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Memphis Wrestling 7/7/1979

Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling TV 7/7/1979

Taped 7/7/1979 at the WMC TV Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

This was a partial show this week. Wimbledon aired early on the channel and wrestling followed it at a later time. Show is unfortunately misses some matches as it appears it was clipped at certain points.

Lance Russell and Dave Brown on commentary.

Ron Bass is interviewed by Lance Russell. He talked about how Robert Fuller refused to wrestle him. Fuller was willing to defend the Southern Heavyweight title against “the Assassin” but Bass says it was him under the mask and he was able to beat Fuller on his first attempt for the title. He says that Fuller doesn’t want a return title match against him and says he ran Fuller out of wrestling. Russell not shocked that there was some deception in how Ron Bass won the title and says they want to show a match Bass had against Randy Tyler recently.

Ron Bass vs. Randy Tyler (from the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis, 7/2/1979)

The match is joined in progress. Atomic knee drop by Bass on Tyler. He goes for a pin but Tyler kicks out at one. Tyler escapes and catches Bass with an atomic knee drop of his own! They both fall on the mat. Tyler punches at Bass and whips him into the ropes and backdrops him. He goes for the pin on Bass but Bass gets his foot on the bottom rope.

Randy Tyler with a suplex on Bass and again goes for the pin but Bass reaches the rope with his foot. Tyler continues his attack on Bass. He knee drops Bass and again he reaches the rope with his leg. Tyler whips Bass into the ropes and gets him with an elbow. He goes for an elbow drop but Bass moves out of the way. Bass goes for the Stampede powerslam on Tyler. He goes for the pin but Tyler reaches the ropes. Bass thinks he won but the referee tells him that Tyler reached the ropes.

Tyler makes a comeback with some punches at Bass. He whips him across into the corner and shoulder blocks him. He tries to whip Bass into the corner but Bass reverses and whips Tyler into the other direction and into referee Jerry Calhoun. Bass reaches into his trunks and pulls out a weapon. Tyler blocks his attack and Tyler grabs what looks like some brass knuckles. He hammers Bass with them as the referee is still out. Bass is bleeding. Tyler continues his attack on Bass. He covers Bass for the pin but the referee is still out. Tyler grabs hold of the referee. Bass tries to sneak attack Tyler but Tyler is ready for him. Tyler tosses Bass into the corner. Bass knocks Tyler down and goes for the pin and uses the ropes for leverage to get the win!

WINNER: Ron Bass

Ron Bass & Pete Austin (w/ Sgt. Danny Davis) vs. Eddie Boulder & Dallas Montgomery

Bass and Austin attack Boulder and Montgomery. Bass busts open Eddie Boulder. Pete Austin continues the attack on Boulder. He slams Boulder and follows with an elbow drop. Bass back in the ring and he punches at Boulder. They beat on Boulder as Russell watches in disgust. He asks why referee Jerry Calhoun doesn’t stop the match. Bass punches Boulder who is now a bloody mess in the ring. Bass refuses to pin him. Pete Austin gets in the ring.

Austin and Bass continue to attack Boulder and Montgomery. The bell rings to stop the match.

WINNERS: No decision (no mention of who won or if Bass & Austin were DQed)

Ron Bass heads over and tells Russell Boulder made the mistake of pushing the Southern Heavyweight Champion.

Jerry Lawler interview. He said people ask why he wasn’t around to help Bill Dundee and says he wish he was there. Lawler mentions that for the past several years he’s been in the top 10 contenders for the World Heavyweight Championship and recently he’s dropped off that list and he wants to be a top contender so he can get a shot should that opportunity come along again. He said that when you are not in the top 10, you have to travel to other cities to challenge a top contender in hopes of moving back up and that was what he did last week and will do again next week.

He is with Jackie Fargo to talk about about Davis, Latham and Farris. He says when three jerks beat him that it knocked him down the contender’s ladder. Fargo said there is no excuse for three on two advantages. He said he underestimated his opponents. They show highlights of their 6-man tag match. Lawler and Fargo said they got beat last week and there is no excuse for them losing. They vow revenge next week.

