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Memphis Wrestling 6/30/1979

Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling TV 6/30/1979

Taped on 6/30/1979 at the WMC TV Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lance Russell and Dave Brown are on commentary.

The Blonde Bombers (Larry Latham & Wayne Farris) (w/ Danny Davis) vs. Jerry Bryant & Koko Ware

Danny Davis, Pete Austin and the Waynes come out to talk to Lance Russell. Russell tells them they have a match going on, but Davis wants to show him that he received a birthday cake. Davis says Gen. Sonny King promoted him to Sergeant and sent him a birthday cake for adding the Bonde Bombers as well as Buddy & Ken Wayne to their group. Davis calls everyone together because he wants to have a party. He tells Lance Russell that he’s not invited to the party and everyone else is going to get to eat cake. All the heels get cake. Buddy Wayne stuffs his face with cake and asks for more. Lance Russell tells Davis to get out and wants the Bombers to get in the ring and wrestle. Davis tells Russell to be quiet and continues to hand everyone cake.

Lance Russell gets fed up and rings the bell to get the match started. Davis is upset that he rang the bell right during a party. He tells Russell that he isn’t a very nice person. Davis asks for a chair to sit ringside.

Jerry Bryant with an armdrag takedown on Latham. Latham gets back up and grabs hold of Bryant with an armbar but Bryant slams him. Bryant with an armbar takes Latham down. Farris complains that Bryant pulled the hair. Koko Ware comes in and uses his speed to take Latham down to the mat. Latham tags in Farris but Ware uses his speed and knocks Farris around the ring. Davis complains about hair being pulled.

Koko Ware tags in Jerry Bryant who continues to hold on to Farris with an armbar. Farris tags in Latham but Bryant grabs hold of him with an armbar and keeps him down on the mat. Latham gets in a knee into Bryant’s mid-section but Bryant quickly tags in Ware. Ware gets a near fall on Latham. He slams Latham and goes for another cover on Latham. Front facelock by Ware on Latham. Latham breaks free and gets Ware in a hammerlock.

Latham tags in Farris who punches Ware and gets him in a hammerlock. Ware punches Farris and slams him. He tags in Bryant who hits Farris with an elbow. Front chancery by Bryant on Farris but Farris shoves him into the corner and tags in Latham. Big slam by Latham on Bryant. He stomps and lands numerous forearms across Bryant’s back. Double forearm by Farris at Bryant. Farris tosses Bryant into the corner.

Larry Latham back in the match and jumps off the middle rope with an elbow. Koko Ware breaks the pin attempt. Latham gets Bryant with a backbreaker but refuses to pin him. Farris back in the match and Bryant tries to fight his way back. He misses a tag to Koko Ware. Latham back in and he backdrops Bryant. Big kick by Latham and then tags in Farris. Farris beats on Bryant in the corner but Koko comes over to help his partner. Referee Jerry Calhoun tries to get Ware out of the ring. Davis hands the Bombers a belt and they clothesline Bryant with it and cover him for the pin.

WINNERS: The Blonde Bombers

The Blonde Bombers and Danny Davis go to talk to Russell. Farris says they proved how good they are as champions. Latham poses for the camera as they head to a break. Danny Davis tells Russell to wait and says Farris is a better commentator in wrestling. Farris calls Russell a liar and asks him if he knows how everyone knows he is a liar. He says that every time Russell lies his nose grows. He then tells Russell that he’ll do the introduction for the video featuring the Gilberts and Waynes. He praises the Waynes and buries the Gilberts.

Tommy Gilbert & Tommy Gilbert Jr. vs. Buddy Wayne & Ken Wayne

Match highlights from the Memphis Mid-South Coliseum. Video starts with the Gilberts chasing the Waynes around the building. Tommy Gilbert Jr. and Ken Wayne start the match. There was no commentary to start the match due to Farris and Russell arguing. Farris and Russell do commentary for the match. Tommy Jr. kicks and stomps at Ken Wayne. Fast-paced action between Tommy Jr. and Ken. Tommy Jr. catches Ken with a dropkick and takes him down with a side headlock.

Tommy Sr. gets in the ring and grabs Ken in a headlock. He threatens to punch Ken while looking over at Buddy. Ken punches at Tommy Sr. a few times. Ken beats on Tommy Sr. until he finally makes a comeback and punches Ken. He takes Ken down and punches him a few times. Buddy runs in to help his son but Tommy Sr. punches Buddy and takes him down. He slams Buddy into the top turnbuckle.

Tommy Gilbert Sr. continues to punch at Buddy. Ken tried to attack Tommy Sr. off the top rope but Tommy Jr. runs over and knocks him down. All four men are brawling in the ring. Referee tries to break them all up. Buddy Wayne reaches into his trunks. He throws powder at Tommy Gilbert Sr. Buddy follows by using a chain to knock down Tommy Sr. He beats on Tommy Sr. while the two sons brawl in the ring. Ken tags in Buddy. The Waynes beat on Tommy Sr.

