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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 12/19/1981

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 12/19/1981

Taped on 12/9/1981 at WPCQ TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 12/19/1981.

Bob Caudle and David Crockett are on commentary. David Crockett mentions that The Ninja has a new manager, Gene Anderson.

Sgt. Slaughter shows up to remind everyone that he has the $1,000 Cobra Clutch Challenge still open. Bob Caudle asks him about Jay Youngblood challenging Slaughter and he says Youngblood already had his chance and he’s giving others an opportunity.

Blackjack Mulligan Jr. (Barry Windham) & Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Charlie Fulton & Chris Markoff

Charlie Fulton takes Mulligan Jr. down with a headlock but Mulligan Jr. quickly escapes. He tags in Roberts and he goes to work on Fulton’s left arm. Roberts catches Fulton with a body slam and then tags in Windham, who gets him with a slam of his own. Fulton tags in Markoff who gets knocked down by a few tackles by Mulligan Jr. Markoff gets a knee into Mulligan Jr’s mid-section and slams him. Mulligan Jr. heads to his corner as Fulton is tagged in.

Blackjack Mulligan Jr. tags in Roberts who hip tosses Fulton down and goes to work on his left arm. Fulton gets close to his corner and tags in Markoff. Crowd cheers on Roberts and Markoff is not pleased. Markoff misses a right at Roberts. Roberts uses his speed on Markoff and Markoff tags in Fulton. Roberts gets Fulton in an armbar submission hold. He’s able to reach out and tag in Mulligan Jr. and he continues to work on Fulton’s left arm. Charlie Fulton tags in Markoff.

Chris Markoff whips Mulligan Jr. into the ropes and backdrops him. Headlock on Mulligan Jr. He pulls Mulligan Jr’s hair and takes him down with a hiptoss. Markoff tags in Fulton but Mulligan Jr. escapes the corner. Mulligan Jr. slams Fulton and tags in Roberts. Roberts backdrops Fulton and catches him with a knee lift! Mulligan Jr. gets Fulton with a bulldog and gets the pin! Roberts keeps Markoff from making the save for his partner.

WINNERS: Blackjack Mulligan Jr. & Jake Roberts

The Ninja (w/ Gene Anderson) vs. Mike Davis

The Ninja spits out some green mist before the bell rings. He grabs hold of Davis’ left arm. Davis tries to fight back. Ninja continues to work on the left arm including some hard chops but gets Davis in an armbar. Ninja throws a couple of hard chops at Davis in the corner. He follows with another chop at Davis chest while he’s laying on the mat. More chops and Ninja goes back to an armbar on Davis’ left arm.

Mike Davis tries to make a comeback but Ninja continues to work on the left arm. He gets Davis in a hammerlock and drops a knee across his arm and shoulder. He tosses Davis into the corner. Gene Anderson yells out some advice for The Ninja. More hard chops from The Ninja. Mike Davis makes a brief comeback but Ninja stops him with a big kick. He then hits a headbutt off the middle rope for the win!

WINNER: The Ninja

Terry Taylor vs. Mike Miller

Announcers mention Terry Taylor is the NWA Rookie Of The Year and is undefeated. Taylor and Miller exchange wristlocks. Blackjack Mulligan joins the announcers and says he heard about Sgt. Slaughter’s $1,000 Cobra Clutch Challenge. He takes time to praise Terry Taylor and says he has World champion potential.

Terry Taylor gets caught in a headlock by Miller. Miller gets caught with an armdrag by Taylor. Miller lays in a couple of forearms at Taylor but Taylor fights back and catches him with a dropkick. Monkey flip by Taylor. Miller and Taylor exchange a few punches. Taylor lands a forearm at Miller and then puts him in a leglock submission hold for the win.

WINNER: Terry Taylor

Sgt. Slaughter and Pvt. Jim Nelson cut a promo for upcoming Mid-Atlantic shows. Sgt. Slaughter says hello to President Gerald Ford. He says “Gerry” is a big Wolverines fan. He has Nelson tell everyone who the best wrestler is in the world and he says it’s Sgt. Slaughter. He mentions they do 15-mile roadwork with Nelson running and Slaughter driving his truck.

“Handsome” Jimmy Valiant vs. Tony Russo

Valiant rakes Russo’s eyes and then slams him as his music continues to play. He gets Russo in a front facelock. Russo gets in a big forearm across Valiant’s chest, but Valiant knocks him down. He gets Russo in a nerve hold and Valiant yells that he could beat him any time. He tosses Russo into the corner and kicks him. Back in a front facelock for Russo as Valiant’s excitement continues. Valiant tosses Russo into the corner and then follows with a whip into the ropes and a backdrop. He whips Russo again into the ropes and hits him with an elbow. He follows that up with an elbowdrop and gets the pin. Short match.

WINNER: Jimmy Valiant

Ricky Steamboat and Paul Jones join Bob Caudle for an interview. They talk about Ole Anderson and how Ray Stevens figured out what Ole’s intentions were. They replay Ray Stevens coming out to the ring to help Steamboat against Roddy Piper and Ole Anderson. Jake Roberts joins them for the interview. Paul Jones says he does trust Stevens. Steamboat thinks Stevens is after Ole and they are not quite friends. Roberts says Ole Anderson is making a lot of enemies right now.

