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Memphis Wrestling 6/23/1979

Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling TV 6/23/1979

Taped 6/23/1979 at WMC TV Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lance Russell and Dave Brown are on commentary.

Danny Davis and Pete Austin head over to talk to Lance Russell. Davis says he has a surprise for everyone and got a telegram from Sonny King. He says that he is part of Sonny King’s Army. He says that he’s going to make money with Austin. Russell tells Davis to get Austin to the ring.

Pete Austin (w/ Danny Davis) vs. Randy Tyler

They lock-up and have a clean break as referee Jerry Calhoun makes sure there isn’t anything more to it. Tyler takes down Austin a few times and gets him in an armbar. Follows that up with a wristlock but Austin reaches the ropes. Clean break by Tyler. Tyler with a fireman’s carry takedown on Austin. The fans and Davis argue outside the ring. Tyler continues to dominate Pete Austin in the match.

Fan is overheard telling Davis that he gets on everyone’s nerves. Austin reverses an armbar and takes Tyler down with an armbar working on Tyler’s left arm and shoulder. Tyler with a nice leg takedown and gets Austin down and in an armbar. Fans yell to Randy Tyler to “break it (the arm) off” Austin. Austrin gets up and lays in a series of forearms and kicks in the corner. He tosses Tyler into the corner. Follows with a body slam. Austin with more kicks at Tyler.

Tyler kicks out of a pin attempt. Austin and Tyler exchange forearms. Tyler with a few punches and slams Austin into the turnbuckles. He gets Austin with an elbow off the ropes. Davis climbs up on the ring apron and Tyler sling shots him into the ring. Tyler fights off Austin and Davis. Referee calls for the bell to ring. Tyler cleans house. Referee disqualifies Austin.

WINNER: Randy Tyler via DQ.

Danny Davis screams that Tyler was using his fists. Lance Russell doesn’t want to hear more from him.

Lance Russell interviews Randy Tyler. He congratulates him in his first match in Memphis. Russell asks Tyler to tell everyone about himself. Tyler mentions that he’s been traveling a lot from Oklahoma to the West Coast. He says the competition in Memphis is the best and wants to be there because where there is competition there is good money. Russell and Brown were impressed with Tyler.

They show highlights of Eddie Gilbert vs. Ken Wayne from the Mid-South Coliseum. Lance Russell says he asked Tommy Gilbert about something he told Buddy Wayne before this match and Tommy told Lance that he told Buddy that if he put a hand on his son, he was going to go after him. Really good fast-paced action in the match. The two just beat on each other and it was a good brawl between the two. Buddy Wayne was ringside and punched Eddie Gilbert. You then see Buddy running away as Tommy Gilbert chased him away. Ken Wayne ended up getting the win.

They run down some upcoming shows with Eddie Marlin.

Lance Russell interviews Tommy Gilbert & Eddie Gilbert. Tommy talks about being proud of Eddie following his footsteps. He’s upset at Buddy Wayne and says he’ll call him “Hog Jaws” and warned him about touching his son. He doesn’t want to lay a hand on Kenny Wayne but does want to spank him to teach him some manners.

Buddy Wayne and Ken Wayne come out to apologize. Buddy apologizes to Lance Russell, the fans and most importantly Tommy & Eddie Gilbert. He says he got carried away and made Ken winning the most important thing. Buddy says what he did was wrong. He then tells Tommy that they should just forget having all the matches they were scheduled for.

Tommy Gilbert tells Buddy Wayne that they can’t forget about having those matches because he and Eddie will be there to wrestle. Buddy Wayne is okay with that and tells Tommy that he just wants to forget the past and shake hands. They both shake hands. The Gilberts walk off and the Waynes attack them from behind! Kenny and Eddie brawl. Buddy beats on Tommy near a ringpost. It turns out that Buddy handcuffed Tommy on the ringpost and heads over to help his son Ken. Buddy and Ken beat on Eddie Gilbert! They throw Eddie into the ring and beat on him! Lance Russell calls for someone to come out and help. They beat on Eddie in front of Tommy. Koko Ware and Dallas Montgomery try to get in the ring but the Waynes take them out. Randy Tyler joins the other two and finally the Waynes leave. Several people come out to try to unlock Tommy Gilbert out of the handcuffs.

They run down the upcoming Mid-South Coliseum 6/25 show and Lance Russell mentions that Tommy Gilbert is still handcuffed to the ringpost.

The Blond Bombers (Wayne Farris & Larry Latham) come out with their Southern Tag Team titles. Farris says that they didn’t get a fight from Lawler & Dundee. He says they left them laying. Farris gets annoyed by Lance Russell and says he’s a stooge for Lawler and Dundee. Russell continues to ask them why they won’t defend the tag titles against Dundee & Lawler. Farris gets annoyed and tells Latham they should leave.

They re-air highlights from the Tupelo Concession Stand Brawl between Wayne Farris & Larry Latham vs. Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee.

Ron Bass tells Lance Russell that he wants to talk. Russell tells him that he’s already talked a lot which leads to Ron Bass grabbing Russell and telling him that he didn’t ask but demanded to talk. Ron Bass says that watching the previous highlights that it’s a typical Saturday night at Jonesboro. He says that he’s been in Memphis and no one is giving him title matches so he asks Russell who won the recent battle royal. Russell says Bass won. Bass says he usually beats up everyone in a territory very quickly. He won several battle royals recently. He thinks promoters should be asking him for title matches. Bass wants the Southern Heavyweight title. He makes fun of current champion Robert Fuller. He says it is a matter of time before he beats Robert Fuller for that title.

