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Mid-South Wrestling 9/9/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 9/9/1982

Taped on 9/1/1982 at Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 9/9/1982.

Boyd Pearce and Bob Roop are on commentary. Bob Roop talks about some controversy from the previous week’s show involving the Mid-South Tag Team title match between The Junkyard Dog & Mr. Olympia vs. Ted DiBiase & “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan.

A video of Bill Watts is shown and he mentions how Ted DiBiase had a new plot to win the Mid-South Tag Team titles. Watts is interviewing Mr. Wrestling II who was going to referee the tag title match. There was an imposter Mr. Wrestling II being interviewed by Watts and the real Mr. Wrestling II attacked him! The real Mr. Wrestling II said he heard there was someone pretending to be him. Mr. Wrestling II reveals that he was never told about him being selected as a referee. He found out that there was someone impersonating him in Mid-South Wrestling.

They show highlights of the Mid-South Tag Team title match. Ted DiBiase & Hacksaw Duggan win the tag titles. They show that Mr. Wrestling II got knocked oout of the ring by Duggan. The fake Mr. Wrestling II, who is revealed to be The Grappler, runs out and kicks Mr. Wrestling II and the Junkyard Dog with a loaded boot. Matchmaker Grizzly Smith refused to book DiBiase and Duggan as the tag team champions. Charlie Lee made the decision that if this was a No DQ match, he could do nothing but due to the referee being knocked out of the ring, that he reversed the decision and Junkyard Dog & Mr. Olympia are still the Mid-South Tag Team Champions.

Bob Roop can’t believe they reversed the decision. He wonders if JYD lost his touch and is Mid-South protecting him. Pearce disagrees with him.

“Capt. Redneck” Dick Murdoch vs. Billy “The Star Child” Starr

Dick Murdoch gets in a few elbows on Starr. He throws a few punches as well. More elbows on the ropes by Murdoch on Starr. He slams Starr’s head on the turnbuckle and then whips him into the ropes and backdrops him. Big slam by Murdoch. Starr tries to get in a few punches but Murdoch lands an elbow on his head. Murdoch lifts Starr up in the air with a brainbuster and gets the win.

WINNER: Dick Murdoch

Mr. Olympia vs. Ron Cheatham

Mr. Olympia gets Cheatham with an armdrag and then quickly gets him with a dropkick. Leg sweep followed by an armdrag by Mr. Olympia on Cheatham. Cheatham runs the ropes and gets hit by a dropkick by Mr. Olympia. He gets Cheatham again with an armdrag and into an armbar. Mr. Olympia punches Cheatham and then smashes Cheatham’s head into the turnbuckle. Body slam by Mr. Olympia. He gets in a punch on Cheatham but Cheatham counters. Mr. Olympia whips Cheatham into the ropes and grabs hold of Cheatham with a sleeperhold for the win.

WINNER: Mr. Olympia

The Junkyard Dog vs. The One Man Gang (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar)

The Junkyard Dog enters the ring and wants everyone out of the ring so he can get to The One Man Gang. He knocks OMG down with a pair of headbutts. Snapmare and big fistdrop by the Dog on OMG. Big clothesline by JYD on the One Man Gang and then he powerslams him! Akbar gets up on the ring apron and JYD slams him. Killer Khan runs out and JYD brings him into the ring and slams Khan. He slams OMG a second time. JYD covers OMG for the pin. Mr. Olympia comes out and dropkicks Khan to keep him from making the save for The One Man Gang.

WINNER: The Junkyard Dog

Bob Roop talks about how Ted DiBiase and Dick Murdoch’s friendship has ended and Boyd Pearce mentions they will air highlights of a match the two had two weeks ago.

Ted DiBiase vs. Tim Horner

Ted DiBiase with a takedown on Horner but Horner is quickly back up on his feet. DiBiase with a shoulder block followed by a kick at Horner. He slams Horner. DiBiase whips Horner across the ropes and lands an elbow on him. Horner tries to fight back but DiBiase continues his attack. Horner catches DiBiase for a near fall and then follows with a headscissors. He goes for a second attempt but DiBiase drops him on the top rope.

