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A look back at pro wrestling history.

WCCW TV 5/22/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 5/22/1982

Taped on 5/9/1982 at the Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Aired on 5/22/1982

Mark Lowrance on commentary.

“Wild” Bill Irwin vs. Carlos Zapata

Zapata with some forearms thrown at Irwin and he gets him with a wristlock and takes him down. Irwin bodyslams Zapata but Carlos keeps hold of Irwin’s left arm with an armbar. Irwin shoves Zapata into the ropes and whips him across. He hiptosses Zapata. Zapata regains control of the match and again grabs hold of Irwin’s left arm. Irwin whips Zapata into the ropes and Zapata misses a kick. Zapata runs off the ropes and stomps on Zapata.

Irwin tosses Zapata into the corner. He follows with some big right hands across Zapata. Zapata gets caught with another kick by Irwin. He follows with a belly-to-back suplex on Zapata. Irwin whips Zapata across the ropes and catches him with some thrust chops. More stomps by Irwin and he slams Zapata ino the corner. Zapata tries to fight back but Irwin keeps attacking him. Irwin goes for a pin but Zapata reaches the ropes.

Irwin whips Zapata into the ropes again and backdrops him. Zapata punches at Irwin and catches him with a chop in the throat. He beats on Irwin in the corner. He whips Irwin into the corner but Irwin moves out of the way. Irwin slams Zapata and then runs and leaps in the air with a kneedrop! Irwin pins Zapata for the win.

Irwin screams at the fans that he is the Texas Heavyweight Champion!

WINNER: Wild Bill Irwin

The Spoiler vs. Rick Harris

The Spoiler and Rick Harris lock-up and get on the ropes so the referee has them break. The Spoiler flips out of a wristlock and reverses it on Harris. He uses the top rope to work on Harris left arm. Harris punches at The Spoiler. He snapmares the Spoiler and lands a knee on him. Spoiler escapes. Armlock by Harris on The Spoiler. Spoiler armdrags Harris out of the hold and complains to the referee that Spoiler pulled his hair.

The Spoiler off the ropes with a knee across Harris. He chokes Harris with his knee. The Spoiler steps over the top rope and then climbs up and snaps Harris head off the top rope. The Spoiler with a cradle pin attempt on Harris. Harris gets back up and punches at The Spoiler and slams him into the turnbuckle. He tries to whip The Spoiler out of the corner but The Spoiler holds on to the ropes. The Spoiler fights back with some punches and elbows. He climbs up to the middle rope to hit Harris with an elbow.

The Spoiler throws Harris thru the ropes to the outside. They continue to brawl in the ring. Harris makes a comeback on The Spoiler and chokes him in the corner. More punches and forearms thrown by Harris at The Spoiler. The Spoiler reverses momentum on Harris and slams him into the turnbuckles. He throws punches at Harris and chokes him. Harris with more forearms across The Spoiler’s back. Fans start to cheer for The Spoiler.

The Spoiler kicks Harris and then whips him into the corner. More forearms thrown across Harris chest. Harris gets in a knee into Spoiler’s mid-section. He chokes The Spoiler with the top rope. Harris punches at Spoiler. More chops and punches thrown by Harris. He whips Spoiler across the corners but Spoiler moves out of the way of a charging Harris. The Spoiler climbs up to the top rope and lands an elbowdrop on Harris. He follows with a reverse kneedrop and covers Harris for the pin.

WINNER: The Spoiler

Mark Lowrance interviews Bugsy McGraw. Bugsy is amused that Lowrance wants to get into his thoughts. He talks about giants and “big time wrestling”. He mentions Andre The Giant will be part of a bodyslam battle royal. He explains what each man must do to win. Bugsy says he’s held two titles at once which makes him a giant and vows to slam Andre The Giant. He has no fear of evil like Andre The Giant.

The Great Kabuki (w/ Gary Hart & Armand Hussein) vs. Kevin Von Erich in a lumberjack match.

Referee David Manning informs Gary Hart and Armand Hussein that there is one condition to the lumberjack match. To keep the match fair one of Hart or Hussein must leave and so must one of the H & H Enterprise wrestlers leave as well. Hart and Hussein discuss this and Hussein along with Bugsy McGraw leave the ringside area.

There are only six lumberjacks left (Bundy, Irwin, Zapata, Mantell, Spoiler & Bond). Kevin Von Erich attacks Kabuki and they brawl to the outside. The lumberjacks throw both men back into the ring. Kevin chokes Kabuki with his foot. He continues with kicks and punches at Kabuki. He misses an elbow drop and Kabuki punches him. Hard chop by Kabuki as the crowd cheers loudly. Another karate chop by Kabuki. He goes for the nerve hold on Kevin Von Erich!

