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WCCW TV 3/13/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 3/13/1982

Taped on 3/7/1982 at the Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Aired on 3/13/1982.

Mark Lowrance and Kevin Von Erich are on commentary.

Capt. Frank Dusek vs. Jesse “Relampago” Leon

Frank Dusek takes down Relampago Leon early in the match but Leon grabs hold of Dusek with a hammerlock. Dusek with another takedown on Leon but he escapes. Leon continues to counter every move attempted by Dusek. Dusek grabs hold of Leon with an armlock. Relampago Leon leaps to his feet but Dusek keeps him in the hold. He stretches out Leon’s arm but Relampago gets up to his feet.

Jesse Leon gets back up and flips Dusek over. Dusek gets back on his feet and grabs hold of Leon with another armbar. He whips Leon across the ropes and slams him down to the mat. Dusek gets a knee into Leon’s mid-section a few times. He whips Leon into the ropes again but Leon flips him over and whips Dusek across the ropes and catches him with a dropkick. Crowd starts to cheer for him.

Frank Dusek gets control of the match again. He puts Leon in a reverse chinlock. Leon shoves Dusek into the corner and catches him with a dropkick. He gets him with the flying tope across the ring. Dusek recovers and gets Leon with a double underhook suplex. He places Leon on the top rope and slaps him. Dusek picks up Leon and hits a superplex off the ropes. Dusek covers Leon for the pin.

WINNER: Frank Dusek

Mark Lowrance interviews the NWA World Heaveyweight Champion Ric Flair. He cuts a promo about being the NWA World Heavyweight Champion and how much prestige there is in that title. He talks about how he’s traveled all over the world but there is one cloud over his reign and that is Kerry Von Erich who had a disputed match against Harley Race. He promises to teach Kerry a lesson.

“Nature Boy” Ric Flair vs. Richard Blood

Kerry Von Erich enters the ring before the match starts. He goes and talks to Richard Blood. Kerry goes and talks to the ring announcer. Kerry made an official challenge to Ric Flair. He also said the title match should take place in the state of Texas. The crowd cheers on. Flair tells Kerry that he’s the champion and learn to live with it. He goes over to Kerry and shoves him. Kevin on commentary cheers on Kerry as he starts to attack Flair. He knocks down Flair and then covers him but the referee keeps warning Kerry Von Erich and finally tells him to leave. The fans go wild as Kerry took down Flair. Flair shoves the referee as he wants to chase after Kerry.

Flair quickly goes on the attack on Blood. He chops and elbows and slams Blood’s head into the turnbuckles. Flair tosses Blood to the outside. He brings him back in and chops at Blood. Big kneedrop by Flair on Blood and he gets a 2-count. Richard Blood makes a brief comeback before Flair tosses him into the turnbuckles. Flair punches at Blood on the ropes.

Ric Flair is relentless in his attack on Blood. He whips Blood into the corner and Blood makes another comeback but again Flair takes him down. Another kneedrop by Flair. He whips him into the ropes and gets Blood with an elbow. Flair goes to work on Blood’s left leg. He stomps on Blood’s left knee. Ric Flair clamps on the figure-four leglock on Blood and he submits. Flair refuses to break the figure-four leglock until the referee finally starts to count. Flair breaks the hold and gets the win.

WINNER: Ric Flair

Crowd starts to chant “We Want Kerry” as Flair strolls out of the ring. He grabs the mic and tells the fans that he’ll give them Kerry soon.

Fritz Von Erich and Kerry Von Erich join Mike Lowrance for an interview. Kerry talks about Ric Flair and he praises what Flair has done as champion and says he is proud to be the cloud over Flair’s title reign. Fritz says Kerry beat Harley Race and said it was a fluke that Kerry isn’t the NWA World Champion. He wants Flair to defend the title against Kerry, Kevin or David. Fritz says that Kerry is the rightful champion and he’s going to prove it to Flair. Kerry says he is going to beat Flair in 10-minutes.

