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Mid-South Wrestling 8/26/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 8/26/1982

Taped 8/18/1982 at Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 8/26/1982.

Boyd Pearce and Gen. Skandor Akbar on commentary. Pearce mentions that they like to give everyone a chance to speak their mind and this week’s guest host is Gen. Skandor Akbar, who says he will conduct himself like a gentleman and will not interfere in any matches.

They recap last week’s Louisiana Title match between Killer Khan and “Iron” Mike Sharpe. Akbar is upset that Robley interfered in the match. Pearce tells Akbar that the only reason Robley got involved was because Akbar interfered. Akbar claims Sharpe tried to “molest” him in the ring. LOL! They follow that up with a recap of Akbar wrestling Robley and his army getting involved. He says Robley is the dirtiest of all in wrestling.

“Iron” Mike Sharpe vs. Mike Bond

Sharpe knocks down Bond with a shoulder block and follows with a dropkick. Two consecutive armdrags send Bond down to the mat. Bond gets back up and lays in a few forearms at Sharpe. Sharpe makes a comeback and tosses Bond into the corner and then whips him into the ropes and gets in a punch. Sharpe then gets Bond in a piledriver and lays him out for the pin. Short match.

WINNER: Mike Sharpe

Killer Khan vs. Cocoa Samoa

Killer Khan attacks Cocoa Samoa. He rakes Cocoa Samoa’s eyes and stomps on him. He slams Cocoa Samoa’s head into the corner turnbuckle. Cocoa Samoa fights back and gets in a few chops after an eye rake but Killer Khan regains control of the match. He stomps on Cocoa Samoa. Killer Khan uses the ropes to choke his opponent. Cocoa Samoa gets in a few chops and then tries for a shoulder tackle off the ropes. He goes for a second shoulder tackle attempt but Khan picks him up and throws him into the ropes. Killer Khan follows with a vicious chop across Cocoa Samoa’s neck. Killer Khan slams Cocoa Samoa onto the mat and then jumps off the middle rope with a kneedrop for the win.

WINNER: Killer Khan

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. Frank Monte

Frank Monte uses his speed to run away from Duggan but once he gets caught Duggan quickly takes him down. Duggan gets Monte in a bodyscissors. Duggan beats on Monte an lays in some hard forearms across his chest and then tosses him across the ring. He follows with a kick. Monte tries to fight back but gets knocked down by a forearm. He slams Monte and follows with an elbow to Monte’s back.

Duggan gets Monte in a front facelock and then turns it into a neckbreaker. He only gets a two count. Monte tries to punch his way out of Duggan’s grasp but Duggan is relentless in his attack. Duggan picks up Monte with a suplex. He refuses to pin Monte. Duggan whips Monte across the ropes and lands an elbow on him. Duggan stomps on the mat and then tosses Monte into the corner. He backdrops Monte and then splashes him. He again refuses to pin Monte. Monte makes a comeback and whips Duggan across the corner. He gets it reversed a second time and Duggan spears Monte. Duggan picks up Monte and slams him into the corners and then drops him onto his knee for a backbreaker. Duggan gets the pin.

WINNER: Hacksaw Duggan

Ted DiBiase © vs. “Capt. Redneck” Dick Murdoch for the Mid-South North American Heavyweight Title.

They start brawling right as Murdoch gets in the ring. Exchanging punches back and forth! Murdoch’s able to knock down DiBiase a few times and DiBiase heads to the outside. Referee tries to keep Murdoch from following DiBiase, who returns to the ring. They lock-up and DiBiase breaks away cleanly. They lock-up again but this time DiBiase punches Murdoch. Gen. Skandor Akbar keeps calling Ted DiBiase, “Ted DeBuse” on commentary.

Ted DiBiase knocks Murdoch down with an elbow. He slams him into the turnbuckles. Snapmare by DiBiase followed by a knee drop. Murdoch lays in a few punches on DiBiase. He gets DiBiase in the corner and bites him! DiBiase heads back to the outside but Murdoch pulls him back in. Hacksaw Duggan shows up ringside. Murdoch continues his attack on DiBiase. Murdoch punches DiBiase.

