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Mid-South Wrestling 8/19/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 8/19/1982

Taped 8/18/1982 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 8/19/1982.

Boyd Pearce and “Cowboy” Bill Watts on commentary. Watts opens the show reporting that Paul Ellering suffered another knee injury and it looked like this could be the end of his wrestling career. He mentioned it was his third knee injury. He also talks about the situation between DiBiase and JYD. Watts says that DiBiase claimed he already beat JYD in a title rematch, but he is willing to give him another rematch if JYD and Mr. Olympia defend the tag titles against him and Duggan. Bill Watts praising the Von Erich dynasty.

Kevin Von Erich vs. Billy “The Starchild” Starr

Kevin gets Starr in a wristlock followed by a takedown. Watts & Pearce give some background on the Von Erichs. Kevin catches Starr with a dropkick. Von Erich grabs hold of Starr in a hammerlock but has to break when Starr reaches the ropes. Headlock into a leg takedown on Starr by Von Erich. He ties up Starr’s legs. They break again.

Test of strength with Von Erich having the advantage to start. Starr fights back but Von Erich catches him with a dropkick. Starr shoves Von Erich into the corner and punches at him, but Von Erich counters and whips him across the corner. He follows with a splash and then slams him. Von Erich with a splash off the ropes for the pin.

WINNER: Kevin Von Erich

Mr. Olympia & The Junkyard Dog © vs. Ted DiBiase & “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan for the Mid-South Tag Team Titles.

The Junkyard Dog and Hacksaw Duggan start the match. JYD quickly slams Duggan a couple of times. Duggan lays in a big forearm at JYD’s chest in the corner but JYD shoves him back. Duggan wants to tag DiBiase into the match but DiBiase refuses. Mr. Olympia in the match now and he catches Duggan with a dropkick. He uses his speed on Duggan who tags in DiBiase. They run the ropes with Mr. Olympia catching DiBiase with a body press and a near fall. Mr. Olympia slams DiBiase a few times and tags in JYD. DiBiase back pedals quickly to his corner to tag in Duggan.

JYD gets Duggan in a wristlock. DiBiase distracts JYD and Duggan knocks him down. He lays in a forearm over his shoulder and tags in DiBiase. JYD makes a comeback on DiBiase and slams him. DiBiase tags Duggan back into the ring. Duggan and Mr. Olympia exchange forearms and Mr. Olympia whips Duggan into the corner and snapmares him. He tags in JYD who grabs hold of Duggan with a wristlock. Duggan puncheshis way out of the hold. DiBiase knees JYD’s back and knocks him down. Duggan goes on the attack and tags in DiBiase.

Ted DiBiase goes with a couple of knee drops and punches. He slams JYD. They go back and forth for a bit with JYD head-butting DiBiase. DiBiase tags in Duggan. Duggan misses an elbow and JYD tags in Mr. Olympia. Mr. Olympia takes on both of his opponents until JYD gets involved. All four men brawling in the ring. Duggan and DiBiase slam into each other. JYD atomic drops DiBiase!

JYD is tagged in but Duggan spears Mr. Olympia who crashes into JYD, sending JYD to the outside. Duggan slams Mr. Olympia. Duggan and DiBiase keep going after Mr. Olympia but he’s not the legal man in the match and the referee is trying to let them know. DiBiase gets Mr. Olympia in a figure-four leglock. The Junkyard Dog attacks DiBiase. JYD fires away on both Duggan and DiBiase. JYD powerslams DiBiase and covers him for the pin. Mr. Olympia and JYD retain the tag team titles!

WINNERS: Mr. Olympia & The Junkyard Dog

“Capt. Redneck” Dick Murdoch vs. Tug Taylor

Tug Taylor gets in a few punches on Murdoch but he counters with a few elbows at Tug’s head and a body slam. He grabs hold of Taylor in a side headlock. More elbow smashes across Taylor’s head. Murdoch takes Taylor down with a headlock. Taylor gets a few punches in on Murdoch to break out of the hold. More punches and forearms at Murdoch but Murdoch counters with elbows and punches of his own, followed by a dropkick. Reverse elbow at Taylor’s head. Murdoch gets Taylor up in the brainbuster and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Dick Murdoch

Killer Khan © (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar) vs. “Iron” Mike Sharpe for the Mid-South Louisiana Title

Killer Khan knocks down Mike Sharpe after they tangled up on the ropes. Sharpe shoves Khan while they break away. Sharpe gets Khan in an armbar. Khan pulls Sharpe’s hair to break the hold. He lays in a few chops and gets Sharpe in a front facelock. Sharpe escapes and gets him in an armbar that sends Khan to his knees. Khan gets in a kick on Sharpe to break the hold.

