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WCCW TV 4/24/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 4/24/1982

Taped at The Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas . Aired on 4/24/1982.

Mark Lowrance is on commentary. (They misspell Mark’s last name as “Lorenz”!)

Armand Hussein joins Mark Lowrance for an interview before his match. He claims to be the African World Champion and says World Class is the only promotion that can get their TV in the Sudan and other parts of Africa by satellite. He then speaks another language as he leaves to go to the ring.

Armand Hussein vs. Sal Olivares

Armand Hussein tells the ring announcer that he should always introduce him first. Hussein then requests that Olivares leave the ring so that he can do his traditional camel walk before the match. Crowd boos Hussein. Lowrance says that this ceremony has religious significance to Hussein.

Olivares tosses Hussein into the ropes. He gets Hussein in a hammerlock. Hussein reverses but Olivares is able to flip Hussein over. Hussein complains to referee David Manning claiming Olivares pulled his hair. Hussein grabs hold of Olivares hair to take him down. Crowd boos loudly. He does it a second time and Hussein yells NO at the referee. Olivares takes Hussein down with a headscissors.

Hussein uses the ropes to try to pin Olivares but Olivares bridges up while still holding onto Hussein with a headscissors. Hussein struggles to break out of the hold. Referee sees that Hussein is using the ropes to get Olivares in a pinning predicament and shoves him off. Olivares breaks the hold.

Hussein slams Olivares head into the top turnbuckle a couple of times. He stomps on Olivares. He kicks at Olivares and then throws a few punches at him. Hussein whips Olivares across the ropes and catches him with a clothesline. Hussein goes for a pin after a kneedrop but picks Olivares up. Lowrance mentions that Hussein doesn’t like Mexican opponents. Hussein with another kneedrop and then covers Olivares for the pin.

WINNER: Armand Hussein

Bugsy McGraw vs. Raul Castro

Bugsy McGraw stomps around the ring as the masked Raul Castro tries to get the fans behind him. Castro uses his quickness to keep McGraw from grabbing hold of him. Bugsy leaps at Castro but can’t get him. McGraw finally gets Castro and lays in a few forearms into Castro. He slams Castro but misses a legdrop. Castro with a series of topes in the ring. McGraw blocks a tope attempt and starts to stomp on Castro.

McGraw wraps Castro with the ropes and he starts to beat on him as the referee tries to free him. He slams Castro’s head into the corner turnbuckle several times! Referee warns Bugsy. He slams Castro and gets part of Castro’s back with an elbow. He follows that up with several elbows at Castro. McGraw climbs to the top rope and hits a big splash for the pin. Bugsy McGraw spins around in victory!

WINNER: Bugsy McGraw

Kerry Von Erich and Al Madril join Mark Lowrance for an interview. They talk about being the World Class Tag Team Champions. Al Madril said they are willing to defend the titles against anyone and anywhere. Kerry Von Erich praises Al Madril as a tag team partner. Madril talks about his experience as a champion and says that he and Kerry will be champions for a long time. Kerry Von Erich talks about his love of rock ‘n’ roll and how excited he gets when it starts playing before his matches.

Wild Bill Irwin vs. Richard Blood

Fans are chanting “Chauncey” at Wild Bill Irwin, who is still the Texas Heavyweight Champion. Irwin falls into the ropes as Blood sneaks out from under Irwin’s lock-up attempt. Blood with a takedown and gets Irwin in a side headlock. Irwin pulls at Blood’s hair but Blood keeps hold of the side headlock. Irwin reverses into a headscissors but Blood keeps getting Irwin back into that side headlock. Irwin tries to escape the hold but Blood keeps him locked in it.

Irwin whips Blood into the ropes and he grabs him for a slam but Blood is able to use his weight to take Irwin down and go back to a side headlock. Crowd chants loudly for Blood. Irwin whips Blood again into the ropes and misses an elbow but kicks Blood in the face! He stomps on Blood and then punches at him. Fans again start to chant “Chauncey”. Irwin slams Blood’s head into the turnbuckle.

Wild Bill slams Blood and then lands an elbow on him. He gets a two count on Blood. Irwin whips Blood into the ropes but Blood gets him with a sunset flip but Irwin kicks out. Wild Bill follows with a double thrust chop at Blood and then continues to attack Blood. Big punch thrown at Blood. They both exchange blows. Referee Bronco Lubich warns Irwin. He grabs hold of Blood for a side suplex. Knee into Blood’s head. Blood fights back! Irwin pounds on Blood on the ropes. He throws Blood into the ropes but Blood catches Irwin with a knee lift!

