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WCCW TV 3/20/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 3/20/1982

Taped 3/7/1982 at the Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Aired on 3/20/1982.

Mark Lowrance and Al Madril are on commentary. Madril is very happy to be on commentary and praises Kerry Von Erich as the greatest.

Bugsy McGraw vs. Jose Lothario

Jose Lothario goes to work on Bugsy McGraw knocking him out of the ring. They both brawl to the outside. McGraw sends Lothario crashing into the side of the building! McGraw and Lothario continue to exchange punches. Lothario gets the upper-hand and sends McGraw into the ring post. They go in and out of the ring and continue to brawl. Bugsy sends Lothario into a building post! Follows it up with an elbow!

Bugsy McGraw grabs a chair and hits Lothario with it! Lothario makes a comeback and slams McGraw into the ring steps. Lothario grabs a chair and brings it into the ring. Referee Bronco Lubich takes the chair away from him. Lothario continuies to pound on McGraw’s face in the ring! McGraw flails his arms around trying to break away from Lothario. Jose Lothario grabs a chair and charges at McGraw outside of the ring and knocks him down. McGraw misses a few punches and Lothario knocks him down.

Bugsy bumps into the ring post as he staggers around the ringside area. He returns back in the ring and Lothario grabs hold of McGraw’s beard. Punches and chops thrown by Lothario but McGraw charges at Lothario with a headbutt to knock him down. Lothario kicks out at two from a pin attempt. McGraw now beats on Lothario and tosses him to the outside. He lands an axhandle forearm attack at Lothario. Lothario lands a knee at McGraw and they continue to have a wild brawl outside of the ring.

McGraw reverses Lothario’s attempt at tossing him into the ring post. They both get back in the ring and McGraw continues his attack. Series of forearms thrown by Bugsy and follows it up with a slam. He stomps on Lothario and Bugsy climbs up to the top rope. Lothario gets back up and knocks down McGraw. Lothario whips McGraw into the corner and he gets him with a shoulder tackle. He repeats that again a second time.

More punches thrown by Lothario! Referee pulls Lothario off McGraw, who reaches into his tights and punches Lothario. He hides the foreign object and covers Lothario for the pin.

WINNER: Bugsy McGraw

“Wild” Bill Irwin (w/ Capt. Frank Dusek) vs. Richard Blood

Al Madril mentions that he has a score to settle with Irwin and Dusek and says Dusek is going to pay with his blood. This is a non-title match as Irwin is the current Texas Heavyweight Champion.

Irwin falls onto the ropes when Blood quickly moves out of the way. Madril asks that fans call Irwin, “Chauncey”. Irwin gets in a few knees into Blood’s mid-section. He follows with a headlock. Swinging full nelson by Irwin on Blood and then he lays in a few more forearms. Irwin only gets a two count. Back to a headlock as the fans start to chant for Richard Blood, who makes a comeback and whips Irwin into the corner. Irwin moves out of the say and Blood hits the corner hard. Front facelock by Irwin with the fans chanting “Chauncey”. Irwin gets Blood with a swinging neckbreaker.

Bill Irwin continues to control the match. He splashes Blood and only gets a two count. Irwin slams Blood onto the mat and follows with a headbutt. More “Chauncey” chants get Irwin riled up! Irwin whips Blood into the ropes but Blood reverses and gets a 2-count with a sunset flip. Irwin is back on the attack and pounds on Blood’s chest. He slams Blood’s head into the turnbuckle and goes back to a chinlock. Dusek is ringside parading around with the Texas Heavyweight title.

Richard Blood gets back up but Irwin is able to drag him back down to the mat by grabbing Blood’s hair. Blood flips over Irwin and gets in a few punches. Backdrop by Blood on Irwin. Irwin kicks out of a pin attempt. Blood takes down Irwin with forearm off the ropes but can’t get the pin. He goes for it a second time but Irwin catches him and slams him into the ropes. Irwin stomps on Blood and then gets him with a shoulder breaker. Irwin cilmbs up to the middle rope, jumps off and lands an elbow on Blood for the pin.

WINNER: Bill Irwin

Bugsy McGraw joins Marc Lowrance for an interview and asks Lowrance if he wants him to say something just because he shoved a mic in front of his face. McGraw starts to talk and says he wants to get mean and is filled with anger. He’s tired of being Mr. Nice Guy. He says he’s tired of it all. His purpose now is to just win.

King Kong Bundy (w/ Gary Hart) vs. Jesse “Relampago” Leon

Jose Lothario shows up and asks for the mic to talk about Bugsy McGraw. He’s upset at how McGraw and how he won and challenges McGraw in any type of match including a street fight. Lothario then cuts the promo in Spanish as well. He calls McGraw a dirty wrestler and tells him that Bugsy will know who “his daddy” is.