Big John Studd joins Bob Caudle for an interview. Fans start a “We Want Blackjack” chant and Studd says he’s wanted Blackjack for a long time and it took him slapping his kid to get his attention. He says Mulligan embarrassed and laughed at him in the past. He wants to end Mulligan and end this feud. He insults all the rednecks in the area and says they only have one thing to cheer for and that’s Blackjack Mulligan and once he ends him, they won’t have anything in their lives.

Roddy Piper joins Bob Caudle and he’s smiling at what Studd just said about Mulligan. He says he enjoys nothing better than truths. He is upset that Ricky Steamboat “cried” in order to get a title match. He says he is the Mid-Atlantic Champion and he can do what he wants.

Billy Robinson vs. Don Kernoodle

They lock-up near the ropes and Robinson lays in a forearm at Kernoodle. Robinson takes down Kernoodle and gets him in a head scissors. Kernoodle escapes the hold. Robinson grabs hold of Kernoodle with a full nelson. Kernoodle escapes and reverses it. Robinson gets Kernoodle in the ropes and they break cleanly. Neckbreaker by Robinson!

Billy Robinson gets Kernoodle in the corner but referee has him break away as they are on the ropes. Kernoodle grabs hold of Robinson’s legs and tries to flip him over into a Boston Crab. Robinson reaches the ropes! Kernoodle charges back and tries to get Robinson again but Robinson reverses and tries to escape the hold. Kernoodle finally gets Robinson in a Boston Crab. Robinson flips Kernoodle over.

Kernoodle grabs hold or Robinson left arm but Robinson takes Kernoodle down instead. He gets Kernoodle in a side headlock. They get back up and charge the ropes and collide into each other! Kernoodle gets Robinson in a side headlock. Robinson counters with a forearm into Kernoodle’s mid-section. He goes after it again and then slams Kernoodle! Robinson gets Kernoodlein a chinlock but lands a knee into his back. Kernoodle throws a punch and gets Robinson with an atomic drop! Tackle off the ropes by Kernoodle , followed by a slam. Robinson gets back up and catches Kernoodle with a high, brutal-looking backbreaker and goes for the pin.

WINNER: Billy Robinson

Sgt. Slaughter joins Bob Caudle and is going to give a demonstration. He says he has a young “punk” (Tony Anthony) in the ring to demonstrate it. Slaughter asks Caudle to join him in the ring but Caudle isn’t sure if the microphone wire will let him get inside the ring. Sgt. Slaughter thanks Anthony for being part of the demonstration and has him sit in a chair in the ring. Pvt. Jim Nelson is in the ring as well. Caudle is able to get in the ring. He asks why Nelson is in the ring and Slaughter tells him that he’s there to watch the demonstration as well.

Sgt. Slaughter explains how to apply the Cobra Clutch. He also tells everyone the effects of the hold. He mentions that his opponents can submit by tapping on his arm but if they don’t tap then they go to sleep. He applies the hold on Tony Anthony who immediately taps Slaughter’s arm to give up. Slaughter starts to apologize for not breaking the hold and then kicks the chair out from under Anthony and puts the Cobra Clutch on him. Referee tries to get Slaughter to break the hold but refuses. Nelson then shoves the referee out of the way. Jay Youngblood, Terry Taylor, Blackjack Mulligan Jr. and Jake Roberts run out to make the save for Tony Anthony.

Jay Youngblood, Porkchop Cash & Jake Roberts promos for the Mid-Atlantic TV show that started airing in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

“Pretty Boy” Carl Fergie & Ox Baker vs. Jay Youngblood & Keith Larson

Fergie goes on the attack early on Larson. Baker and Fergie with quick tags early in the match. Larson nearly gets a pin on Fergie but Fergie continues to beat on him. Fergie tosses Larson into Baker’s elbow. He then tells Fergie to raise his knee and Baker tosses Larson into his knee. Youngblood tries to help his tag partner but the referee keeps him out. Baker comes into the ring and he and Fergie double-team Larson as the referee is busy with Youngblood. Baker hits Larson with the heart punch. Fergie covers Larson for the pin.

WINNERS: Carl Fergie & Ox Baker

Paul Jones and Jake Roberts come out for an interview. Jones says what Slaughter did was uncalled for. Jay Youngblood, Blackjack Mulligan Jr. and Jake Roberts join Bob Caudle. Youngblood says that Sgt. Slaughter owes him another shot at the $1,000 challenge. Roberts and Mulligan talk about being a tag team and having seen Baker and Fergie, the current Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions, for the first time and coming away impressed. Show ends.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Fun show. Most of the matches were kept short with the opening tag match and the Robinson vs. Kernoodle match going a bit longer and being the best matches on the show. Sgt. Slaughter was great on here again as he continues to be a total heel and using his Cobra Clutch Challenge as a way to hurt people and this week it was Tony Anthony’s turn. It was kind of amazing to watch the guys making the save after that incident because in the ring at that point you had Slaughter, Tony Anthony (later became The Dirty White Boy), Blackjack Mulligan Jr. (Barry Windham), Jay Youngblood, Jake Roberts and Terry Taylor. That is quite the group of talent in that segment. I also liked how Fergie and Baker worked as a team with Baker limiting what he did in the ring to mostly just doing the heart punch and letting Fergie work the bulk of the match. That match was short too so that was likely an even better decision.


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