Kevin Von Erich goes for the iron claw in the mid-section. Kabuki falls to the mat and there is a two-count on him. Kabuki chops his way out of the claw. Kevin and Kabuki exchange kicks. Big chop by Kabuki. He goes for the nerve hold again on Kevin! Kevin elbows his way out of the old and tries for another claw across Kabuki’s head. Kabuki holds it off and tries to get out of the ring but the lumberjacks shove him back in. Kevin gets Kabuki in the claw! Lumberjacks keep tossing Kabuki back in the ring.

The fans love that Kabuki can’t get away. Kevin Von Erich with a high cross body block off the ropes for a pin attempt on Kabuki. Kabuki kicks out and kicks Kevin. Referee warns the lumberjacks about attacking Kevin. Kabuki goes for the armpit nerve hold! Kevin breaks it and chops and kicks Kabuki. He gets Kabuki in a sleeperhold! He reaches out for the ropes and Kevin is forced to break the sleeper.

Kevin with a kneedrop across Kabuki and he goes for the claw again but Kabuki holds it off. He gets the claw on the mid-section and Kabuki escapes but Kevin gets him with the claw across the forehead! They reach the ropes and again referee breaks it up.

Kevin throws a big forearm at Kabuki. Kabuki kicks at Kevin and grabs hold of his head. Kevin counters Kabuki with the claw across the forehead! Gary Hart climbs up on the ring apron and Hart gets him with the Iron Claw! The lumberjacks try to pull Hart off the ring. King Kong Bundy trips Kevin Von Erich and gets in a few forearm shots at Kevin. Kabuki superkicks Kevin and then drops a fist across Kevin’s throat. He covers Kevin for the pin and gets the win!

WINNER: The Great Kabuki

Mark Lowrance interviews Kevin Von Erich after the match. King Kong Bundy attacks Kevin Von Erich and slams him on the floor! He stomps on him and grabs a mic from Mark Lowrance. He yells that he just made an easy $1,000 because Hart told him that every time he put down a Von Erich, he’d get that amount.

Bugsy McGraw vs. Mike Bond

Bugsy McGraw shoves Mike Bond away and claps at what he did. Bond takes McGraw down with an armdrag. He does it a second time. Bugsy punches Bond and gets in a few elbows across Bond’s head. He stomps on Bond and whips him into the ropes. Bond kicks him and follows with an elbow drop. He gets a 2-count on a pin attempt. Bond continues with a few more punches and an elbow drop. Another near fall.

Bugsy slams Bond’s head into the top turnbuckle several times. He spins around and kicks Bond. Snapmare followed by a legdrop by McGraw on Bond. He refuses to pin Bond and punches at him. He gets Bond in the corner and lays in a few forearms into Bond. Bugsy slams Bond and follows with a few elbow drops. McGraw climbs up to the top rope and splashes Bond for the pin. Bugsy bangs his head into the top turnbuckle after the match.

WINNER: Bugsy McGraw

King Kong Bundy and Armand Hussein join Mark Lowrance for an interview. He asks Bundy about facing Fritz Von Erich in his farewell match to pro wrestling. Hussein says that after Bundy takes out Fritz that he will slam Andre The Giant. Bundy says that day in Texas Stadium will be the biggest day of his life. He says H & H is going to pay him a ton of money for retiring Fritz and slamming Andre The Giant. Lowrance wants to know why Bundy doesn’t talk about what Fritz did for him but Bundy says the only people who did anything for him in Texas is H & H Enterprises.

They recap King Kong Bundy’s attack on Kevin Von Erich.

King Kong Bundy (w/ Armand Hussein) vs. Ken Mantell

Mark Lowrance talks about how the Von Erichs took Bundy into their home and helped him when he moved to Texas and now he’s turned on them. Hussein talks about how King Kong Bundy beat Kerry Von Erich and will destroy the rest of the Von Erichs.

Ken Mantell tries to grab hold of Bundy and shoves him right off him. Bundy shows off the size of his arms. He grabs Mantell in a side headlock. Fans start cheering on for Mantell. Bundy punches at Mantell. Ken Mantell uses his speed and lands a forearm across Bundy. Mantell punches at Bundy. Bundy uses his size on Mantell.

Kevin Von Erich runs out and hits Bundy and Hussein with a chair! Bundy heads to the outside. Hussein tries to restrain Bundy while the referee holds off Kevin. Ken Mantell tries to get Kevin and Bundy to continue to fight! Referee disqualifies Mantell for Kevin Von Erich’s interference. Mark Lowrance mentions that Bundy’s back is bleeding from the chair shot.

WINNER: King Kong Bundy

SHOW THOUGHTS: Great episode built around the continuing war between the Von Erichs and H & H Enterprises. The Great Kabuki and Kevin Von Erich lumberjack match was the best match on the show and had Bundy aiding Kabuki in his win. He then attacked Kevin after the match and then we had Kevin come back out late on the show to attack Bundy.


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