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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 1/2/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 1/2/1982

Taped 12/30/1981 at WPCQ-TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 1/2/1982.

Bob Caudle & David Crockett are on commentary. They announce that fans will decide who contributed the most to Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling in 1981. They will have fans write-in and will award the winning wrestler something that they will later announce more info on.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts & Jay Youngblood vs. Chris Markoff & Mike Miller

Chris Markoff gets Jay Youngblood in a headlock but Youngblood is able to whip him across the ropes and hit a dropkick. Markoff quickly tags in Miller. Youngblood gets Miller in a wristlock and he tags in Roberts. Roberts with a tackle off the ropes but Miller gets him with a hiptoss. Roberts gets back u pand takes down Miller. He gets Miller in an armbar submission hold. He drops a knee across Miller’s arm but Miller reaches the ropes.

Jake Roberts goes back to getting Miller in a side headlock. Miller breaks out and reverses it into a headscissors. Roberts escapes. Crowd cheers on Roberts. He chops Miller in his corner and tags in youngblood. Double chop thrust at Miller by Youngblood. Youngblood lands a dropkick and then takes him down with a headlock. Miller gets up and whips Jay into the ropes but Youngblood is able to keep control of the match. He tags in Roberts who goes back to a headlock on Miller.

Roberts leapfrogs over Miller and slams him and goes back to a headlock. He tags in Youngblood again and they threaten to double-team Miller but Markoff charges over and accidentally hits his tag partner. Youngblood back to a headlock on Miller. Miller shoves Youngblood into his corner and tags in Markoff. Youngblood continues to control the match until Markoff gets a knee in on Youngblood. Markoff slams Youngblood and proceeds to beat on Jay. Armbar by Markoff and he pulls Youngblood down by the hair to keep him locked in the hold. Youngblood inches away trying to reach Roberts but Markoff drags him back to his corner and tags in Miller.

Mike Miller goes to work on Youngblood’s left arm and shoulder as the fans cheer for Jay. Miller with a back flip on Youngblood. Markoff back in and he continues to attack Youngblood’s left arm. He whips Jay across the ropes and hits a knee to the mid-section. Youngblood fights back and chops down Markoff and tags in Roberts. Roberts comes in and punches away at Miller. Roberts tags in Youngblood who hits a double chop at Miller. Youngblood then tags in Roberts and he catches Miller with the knee lift and gets the pin.

WINNERS: Jake Roberts & Jay Youngblood

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper shows up to talk to Bob Caudle. He talks about how fans are going to write-in to vote on who contributed the most in 1981. Piper buries everyone including Ric Flair. He talks about how he held the NWA TV, U.S. and Mid-Atlantic titles in 1981. He asks if the fans have enough guts to swallow their pride and vote for him. He says that he might have a big mouth but he’s perfect in so many other ways.

“The Russian Bear” Ivan Koloff vs. Ron Sexton for the NWA Television Title

Ivan Koloff lays in a forearm on Sexton and tosses him out of the corner. Sexton makes a comeback and gets Koloff in a side headlock. Koloff knocks Sexton down and drops a knee across his chest. Sexton reverses a hammerlock on Koloff. He switches over to a wristlock on Koloff. Koloff escapes by kicking at Sexton.

Sandy Scott joins the commentary team. Headscissors by Koloff on Sexton.He escapes and gets Koloff in a headlock. Koloff escapes and kicks Sexton’s back. He slams Sexton and then gets him with an atomic drop. Koloff keeps throwing some hard punches at Sexton’s back. He whips Sexton across the ropes and Sexton goes up with a backflip. Ivan Koloff gets Sexton in a bear hug. Sexton punches his way out of the hold.

Ivan Koloff with a snapmare. He lands a running knee on Sexton and then climbs to the middle rope and gets in a kneedrop on Sexton. He refuses to pin him and Sexton fights back. Koloff goes for a pin but Sexton kicks out. Front facelock by Koloff on Sexton. Koloff continues to attack Sexton’s back. He tosses Sexton to the outside.

Ivan Koloff goes to the outside and brings Sexton back into the ring. He tosses Sexton into the corner. He picks up Sexton and slams him into the corner and Sexton gets stuck on the ropes until the referee pulls him off. Ivan Koloff climbs to the top rope and grabs hold of Sexton’s head, places his knee on the back of his head and then drives him down to the mat. Koloff gets the pin.

WINNER: Ivan Koloff

Promos for upcoming shows. Super Destroyer talks about his match against Jay Youngblood where if Super D loses he will unmask but if Youngblood loses, he must leave town. Lord Alfred Hayes talks about an upcoming lumberjack match against Johnny Weaver but he tells the announcer that Super Destroyer would not be pleased if he heard him call him “Super D”. Ivan Koloff talked about defending the TV title against Jimmy Valiant and he complains that Valiant always breaks the rules.