Tommy Sr. is bleeding now as the crowd cheers him on. Farris laughs that Tommy Sr’s bleeding. The Waynes continue to beat on Tommy Sr. until he kicks Ken off him and he tags in Tommy Jr. who takes on both Waynes. He dropkicks Buddy out of the ring. Tommy Jr. then pins Ken Wayne to get the pin.

Buddy Wayne comes back into the ring and attacks Tommy Gilbert Jr. He piledrives Tommy Jr. They beat on him until Tommy Sr. runs out and saves him.

WINNERS: Tommy Gilbert & Tommy Gilbert Jr.

Wayne Farris refuses to leave because he feels the champions deserve more TV time. Lance Russell tells Farris that he’s interviewing the Gilberts. Farris tells Russell that he’ll let him interview them but he doesn’t want to talk to them so he’ll sit at the desk instead.

Tommy Sr. said that beating the Waynes in that match was like losing a battle. He says that he made a big mistake and he sees any wrestler at age 18, 19 or 20 as a kid. He made a mistake seeing Ken as a kid when he took him down with a fist. He believes both Ken and Tommy Jr. are now men. Russell then refers to Tommy Jr. as “Eddie Gilbert”. They flash that name on the screen too.

Russell again tells Danny Davis and The Blonde Bombers to leave but they ignore him again.

Johnny Starr vs. Ken Wayne

Wayne Farris calls Ken, one half of the greatest father-son teams in the world and then asks who Johnny Starr is. Ken Wayne knocks down Johnny Starr. Starr catches Wayne with a dropkick. He follows with an armdrag takedown. Ken gets Starr in a headlock. Nice leapfrog from Wayne but he gets caught with a dropkick from Starr. Starr again gets Wayne in an armbar. Forearms thrown by Wayne at Starr to break out of the hold.

Farris claims Starr is pulling Wayne’s hair throughout the match. Wayne takes Starr down and chokes him. Big kick into the mid-section by Wayne. More punches thrown by Wayne at Starr. Starr makes a comeback and slams Wayne into the corner turnbuckle. Wayne catches him with a knee lift. He whips Starr into the ropes but Starr catches him with a sloppy sunset flip and gets the pin on Ken Wayne!

WINNER: Johnny Starr

Wayne Farris claims that Starr held the tights. Buddy Wayne comes out and complains about the match result. Buddy Wayne then wants Johnny Starr to come out and wrestle him. Wayne takes his shirt off and climbs into the ring. Johnny Starr shows up and Buddy Wayne hits him with a foreign object and knocks him down. Buddy Wayne beats on Starr. Johnny Starr makes a comeback on Buddy. He armdrags Buddy across the ring. Ken Wayne runs out to help his father. Starr takes both of them down. Tommy & Eddie Gilbert run out and help Johnny Starr.

Bill Dundee comes out and carries a chair and tells Danny Davis and The Blonde Bombers to leave because it is his interview time. He chases them away. Russell thanks Dundee for that. Wayne Farris returns and tells Dundee to get in the ring. Dundee gets in the ring and he and Farris go at it. Dundee punches Farris and then Latham and Davis run out to help Farris. All three beat on Dundee. Pete Austin, Buddy & Ken Wayne hold the studio doors closed so no one can get in and help Dundee. Farris uses Davis helmet to knock Dundee out. They stomp on Dundee. The Gilberts and Eddie Marlin come in from another door to make the save for Dundee.

Lance Russell mentions that Wimbledon will be airing next week so the wrestling show will be on after.

They air an interview featuring Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee and Jackie Fargo. Lawler jokes that he and Dundee got dressed to interview Fargo and Fargo is in his underwear. Fargo tells him that he’s wearing shorts. Fargo is really tanned during the interview. Jackie Fargo said that 5-6 months ago he noticed that he was getting fat and not caring too much about himself. He started jogging and lifting weights again. He said he also started to sun bathe and getting back in shape, he loves himself and now loves other people as well.

Jackie Fargo tells Lawler and Dundee that he knows why they are visiting him. He knows that they need him and Lawler tells him that they have been dealing with the Blonde Bombers and Danny Davis so they want him to join them to go 3-on-3. Fargo says he is a fighter which Lawler says their matches have been fights. Fargo tells Lawler that he will be there. He says that he doesn’t know these punks but when it is over those “punks” will know who he is.

They show a video highlighting Jackie Fargo’s career as the show comes to an end.

SHOW THOUGHTS: I thought this was a good show built around Danny Davis faction. Starting off with him expanding the group by adding the Waynes and Blonde Bombers and the heels deciding to have a party in the studio. Lance Russell was pretty great trying to get them to leave and being annoyed by them. Johnny Starr with the upset win on Ken Wayne continued the Waynes and Gilberts feud. They also made the change from calling Tommy Gilbert Jr. to Eddie Gilbert. The Bombers attacking Bill Dundee while the other heels kept everyone from entering the studio was a pretty good segment. That was followed by Lawler and Dundee asking Jackie Fargo to team with them against The Blonde Bombers and Danny Davis.


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