King Kong Bundy & The Great Kabuki (w/ Gary Hart) vs. Al Madril & Tom “Boogaloo” Shaft

Tom Shaft gets The Great Kabuki with a wristlock but Kabuki reverses and knocks Shaft down and grabs hold of Shaft’s wrist. Shaft punches Kabuki but Kabuki already tagged in Bundy. Bundy and Shaft exchange punches but Bundy knocks Shaft down. He drops a knee on Shaft but misses a second attempt. Boogaloo gets in a few punches but Bundy uses his size and strength to stop Shaft. He splashes Shaft in the corner. Bundy whips him into the other corner but Shaft moves out of the way and Bundy crashes into the corner. Shaft tags in Madril.

Al Madril gets in a few shots at Bundy who tags in Kabuki. Madril continues his attack on Kabuki. The crowd cheers on. Gary Hart climbs up on the ring apron. Kabuki catches Madril with a kick and then grabs hold of Al with a nerve hold across his shoulders. Madril fights back and gets in a few punches on Kabuki. They block each other’s attempts a few times. Al Madril backdrops Kabuki but he quickly strikes back with a kick at Madril. King Kong Bundy now in and he gets Madril in a bearhug.

Al Madril punches at Bundy’s head to break the hold. Kevin Von Erich leaves the commentary to prepare for his match. Madril tags in Shaft and Bundy tags in Kabuki. The Great Kabuki goes after Shaft. He gets him with another nerve hold. Shaft struggles to get back up while in the nerve hold. Bundy back in and he gets Shaft in a bearhug. He punches at Bundy but that only leads to Bundy shoving him into the corner and splashing him. Shaft back in a bearhug. Kabuki back in and he throws a couple of chops at Shaft. Back with another nerve hold. Shaft fights back and punches at Kabuki and he tags in Al Madril.

Al Madril with a shoulder tackle knocks down Kabuki a few times. Shaft back in and he punches at Kabuki. Bundy helps Kabuki while Gary Hart distracts the referees and Al Madril. Bundy grabs hold of Shaft and Kabuki charges at him with a kick. He covers Shaft for the pin and gets the win.

WINNERS: King Kong Bundy & The Great Kabuki

Kevin Von Erich vs. Carlos Zapata

Kevin Von Erich is accompanied by Mike Von Erich. Zapata gets Kevin in a wristlock that gets reversed by Kevin into a hammerlock. Zapata reaches the ropes to break the hold. Kevin Von Erich hiptosses Zapata and gets him into an armbar. Zapata tries to break out of the hold but he takes Zapata back down with a headscissors. Carlos Zapata reaches the ropes to break the hold.

Headlock by Kevin Von Erich on Zapata who whips Kevin into the ropes. Kevin knocks down Zapata and then follows with a pair of dropkicks. Zapata heads to the outside. Test of strength between the two with Kevin getting the edge but Zapata kicks Kevin. Kevin Von Erich counters with a kick of his own at Zapata who again goes back to the outside of the ring.

Carlos Zapata returns to the ring but Kevin Von Erich’s waiting for him. Kevin slams Zapata and goes for a splash off the ropes but Zapata raises his knees and knocks down Kevin. Back rake by Zapata. He attacks Von Erich and gets in a forearm across his chest. Big kick into the mid-section by Zapata but Kevin counters with a forearm. He whips Zapata across the ropes and into the corner. He dropkicks him. Kevin then grabs hold of Zapata with the bodyscissors and forces Zapata to submit. Mike Von Erich runs in and hugs Kevin, who uses that time to teach Mike a little about the move he used to beat Zapata.

WINNER: Kevin Von Erich

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good show. The highlight of the show was the confrontation between Ric Flair and Kerry Von Erich. Flair had a great promo prior to his match with Richard Blood. Matches for the most part were mostly in that okay range but the crowd was really into everything on the show. Best match on the show was probably the tag match since everything was kept pretty short. Kevin Von Erich struggled a bit early on commentary especially trying to say Jesse “Relampago” Leon’s name. He was much better during Flair’s match.


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