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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 12/12/1981

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 12/12/1981

Taped on 12/3/1981 at WPCQ-TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 12/12/1981.

Bob Caudle and David Crockett on commentary.

Sgt. Slaughter & Pvt. Jim Nelson join Bob Caudle for an interview. Slaughter says that he heard a lot of wrestlers say they can break out of the Cobra Clutch hold, so he’s brought out $1,000 dollars and wants any wrestler who thinks they can break out of that hold to come up and take on that challenge. He hands the money over to David Crockett. He warns Crockett not to put it into his account. He challenges the Mulligans, Steamboat, Roberts, Youngblood or anyone else to do the challenge. Slaughter says he’s been U.S. Champion for three months and plans on keeping the title for a lot longer.

Sgt. Slaughter then tells Bob Caudle he has a few words for his private. He asks Pvt. Jim Nelson if he’s ready to go into combat, which he says yes. Slaughter then tells him to do push-ups and Nelson does them. He wants all “maggots” to show some respect.

Ricky Steamboat vs. Charlie Fulton

They cleanly break from attempted lock-ups with both shaking hands. Steamboat grabs Fulton in a headlock and takes him down. Caudle and Crockett mention how intimidating Slaughter can be. Fulton breaks out of the headlock. They run the ropes and Steamboat catches Fulton with a dropkick and gets him back in the side headlock.

NWA representative Sandy Scott joins the commentary team to talk about Sgt. Slaughter’s $1,000 Cobra Clutch Challenge. He says there are going to be people standing in line to take on that challenge. Meanwhile Steamboat continues to control the match with his speed and keeps getting hold of Fulton in a headlock. Steamboat flips off the corner but keeps Fulton locked in the headlock. Charlie backs him into the ropes and forces Steamboat to break the hold.

Big forearm thrown by Fulton at Steamboat and he gets in a few more before he slams Steamboat’s head into the top turnbuckle. Snapmare by Fulton and he goes for a 2-count. He grabs hold of Steamboat with a headlock. Steamboat fights back and gets up and lays in a few chops and tackles Fulton. He goes for a splash on Fulton but Fulton moves and Steamboat lands on the mat! Fulton gets Steamboat in a chinlock. Elbow across Steamboat’s neck and he goes all-out with a series of punches. Steamboat fights back!

Hard chops thrown by Steamboat as the crowd cheers loudly! Rick Steamboat whips Fulton into the corners. Steamboat grabs hold of Fulton’s arms and puts him in a surfboard submission hold for the win!

WINNER: Ricky Steamboat

“The Russian Bear” Ivan Koloff © vs. Jim Gray for the NWA Television Title.

The rules for the NWA TV title are that any match on TV is for that title and you must get the pin within 15 minutes to win the title.

Good mat work to start the match. Koloff gets Gray in a front facelock. Gray escapes with a wristlock but Koloff regains control of the match. Front facelock by Koloff again. Gray backs Koloff into the ropes but Koloff lands a few forearms on Gray’s back. Gray whips Koloff into the ropes. He backflips Koloff but Koloff reverses it into a sunset flip and gets a 2-count.

Ivan Koloff again gets Gray in a front facelock. Gray tries to escape but Koloff lands a knee in his back. He hiptosses Gray. Follows that up with a backdrop on Gray. Koloff attacks Gray’s back and then tosses him thru the middle rope to the outside. Koloff lands a forearm across Gray’s chest while he tries to get back in the ring. Koloff flips Gray back into the ropes. He kicks Gray and then does a footstomp on him. More kicks from Koloff followed by a big knee lift on Gray. He slams Gray again.

Koloff goes back to a front facelock on Gray. He covers Gray for the pin, but Gray kicks out. Ivan continues to try to pin Gray but can’t get his shoulders on the mat. He continues his attack on Gray and it appears Gray now has a bloody nose. He whips Gray across the corner and slams into him. Koloff climbs up to the top rope and lands a kneedrop on Gray and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Ivan Koloff

Gene Anderson, The Ninja, and Roddy Piper promos for February 1982 shows in Virginia. Piper’s promo is all about a match on 2/16/1982 against Rick Steamboat. Really good too.

Bob Caudle & David Crockett mention that Ole Anderson and Roddy Piper said that Ray Stevens is not too be trusted. They show a video that proves the opposite. It starts off with a match between Ricky Steamboat and Mike Prater. Roddy Piper shows up ringside. Ricky Steamboat asks referee Sonny Fargo what Piper’s doing there. Steamboat yells at Piper as he’s wrestling. Piper gets closer to the ring as the match continues on. Fans warn Piper to not touch Steamboat.

Steamboat looks over at Piper and tells him he’s going to show him what he wants to do to him. He chops Prater and follows with a top rope chop at Prater. He covers Prater for the pin and Piper charges into the ring! Piper and Steamboat brawl!!! Ole Anderson runs out and attacks Ricky Steamboat. Piper and Anderson double-team Steamboat. Ray Stevens runs in and helps Steamboat!

Ray “The Crippler” Stevens vs. Mike Prater

Mike Prater attacks Stevens as the bell rings! Ray Stevens doesn’t even have his jacket off and he counters and beats on Prater. He slams Prater near the ropes and then piledrives Prater and gets the pin!