King Kong Bundy grabs the mic as Lothario leaves the ring and tells Lothario to speak English because he’s in America and not south of the border. The crowd boos Bundy.

Bundy shoves Leon but Leon rolls right thru. He shoves Leon a second time. Relampago Leon starts to use his speed against Bundy. Madril talks about how Bundy might have size but we all saw one King Kong fall off a building before. Shoulder block knocks Leon down a few times. Leon catches Bundy with a dropkick. Bundy’s upset and gets in a big forearm on Leon. He uses the ropes to choke Relampago Leon. Bundy slams Leon and gets in an elbow.

Jesse Leon ducks a clothesilne from Bundy and gets a few big spots on Bundy. He climbs up to the top rope and dropkicks Bundy! Relampago Leon covers Bundy but only gets a two-count. The crowd cheers Leon on loudly. Bundy whips Leon into the ropes and Leon gets in a knee. Bundy counters with a forearm and whips him into the corner and lifts Leon up with a chokehold. Bundy then splashes Leon and gets the three-count. Crowd boos Bundy loudly!

Gary Hart stops Bundy from going for a second splash on Leon. Bundy smiles after his victory.

WINNER: King Kong Bundy

Kerry Von Erich vs. Armand Hussein

Armand Hussein chastises the ring announcer for not including “the honorable, Armand Hussein” in his introduction. Hussein wants to do a ceremony called “the Camel Walk” before his match. Kerry lets him do it and then steps back into the ring. Hussein lays in a few forearms on Kerry and then places Kerry in the corner and starts to stomp on him.

Hussein gets a few kicks in on Kerry Von Erich. He slams Kerry’s head into the top turnbuckle and follows with some stomps. Von Erich with a dropkick at Hussein but Hussein quickly gets back up and kicks him with his pointed shoes. Big knee drop by Hussein on Kerry only gets him a two count. Big rights thrown by Kerry Von Erich at Hussein. Hussein kicks Kerry and goes back on the attack. He whips Von Erich across the ropes but misses a punch with Kerry catching Hussein with the Iron Claw on his mid-section.

Kerry Von Erich raises up Hussein with the Iron Claw! The Great Kabuki runs in and attacks Kerry! Al Madril leaves the broadcast area to help Kerry Von Erich as Hussein and Kabuki double-team Kerry. Wild brawl between all four men. Madril drops Kabuki. Kerry tosses Kabuki out of the ring. They all get back in the ring and the brawl continues. Gary Hart gets in the ring and Madril punches Hart! Madril bashes Hart and Kabuki’s heads together. Hart now gets involved and holds Madril to get Kabuki a few shots at him. The strategy backfires as Kabuki ends up hitting Hart while he held on to Kerry. Hart tries to keep Kabuki out of the ring.


Kerry Von Erich vs. The Great Kabuki

This match was taped highlights from a match in San Antonio, Texas (2/5/1982). Mark Lowrance does commentary for the match. Kerry pulls the ropes and flips Kabuki onto the floor. They get back in the ring and Kabuki chops Kerry and then appears to be biting Kerry. Fritz Von Erich throws a few punches at Kabuki from ringside. Gary Hart heads over to stop him and Fritz tosses Hart into the ring post.

Kerry Von Erich lands a kneedrop on Kabuki. He goes for the Iron Claw on Kabuki’s forehead. Kabuki heads to the corner and climbs up to the top rope and tries to break the hold but Kerry keeps hold of the claw on Kabuki as he jumps off the ropes! King Kong Bundy shows up and he and Hart start to brawl with Fritz Von Erich. Kerry heads over to help his father but Bundy pulls him down and Kabuki attacks Kerry from behind and gets the pin on Kerry!

Fritz Von Erich and King Kong Bundy continue to brawl. The Great Kabuki attacks Fritz. Kerry knocks down Gary Hart. Kevin Von Erich runs in and helps the family. The Von Erichs argue with the referees about the loss Kerry had to The Great Kabuki.

WINNER: The Great Kabuki

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. Started off with a good brawl between Bugsy McGraw and Jose Lothario. Liked how that had McGraw cheating his way to victory and then they had McGraw do an interview where he was upset for some reason and then Lothario wanting a rematch and insulting McGraw in Spanish. Bundy’s match with Relampago Leon was the type of David vs. Goliath match you want to see on a show with Leon having some brief moments looking like he could pull off the upset only to have Bundy destroy him at the end. The final portion of the show focused on the Kerry Von Erich vs. The Great Kabuki feud. Hussein looked like he was about to get beat by Kerry when Kabuki did his run-in and that led to a brawl that also saw Madril leave the commentary desk to help Kerry. The highlights to close out the show were pretty good as well with more of the Kabuki and Kerry feud and also adding in Fritz and Kevin Von Erich along with Gary Hart and King Kong Bundy. Really fun episode.


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