Richard Blood’s on fire with a series of punches and a dropkick! He gets Irwin with a legdrop and gets a 2-count. He whips Irwin into the ropes and goes for another knee lift! Forearm smash at Irwin! Blood charges off the ropes at Irwin who catches him and tosses Blood into the ropes. Irwin slams Blood and then hits a running knee drop on Blood for the pin! Good match.

WINNER: Wild Bill Irwin

Wild Bill Irwin said he learned that finisher the running atomic knee drop from a friend of his who has been in pro wrestling for a very long time. He claims that no one will ever beat him for the Texas Heavyweight title.

Kerry Von Erich vs. Black Gordman

Kerry Von Erich tries to go after Gordman’s legs but Gordman is able to get him in a full nelson. Kerry quickly reverses and Gordman yells out “Ay mama!!!” They reach the ropes and the referee has them break. Kerry armdrags Gordman and follows with a headlock. Gordman gets knocked down by Kerry off the ropes. Kerry kicks Gordman and Gordman heads to the outside.

Black Gordman gets back into the ring and kicks at Kerry. He punches Kerry and then starts to kick and slam him into the top turnbuckle. Punches thrown by Gordman. Fans loudly chant for Kerry who makes a comeback and kicks at Gordman. Gordman and Kerry exchange punches until Kerry snapmares Gordman and then goes for a kneedrop on Gordman. He only gets a two-count. Fans start to chant “We Want The Claw”! Gordman tells them NO!!! Kerry catches Gordman with the Claw in the mid-section and then picks him up high up in the air! Gordman reaches the ropes as he screams for mercy.

Black Gordman writhes in pain in the corner. Gordman fights back against Kerry and slams him into the turnbuckles. Gordman with a hip/thigh attack on Kerry. He gets Kerry with a nerve hold on the shoulders and lays in an elbow across Kerry’s face. Kerry struggles to break out of the nerve hold until he grabs hold of Gordman’s leg. Kerry goes to work on Gordman’s left leg.

Gordman breaks out of the hold and twist and attacks Kerry’s left arm. He gets Kerry in an abdominal stretch. Kerry escapes by hiptossing Gordman. Gordman quickly gets back and attacks Kerry who fights back with a series of punches. Gordman collapses in the corner. He gets back up and whips Kerry into the corner but Kerry catches him with a sunset flip off the ropes for the pin. Good match.

WINNER: Kerry Von Erich

Mark Lowrance interviews Wild Bill Irwin again. Irwin says he didn’t steal the Texas Heavyweight title from Al Madril. He says he got rid of his manager (Capt. Frank Dusek) and he’ll beat anyone without him.

Armand Hussein and King Kong Bundy join Mark Lowrance. Hussein says Lowrance should dress properly for a TV show that airs around the world. He says any promoter that wants to bring H & H Corporation to their town all they have to do is call him. King Kong Bundy says that he joined Hussein and Hart because all he cares about is money and he’s making more of it with them than he ever did with the Von Erichs.

King Kong Bundy (w/ Armand Hussein) vs. The Spoiler

King Kong Bundy attacks The Spoiler before the bell rings. The Spoiler makes a comeback and lands a big chop off the middle rope at Bundy. Bundy lays in a few forearms across The Spoiler’s chest in the corner. The Spoiler gets in a few forearms at Bundy. The Spoiler walks the ropes and drops an elbow on Bundy!

Bundy and Spoiler go back and forth exchanging blows. Bundy whips Spoiler into the corner and as Bundy charges into the corner, The Spoiler moves out of the way. Another punch thrown off the ropes by The Spoiler at Bundy. He gets Bundy with the Iron Claw across the forehead!

King Kong Bundy gets The Spoiler in a bear hug as The Spoiler keeps the claw on. He shoves The Spoiler into the corner and tries to remove The Spoiler’s mask. Hussein yells instructions to Bundy about taking the mask off. The Spoiler tries to keep the mask on and is holding to it with his teeth. The Spoiler makes a comeback with a few punches but Bundy gets him back up in a bear hug. The Spoiler escapes!

Bundy tosses The Spoiler to the floor. The Spoiler pulls Bundy to the floor and slams him into the ringpost. Bundy goes after the mask. The referee calls for the bell and disqualifies Bundy for tearing The Spoiler’s mask. The two continue to fight as the bell continues to ring. Referees try to break them apart. Fun match.

WINNER: The Spoiler via DQ.

Mark Lowrance interviews The Spoiler who says if Bundy wants another match with him, he’ll give it to him. He says it will take a better man to remove his mask.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent show. The Sportatorium had a really hot crowd that was very loud and into every match on the show. The first couple of matches were okay but the last three were good. Lots of heat in the last three. Thought the Kerry vs. Gordman match was the best match on the show. Spoiler and Bundy had a really good brawl. Fun show.


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