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ECW TV 11/9/1993

Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV #31 (11/9/1993)

Taped on 10/2/1993 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA. Aired on 11/9/1993.

Show opens with a Special Bulletin with Jay Sulli mentioning that later during the show they’ll be talking to Terry Funk and hope to find out who he will teaming with at the November To Remember show. Sulli mentions that Funk’s orignal choice as a tag team partner was recovering from injuries after being subdued by police over a parachuting incident in Las Vegas.

Joey Styles is in the ECW Control Center as he talks about the Terror at Tabor and November To Remember shows coming up the following weekend.

They recap the Sherri Martel and Madusa confrontation in New York City. Sherri talks about sleeping with Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, who was dating Madusa and sitting next to her during the confrontation. Madusa then trashes Sherri and tells her she couldn’t hang in Japan.

Styles talks about Tommy Dreamer vs. Tasmaniac in a rematch and they air a replay of their previous match.

Joey Styles is backstage with Jason. A woman wants Jason to go with her but he tells her that he’s busy. Styles wants Jason to talk about the wrestling matches but he wants to talk about what camera to look at.

Video feature on Sal Bellomo is shown. Joey Styles then talks about the upcoming match between Sal Bellomo and the Rockin’ Rebel. They recap what happened between the two and why Bellomo wants revenge.

Joey Styles talks about the upcoming Shoot Fight between Tommy Cairo and Kevin Sullivan. Music video and interview featuring Kevin Sullivan is shown.

Hunter Q. Robbins III, Johnny Hot Body & Tony Stetson promo.

Joey Styles talks about the Public Enemy and Badd Company feud followed by a recap. They air highlights of Badd Company challenging for the ECW Tag Team titles against Johnny Hot Body & Tony Stetson with Public Enemy running out and costing them the match.

The Badd Company (Pat Tanaka & Paul Diamond) vs. The Public Enemy (“Flyboy” Rocco Rock & Johnny Grunge) vs. The Bad Breed (Axl Rotten & Ian Rotten) in a Triangle Tag Team Steel Cage Match

Recap of this cage match. The Public Enemy were waiting to wrestle The Bad Breed in the cage but Badd Company runs in and attacks them with chairs. The Public Enemy run out of the cage but The Bad Breed throw them back into the cage and all three teams are in the cage.

Don Muraco joined Joey Styles on commentary during this match. All three teams brawl in the cage. Tanaka tosses Axl into the cage. Diamond and Rocco Rock brawl on top of the cage. Tanaka goes after Ian Rotten. Grunge walks around the ring not doing much. He finally starts to choke on Axl while on the cage. Diamond swings a chair and hits a few guys. Rock tries to climb out of the cage but Tanaka holds onto him. Grunge runs over to help Rock. Diamond and Ian fight on top of the cage. Rocco Rock climbs out of the cage to win the match.

WINNERS: The Public Enemy

Matty In Da House announces that there will be a Viewer’s Choice match with fans getting to pick the type of match they want to see The Public Enemy and The Badd Company be in.

Mr. Hughes promo for his upcoming match against Johnny Gunn. He vows to take down Johnny Gunn with the sidewalk slam.

Sabu video featuring highlights of him wrestling in Japan. That’s followed by highlights of Sabu in ECW.

Road Warrior Hawk interview via telephone from Japan. It sounds like someone impersonating Hawk. Talked about the tag match with him teaming with Sabu against Terry Funk and a mystery partner.

Terry Funk interview via telephone. He tells Styles to shut up and talks about how he’s not going to tell anyone who his mystery partner will be until the day of the show. Funk mentions that he teamed once with Road Warrior Hawk and came away disappointed. He called Hawk a disappointment and says he was the only one who was good in that ECW match. He said Hawk depended on Animal because he didn’t have any ability. Funk had not realized which of The Road Warriors had the ability but after teaming with Hawk now he knows it was Animal that had it all. Funk wants Sabu to decide if he’s a wrestler or a brawler.

Styles does a “Top 10 Reasons You Should Be at November to Remember” list.

10. You’ll find out who Terry Funk’s Mystery Partner is!
9. If you go, you’ll most likely get lucky!
8. If your children misbehave, Sabu will eat them for you!
7. 3 Words: WOMAN! WOMAN! WOMAN!
6. If we sell out, we won’t have to air these stupid Carver W. Reed commercials!
5. Sherri & Madusa: MEOW!
4. You Pick the Stipulations: Tanaka & Diamond vs. The Public Enemy
3. You get a chance to throw things at Jason and ruin his suit!
2. The ticket taker is a nymphomaniac
1. It Won’t Suck!

Recap of the Terry Funk and Sabu rivalry plus the tag team match with Sabu teaming with Road Warrior Hawk against Terry Funk and a mystery partner.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Rough show to watch. It was all recaps. Not much more to say about it.


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