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Mid-South Wrestling 9/16/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 9/16/1982

Taped 9/15/1982 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 9/16/1982.

Boyd Pearce & “Cowboy” Bill Watts are on commentary. Watts mentions that there are some new wrestlers on their way to the Mid-South Wrestling area and he says the first one is terrifying and they show a video of Kamala “The Ugandan Giant” who will be in Mid-South in two weeks.

Reiser Bowden is on vacation and is replaced this week by Jack Curtis as the ring announcer.

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. Jesse Barr

Jesse Barr witih a quick takedown on Duggan but he moves around and reverses the hold. They both back away and Duggan looks upset. Barr gets Duggan with a series of armdrags and Duggan bails out and heads to the outside.

Duggan returns to the ring and stomps on the mat for a bit. He then charges at Barr and stomps on him. He hiptosses Barr out of the corner but again Barr counters and sends him flying around the ring with armdrags. Duggan again heads to the outside. He gets in the ring and runs around Barr before finally laying in a few forearms on Barr. Duggan with a boot to Barr’s head.

Hacksaw Duggan tosses Barr into the corner. He whips Barr into the ropes and hits him with an elbow. Gets a 2-count on Barr. Duggan again whips Barr into the ropes and misses a reverse elbow and Barr hits him with a dropkick. Monkey flip out of the corner. Barr whips Duggan into the ropes but Duggan leapfrogs over him and then spears him head-first! Duggan picks up Barr and slams him into the corner turnbuckles and then gets Barr with a backbreaker and gets the pin.

WINNER: Hacksaw Duggan

Ted DiBiase vs. Johnny Rich

Ted DiBiase shoves Johnny Rich into the ropes and into the corner and waves at him to come at him. DiBiase armdrags Rich and continues to mock him. He slams Rich and tells him to get up. Watts mentions that Johnny Rich is Tommy Rich’s cousin and talks about how Tommy and Ted DiBiase were close friends and tag team partners in Georgia. Johnny Rich slams DiBiase! He armdrags and slams DiBiase again. Big elbow off the ropes on DiBiase and Ted heads to the outside. The crowd cheers as DiBiase is upset.

Johnny Rich slingshots DiBiase back into the ring. He gets DiBiase with an inside cradle for a near fall. Armdrag by Rich but DiBiase gets back up and hits Rich with a forearm across the face. He beats on Rich and punches him a few times. Whips Rich into the corner and DiBiase stomps on him. DiBiase whips Rich into the ropes and hits him with an elbow. He gets Rich with a backbreaker and gets a 2-count.

Ted DiBiase lays in a few punches near the ropes on Rich. He whips Rich into the ropes and Rich counters with a kick at DiBiase. Punches thrown by Rich! Rich whips DiBiase into the ropes and backdrops him. Rich again with a whip into the ropes and another backdrop. He gets another 2-count on DiBiase with a cradle! DiBiase gets up and takes a swing at Rich but he ducks. Rich goes for another pin on DiBiase.

DiBiase goes into his tights and loads up his glove. He punches Rich across the face. Rich gets knocked out and DiBiase covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Ted DiBiase

Gen. Skandor Akbar talks about wrestling for the first time sincehe was North American Champion. He wants to make a wager with Col. Buck Robley because he knows Robley loses his money gambling and every time he returns to Mid-South its because he’s broke. Akbar wants to bet $1,000 that he can beat his opponent on this show faster than Col. Buck Robley can beat his opponent.

Bill Watts mentions that Akbar checked who Robley’s opponent would be and knows it is Kelly Kiniski the son of former NWA World Champion Gene Kiniski. Watts also says that Grizzly Smith will be timing both matches to see who wins their match faster.

Gen. Skandor Akbar vs. Tim Horner

Akbar attacks Horner before the bell rings. He whips him across the ropes and lays in a punch at Horner’s mid-section. Horner fights back and the two exchange punches. Horner takes control of the match and whips Akbar across the ropes a few times. Horner misses a dropkick and Akbar takes over the match. Akbar gets a knee in Horner’s mid-section. He follows with a slam.

Horner tries to fight back but Akbar keeps attacking Horner. He kicks and stomps on Horner. Horner punches his way out of trouble. Horner gets a near fall on Akbar with a cradle but Akbar breaks free and gets right up and continues to attack Horner. He catches Horner with a backbreaker. Akbar clamps on the Camel Clutch on Horner and gets him to submit.

WINNER: Gen. Skandor Akbar

Col. Buck Robley vs. Kelly Kiniski

Gen. Skandor Akbar returns to the ring and tells Robley that he’s wrestling the son of former NWA World Champion Gene Kiniski and says he has a “sizable” bonus for Kiniski. He brings out the $1,000. Ring announcer tells Col. Buck Robley that Akbar won his match in 2 minutes 10 seconds. Akbar tells Robley to try to win his match faster.

Akbar is in the ring and keeps talking to Kiniski. Referee tells Akbar to get out of the ring but he’s in no rush to get out. Robley dropkicks Kiniski into Akbar and that sends Akbar to the outside of the ring and knocks down Kiniski. Robley covers Kiniski for the pin and wins Akbar’s $1,000!