Ron Bass vs. Bob Owens

Ron Bass beats on Bob Owens. He picks up Owens and drops him onto the top rope. Owens arm gets tangled in the ropes. Bass suplexes Owens. He picks Owens up in the Stampede and gets the pin. Short match. Match lasted 48 seconds.

WINNER: Ron Bass

Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee join Lance Russell. Dundee talks about upcoming shows. He then talks about Latham and Farris and says they can keep the titles because they just want to beat them up. He says Latham looks like Santa Claus and he & Lawler hate Farris. Lawler says Jimmy Valiant got it into Farris head that he tried to keep him out of the wrestling business and that’s not true. He calls Farris a punk and says that if it wasn’t for Lawler he wouldn’t be in wrestling. He said that he did help Farris out. Lawler said Valiant led Farris down the wrong path. Lawler says he’s tired of both Farris and Latham and wants to run them out of wrestling.

Hans Schroeder & The Gestapo vs. Koko Ware & Dallas Montgomery

Koko Ware & The Gestapo start the match. Russell and Brown rave about Ware’s dropkick. Ware with a armdrag on Gestapo. He does it a second time. Ware again a third time with an armdrag. Koko again takes down Gestapo. He tags in Montgomery. Russell mentions that Dallas Montgomery is only 19. Montgomery with some armdrags on Schroeder that send him to the outside.

Schroeder gets back in the ring. He takes Montgomery down with a headlock but referee caught him pulling Montgomery’s hair. Schroeder takes Montgomery down with a front facelock. He chokes Montgomery. Big knee across the mid-section by Schroeder. He tags in Gestapo who gets Montgomery in a front facelock. Near fall on Dallas but he kicks out. Montgomery whips The Gestapo and armdrags him.

The Gestapo with a punch at Montgomery. He beats on Dallas and gets some help from Schroeder. Gestapo whips Montgomery into the ropes and gets him with a knee into the mid-section. Koko Ware makes a save for his tag partner. Gestapo tags in Schroeder. Montgomery escapes and tags in Ware. Koko Ware with some dropkicks at Schroeder and The Gestapo. Both head to the outside.

Hans Schroeder gets back in the ring and he gets monkey flipped by Ware. Schroeder punches at Ware and then snapmares him. He goes to work on Ware’s shoulder. Koko Ware punches at Schroeder but Schroeder throws a punch himself in retaliation. The Gestapo now in and he continues to beat on Ware. Schroeder chokes Ware in the corner as The Gestapo distracts the referee.

The Gestapo with a side headlock takedown on Koko Ware. Gestapo chops Ware and then gets him back in a side headlock. He tags in Schroeder. Ware makes a comeback with some punches at Schroeder and tags in Montgomery. Montgomery catches Schroeder with a dropkick and then gets The Gestapo too. He gets Schroeder with another dropkick and gets a near fall. He tags in Koko Ware who continues to work on Schroeder’s arm but Schroeder reverses. Montgomery and The Gestapo back in. Gestapo stomps and lays in some forearms on Montgomery. They double team Montgomery. Backdrop by The Gestapo. He whips Dallas into the ropes but Dallas kicks The Gestapo and tags in Ware. Koko Ware takes on both Schroeder and the Gestapo. All four men get in the ring. Referee gets Montgomery out of the ring. Schroeder gets Ware with a forearm to the back. The Gestapo puts Ware up on his shoulders and goes for the backdrop drive for the pin to win the opening fall.

Koko Ware starts the next fall against The Gestapo. The Gestapo with a headlock on Ware. He lays in a big forearm across Ware’s back and takes him down with a side headlock. Ware tries to power his way out of the headlock but Gestapo pulls his hair and gets him back in the hold. Ware tries again but Gestapo again pulls his hair to take him down. Ware finally breaks out of the hold and gets Gestapo in a hammerlock. He tags in Montgomery who keeps the hammerlock on Gestapo.

Montgomery tags in Ware and he keeps going to work on Gestapo’s left arm. Ware tags Montgomery back into the ring and he continues to attack the Gestapo’s left arm. Armbar on Gestapo for a long stretch of time. The Gestapo struggles to shake out of the hold. The Gestapo gets Montgomery with an armdrag off the ropes and tags in Hans Schroeder.

Hans Schroeder slams Montgomery on the mat and elbowdrops him. Ware makes the save for Montgomery. There’s a break and The Gestapo is back in the match and he and Ware go at it. Ware goes for a sunset flip for a pin on The Gestapo but he only gets a one-count. The bell rings to announce the end of the match.

WINNERS: Hans Schroeder & The Gestapo

Lance Russell and Dave Brown explained that the tag team match could have numerous falls before TV time ran out so if one team won at least one fall and TV time ran out, then they would be the winners. That’s how that matched turned out.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay show. They reaired the Tupelo Concession Stand Brawl which was a classic and they had interviews with all four men involved. That was good but it had aired the previous week. The Gilberts and Waynes brawl was the big highlight of the show. That was a good brawl. The matches in the studio were okay.


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