They fight in the corner with DiBiase knocking down Murdoch with a kick to the mid-section. DiBiase whips Murdoch across the ropes and backdrops him. More knees to Murdoch’s back. He covers Murdoch for the pin but Murdoch kicks out. They exchange blows on their knees. Murdoch knocks DiBiase down with a punch but DiBiase gets right back up and lands an elbow across his back.

Ted DiBiase gets a two count after a body slam. He gets Murdoch with a backbreaker but again only gets a two count. More kicks to Murdoch’s back by DiBiase. Murdoch with a leg takedown on DiBiase and he goes to work on DiBiase’s left leg. Murdoch slams down DiBiase’s leg. Murdoch goes for a leglock on DiBiase’s left leg. DiBiase blocks off Murdoch’s attempt at a figure-four leglock.

They continue to brawl with Murdoch knocking down DiBiase to the outside. Murdoch kicks at Duggan. DiBiase sneak attacks Murdoch while Murdoch was distracted by Duggan. He whips Murdoch across the ropes and hits him with an elbow. He goes for an atomic drop but Murdoch reverses for a cradle pin attempt. DiBiase shoves Murdoch off him and sends him into the ropes AND into Duggan. Duggan and Murdoch bump into each other. DiBiase continues his attack on Murdoch. Murdoch catches DiBiase with a cross body block off the ropes but knocks down the referee as well. DiBiase and Murdoch continue to brawl. Murdoch whips DiBiase across the ropes and backdrops him again. Murdoch goes for the brain buster but Duggan runs in and spears Murdoch. DiBiase covers Murdoch for the pin and the referee makes the three count.

WINNER: Ted DiBiase

Mr. Wrestling II vs. Billy Starr

Billy Starr knocks down Mr. Wrestling II but Mr. Wrestling II quickly hiptosses Starr and gets him with the knee-lift. Starr goes to the outside. He gets back in the ring but Mr. Wrestling II is quick and again takes him down with a side headlock. Starr escapes after a test of strength but Mr. Wrestling II gets him again into the headlock.
Billy Starr gets a knee into Mr. Wrestling II’s mid-section. He slams Mr. Wrestling II and then misses an elbow off the ropes. Mr. Wrestling II lays in a few forearms across the back of Starr and then back flips him out of the corner. He goes for a suplex on Starr. Gets a two-count. Mr. Wrestling II charges at Billy Starr with the knee-lift and gets the win.

WINNER: Mr. Wrestling II

Col. Buck Robley vs. Tug Taylor

Robley tries to take down Taylor, but Taylor reaches the ropes. Taylor with a hiptoss takedown on Robley but Robley reverses into a headscissors. Taylor escapes and tries to pin Robley. Taylor whips Robley into the ropes and knocks him down with a shoulder block. Robley armdrags Taylor and drops a few knees on Taylor’s side before getting him in an armbar. Akbar vows to end Robley.

Buck Robley continues with another elbow across Taylor’s head. He whips Taylor across the corner and hits him with another elbow. Robley whips Taylor across the ropes and catches him with a sleeperhold and gets the win. Robley wakes up Taylor from his sleep.

WINNER: Buck Robley

The One Man Gang vs. Vinnie Romeo

The two lock-up and The One Man Gang shoves Romeo into the corner and lays in some big forearms across Romeo. Romeo grabs hold of his shoulder in pain. The One Man Gang picks Romeo up with a chokehold. He continues to land forearms across Romeo. Romeo tries to fight back but OMG knocks him back down. The One Man Gang whips Romeo into the ropes and hits him with an elbow. He slams Romeo and then drops an elbow on Romeo for the pin.

WINNER: The One Man Gang

Boyd Pearce mentions that next week Hacksaw Duggan and Ted DiBiase will get a rematch for the Mid-South Tag Team titles against The Junkyard Dog & Mr. Olympia with special referee Mr. Wrestling Ii. Gen. Skandor Akbar warns Mike Sharpe and Buck Robley to look over their shoulders because the war is coming to them.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Thought the show was okay with the only memorable part being the Ted DiBiase vs. Dick Murdoch title match. That match was good and really built up the notion that DiBiase’s list of contenders continues to grow with Murdoch now likely wanting revenge for that loss. Rest of the show had short matches that were mostly just okay. It felt that at this point in time Mid-South was bringing in a lot of brawlers and bigger wrestlers and didn’t have as many smaller, athletic wrestlers on the roster, so there seems to be more slower, brawling type of matches.


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