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WCCW TV 5/8/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 5/8/1982

Taped at the Sportatorium in Dallas, TX. Aired on 5/8/1982

Mark Lowrance is on commentary. He gives a rundown of the lineup for the show.

Capt. Frank Dusek interviewed by Mark Lowrance about his match against The Spoiler but Dusek wants to talk about “Wild” Bill Irwin. He vows to find him and take his Texas heavyweight title and his soul.

Capt. Frank Dusek vs. The Spoiler

Dusek shoves The Spoiler into the corner. Clean break between the two. Dusek goes to work on The Spoiler’s left arm but that is quickly reversed into a hammerlock by the Spoiler. Monkey flip sends Dusek across the ring. Lowrance repeats that next week they will show Fritz Von Erich’s first professional wrestling match on TV. The Spoiler with a quick takedown into a front facelock.

The Spoiler chops Dusek’s chest. Dusek makes a comeback with a knee at The Spoiler and takes him down with a front facelock. The Spoiler reverses an puts him in a Boston Crab. Reversals by both with The Spoiler getting Dusek in a near fall but he’s close to the ropes. Dusek again takes down The Spoiler with a side headlock but Spoiler escapes. The Spoiler climbs the ropes and lands an elbow on Dusek.

Eye poke from Dusek at The Spoiler and he follows by slamming Spoiler’s head into the turnbuckles. He continues his attack and shoves referee Bronco Lubich aside. The Spoiler makes a comeback and slams Dusek. He gets a big forearm across Dusek’s chest and then whips him into the corner. The Spoiler does it again only Dusek somehow shoves The Spoiler down to the mat and covers him for the pin. He uses the ropes for added leverage and thinks he has the win! Referee tells Dusek that The Spoiler had his foot on the ropes as well and it wasn’t a three count. The Spoiler surprises Dusek and lands an elbow on him. He covers Dusek for the pin and gets the win! Dusek is upset and starts shoving the referee. He throws a tantrum after the loss.

WINNER: The Spoiler

Bugsy McGraw & King Kong Bundy (w/ Armand Hussein) vs. Ken Mantell & Tom “Boogaloo” Shaft

Shaft and McGraw start things off. McGraw shoves Shaft into the ropes and takes him down. They both get back up to their feet. Bugsy tags in Bundy who drops a pair of elbows on Shaft. He stands on Shaft near the ropes. Shaft gets back up and they exchange punches. Bundy lays in a few more forearms before Shaft tags in Mantell.

Ken Mantell gets Bundy in a full nelson but it is quickly broken by Bundy. Mantell goes to work on Bundy’s left arm. The crowd cheers on. Bundy counters with a big forearm at Mantell and he takes him down and tosses him into the turnbuckles. Mantell tries to fight back and crawls below Bundy to tag in Shaft.

Tom Shaft with a headbutt knocks Bundy to his knees. Shaft tries to tackle Bundy down but then Hussein trips him up. McGraw comes in and he and Bundy team up and slam into Shaft. McGraw goes for the pin and gets the win.

WINNERS: Bugsy McGraw & King Kong Bundy

The Great Kabuki & Gary Hart are interviewed by Mark Lowrance. Gary Hart talks about The Magic Dragon coming to World Class and how he is the closest thing you will see to The Great Kabuki. He calls the Magic Dragon as the greatest martial artist of all time and says he is a man that Kabuki started training when he was a boy and that now he is a 26 year old man who is the current All-Asia Champion. He says The Magic Dragon has the most dangerous sleeper and uses his legs for this move. Hart says only Asians are cold-blooded enough to do what he wants to Fritz Von Erich and that’s take him out of wrestling.

Al Madril vs. Armand Hussein

Armand Hussein tries to attack Al Madril as he enters the ring but the referee keeps him away. Hussein asks the referee to get Madril out of the ring so he can do his camel walk ceremony. The crowd and Madril are upset. Hussein tricks Madril and attacks him from behind. He slams Madril’s head into the top turnbuckle. He kicks at Madril. He snapmares Madril and chokes him. Hussein continues to choke Madril despite the referee telling him to stop.

The crowd starts cheering for Al Madril. Hussein kicks at Madril a few times. He chokes Madril with the top rope. He lands some knees at Madril’s back while he’s on the ropes. While the referee takes Hussein off Madril, Al makes a comeback and knocks Hussein down. He punches Hussein as the crowd cheers him on. Madril slams Hussein’s head into the top turnbuckle and continues with a few more punches. Hussein counters by tossing Madril to the outside. He punches at Madril and slams him into the ring apron. Hussein grabs a camera cable and chokes Madril! Referee stops him and Hussein stomps on Madril.

Hussein gets back into the ring. Madril returns with punches thrown at Hussein as the crowd cheers loudly. He misses a shoulder tackle into the corner. Hussein tries for a senton on Madril but Al moves out of the way and Madril rolls Hussein up for the pin.

WINNER: Al Madril

Armand Hussein attacks Al Madril after the match. Madril fights back and the referee stops both from continuing on.