Ray “The Crippler” Stevens vs. Tony Russo

Tony Russo gets Stevens in a headlock but Stevens whips him into the ropes. Russo knocks him down but Stevens gets Russo in a headscissors. Russo escapes and gets Stevens in a headlock. They do a bit of mat wrestling. Stevens gets in a few forearms on Russo. Russo gets one in as well on the ropes on Stevens. He goes to work on Stevens’ left arm.

Ray Stevens gets Russo in the corner and lands a few right hands and elbows on him. He backdrops Russo off the ropes and then drops a few knees across Russo’s chest. Stevens gets Russo with a piledriver and gets the pin. He wins but decides to drop a knee on Russo after he won the match.

WINNER: Ray Stevens

Jake “The Snake” Roberts joins Bob Caudle and says he spent the holidays with his family. He talks about a hog at the family farm and said the hog reminds him of Ole Anderson. Blackjack Mulligan Jr. talks about chasing after Sgt. Slaughter for the U.S. Title. He says Slaughter is getting scared. Ray Stevens still has the NWA World Tag title belt that he took from the Andersons. He says the only way Ole can take the belt from him is to go thru him and gives credit to Ole for being a tough man but he vows to put an end to Ole.

Blackjack Mulligan Jr. vs. Bill White

Blackjack Mulligan Jr. with a few armdrags to start the match and sends White all around the ring. White lays in a forearm on Mulligan Jr’s back. He does it a second time. White with a punch across Mulligan Jr’s face. Mulligan Jr. gets White with a headscissors to knock him down to the mat. He gets a near fall on White while he has him in the headscissors.

Bill White reaches the ropes to break the headscissors. Mulligan Jr. gets White in an armbar but White shoves him into the corner. White tries to hip toss Mulligan Jr. out of the corner but Mulligan Jr. reverses it. Sgt. Slaughter shows up ringside. White gets in a few punches at Mulligan Jr. Sgt. Slaughter says he’s tired of Mulligan Sr. getting mad at everyone who slaps around his kid because he plans on slapping his kid around. Mulligan Jr. with an armbar on White.

Sgt. Slaughter insults Mulligan Jr. who keeps looking over at him. White whips Mulligan Jr. into the ropes and gets in a few kicks on him. Mulligan Jr. fights back with a few kicks and punches of his own. He backdrops White out of the corner and land an elbow smash on White. Mulligan jr. goes for an armbar submission. Slaughter claims that Mulligan Jr. that he quit numerous times while he had him in the Cobra Clutch. Mulligan Jr. gets White with a dropkick and then follows with a flying forearm. Blackjack Mulligan Jr. then gets the pin on White after the bulldog. Sgt. Slaughter leaves as Mulligan Jr. stares him down.

WINNER: Blackjack Mulligan Jr.

Promos for upcoming shows. Johnny Weaver talks about his lumberjack match against Lord Alfred Hayes. Jay Youngblood talks about the high stakes in his match against The Super Destroyer. Jay even says that if Super D beats him that not only will he leave town but he’ll cut his hair as well.

Sgt. Slaughter & Pvt. Jim Nelson vs. Terry Taylor & Mike Davis

Mike Davis quickly tags in Terry Taylor as they go up against Nelson. They both work on Nelson’s left arm. Slaughter can be heard yelling at Nelson. Nelson reaches the ropes and tags in Slaughter. Slaughter misses a forearm in the corner and Taylor armdrags Slaughter and goes to work on Slaughter’s left arm. Slaughter whips him across the ropes and slams Taylor but misses an elbow. Taylor and Davis continue to go with quick tags and working on Slaughter’s left arm.

Sgt. Slaughter whips Davis across the ropes but Davis catches him with a dropkick and again gets Sarge in an armbar. Taylor back in and continues to work on Slaughter’s arm. Slaughter slams Taylor’s head into the top turnbuckle and tags in Nelson. Nelson slams Taylor. Front facelock on Taylor as the crowd starts a “Go Terry Go!” chant. Sgt. Slaughter back in but Taylor makes a comeback and tags in Davis. Davis dropkicks Slaughter and goes after Nelson. Davis misses a dropkick on Slaughter. Neckbreaker by Slaughter and he only gets a two-count.

Nelson back in on Davis. He continues to beat on Davis. Chinlock by Nelson. Davis kicks his way out of the hold. Nelson stops Davis and tags in Slaughter. Slaughter with an elbow off the ropes on Davis. Slaughter whips Davis across the ropes and Nelson clotheslines him. Sgt. Slaughter puts Davis in the Cobra Clutch. Slaughter & Nelson win as Davis is knocked out.

WINNER: Sgt. Slaughter & Pvt. Nelson

Ivan Koloff joins Bob Caudle for an interview. He talks about the uprising against his country and doesn’t understand why others don’t just give in to how much better his country and he is. Ole and Gene Anderson vow to take back the tag title that Ray Stevens took from them. Ole says that Sandy Scott always threatening fines and suspensions but he vows that he’ll get Stevens in the ring. He wants Stevens to give back the title belt.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay show. Most of the matches were just okay with the best one probably being the first tag match with Roberts & Youngblood. Roddy Piper’s promo was great.


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