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Mid-South Wrestling 9/30/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 9/30/1982

Taped 9/29/1982 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 9/30/1982.

Boyd Pearce and “Cowboy” Bill Watts are on commentary. Pearce mentions that Killer Khan and The One Man Gang are barred from ringside for the Robley vs. Akbar match.

Bill Watts has them air highlights from a Houston match held on 9/24/1982 between Nick Bockwinkel and The Junkyard Dog. Bill Watts was on commentary and mentioned that Bobby “The Brain” Heenan had been barred from being ringside. Bockwinkel lays in a few forearms early on but JYD counters. He whips Bockwinkel into the corner but the two keep going back and forth. Bockwinkel with some hard rights and a choke on JYD.

JYD powers out of a pin attempt. He gets Bockwinkel with a headbutt. They knock each other down with clotheslines. Bockwinkel continues with his attack on JYD. JYD fights back from outside the ring and gets back in. He whips Bockwinkel into the ropes and knocks him down. JYD gets Bockwinkel with the Big Thump powerslam. He can’t get the pin so he goes for another headbutt. JYD goes for a second Big Thump and this time gets the pin on Bockwinkel.

Col. Buck Robley vs. Gen. Skandor Akbar

Reiser Bowden mentions to the fans that Killer Khan and The One Man Gang have been barred from being in the building. Robley punches at Akbar. He follows with an armdrag and goes to work on Akbar’s left arm. Akbar reverses but Robley does the same and drops a knee on Akbar’s left arm. Hammerlock by Robley but Akbar grabs the tights and pulls him into the ropes and gets in a cheap shot at Robley. Akbar gets control of the match and puts Robley in a front facelock.

Inside cradle by Robley on Akbar but he kicks out. Akbar continues to punch and land forearms at Robley. Robley fires back! Robley gets Akbar in a sleeperhold. The Mongolian Stomper runs in and attacks Buck Robley and saves Akbar. Stomper with a double chop at Robley and then puts him in the shininomaki. Jesse Barr, Vinnie Romeo and Mike Bond all run out to save Robley but the Mongolian Stomper knocks them all out of the ring.

WINNER: Col. Buck Robley via DQ

Kamala “The Ugandan Giant” (w/ Friday) vs. Tim Horner

Friday removes all of Kamala’s trinkets that he’s wearing. Kamala chops Horner across the top of the head. He gets in a few more chops including one off the ropes. He lifts up Horner with a choke and then slams him down. More chops at Horner! Kamala slams Horner and then splashes him twice before covering him for the pin.

WINNER: Kamala

The Grapplers (Grappler & Grappler #2) vs. Jesse Barr & Vinnie Romeo

Quick tags by Barr and Romeo. The Grappler hiptosses Barr but Barr makes a comeback and slams him and dropkicks him. He takes down Grappler #2 and Romeo comes in to help Barr. Barr misses a shoulder tackle into the ropes and The Grapplers start to double-team Barr. The Grappler goes to work on Barr’s left arm. The Grapplers each slam Barr to the mat. Grappler #2 keeps Barr’s left arm in a hammerlock. The Grappler tosses Barr into the corner and keep going after Barr’s left arm.

Jesse Barr tries to fight back against The Grappler but The Grappler tags in Grappler #2. Barr is thrown into the corner. Barr makes the tag to Romeo who goes to work on Grappler #2 and gets him with a slam. He does the same to The Grappler. A pair of dropkicks at The Grapplers. Grappler #2 side-steps Romeo and gets him in a over-the-shoulder backbreaker. The Grappler gets Romeo in “The Grappler Twist” and covers Romeo for the pin.

WINNERS: The Grapplers

Mr. Olympia vs. “Hangman” Rick Harris

Watts mentions that Mr. Olympia regained the Mississippi Title on September 22nd by defeating Killer Khan. Mr. Olympia takes Harris down and Harris rolls to the outside. Mr. Olympia slingshots Harris back into the ring. He drops an elbow across the top of Harris’ head. Harris gets hiptossed by Mr. Olympia and gets hit by a dropkick. Front facelock by Mr. Olympia on Harris.

