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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 12/5/1981

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 12/5/1981

Taped 12/2/1981 at the WPCQ TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 12/5/1981.

Bob Caudle & David Crockett are on commentary. Sandy Scott joins them to give some updates on what has been going on in Mid-Atlantic. He says Ole Anderson has picked a tag team partner to defend the NWA World Tag Team titles and it is Ray “The Crippler” Stevens and Gene Anderson will be their manager.

Blackjack Mulligan Jr. & Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Jerry Prater & Tony Russo

Jake Roberts goes to work on Jerry Prater’s left arm. He tags in Mulligan Jr. who keeps going to work on his left arm. Prater shoves him into the ropes and whips Mulligan Jr. across the ropes but Mulligan Jr. knocks him down and tags in Roberts. Roberts gets Prater with a knee lift and goes back to work on the left arm. Quick tags by Roberts and Mulligan Jr.

Hammerlock applied on Prater by Roberts but he’s able to reach his corner and tag in Russo. Russo whips Roberts across the ropes but Roberts tackles him and gets him in a side headlock. More quick tags by Roberts and Mulligan Jr. Russo whips Mulligan Jr. across the ropes but Mulligan Jr. reverses it and hiptosses Russo and gets him back in a side headlock. Russo tags in Prater but Mulligan Jr. escapes the corner and tags in Roberts.Hard chop thrown by Roberts at Prater.

Roberts takes Prater back down on the mat with an armbar. Mulligan Jr. tagged in and he slams Prater. High knee across the chest on Prater and he covers him for the pin. Roberts and Mulligan Jr. with an easy win.

WINNERS: Blackjack Mulligan Jr. & Jake Roberts

Big John Studd joins Bob Caudle for an interview. Studd is excited to hear that the “big redneck” Blackjack Mulligan is upset that he slapped his kid. He asks that they re-air the clip of Studd slapping Blackjack Mulligan Jr. He insults both Mulligans and says he always has the last laugh. He wants a match against Blackjack Mulligan and says if he has to slap his son again he’ll do it.

“Big” John Studd vs. “Tim Horner”

Both announcers keep calling the guy wrestling Studd, “Tim Horner” only it’s NOT TIM HORNER!!! Tim Horner is actually wrestling on the next match but the announcers keep calling this fella “Tim Horner” throughout the match.

“Tim Horner” tries to get Studd in a bearhug but Studd breaks it easily. He tries for a slam but can’t. Studd grabs this guy and slams him to the mat. He lays in a few right hands on “Not Tim Horner” while he’s on the ropes. Hiptoss by Studd on this fella gets him a 2-count but he picks him right back up. Backbreaker by Studd and he again pulls “Not Tim Horner” up from a pin attempt.

“Not Tim Horner” escapes Studd near the corner. Studd grabs hold of him and lands a hard chop across this guy’s shoulder. Studd slams him again. He grabs hold of his opponent with a back breaker where he holds him over his shoulder and gets the submission win.

WINNER: John Studd

Sandy Scott returns to talk to Bob Caudle. He warns Gene Anderson about interfering in the tag title match. Sandy Scott wants to talk about the fans writing in about wanting a match between Roddy Piper and Ricky Steamboat. Steamboat brings out another bag full of fan mail. Scott asks Mr. Piper to join them so that he and Steamboat can sign a contract for a match. Roddy Piper screams at Steamboat and Sandy Scott. Piper angrily signs the contract and yells at Steamboat but Scott kicks him out of the studio after he signed. Steamboat signs the contract as well and thanks Sandy Scott and the fans.

Sgt. Slaughter joins Caudle and Crockett and lets them know he has been preparing Jim Nelson for this upcoming match for the past week and he even punished him a bit. He says Nelson is going to be an angry man in the ring.

Jim Nelson (w/ Sgt. Slaughter) vs. Tim Horner

HEY!!! It’s Tim Horner! Nelson with a takedown on Horner but Horner counters him. Slaughter starts to scream at Nelson. Sandy Scott is still at the desk. Blackjack Mulligan enters the studio. He and Sgt. Slaughter start to argue. Nelson gets Horner in a front chinlock. Horner hiptosses Nelson. Sandy Scott escorts Mulligan out of the studio.

