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WCCW TV 4/3/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 4/3/1982

Taped at the Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Aired on 4/3/1982.

Mark Lowrance and Capt. Frank Dusek are on commentary this week. Dusek says that there is a rift between himself and Wild Bill Irwin and says he is still the manager of the Texas Heavyweight Champion (Irwin).

Al Madril vs. Black Gordman

Black Gordman is listed as “Blackie Gordman”. Al Madril and Kerry Von Erich are the current WCWA World Tag Team Champions. Madril gets Gordman in a hammerlock and both use their speed early in the match. Gordman takes Madril down with an armlock and switches over to a wristlock. Madril threatens to punch Gordman but Gordman pulls his hair. Gordman cowardly heads to the ropes to keep Madril from punching him.

Al Madril grabs hold of Gordman and punches him. Mark Lowrance mentions that they will air a video of Kerry challenging Ric Flair on a recent show. Gordman gets in a few punches at Madril and the crowd gets upset. Madril’s sent head-first into the turnbuckle. Gordman lays in more punches. He gets Madril in a headlock and Madril uses a top wristlock to try to break free but Gordman pulls his hair to get him back in a headlock. Madril tries to escape again and again Gordman pulls his hair. Gordman punches Madril as referee David Manning tells Gordman to break the hold.

Al Madril gets in a punch on Gordman but Gordman attacks Madril and uses the ropes to his advantage. Madril pulls away from Gordman and punches him! He tosses Gordman into the corner. They exchange punches! Gordman goes for a punch but his arm gets stuck on the top rope. (A really cool spot that can go unnoticed if done quickly) Gordman climbs up to the top rope and Madril armdrags him off the ropes. Madril goes to work on Gordman’s left leg. Gordman rolls to the outside.

Gordman climbs up to the ring and Madril catches him but gets distracted. Gordman gets in the ring and goes for the DDT on Madril. He gets a two count. Dusek mentions how he’s never seen that move before. Gordman follows with a hip/waist attack over Madril’s neck. He elbows Madril and sends him to the floor!

Black Gordman yells at the fans. Madril gets back in the ring and he grabs hold of Gordman’s head and sends him into the turnbuckle. Madril tosses Gordman and stomps on Gordman’s back. He throws a flurry of punches at Gordman’s face. Sends Gordman’s face across his knee. The two brawl on the mat and exchange punches. Ring announcer mentions 60 seconds remaining in the match. Madril covers Gordman for a pin but Gordman kicks out. 30 seconds left in the match. Madril goes for a sunset flip on Gordman for the pin but Gordman kicks out. Madril catches Gordman with the abdominal stretch. Bell rings and the match ends in a draw.


Al Madril asks for five more minutes. Black Gordman leaves. He returns and decides to leave again.

Bugsy McGraw joins Mark Lowrance for an interview. McGraw talks about being the Texas Brass Knuckles Champion. He says his wants and desires are as great as his needs. He talks about wanting a pony when he was a kid and his dad said no, so he broke his arm. He says if you don’t get what you want, you have to make sure that person remembers that you didn’t get what you wanted.

The Great Kabuki (w/ Gary Hart & Armand Hussein) vs. “Boogaloo” Tom Shaft

Capt. Frank Dusek calls The Great Kabuki one of the most dangerous men in pro wrestling. Kabuki is accompanied by H & H Limited. Lowrance mentions that Hussein has joined up with Hart to manage and also train King Kong Bundy. Referee David Manning tells them that only one of the managers can remain ringside. Hussein tells Manning that if his dad was around, he would have never made any agreements with the U.S. Manning doesn’t care and tells him that either Hussein or Hart have to leave the ringside area or he’ll declare Tom Shaft the winner. Hussein leaves the ringside area.

The Great Kabuki spits out his green mist. Shaft gets in a few big punches on Kabuki. He beats on Kabuki and goes for a wristlock on Kabuki’s broken hand. Kabuki gets in a spin kick on Shaft and then grabs hold of Shaft’s head. Shaft escapes and keeps attacking Kabuki’s broken hand. Kabuki gets in a kick on Shaft and knocks him down. A chop by Kabuki and he tries again with his broken hand and he’s in pain. Shaft stomps on Kabuki’s broken hand. He continues his attack on the broken hand.