WINNER: Ray Stevens

Ray Stevens joins Bob Caudle for an interview. Stevens is still holding one of the NWA World Tag Team title belts. He knows some wrestlers don’t like him because of the way he wrestles and he admits he prefers to kick someone when he’s down because it’s easier than when he’s standing up. He also enjoys hurting people which is why he’s been a winner all his life. He says his word is his bond. He says it doesn’t matter who he teams with, if he gives his word, he’ll be in their corner. He mentions how Ole Anderson has sacrificed his tag team partners in the past and says he’s done it twice with his brother Gene Anderson and Stevens tells everyone to look at Gene now and motions that he twitches a lot. He says Ole caused that to happen to his brother Gene. He tells Ole that if he wants his gold, come and get it.

“Handsome” Jimmy Valiant vs. Mike Miller

Valiant knocks down Miller with a few shoulder tackles. Jimmy’s bouncing around in the ring as he armdrags Miller a few times. Miller heads to the outside and gets back in the ring. Valiant takes him down and gets Miller in an armbar. Miller lays in a few punches on Valiant but he gets him with a forearm. He whips Miller across the ropes and backflips him. Valiant gets a 2-count as a fan screams really loudly.

Jimmy Valiant whips Miller into the corners. He whips him across the ropes and knocks him down with an elbow. He follows that up with an elbowdrop for the win.

WINNER: Jimmy Valiant

Johnny Weaver and Ricky Steamboat promos for February 16th show in Marion, Virginia. Ricky Steamboat cuts a great promo on Roddy Piper and impersonates him for a bit.

Pvt. Jim Nelson & Sgt. Slaughter vs. Larry Hamilton & Tony Anthony

Sgt. Slaughter leaves his corner and Pvt. Jim Nelson is now alone in the ring. Sgt. Slaughter heads over to the announcer’s area and tells Caudle and Crockett that Jim Nelson can handle that tag team match on his own. He wants to talk about the $1,000 Cobra Clutch challenge. As Slaughter talks, Crockett tells him to turn around because Jay Youngblood has shown up.

Hamilton and Anthony beat on Nelson while Slaughter is talking. Jay Youngblood tells Slaughter that he’ll accept the challenge and he would like to win $1,000. He tells Slaughter that they have time after the match and they could do it after. Slaughter tells Youngblood that there are a few other guys ahead of him and he walks off into the ring. He heads over to his corner. Anthony gets a near fall on Nelson. Youngblood tells the announcers that he’s going to stay and wait for the match to end.

Jim Nelson is able to get over to his corner and tag in Sgt. Slaughter. Big elbow by Slaughter on Anthony. He follows with a backbreaker and then gets Anthony in a headlock. Anthony tries to break out of the hold but Slaughter pulls him by the hair. Slaughter drops stomach-first onto his knee. He tags in Nelson who attacks Anthony. He gets Anthony with a backbreaker. Front facelock by Nelson on Anthony. Anthony with a takedown escapes Nelson and tags in Hamilton.

Nelson continues his attack on Hamilton. He tags in Slaughter. Slaughter with a fireman’s carry takedown on Hamilton and then gets him in a wristlock. Hamilton with a mule kick at Slaughter followed by an armbar. He catches Slaughter with a dropkick off the ropes and gets a 2-count on Sarge. Slaughter follows with an uppercut at Hamilton. Hamilton tags in Anthony. Slaughter and Nelson take down Anthony. Quick tags by Slaughter and Nelson as they beat on Anthony. Big knee into the mid-section of Anthony by Slaughter. Nelson whips Anthony into the ropes but Anthony kicks Nelson and tags in Hamilton.

Pvt. Jim Nelson reverses and lays in a forearm on Hamilton. He slams him and tries for an elbow but misses. Hamilton tags in Anthony but Anthony misses a dropkick. Nelson tags in Slaughter who gets Anthony with a clothesline. Sgt. Slaughter gets Tony Anthony in the cobra clutch for the win! Nelson beats on Hamilton as the match ends.

WINNER: Jim Nelson & Sgt. Slaughter

Jay Youngblood tells Sgt. Slaughter that they could climb into the ring and do the Cobra Clutch Challenge. Slaughter asks Youngblood why he’s challenging him after he had a match. Youngblood tells Slaughter the last time they tried this, he broke out of the hold from Nelson. Sgt. Slaughter tells Youngblood that he had his chance and suggests Mike Davis or Mike Miller get their chance. Slaughter repeats that he doesn’t have to do it and he’s tired.

Sandy Scott comes out and tells Sgt. Slaughter that he put up the challenge and has to do it against Jay Youngblood. Slaughter screams at Scott and tells him that he can be stripped of everything. They both get in the ring. Ole Anderson shows up. Slaughter wants Youngblood to sit down so he could put him in the hold. Ole is upset at Sandy Scott. Slaughter backs away from putting on the hold a few times. Ole Anderson then mentions there is no more time left on the show. Sgt. Slaughter then heads to the announcers area and also says there is no more time and tells Youngblood that maybe next time they can do this at the start of the show. Bob Caudle tells Slaughter he wasted a lot of time. Closing credits shown as it comes to an end.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. A lot going on throughout the show with a couple of rivalries being built up including Ricky Steamboat vs. Roddy Piper, Ray Stevens vs. Ole Anderson and Sgt. Slaughter vs. Jay Youngblood. Some really good promos throughout the show as well with Ray Stevens, Piper, Steamboat and Sgt. Slaughter. Stevens had a really great promo about why he wants to get Ole Anderson and how he sacrificed Gene to win matches. The matches were kept short and if they went longer, they were clearly a little more one-sided with one person dominating most of the match. Sgt. Slaughter has been fantastic on these shows. He’s been very solid in the ring and has had some good and funny promos. Here he and Youngblood continued to argue over Youngblood wanting a shot at the $1,000 Cobra Clutch Challenge and Slaughter trying to duck him. Thought that final segment was good. Fun show.


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