“Wild” Bill Irwin vs. Richard Blood & Mike Bond in a 2-on-1 handicap match

Ring announcer mentions that the rules are that Irwin must pin both opponents during the 10-minute time period. Blood starts against Irwin. Blood with a side headlock on Irwin to start the match but he breaks out. Irwin gets kicked in the face off the ropes and again Blood gets Irwin in a side headlock. Blood tags in Bond and he keeps Irwin in a headlock.

Irwin gets to the ropes and gets in a few knees into Bond’s mid-section and starts to take control. Bond makes a comeback with a sunset flip off the ropes for a near fall that Irwin kicks out of but Bond tags in Blood. Back and forth action between Blood and Irwin. Irwin backdrops Blood and only gets a 2-count. Side suplex by Irwin on Blood. Irwin whips Blood into the ropes but Blood gets him with a knee lift and tags in Mike Bond.

Mike Bond gets caught with a clothesline off the ropes and Irwin covers him for the pin. Blood runs in and beats on Irwin. He lays in a few forearms but misses one. Irwin catches Blood with a body slam and then hits a running knee drop to get the pin on Richard Blood. Irwin gets the win.

WINNER: “Wild” Bill Irwin

Kevin Von Erich (w/ Fritz Von Erich) vs. The Great Kabuki (w/ Gary Hart)

The crowd starts chanting “We Want Fritz”! Kevin Von Erich and The Great Kabuki charge at each other and start brawling on the mat. Punches, hair-pulling and choking on the mat as they get tied up under the ropes. They roll to the outside and the brawl continues! Kevin throws a big punch at Kabuki and they both roll back into the ring.

The Great Kabuki tries to kick Fritz Von Erich. Kabuki chokes Kevin but he breaks the hold and gets him in a wristlock and starts to punish Kabuki’s left arm. Kevin uses his legs to work on Kabuki’s left arm. Kabuki struggles trying to escape as Kevin keeps a strong hold of Kabuki’s left arm. Mark Lowrance mentions that Kerry had to have surgery for an injury suffered at the hands of Kabuki. Kevin catches Kabuki with a dropkick and whips him into the corner but Kabuki counters with a superkick. Kabuki lands an elbow off the ropes on Kevin Von Erich. He follows with a nerve hold on Kevin’s armpit.

Crowd cheers on for Kevin Von Erich as he struggles in Kabuki’s nerve hold! Gary Hart yells at the referee to count faster. Fritz heads over to motivate Kevin. Kevin Von Erich briefly escapes the hold but Kabuki kicks him and gets him again in a nerve hold! Referee warns both Fritz and Hart. Kevin grabs hold of Kabuki’s chin and starts to hit a few elbows into Kabuki’s mid-section and then lands a dropkick! He whips Kabuki into the ropes and knocks him down with a forearm. Kevin goes for the claw on Kabuki but Kabuki blocks him.

Kevin Von Erich goes for it again and this time in Kabuki’s mid-section! Crowd cheers loudly and starts a “Go Kevin Go” chant! Kabuki escapes and rakes Kevin Von Erich’s eyes. Kabuki gets in a few kicks at Kevin but Kevin fights back. He gets him with the Iron Claw on the forehead but the referee breaks the hold. Kevin misses a splash as Kabuki puts his foot up in the air. Thrust kick by Kabuki at Kevin Von Erich. Kabuki goes after Kevin’s eyes.

Kevin Von Erich continues to fight back as he is now bleeding from his nose. Dropkick at Kabuki. He slams Kabuki’s head into the mat a few times and then tosses him to the outside. Kevin Von Erich’s face is now bleeding. They brawl outside the ring. Kabuki goes after Kevin’s face. Fritz and Hart argue outside the ring. Kevin attacks Gary Hart. Hart and Fritz are pulled apart by referee David Manning but they continue to brawl. Kabuki attacks Kevin in the ring.

Fritz Von Erich knocks down Gary Hart and continues to beat on him. Kevin Von Erich gets Kabuki in the body scissors but Kabuki breaks out of the hold and chops away at Kevin. King Kong Bundy runs out and attacks Fritz Von Erich. Kevin Von Erich heads to the outside and brawls with Bundy. Kevin brawls with Bundy and Kabuki as the bell rings. Fritz Von Erich gets back up and he cleans house. Wild finish.

WINNER: Double Disqualification due to outside interference from both sides.

Mark Lowrance interviews Fritz Von Erich and Kevin Von Erich. Fritz talks about how this wasn’t over. Kevin points to his face that is pretty badly bruised and says it doesn’t hurt one bit and says there is plenty more for Kabuki. Fritz said he still wanted more against Kabuki.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent episode with a great main event between Kevin Von Erich and The Great Kabuki. Crowd was really into everything on the show. The main was a great brawl and continued the feud between the Von Erichs and H & H Limited. The Dusek and Spoiler match was good as well. The other matches were okay but had a ton of heat.


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