBiase who is visibly upset. Duggan comes in and uses his strength on Allen. Shoulder breaker by Duggan on Allen. He twists Allen’s head. DiBiase back in with a kick at Allen’s side. He whips Allen but Allen leapfrogs DiBiase and dropkicks him. He misses an elbow. DiBisae slams Allen’s head into the turnbuckle and later at Duggan’s knee.

DiBiase tosses Allen at the direction of his corner where he tags in Lunde. DiBiase with a knee at Lunde’s mid-section. Duggan and Dibiase with a double-team kick at Lunde. Duggan whips Lunde into the ropes and catches him with an elbow. He whips Lunde again but this time Lunde kicks Duggan. He misses an elbow and Duggan with a kick at him. He whips Lunde into the ropes and backdrops him. DiBiase back in and he elbows Lunde. Lunde tags in Allen.

Ted Allen gets in a few punches but misses a dropkick. Allen leapfrogs over DiBiase and tags in Lunde. DiBiase catches Lunde with an elbow and tags in Duggan. Duggan spears Lunde! He covers Lunde for the pin.

WINNERS: Hacksaw Duggan & Ted DiBiase

Kamala (w/ Friday) vs. Bob Stabler

Kamala starts to destroy Stabler with chops. He whips Stabler into the ropes and catches him with another chop. Stabler tries to fight back but Kamala stops him. He whips him again into the ropes and catches him with chops. Kamala picks up Stabler by the throat and slams him down. He follows with a splash across Stabler’s back three times!!! Kamala covers Stabler for the pin. Short match.

WINNER: Kamala

Mr. Olympia & The Junkyard Dog vs. The Grappler (#1 & #2)

Reiser Bowden mentions that it is a non-title match but earlier in the show they had said it was a title match. Junkyard Dog get The Grappler #2 in a wristlock and quickly tags in Mr. Olympia. Quick tags by JYD and Mr. Olympia. Knee drop by Mr. Olympia across The Grappler #2’s head. Grappler #1 gets in the ring but Mr. Olympia takes care of both of them.

JYD and The Grappler #1. JYD headbutts Grappler #1 and slams him and Grappler #2. He headbutts both and #2 heads to the outside. #1 moves out of a way of a charging Mr. Olympia in the corner. Grappler #1 goes to work on Mr. Olympia’s shoulder. Grappler #2 tags in and slams Mr. Olympia. The Grapplers go in and out working on Mr. Olympia. Grappler #1 gets a 2-count on Mr. Olympia.

Mr. Olympia fights back and tries to break free from The Grapplers. They continue their attack on Mr. Olympia. Grappler #2 slams Mr. Olympia but misses an elbow. Mr. Olympia tags in Junkyard Dog. JYD takes down both Grapplers. All four men in the ring. JYD headbutts Grappler #2 while Grappler #1 seems to have the advantage on Mr. Olympia. He knocks Mr. Olympia down. JYD powerslams Grappler #2. Grappler #1 tries to make the save but Mr. Olympia grabs hold of his legs to allow JYD to get the pin on Grappler #2.

WINNERS: Mr. Olympia & The Junkyard Dog

Vladic Smirnoff (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar) vs. Tim Horner

Tim Horner gets Smirnoff with a pair of dropkicks. He whips Smirnoff across the ropes but Smirnoff reverses and backdrops Horner. He shoves Horner into the ropes and hits him with a forearm. Smirnoff catches Horner with a body slam. He whips Horner into the ropes and Horner moves out of a charging Smirnoff’s way in the corner.

Smirnoff recovers and slams Horner onto the top turnbuckle. He slams him back down on the mat. Smirnoff with a knee lift on Horner. He whips Horner into the ropes and catches him with a bear hug. Horner elbows Smirnoff to break the bear hug. Smirnoff whips him again into the ropes and again gets him in a bear hug. Horner slaps across Smirnoff’s head to break out of the bear hug.

Smirnoff and Horner exchange kicks. Smirnoff whips Horner into the ropes and catches him again with a backdrop. He whips Horner again and catches him with a side backbreaker and gets the win.

WINNER: Vladic Smirnoff

“Iron” Mike Sharpe vs. Vinnie Romeo

Clean break on the ropes by Sharpe. He offers to shake hands with Romeo and they do so without any issue. They run across the ropes. Sharpe goes for a slam but Romeo escapes. He gets a near fall on Sharpe but can’t keep hold on him. Sharpe gets Romeo in a hammerlock but Romeo escapes. Sharpe monkey flips Romeo and takes him down with an armdrag. Sharpe and Romeo do some armbar reversals. Sharpe takes him down and keeps him locked in an armbar.

Romeo uses his speed on Sharpe. He leapfrogs over Sharpe but Sharpe gets him a few seconds later with a big clothesline to get the pin.

WINNER: Mike Sharpe

Kelly Kiniski vs. Jesse Barr

Kiniski counters an armdrag attempt by Barr by keeping him from taking him down. Some mat wrestling by the two. Barr takes down Kiniski and gets him in an armbar. Kiniski reverses and whips him into the ropes. Barr gets Kiniski with a dropkick and again gets Kiniski in an armbar. Barr gets Kiniski with an inside cradle but Kiniski kicks out. Test of strength turns into a monkey flip by Barr. Some good mat wrestling by Barr.

Jesse Barr gets Kiniski in an armbar. Kiniski whips Barr into the ropes. Barr with an armbar takedown on Kiniski. Bob Roop and Boyd Pearce talk about Kiniski being the son of a former World Heavyweight Champion in Gene Kiniski and Jesse Barr being the son of another wrestler Sandy Barr. Bob Roop said that is an advantage for them even against him but he’s been able to succeed despite his father not being a former wrestler. Bob Roop then mentions that referee Rick Ferrara has a new business raising Chihuahuas.

Match slowed down. Kiniski whips Barr into the ropes. Kiniski catches him with a dropkick. He whips Barr into the ropes and catches him with an elbow. He misses a second elbow and Barr catches him with a dropkick. Barr goes back to using an armbar. Roop mentions that guys need to be a little meaner in their matches. Barr escapes a headscissors attempt by Kiniski. Kiniski wihps Barr into the ropes and drops him head-first to the mat and gets the pin.

WINNER: Kelly Kiniski

Ted DiBiase and Hacksaw Duggan show up to talk about their match against The Junkyard Dog & Mr. Olympia next week. DiBiase said he hopes fans enjoyed seeing The Junkyard Dog and Mr. Olympia together as a team this week because next week one will be gone. DiBiase promises that they will hold all the titles. Duggan said its about time Mid-South did something that helps them because they’ve been protecting people. Duggan is happy that the loser will be gone for 60-days.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay show. Thought the matches were just okay and nothing really stood out for this week. Best part of the show was Bob Roop on commentary because he actually talks about what’s going on in the matches and will briefly bring out some heel commentary but he keeps it pretty even for the most part. It felt like they were far more interested in what was coming up next week and also some of the new talent coming in.


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