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WCCW TV 5/15/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 5/15/1982

Taped 5/9/1982 at The Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Aired on 5/15/1982.

Mark Lowrance on commentary.

Capt. Frank Dusek vs. Mike Bond

Lowrance mentions that one time Frank Dusek told him that he considered himself one of the “greatest criminal minds in the world today” which Lowrance wasn’t sure what he was talking about. Dusek and Bond try to take each other down. Dusek pulls it off but Bond escapes and Dusek heads to the outside. Dusek gets back into the ring.

Frank Dusek gets Bond in a front facelock. Bond escapes and gets Dusek in a wristlock. He goes into a hammerlock on Dusek but he reverses. Bond gets another reversal. They get near the ropes and Dusek lands an elbow across Bond’s chest. Dusek gets Bond up for a suplex. He covers Bond for a pin but only gets a 2-count. Knee to the head of Bond. Dusek follows with a neckbreaker and then follows with a knee drop. He only gets another 2-count. Side suplex by Dusek on Bond.

Dusek struts a bit and taunts Mike Bond. Bond fights back with a few punches but Dusek rakes the eyes. Back suplex on Bond. Mike Bond fights back and gets Dusek in the corner. Dusek gets in a knee on Bond. Double under-hook suplex by Dusek on Bond who again kicks out at two. Crowd cheers on Bond. Dusek slams Bond and yells at him more. He whips Bond into the ropes but Bond kicks Dusek. He punches Dusek. Big forearm across Dusek’s chest and Bond whips Dusek across the corner. He headscissors Dusek and gets him back up and whips him across the corner.

Frank Dusek reverses a whip into the ropes. Dusek follows with a clothesline on Bond. He yells at the fans telling them it’s over. Dusek goes for a DDT on Bond and gets the pin.

WINNER: Capt. Frank Dusek

Armand Hussein introduces The Magic Dragon to Mark Lowrance. Hussein tells Lowrance that the Dragon doesn’t use a weapon and just has a black heart.

The Magic Dragon (w/ Armand Hussein) vs. Ken Mantell

Mark Lowrance says that The Magic Dragon wears a mask because his parents are ashamed of him for getting into pro wrestling!!! LOL!!! Lowrance says that he comes from a nice family but he isn’t too nice himself. The Magic Dragon moves like he’s a martial artist. Mantell takes him down but Dragon knocks him away.

Mantell with a takedown on The Magic Dragon. He grabs hold of Dragon’s thigh and applies pressure on it. Dragon uses his legs to grab hold of Mantell’s head. They are near the ropes so the referee tells them to break. They are about to lock-up when Dragon grabs hold of Mantell’s hand, then screams, and follows with a kick! He screams again as he chops Mantell! Mantell takes Dragon down by knocking him off balance by sweeping his leg. Referee breaks them apart near the corner.

Ken Mantell gets The Magic Dragon down with an armbar. He punishes The Dragon’s left arm as we hear Hussein’s whistle from ringside. Dragon chops away at Mantell who refuses to break the hold and takes him down with a fireman’s carry. Mantell continues to work on the Dragon’s left arm. Crowd cheers for Mantell. The Magic Dragon chops his way out of the old. He kicks at Mantell on the ropes.

The Magic Dragon goes for a nerve hold on Mantell’s armpit. The Dragon does a cool spot into a dropkick. He gets Mantell with a nerve hold by grabbing him by the shoulders. Mantell punches at Dragon’s bare foot. He smashes the other bare foot and starts to throw punches at Dragon. Dragon counters with a chop. Mantell regains control of the match. He back flips Dragon. The Magic Dragon catches Mantell with a thrust kick. He gets him with a hard chop across the chest.

The Magic Dragon does a backflip off the top rope and follows with a kick at Mantell in the corner! He grabs Mantell with his legs and goes for a sleeper by using his legs. They roll around as Dragon keeps hold of Mantell. Referee calls for the bell.

Referee asks Hussein to get The Magic Dragon to break the hold. He removes Dragon’s legs off Mantell’s neck. The Magic Dragon poses as if he’s ready to fight Hussein but Hussein calms him down. Hussein struggles to calm The Magic Dragon.

