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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 1/9/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 1/9/1982

Taped 1/6/1982 at the WPCQ-TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 1/9/1982.

Bob Caudle & David Crockett are on commentary. Sandy Scott joins them to talk about bringing in new talent into the territory and introduces Terry Taylor. He’s excited to be in Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling and says he can’t wait to meet the fans and sign autographs for everyone.

Sgt. Slaughter joins them and says there is no problem involving him. He says no one has been able to get out of the Cobra Clutch and says that he gave his $1,000 to Mr. Crockett. He’s been doing that challenge for weeks and no one has successfully gotten out of the Cobra Clutch including Blackjack Mulligan Jr. so he tells Sandy Scott that the challenge is over and he wants his money back. Sandy Scott tells Sgt. Slaughter that they can’t give him back $1,000. Slaughter asks if he knows who he is. Scott says he does but the problem is that Blackjack Mulligan Jr. and his attorney have put an injunction on his $1,000. Slaughter is upset and says that it is his money. Sandy Scott tells Slaughter good-bye.

Sandy Scott also says they will also announce an update on the NWA World Tag Team titles as they are tired of the Andersons stalling.

Blackjack Mulligan Jr. & Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Doug Vines & Mike Miller

Blackjack Mulligan Jr. and Mike Miller start the match. Clean break early in the match. Miller gets Mulligan Jr. with a headlock. Mulligan Jr. catches Miller with an armdrag off the ropes. He tags in Roberts who gets Miller in a side headlock. Miller tags in Vines but Roberts gets him in a side headlock as well. Roberts knocks Vines down off the ropes and then slams him. He gets a two-count but Vines kicks out. Quick tag to Mulligan Jr.

Mulligan Jr. takes Vines down. Sgt. Slaughter returns to the studio and is watching the match. Mulligan Jr. with a hiptoss and slam on Vines. Kneedrop by Mulligan Jr. on Vines. Vines is able to reach over to his corner and tags in Miller. Miller with some hard forearms across the back of Mulligan Jr. but Mulligan Jr. fights back and tags in Roberts. Slaughter is still upset that Sandy Scott won’t return his $1,000. He agrees to give Mulligan Jr. another chance in the Cobra Clutch Challenge. Caudle asks Slaughter if he’s giving Mulligan Jr. another shot, Slaughter replies, “ask the big mouth over here” referring to Sandy Scott!

Mike Miller has control of the match against Roberts while Mulligan Jr. is distracted arguing with Slaughter. Vines in and continues the attack on Roberts and puts him in a front facelock. Sandy Scott goes over to talk to Sgt. Slaughter and to tell him to leave the studio area. Miller hits Roberts with his knees across his face. Roberts tries to fight back but Miller continues his attack on Roberts. Vines now in and he gets Roberts again with a front facelock.

Jake Roberts off the ropes collides with Miller and both men are down. Roberts tags in Blackjack Mulligan Jr. and he whips Miller into the ropes and hits him with a forearm. Follows it up with a knee drop bouncing off the ropes. Double-team work by Vines and Miller. Mulligan Jr. slams Vines head first into the turnbuckle. Roberts comes back in and slams Vines. He drops a knee on Vines and tags in Mulligan Jr. who catches Vines with a bulldog for the pin. Roberts runs in and catches Miller with a knee lift.

WINNERS: Blackjack Mulligan Jr. & Jake Roberts

Billy Robinson (w/ Lord Alfred Hayes) vs. Keith Larson

Billy Robinson with a quick takedown on Larson and has him locked in a side headlock. Larson breaks out of the hold with a headscissors. Lord Alfred Hayes joins the commentary team to correct them by correcting them that he is not just the British Champion but the British European and British Commonwealth Champion. Robinson escapes and goes back to a side headlock. Hayes wants them to talk about how awesome a wrestler Robinson is.

Hayes says that Robinson is “the system of wrestling and you can never beat the system.” Robinson with a belly-to-belly suplex takes down Larson. He goes back to grabbing hold of Larson’s head. Matwork with Larson getting a near pin on Robinson. Forearms and uppercuts on the ropes by Robinson at Larson. Double underhook suplex by Robinson. He goes for the pin on Larson three times. Robinson gets Larson again in a headlock.

Lord Alfred Hayes yells out to Robinson to use Larson as a “toy”. David Crockett mentions that Roddy Piper was suppose to wrestle on the show but he decided that he is not going to wrestle. Caudle is surprised and wants to ask Piper why he made that decision. Hard forearm by Robinson at Larson. He throws a punch at Larson. Robinson slams Larson hard in the corner. Larson reverses an Irish whip into the corner and Larson lays in a series of forearms across Robinson’s back.

Robinson catches Larson with a neckbreaker but only gets a two count. Robinson tosses Larson into the ropes and hits him with a forearm to the back. He then picks up Larson for a backbreaker and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Billy Robinson

Tony Anthony and Buddy Landell join David Crockett for an interview. Landell talks about how tough a tag match they have against Ole Anderson and Ivan Koloff. He said he’s learned a bit while training with Jake Roberts and plans on being a little more aggressive in this match. Anthony says he thinks his best shot is to keep them down on the mat.

“Handsome” Jimmy Valiant vs. Jeff Sword

Quick armdrags as the match is joined in progress. Ivan Koloff shows up to talk with the commentary team. He resents all the letters fans are sending that are calling him a coward and saying he is afraid to wrestle people like Ricky Steamboat or Jimmy Valiant. Koloff insults Valiant and doesn’t think he’s worthy of a shot at the TV title.