Mr. Olympia whips Harris into the ropes but Harris catches him with a knee in the mid-section. Harris slams Mr. Olympia and follows with a few punches and forearms. He whips Mr. Olympia into the ropes but Mr. Olympia kicks Harris. Mr. Olympia whips Harris and catches him with an atomic drop. Harris misses a charge einto the corner. Mr. Olympia catches him with a top rope dropkick and then follows with the sleeperhold on Harris.

WINNER: Mr. Olympia

Tony Atlas vs. Gran Markus

This is a match from Houston, TX. They air an interview with Tony Atlas. Atlas said that Junkyard Dog told him that things were getting out of hand and that he could use Tony Atlas in the territory.

Final moments of the match air as Watts said this had gone 30 minutes. Tony Atlas lays in some forearms across Markus. Referee stops Atlas. Markus reaches into his trunks for a foreign object and puts it into his mask. Gran Markus headbutts Atlas several times. He whips Atlas into the ropes but Tony leapfrogs over him and dropkicks Markus. Atlas climbs the ropes and jumps off with a headbutt right at Markus head. Atlas leaps up into the air and splashes Markus for the win.

WINNER: Tony Atlas

Ted DiBiase vs. Mike Bond

DiBiase with a takedown on Bond. He gets Bond in a headlock. They run the ropes and Bond gets a near fall on DiBiase off an attempted sunset flip by DiBiase. Dibiase with a hiptoss but then misses an elbow on Bond. The fans cheer at DiBiase’s mistake. Bond misses a kick at DiBiase. DiBiase tosses Bond into the corner. DiBiase punches and slams Bond’s head into the top turnbuckle.

DiBiase slams Bond and then drops a fist at Bond’s head. Big kick by DiBiase at Bond. Backdrop off the ropes by DiBiase. DiBiase refuses to pin Bond. He drops Bond down into a backbreaker. DiBiase whips Bond into the ropes and powerslams him for the pin.

WINNER: Ted DiBiase

Ted DiBiase refuses to leave the ring and tells Reiser Bowden that he won’t leave the ring until he clears up a few things. He’s tired of Mid-South showing favoritism to certain individuals. He talks about what happened last week when they knocked out Mr. Olympia and Junkyard Dog and Dick Murdoch came out and they wrestled. He said what people didn’t see was that after TV time ran out, he and Duggan annihilated JYD and Murdoch. DiBiase doesn’t understand why Mid-South keeps having him sign contracts to defend the North American Title against those two after how he beat them.

DiBiase asks Mr. Wrestling II to enter the ring because he has something to say to him as well. He’s upset that Mr. Wrestling II is saying that DiBiase instigated the feud between him and TheGrappler. DiBiase says that The Grappler has a better knee lift than him. He’s upset that Mr. Wrestling II was suppose to be his friend and he came from Georgia and cost him and Duggan the Tag Team Titles.

Mr. Wrestling II tells DiBiase that he doesn’t see any anchor around his leg so if he wants a match, he’ll give him one right now. DiBiase agrees.

Ted DiBiase vs. Mr. Wrestling II

Mr. Wrestling II gets DiBiase in a side headlock. He chases around DiBiase who goes to the outside. DiBiase gets back into the ring. Mr. Wrestling II slams DiBiase and he goes back to the outside. Watts mentions there are only three minutes left for TV.

DiBiase gets back into the ring while Watts is talking about improving the prison system. Mr. Wrestling II goes for the high knee lift but DiBiase rolls to the outside. DiBiase back in and they get in a test of strength but Mr. Wrestling II monkey flips DiBiase and grabs him in an armbar. Watts wants them to keep filming the match so they can air the remainder of the match next week.

Mr. Wrestling II beats on Ted DiBiase as the TV show comes to an end and Boyd Pearce mentions they will keep the cameras rolling and they’ll show the rest of the match net week.


SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. The final segment with DiBiase and Mr. Wrestling II was really good. I also enjoyed the highlights of JYD vs. Nick Bockwinkel. Last few episodes they have been putting some focus on some new talent arriving to Mid-South. They had the debut of Kamala who squashed Tim Horner and they aired an interview and highlights of Tony Atlas. They did a good job with the Robley and Akbar match making it clear that Killer Khan and The One Man Gang wouldn’t be allowed in the building, so there was some hope that Robley would get to punish Akbar. Any hopes of that happening ended when The Mongolian Stomper ran in and attacked Robley. That was a solid segment as well.


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