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WCCW TV 5/1/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 5/1/1982

Taped at the Sportatorium in Dallas, TX. Aired on 5/1/1982.

Mark Lowrance is on commentary.

Wild Bill Irwin joins Mark Lowrance for an interview. He announces that he has split from “Captain Crunch” (Cap. Frank Dusek) and that he is looking for new opponents for his Texas Heavyweight title.

Wild Bill Irwin vs. Tom “Boogaloo” Shaft

This is a non-title match. They exchange a few forearms near the ropes. Irwin tries for an armlock but Shaft uses his strength to keep Irwin off him. Irwin shoves Shaft into the ropes and lands a few knees into Shaft’s mid-section. Side headlock by Irwin. Shaft whips Irwin off the ropes and armdrags Irwin. Shaft gets Irwin in a side headlock. Irwin lifts Shaft up but Boogaloo is able to roll over and keep Irwin in the side headlock.

They get back up on their feet. Lowrance mentions that in 2 weeks they will air film of Fritz Von Erich’s first pro wrestling match. Irwin gets caught again in a side headlock. Fan shown in crowd lifting up a sleeping little kid! LOL! Irwin whips Shaft into the ropes but gets caught by a headbutt from Shaft. Shaft goes back to using a headlock on Irwin. Irwin makes a comeback and pokes Shaft’s eyes. He stomps and slams Shaft. Irwin runs from one corner and drops a knee on Shaft and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Wild Bill Irwin

Mark Lowrance talks about a May 14th show in Louisville, Texas. Gary Hart and Armand Hussein join him to talk about H & H Limited. Hart talks about how every wrestler, manager or association have been driven out of Texas by The Von Erichs but H & H is here to stay. Hart & Hussein talk about The Dragon coming in very soon. Hussein says the Royal Bank is behind them and they can afford to bring anyone in to World Class. They can build champions with all the money behind them. Hart says they will overcome The Von Erichs.

Carlos Zapata vs. Ken Mantell

Zapata tells the referee to back away Mantell. Mantell gets a near fall on Zapata with a cradle. Zapata reaches the ropes. He complains that Mantell pulled his trunks. Test of strength with Mantell breaking the hold and taking Zapata down with a wristlock. Mantell works on Zapata’s left arm.

They reach the ropes and Zapata hits a forearm across Mantell’s chest before he moves away. Mantell gets in a forearm on Zapata near the ropes and again Zapata complains. Leg takedown by Mantell on Zapata. Fan yells for Mantell to “break it off” in reference to Zapata’s leg. Zapata briefly breaks the hold but gets taken down again by Mantell with a leglock.

Mantell wants the referee to ask Zapata if he gives up but he refuses. Ken Mantell keeps twisting and falling back, working on Zapata’s left leg. Zapata breaks the hold by reaching the ropes. Zapata gets Mantell in a headlock and starts to throw some punches at Mantell. Big forearm across the chest of Mantell. Zapata follows with some kicks and goes to work on Mantell in the corner. He slams Mantell’s head into the turnbuckles.

Mantell fights back and kicks away Zapata. He punches Zapata and Carlos starts to beg off Mantell but Mantell continues. Zapata whips Mantell into the ropes but Mantell kicks him. Mantell goes for a legsweep on Zapata and gets the pin.

WINNER: Ken Mantell

Mark Lowrance talks about the May 15th show in Ferris, Texas. Fritz Von Erich joins Lowrance to talk about H & H Limited. Fritz is upset that they’ve tried to injure one of his sons and says Kevin is infuriated. Next week Kevin will wrestle The Great Kabuki and Fritz will be in Kevin’s corner. Fritz says that if there is anything left of Kabuki, he wants a piece of him. He also wants to get rid of everyone affiliated with H & H Limited but he’s heard that they are bringing in a new wrestler called “The Golden Dragon”. He said from what he’s heard about this wrestler is that Kabuki is a pussycat compared to “The Golden Dragon”.

The Great Kabuki (w/ Gary Hart) vs. Mike Bond

The Great Kabuki swings around his nunchuks as Bond enters the ring. Bond with a takedown on Kabuki to start the match. Kabuki gets up and threatens Bond with a thrust kick. Kabuki starts to chop at Bond. Hard chop across Bond’s chest followed by a spinning thrust kick. More chops thrown by Kabuki at Bond. He chokes Bond. Bond throws some punches at Kabuki to break the hold.

Hiptoss by Bond on Kabuki. He gets him in a headlock but Kabuki chops out of the hold. More chops thrown by Kabuki at Bond. He grabs Bond’s face and then charges at him with a kick. Kabuki climbs up the ropes and lands a fist drop and gets the pin on Bond.