Valiant continues to beat on Sword. He gets Sword in a nerve hold. Sword fights back but Valiant recovers and whips him into the ropes and elbows him. He follows with an elbow drop on Sword for the pin.

WINNER: Jimmy Valiant

Ray “The Crippler” Stevens joins Bob Caudle for an interview. He still has the NWA World Tag Team title belt that he took from Ole Anderson. He said that neither of the Andersons have come to take it from him. He spoke to Sandy Scott and said that he would give him the tag title if he can get them to defend the tag titles against him as quickly as possible.

Blackjack Mulligan Jr. and Jake Roberts join Bob Caudle. Blackjack Mulligan Jr. says that David Crockett still has Sgt. Slaughter’s $1,000 in his possession but that is where it is staying for the time being. He says that after the show went off air, he did escape the hold. He says that he will get another chance at that Cobra Clutch Challenge. Roberts agrees.

Terry Taylor vs. Bill White

Bill White gets Terry Taylor in a side headlock. Taylor hip tosses White off the ropes. Roddy Piper joins the commentary team and talks about how Taylor is now wrestling the big boys. He says that he won’t be bothering to wrestle on TV anymore because he has nothing to prove. Monkey flip off the ropes by Taylor. Piper calls Taylor a tremendous wrestler.

Terry Taylor gets White in a headscissors and takes him down. Bob Caudle asks Piper if he’s jealous of Terry Taylor. He tells Caudle that he has no reason to be jealous of him. Bill White kicks at Taylor’s right leg. Taylor gets White with an armdrag and into an armbar. White tries to slam Taylor but he keeps the armbar locked in. Piper says that Taylor reminds him of himself a bit.

They both exchange blows. Taylor whips White into the corner and backdrops him. He slams White onto the mat. White shoves Taylor into the corner and follows with a couple of hard chops. He slams Taylor’s head into the turnbuckle. White whips Taylor across the ropes and lands a forearm across his face. He follows with a backdrop. Taylor gets White in an abdominal stretch and then takes him down for the pin.

WINNER: Terry Taylor

“Pretty Boy” Carl Fergie and Ox Baker join Bob Caudle. Fergie said that a lot of people say he hides behind Ox Baker because he’s not as tough and doesn’t agree. He then asks Ox Baker to tell the fans to shut up. Fergie says that being a pretty boy is not easy and he’s tired of it and Ox Baker is there to help him out. Baker says that Fergie asked him if he liked to beat people up and he likes to beat them up. Baker said that Fergie asked him if he wanted to be a champion and beat people up then he should team up with him and he agreed. Baker then mentions that wrestlers backstage have been messing with the Pretty Boy’s combs and messing his hair up. He says he’s going to have to hurt someone to leave his friend alone.

Ole Anderson & Ivan Koloff (w/ Gene Anderson) vs. Buddy Landell & Tony Anthony

Ole Anderson and Buddy Landell start the match. Some quick matwork from the two. Landell quickly tags in Anthony. Ole takes Anthony down and tags in Koloff. Koloff gets Anthony in a front facelock. Piper thinks Slaughter should get his $1,000 back because Mulligan Jr. might have escaped the Cobra Clutch but it was after TV time ran out. Ole takes Anthony down on the mat.

Sandy Scott comes out to talk about the NWA World Tag Team titles. He said that the Andersons must defend the tag team titles in the next 30 days. It can be either the Anderson or Ole and a partner of his choice. Buddy Landell comes in and beats on Koloff and Anderson! Koloff kicks at Landell and tags in Ole. Anderson slams Landell. Double-team work by Ole and Koloff on Landell. Landell fights back and slams Ivan Koloff. Koloff gets back up and tosses Landell into his corner and tags in Ole. Small package by Landell on Ole but he kicks out. Gene Anderson joins Ole and Koloff in their corner. Ivan and Ole with quick team work on Landell.

Buddy Landell tags in Tony Anthony. He dropkicks Ole Anderson. Ole reaches his corner and tags in Koloff. Koloff with a backbreaker on Anthony. Ole back in and he suplexes Anthony. Koloff slams Anthony into the corner. Koloff climbs up to the top rope and grabs hold of Anthony’s head and dives off the ropes and drives Anthony’s head into the mat. Koloff pins Anthony.

WINNERS: Ole Anderson & Ivan Koloff

Big John Studd joins Bob Caudle and he talks about hurting Blackjack Mulligan. He says he cracked Mulligan’s teeth and enjoyed slapping his son. He vows to finish the job on Mulligan.

Sgt. Slaughter says he is being forced to put the Cobra Clutch on Blackjack Mulligan Jr. again. he will give him another shot and says Mulligan Jr. is going to wish TV time ran out and vows to send him to the hospital.
Ole and Gene Anderson now have both the NWA World Tag Team titles. He says Ray Stevens was scared and that was the reason he returned the belt. Ole says that they will find a partner because Gene is now an advisor and they will do it not because Sandy Scott said, but because they say so.

Roddy Piper waves good-bye as the show comes to an end.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good show. Matches were all okay. Best one was Robinson vs. Larson with Robinson letting Larson get in way more offense than expected. Seems like WWE Network might have edited Valiant’s match instead of putting their in-house music over his own music. Roddy Piper joined Bob Caudle on commentary for the final half of the show and that was great. They worked really well together. The Sgt. Slaughter and Blackjack Mulligan Jr. Cobra Clutch Challenge saga continued and Slaughter had some great promos being upset that they wouldn’t give him back his $1,000.


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