DiBiase smashes Horner’s head into the top turnbuckle. He follows with a backdrop on Horner. DiBiase whips Horner into the ropes and then catches him with a powerslam. He follows that up with a figure-four leglock on Horner to get him to submit.

WINNER: Ted DiBiase

Mr. Wrestling II vs. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan

Duggan shoves off Mr. Wrestling II to start the match. They lock-up again but this time Duggan whips Mr. Wrestling II into the ropes but II counters with a hiptoss and tries for the knee lift, but Duggan heads to the outside. Mr. Wresting II gets Duggan in a headlock. Roop mentions Duggan isn’t stupid but is double-tough.

Mr. Wrestling II goes for the knee lift again but Duggan again heads to the outside of the ring. Duggan back in and II takes him down with a headscissors. Duggan escapes and gets II in a headlock but Mr. Wrestling II escapes and gets Duggan in an armbar. Duggan whips Mr. Wrestling II to the ropes but Mr. Wrestling II kicks Duggan. Duggan stomps his foot in frustration. Mr. Wrestilng II takes Duggan down and punishes his left leg.

Mr. Wrestling II gets Duggan in a front facelock. Duggan struggles to escape and II keeps him locked in the move. Duggan shoves Mr. Wrestling II on the ropes and goes to work on him. He punches Mr. Wrestling II in the mid-section and then stomps on him. He body slams Mr. Wrestling II and goes for the pin but II kicks out quickly. They exchange punches and forearms near the ropes. Mr. Wrestlilng II backdrops Duggan and then catches Duggan with the power knee lift! Duggan goes to the outside. Referee keeps Mr. Wrestling II from going after Duggan. Ted DiBiase shows up ringside.

Dick Murdoch comes over to chase after DiBiase. Duggan collides with DiBiase. Mr. Wrestling II catches Duggan with his knee lift and gets the pin. Murdoch and DiBiase brawl outside the ring.

WINNER: Mr. Wrestling II

The Grappler vs. Vinnie Romeo

Good start to the match with both showing some quickness. The Grappler grabs hold of Romeo with a side headlock. The Grappler gets an elbow in on Romeo. He rakes Romeo’s face across the top rope and then slams him. A couple of elbows and a legdrop by The Grappler on Romeo. The Grappler beats on Romeo. He whips Romeo across the ropes and kicks him. Romeo makes a comeback with a couple of forearms at The Grappler. Romeo with a dropkick! He goes for a backdrop but The Grappler catches him with a variation of the power bomb. Looks almost like a Razor’s Edge. The Grappler then goes for a power knee lift and gets the pin.

Mr. Wrestling II runs out and The Grappler leaves the ring.

WINNER: The Grappler

Col. Buck Robley vs. Tony Anthony

Robley whips Anthony across the ropes and knocks him down. He slams Anthony and then lands an elbow across Anthony’s head. Anthony reverses an Irish whip on Robley, but Robley gets in a knee on Anthony. Another elbow smash by Robley. He follows with a knee at Anthony’s forehead. Roop praises Robley and says his weakness is tha the wants people to like him. Anthony gets in a few punches and elbows on Robley.

Robley gets back up and gets in a few punches and elbows. He slams Anthony’s head into the top turnbuckle. Robley whips Anthony across the ropes and backdrops him. He then kicks Anthony in the head. He follows with an elbow drop on Anthony for the win.

WINNER: Col. Buck Robley

Boyd Pearce mentions that Skandor Akbar will be wrestling on next week’s show. Kelly Kiniski will be returning to Mid-South after being gone for two years.

SHOW THOUGHS: Good episode. I don’t think the previous week episode is available since I don’t have it among the set I have from the old Watts website and WWE Network doesn’t have that show either. They did recap the Mid-South Tag Team title situation which resulted in JYD and Mr. Olympia being given back the titles. All the matches on this show were kept really short. Longest match on the show was the Mr. Wrestling II and Hacksaw Duggan match but I thought every match on the show was just okay. They were building up storylines and they got a few out of here with DiBiase and Murdoch’s feud and Mr. Wrestling II and The Grappler, who everyone believes was the imposter Mr. Wrestling II. You also had JYD going up against Akbar’s army.


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