The Great Kabuki misses a dropkick. He comes back with a few more kicks on Shaft and then lays in a few chops. Kabuki uses only his right hand for a nerve hold on Shaft and this makes it easier for Shaft to escape. Shaft continues to attack the broken left hand. Shaft with a snapmare and he continues to attack Kabuki’s broken hand. Headbutts by Shaft on Kabuki’s broken hand. Gary Hart gets involved and he gets headbutted by Shaft! He continues his attack on Kabuki’s hand.

Armand Hussein reappears and distracts the referee and Tom Shaft! The Great Kabuki grabs some nunchucks! He hits Shaft with them. He starts strangling Shaft with them. Kabuki hides the nunchucks and covers Shaft for the pin.

WINNER: The Great Kabuki

Kerry Von Erich vs. Carlos Zapata

Capt. Frank Dusek said he petitioned the NWA and WCWA about Kerry Von Erich’s Iron Claw being an illegal move and wants to see if Kerry tries to use it again. Kerry Von Erich with a pair of armdrags to take Zapata down to start the match. He gets Zapata in a wristlock. Crowd cheers on Kerry. He drops a leg on Zapata’s arm. He gets Zapata with an armdrag and now puts him in an armbar.

Zapata gets up and pushes Kerry into the ropes. They both run the ropes and Kerry catches him with a pair of dropkicks. Zapata heads to the outside. He gets back in the ring. Single-leg pick-up by Kerry Von Erich and he tries to get Zapata to submit. Zapata pulls at Kerry’s face to break out of the hold. He slams Kerry’s head into the turnbuckle. He gets in a few chops and punches at Kerry Von Erich, who gets upset and he counters. Kerry Von Erich gets Carlos Zapata with a round house discus punch and gets the pin.

WINNER: Kerry Von Erich

They air a video showing Ric Flair and Kerry Von Erich’s confrontation. This was from a show a few weeks prior when Flair was scheduled to wrestle Richard Blood. Kerry came out before the match to issue a challenge to Flair for the NWA World Heavyweight title. They had a brawl after the challenge.

Wild Bill Irwin vs. The Spoiler

This match was joined in progress. Both men grab hold of chairs. Wild Bill gets in a few forearms but Spoiler slams Irwin face-first on the chair. The Spoiler chokes Irwin across the top rope. Irwin heads back to the outside. Irwin gets back up on the ring and the two exchange a few punches before Irwin pokes Spoiler’s eyes. He tosses Spoiler into the corner and continues to attack him. Elbows thrown by Irwin at Spoiler, who starts making a comeback and knocks Irwin down by grabbing hold of his foot.

Irwin whips Spoiler into the ropes and kicks at him. Spoiler with a big kick at Irwin to knock him down. The Spoiler jumps off the ropes and gets Irwin with the Iron Claw! Irwin gets out of the ring but Spoiler keeps hold of the Iron Claw on Irwin! Referee Bronco Lubich breaks the hold. Wild Bill gets back up and uses the ropes to choke Spoiler. Fans start chanting “Chauncey”. Spoiler kicks Irwin back to the outside. Spoiler teases jumping to the outside onto Irwin but Irwin gets back in the ring.

The Spoiler gets Irwin with a neckbreaker. He follows with a backslide on Irwin. He gets a few near falls on Irwin. They exchange punches with time running out in the match. The Spoiler goes back to using the Iron Claw on Irwin while also having him in a headlock. Dusek mentions how this is when Irwin really needs him. The bell rings letting everyone know the match ended in a time limit draw. The two continue to brawl. Irwin tries to unmask The Spoiler. They continue to throw punches until The Spoiler throws Irwin over the top rope.


SHOW THOUGHTS: This was a good episode. The crowd energy throughout the show was great. Two matches ended in time limit draws which might be a bit of turn-off for fans watching this show. Gordman and Madril’s match was pretty good. There are some little things done by Gordman that will usually go unnoticed by some fans. He’s great at drawing heat and he does some of the little things that only get noticed if you watch carefully. Like when he and Madril are exchanging punches, him being the heel, he has to do a spot that lets the babyface get the advantage on him, so he goes to swing for another punch but he’s close to the top rope and his arm gets caught by it. That’s all Madril needed to regain the advantage in the match. Also Gordman was one of the first guys to use the DDT and watching him and Roberts in the early ’80s its amusing how that move is still not a big-time finisher. I thought the two middle matches were okay and built up both The Great Kabuki and Kerry Von Erich. Main event was a pretty good brawl. I was hoping when The Spoiler was teasing diving off the top rope that he would do it. Very easy and enjoyable show to watch.


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