WINNER: The Magic Dragon

“Wild” Bill Irwin vs. “Hangman” Rick Harris

“Wild” Bill Irwin attacks Rick Harris before the bell rings. They go back and forth for a bit with some kicks, punches and forearms. Irwin slams Harris and goes for the middle rope double axhandle for the pin. Match only lasted 43 seconds!

Harris is not pleased and screams from the ring wanting Irwin to get back in the ring.

WINNER: Bill Irwin

H & H Incorporated are with Mark Lowrance. Lowrance mentions that Bundy & McGraw lost their tag team titles. Hussein says they were robbed in San Antonio, Texas. He tells Lowrance to never say it was a lost. Bundy is upset at Al Madril and Kerry Von Erich and vows to get those tag titles back. McGraw with a crazy promo and calls Madril and Von Erich thieves.

They air a video of Fritz Von Erich’s first wrestling match. Fritz is wrestling as Jack Adkisson and going up against Ellis Bashara. These are just clips. Bashara ends up beating Adkisson in his first match.

Bugsy McGraw & King Kong Bundy vs. Al Madril & The Spoiler for the NWA American Tag Team Titles

Al Madril gets Bugsy McGraw with a headscissors to start the match. McGraw gets upset at Madril. McGraw with a hiptoss follows with an elbowdrop but Madril moves out of the way. He gets Madril in the corner but misses a big right punch at Madril. Crowd starts to cheer louder for Al Madril. Al punches Bugsy several times!

Bugsy McGraw starts to scream like a lunatic. McGraw with a wristlock and then pulls Madril’s hair to take him down. Madril armdrags McGraw out of that hold. He tags in The Spoiler who hits McGraw with punches and forearms. He elbows McGraw across the back of his neck. The Spoiler chokes McGraw with his boot. Bundy comes in and attacks The Spoiler. Madril gets in the ring to even the odds. Referee tries to get Bundy out of the ring. Bundy gets a knee into Spoiler’s mid-section. McGraw can’t use this for his advantage as Spoiler escapes an attempt by Bugsy to attack him.

Crowd starts to chant for The Spoiler. Bugsy gets a few forearms across Spoiler’s back. McGraw tags in Bundy who attacks Spoiler. He tosses him into the corner and delivers a few forearms. Bundy misses a corner splash and The Spoiler climbs up the ropes and lands an elbow on him. Bundy is able to tag in McGraw. Bugsy beats on The Spoiler. He gets a two-count on The Spoiler before getting him in a headlock. Big elbow by Bugsy at The Spoiler. Bundy back in and gets in a few elbows on the Spoiler. The Spoiler fights back against Bundy.

King Kong Bundy lands on The Spoiler’s left arm. He goes to work on The Spoiler’s left arm and whips him into the ropes and catches him with a bear hug! The Spoiler tries to fight out of it but Bundy gets him in their corner and Bugsy comes back in. The Spoiler takes down McGraw and finally tags in Madril. Madril punches McGraw and then backdrops him. Bundy comes in and Madril catches him with a series of punches.

Al Madril dances around as he punches at Bundy. Bundy fights back and tags in McGraw. They splash into Madril. McGraw gets a two-count. Bundy and The Spoiler come in. The Spoiler goes after Hussein. Bundy and McGraw take turns splashing Al Madril in the corner. McGraw covers Madril for the pin.

Bundy and McGraw celebrate by exchanging forearms across each other chest!

WINNERS: Bugsy McGraw & King Kong Bundy

Mark Lowrance interviews Armand Hussein, Bugsy McGraw and King Kong Bundy. Hussein talks about H & H Associates have a lot of money invested in these two men. McGraw mentions that one-half of the World Tag Team champions (Madril) is laying on the mat having been beaten.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. The crowd being so into all the matches make for the overall feel of the show coming off much more enjoyable. I thought the best match on this episode was The Magic Dragon vs. Ken Mantell match. The Magic Dragon’s debut on here in a very competitive match. The tag main event was pretty good as well. The other two matches were okay. Irwin won his match very quickly. The added highlights of Fritz Von Erich’s first match were enjoyable but they didn’t really air too much of the match.


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