WINNER: The Great Kabuki

Bugsy McGraw & King Kong Bundy (w/ Armand Hussein) vs. Al Madril & The Spoiler

Someone threw a rubber chicken into the ring and that upset Bugsy McGraw! This is a non-title match. Hussein keeps blowing his whistle as the referees finally get him out of the ring.

Madril and McGraw start the match. Madril gets in a punch on McGraw as Mark Lowrance mentions that Al Madril will be wrestling the Dragon that will be debuting in two weeks. McGraw gets frustrated early in the match. Hiptoss by McGraw takes Madril down. Bugsy can’t grab hold of Madril and he gets back up and again McGraw is upset. Madril slams McGraw’s head into the top turnbuckle.

McGraw spins around in the ring. Madril stomps on Hussein’s hand. Bugsy with a leg takedown on Madril. Madril kicks at McGraw and knocks him down. Hussein starts to whistle. They lock-up and McGraw tags in Bundy. Bundy with an elbow across Madril’s back. He grabs hold of Madril’s arm. Bundy whips Madril into the corner and then splashes him. Knees and forearms thrown at Madril.

Al Madril fights back and tags in The Spoiler! The Spoiler attacks Bundy with elbows. Bundy fights back. Knees into Spoiler’s mid-section by Bundy in the corner, but The Spoiler fights back. The Spoiler walks the top rope and lands an elbow on Bundy. Bundy is able to get The Spoiler into his corner and tags in McGraw. Bugsy stomps on The Spoiler and punches at his chest. The Spoiler fights back and trips up McGraw. He throws him into a punch from Madril.

Al Madril back in against McGraw. McGraw kicks at Madril and gets him in a front facelock. Bugsy uses his body weight to keep Madril down. Some punches across Madril’s back and Bugsy tags in Bundy. Bundy beats on Madril in the corner but misses a splash into the corner! Madril throws a series of punches at Bundy! Crowd cheers loudly for Alberto Madril!!! Bugsy interferes and helps Bundy by knocking down Madril. The Spoiler is kept away by the referee. Bundy with a legdrop across Madril’s left arm!

The fans get louder trying to get Madril going but Bundy keeps using his weight on Madril’s left arm and shoulder. Hussein yells out that Madril should give up. Bundy misses a legdrop and Madril tags in The Spoiler. Back and forth between The Spoiler and Bundy. Big forearm smash by The Spoiler on the ropes at Bundy. He gets Bundy with the Claw! Spoiler off the ropes with a knee at Bundy’s chest but he can’t knock Bundy down. Bundy’s able to tag in McGraw.

McGraw slams The Spoiler and then misses a running splash! The Claw on Bugsy McGraw! All four men get in the ring. The Spoiler and Madril beat on McGraw and then McGraw and Madril start to brawl outside the ring. The Spoiler pulls McGraw back into the ring and gets an inside cradle pin attempt on Bugsy. The Spoiler climbs up to the ropes and sends McGraw into the top turnbuckle. The Spoiler goes back up the ropes but this time Bugsy grabs him and slams him to the mat. He only gets a 2-count on The Spoiler. Bugsy tags in Bundy.

King Kong Bundy with a headlock on The Spoiler but he fights out of it. The Spoiler tries to knock Bundy down but can’t. Bundy goes for a knee drop on The Spoiler but he moves out of the way and tags in Madril. Al Madril goes to work on Bundy’s left knee! Madril with several punches thrown at Bundy. Shoulder tackle at Bundy but he only gets a one count as Bugsy McGraw makes the save. All four men back in the ring. Referees are able to get McGraw and Spoiler out of the ring. The Spoiler holds onto Bundy so that Madril can throw some punches at Bundy.

All four men back in the ring. The Spoiler has hold of Bundy and the bell rings. Match ends in a 15-minute time limit draw. Fans yell “Five More Minutes”. Madril tells Hussein to have his team give them five more minutes. Hussein refuses and punches Madril. They all start to brawl again. McGraw and Bundy tie up Spoiler on the ropes as the three beat on Madril. The Spoiler breaks free from the ropes and runs off the heels.


Madril grabs the mic and again asks for five more minutes. The referees are able to get Hussein, McGraw and Bundy to leave the ringside area and head back.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. Didn’t seem too promising early on with the matches being kept a little short and no one I was particularly interested in watching but the tag team main event was good. it had some good brawling moments in it but I thought what made the match was how into it the fans were and they were really loud throughout. Really fun main event to close out the show.


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