Akbar gets into the ring to get back his money but Robley stops him and starts to pound away on Akbar. Robley with an atomic drop on Akbar and then he tosses him to the outside. Robley picks up all the money and leaves.

WINNER: Col. Buck Robley

The Junkyard Dog & Mr. Olympia © vs. Killer Khan & The One Man Gang (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar) for the Mid-South Tag Team Titles

Bill Watts mentions that the time of Col. Buck Robley’s win was 22 seconds. The One Man Gang lays in a few forearms on Mr. Olympia to start the match. Mr. Olympia hits the ropes and lands on OMG with a high cross body block for a near fall. OMG tags in Killer Khan. Khan gets Mr. Olympia in a front facelock but Mr. Olympia reaches out and tags in JYD.

The Junkyard Dog goes to work on Killer Khan and knocks him down with a few punches. Khan tags in The One Man Gang and he and JYD exchange punches. JYD hits OMG with a clothesline. He tags in Mr. Olympia who kicks at OMG. He gets OMG in a wristlock and quickly tags in JYD. One Man Gang tags in Killer Khan and he gets in some chops on JYD. He snapmares JYD and chokes him. JYD fights out of Khan’s grasp.

Killer Khan tags in One Man Gang. OMG goes for the piledriver on JYD but he backdrops OMG instead! JYD tags in Mr. Olympia who takes on both Khan and OMG. The One Man Gang slams Mr. Olympia and splashes him. He gets a two-count on Mr. Olympia. Double-team work by Khan and OMG on Mr. Olympia. Reverse backbreaker by Killer Khan on Mr. Olympia.

Killer Khan with a double chop at Mr. Olympia. One Man Gang tags in and he slams Mr. Olympia. OMG distracts the referee and JYD. Killer Khan goes for his kneedrop off the ropes but Mr. Olympia moves out of the way! He crawls underneath OMG and tags in JYD who headbutts Killer Khan. All four men get in the ring. JYD lifts up OMG and powerslams him and covers OMG for the pin!

WINNERS: The Junkyard Dog & Mr. Olympia

Mr. Wrestling II vs. The Grappler

The fans and Bill Watts all notice that the person under the mask of The Grappler is NOT The Grappler! Watts points out that this guy isn’t even built like The Grappler. Mr. Wrestling II takes down the fake Grappler to the mat with a headscissors. The fake Grappler shoves Mr. Wrestling II in the corner and lays in some shoulder tackles into Mr. Wrestling II. Mr. Wrestling II gets in a knee on the fake Grappler.

Mr. Wrestling II gets his opponent again in a headscissors. Takedown and into a headlock by Mr. Wrestling II on the fake Grappler. The fake Grappler lays in a few forearms on Mr. Wrestling II and then gets in a few elbows. Mr. Wrestling II gets back up and punches and slaps some forearms across the back of the Grappler.

Front facelock by Mr. Wrestling II and the Grappler shoves him into the corner. Mr. Wrestling takes the Grappler down and goes to work on his left leg. The Grappler punches Mr. Wrestling II and then gets in some forearm smashes across his back. Mr. Wrestling II fights back and tries to remove The Grappler’s mask. Referee tries to break them up and gets shoved out of the ring.

Mr. Wrestling II and the fake Grappler bump into each other and are knocked down. The real Grappler runs in and pulls the other Grappler out of the ring. The Grappler now uses the running knee lift on Mr. Wrestling II. Referee rolls back into the ring. The Grappler goes for another knee lift but Mr. Wrestling II is ready and sweeps his legs out from under him. Mr. Wrestling II catches The Grappler with a couple of knee lifts. He knocks him down and the other Grappler runs in. Mr. Wrestling II takes on both Grapplers and sends them to the outside. Mr. Wrestling II is declared the winner via DQ.

WINNER: Mr. Wrestling II via DQ.

“Iron” Mike Sharpe vs. Larry Clarke

Clarke gets Sharpe in a full nelson but it is quickly reversed. Clarke has to reach the ropes to get Sharpe to break the hold. Sharpe gets Clarke in a hammerlock but Clarke reaches the ropes. Sharpe with a nice roll-up on Clarke to take him down. Clarke lays in a few forearms and a kick at Sharpe but Sharpe gets upset and beats on Clarke. He gets Clarke with a clothesline and follows up with a piledriver and gets the pin.

WINNER: Mike Sharpe

They show highlights of The Mongolian Stomper against Jim Jones from Florida. Don Carson is The Stomper’s manager. Carson joined Gordon Solie on commentary and had some of his comments muted for TV. Watts mentioned that both will be coming into Mid-South Wrestling.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode with a couple of storylines going on throughout the show. Akbar’s feud with Robley led to him making a wager that he eventually lost. Junkyard Dog and Mr. Olympia retained the Mid-South Tag Team titles against a pretty tough tag team. Ted DiBiase lost his cool in his match and once again used the loaded glove to gain a victory. Mr. Wrestling II now has to deal with two Grapplers. They also hyped the arrivals of Kamala and The Mongolian Stomper which just adds to all the crazy heels in the territory at this time.


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