Killer Khan goes to work on Sharpe’s left leg. He places Sharpe’s ankle over the bottom rope and starts stomping at it. Khan continues the attack on Sharpe’s left leg. Sharpe grabs hold of Khan with a chinlock to break out of Khan’s grasp. Sharpe grabs hold of Khan’s arm and wraps it around the top rope. He attacks Khan’s left arm. He slams it into the top turnbuckle. Wristlock by Sharpe and then he stomps on Khan’s hand!

Sharpe gets kicked a few times by Killer Khan. Snapmare followed by a flying chop by Khan but Sharpe moves out of the way. Sharpe fights back and whips Khan across the ropes and lays in a punch into the midsection. Akbar gets up from his chair. Khan with a kneedrop on Sharpe. He misses a second attempt. Akbar climbs up to the ring and Sharpe chases after him. Khan attacks Sharpe from behind. Khan slams Sharpe and follows with a middle-rope kneedrop! Khan is going for the pin but Akbar wants Khan to injure Sharpe!

Killer Khan goes for the piledriver but Sharpe back flips Khan. He tosses Akbar into the ring and slams him. Referee gets knocked out of the ring. Killer Khan and Akbar double-team Mike Sharpe! Col. Buck Robley runs out to make the save for Sharpe and chases after Akbar. Mike Sharpe rolls up Killer Khan with a small package and referee is back in to make the 3-count. Mike Sharpe wins the Louisiana Title!

WINNER: Mike Sharpe

Mr. Wrestling II vs. Mike Bond

Mike Bond lays in a forearm in the corner but Mr. Wrestling II responds with one of his own that knocks Bond down. Fireman’s carry takedown by Mr. Wrestling II. He kneedrops Bond’s left arm and follows with a wristlock. Armbar takedown by Mr. Wrestling II. Bond reverses the wristlock but Mr. Wrestling II catches him with a pair of armdrags. Mr. Wrestling II back to using the wristlock on Bond. Bond with a few forearms and knocks Mr. Wrestling II a few times. Bond slams Mr. Wrestling II and tries to get a pin. Bond tries to unmask Mr. Wrestling II which fires him up and he lays in a few forearms into Bond. He whips Bond across the corners and backdrops him. He then charges at Bond and catches him with the knee-lift for the pin.

WINNER: Mr. Wrestling II

Buck Robley vs. Gen. Skandor Akbar

This was originally going to be Robley vs. The One Man Gang.

Gen. Skandor Akbar enters the ring and he’s dressed in just his trunks and boots. He asks Reiser Bowden for the mic. He tells Robley it comes down to him or Robley staying in Mid-South. He says that a lot of people think he hides behind his men, but everyone forgets he was once the North American Heavyweight Champion. He says he was a great wrestler and he can take care of Robley himself. Robley accepts the match.

The One Man Gang heads to the outside. Akbar attacks Robley before the bell rings. Akbar and Robley brawl in the corner exchanging punches, forearms and elbows. The One Man Gang gets involved and Robley attacks him. Akbar decides to throw fire at Robley but Robley dropkicks Akbar right as he throws the fire at him. Robley fights off both Akbar and the One Man Gang. Killer Khan runs out to the ring and all three beat on Robley.

The One Man Gang elbowdrops Robley several times. They all put the boots to him. Dick Murdoch, Mr. Wrestling II and Mike Sharpe run out to make the save for Robley.

WINNER: Buck Robley

Ted DiBiase and Hacksaw Duggan join Boyd Pearce and Bill Watts on the set for an interview. DiBiase calls the tag team match the biggest rip-off he’s been in and says the referee let JYD beat on him and gave JYD and Mr. Olympia the belts. Duggan calls it a conspiracy. DiBiase says Mid-South is stacking the deck against him bringing in Dick Murdoch, Buck Robley and protecting JYD. He tells Murdoch that he’s not the pupil anymore, he’s a champion. DiBiase goes back to talking about the tag team match and says he wants a rematch but with an impartial referee. He says he’d prefer a wrestler be the referee and says it can be any wrestler as long as he is impartial.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good show. A lot went on in this episode. The tag team title match was action-packed and had a finish that had the challengers feeling it was controversial and there was a conspiracy against them. JYD gets his title rematch because of the win in the tag match but DiBiase isn’t pleased and wanted another tag team title shot but with an impartial referee. DiBiase also has more than one contender besides JYD with Murdoch returning from Japan and Buck Robley. Ted also closed out the show with a strong interview. Mike Sharpe beating Killer Khan for the Louisiana title in an okay match. Had a lot of involvement from Akbar. The Akbar vs. Robley match turned into an attack by Akbar’s army on Robley. Show started off with a bit of sad news with the announcement that Paul Ellering had suffered another knee injury. So long Spotlight segments… Kevin Von Erich’s debut was pretty good in a rather short match. Fun show overall.


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