A brief clip of the Blonde Bombers in a match against Steve Regal, Tommy Gilbert & Eddie Gilbert. Unfortunately cut away.

“Superstar” Bill Dundee & Rick Morton vs. Buddy Wayne & Ken Wayne

This is Rick Morton’s first appearance on Memphis Wrestling. Ken Wayne and Rick Morton start the match. Morton with some hiptosses on Ken to take him down a few times. Ken talks to his dad. Morton goes to work on Wayne but he reaches the ropes. Ken Wayne misses on a punch and Morton throws one of his own. Morton whips Ken into the ropes and misses a dropkick. Ken tags in Buddy who beats on Ricky Morton. Morton fights back and Buddy jumps to the outside.

Ken Wayne back in the ring against Morton. Morton tags in Dundee. Wayne lands feet-first off backdrops but Dundee knocks him down with a dropkick. Dundee tags Morton and whips Ken into the ropes. Ken grabs hold of the ropes as Morton misses on a dropkick. Dundee chases after Buddy Wayne. Ken Wayne with an elbowdrop and covers Morton for the pin. The Waynes win the first fall and run out of the studio as Dundee chases after them.

Lance Russell and Dave Brown point out that the match continues. We return and the Waynes are back in the ring. Bill Dundee and Buddy Wayne have to start the next fall. Buddy touches Dundee and then tags in Ken. They run the ropes and Dundee hammers Ken with a forearm. He gets in another forearm and tags in Morton. Morton with an atomic drop on Ken. Dundee continues to chase Buddy off. Ken punches at Morton. Ken monkey flips Ricky Morton but Morton lands in a pinning position on Ken who has to kick out.

Dundee uses the ropes to snap Ken’s head. He tags in and keeps Ken in a headlock. He punches Ken and wants Buddy to tag in. Morton gets a big forearm across Ken’s chest. Buddy Wayne runs in to break up a pin attempt by Dundee on Ken. Double-team work by Morton and Dundee on Ken. Ken Wayne punches at Dundee and now Buddy finally gets in the ring. He punches and chokes at Dundee. Dundee fights back and Ken gets back in the ring. Ken knocks Morton down with a few punches.

Buddy finally gets in the ring and beats on Ricky Morton. Ken Wayne gets in the ring and continues the attack on Morton. Referee tells Ken to get out of the ring because there was no tag. Buddy beats on Rick Morton while Dundee tries to get Ken out of the ring. Buddy pulls Morton’s hair and tags in Ken Wayne. Ken continues to beat on Morton. Side headlock takedown by Wayne on Morton. Dundee chases after Buddy Wayne. Buddy pulls at Morton’s legs.

Ken Wayne tags in Buddy Wayne. Buddy knocks Morton down. He gets him in a front facelock and tags in Ken again. Bill Dundee keeps trying to help Morton as the Waynes beat on Morton in their corner. Morton tries to fight out of the corner and finally does so and tags in Dundee. Dundee slams the Waynes into each other. He bodyslams Ken Wayne. He whips Ken into the ropes and he tags in Morton. Dundee goes after Buddy Wayne. Morton mis-times a spot with Ken.

Morton tags in Dundee. Dundee dropkicks Ken Wayne. He tags in Morton. Morton with a fistdrop on Ken and covers him for the pin. Dundee keeps Buddy Wayne out of the match.

WINNERS: No Decision (each team won a fall but show either came to an end or video cut away to the closing credits)

SHOW THOUGHTS: Unfortunately this was only a partial show as it appeared only some of the show made video. What made video was entertaining with the early beat down of Eddie Boulder (Ed Leslie/Brutus Beefcake) by Ron Bass and Pete Austin and the Waynes vs. Morton & Dundee match. This was Ricky Morton’s first match in Memphis so that was one reason why I felt like it should be reviewed. Morton against Ken Wayne was very good in that tag match. Thought there was too much of Buddy Wayne playing the “cowardly heel” role that took a bit away from the match. The Ron Bass and Randy Tyler highlights were pretty good as well.


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