Nelson gets Horner with a backbreaker and gets a 2-count. Front chancery by Nelson. Sgt. Slaughter is glad they got rid of Mulligan. Nelson tosses Horner to the outside. He slams Horner’s head on the ring apron. Big forearm across Horner’s back but Horner fights back. Nelson slams Horner on the mat and lands a big knee across Horner’s chest. Horner with some elbows into Nelson and follows with a dropkick. Horner misses a corner attack.

Nelson whips Horner across the ropes and takes him down with an elbow. Elbowdrop by Nelson only gets him a 2-count. Nelson whips Horner across the ropes and backdrops him. He covers Horner for the pin but Horner kicks out again. Nelson whips Horner across the ropes again and clotheslines and covers Horner for the pin.

WINNER: Jim Nelson

Bob Caudle interviews Sgt. Slaughter about an upcoming match against Blackjack Mulligan Jr. He was going to be in the tournament to win the Cadillac but he pulled himself out so he could beat up on the “junior redneck”. He threatens both Mulligan Sr. and Jr.

Ole Anderson joins Bob Caudle about the tournament to win the Cadillac. Roddy Piper joins them as well. Piper said he might have to wrestle Anderson for that Cadillac. Ole tells him that he’ll be driving the Cadillac which Piper replies that Ole can drive his Cadillac with him sitting in the back. Gene Anderson joins them.

Jay Youngblood vs. Jeff Sword

Jay Youngblood with a quick leg takedown on Sword and gets him tied up. Sword reaches the ropes to break the hold. Youngblood uses his quickness running the ropes. He gets Sword in a headlock and rolls him up for a pin attempt. Sword escapes and tries for a side headlock but Youngblood breaks quickly.

Sword lays in a few blows at Youngblood but Jay counters with some hard chops at Sword’s chest. He takes Sword down and again gets another near fall. Sword picks Youngblood up and drops him onto his knee with a backbreaker. He gets Jay in another backbreaker and gets a 2-count. Youngblood makes a comeback with some tremendous chops. The fans start to chant Jay’s name. Tomahawk chop by Jay at Sword. He chops him again and knocks Sword down. Youngblood hits the ropes and lands another chop on Sword and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Jay Youngblood

Jake Roberts and Blackjack Mulligan Jr. join Bob Caudle for an interview. Blackjack Jr. said he’s not afraid of Slaughter and he’ll wrestle him anytime and anywhere. Roberts says they had an easy win earlier on the show. Jake wants to get rid of Ole Anderson and the Minnesota Wrecking Crew.

Blackjack Mulligan joins them and talks about them being from Texas and they don’t quit or run away. He found out that Sgt. Slaughter was indeed a marine but said he was a cook. He also threatens to bust Studd’s nose.

Ole Anderson & Ray “The Crippler” Stevens vs. Buddy Landell & Paul Jones

Gene Anderson joins the commentators at the desk. He is there to watch Ole and Stevens in action. Landell gets Ole in a headscissors. He gets out of the hold and tags in Stevens. Stevens gets Landell in a side headlock. Gene says that he and Ole are going to keep the tag team titles around their waists with Ray Stevens help. Landell tags in Jones and he gets Stevens in a headlock followed by a quick takedown.

Stevens heads over to his corner and tags in Anderson but Jones gets him in a headlock. Landell in the match and continues to keep Ole in a headlock. Jones back in as they do some quick tags. Jones keeps Ole down with a side headlock and he reaches over and tags in Stevens. Stevens punches at Jones. Jones and Landell throw a few punches at Stevens. Jones slams Stevens and tags in Landell. Landell follows with a slam and a pin attempt but Stevens kicks out. Stevens gets Landell in a wristlock and tags in Anderson.

Ole Anderson gets Landell in a wristlock and goes to work on his left arm. Ole tells the referee to watch the wrist. Stevens distracts the referee and lands a big forearm across Landell’s chest. Landell fights back but Stevens is tagged in. Stevens and Anderson keep Landell in their corner and beat on him and tag in and out. Ole Anderson goes back to work on Landell’s left arm. He tells the referee to ask Landell if he gives up.

Buddy Landell punches his way out of the wristlock but Ole tags in Stevens. Stevens goes to work on Landell and continues to go after his left arm. Landell throws a few punches at Stevens but he tags Ole. Anderson lays in some forearms across Landell’s back but they exchange punches and Landell tags in Jones. Paul Jones fights off both Ole and Stevens. Jones tags in Landell who knocks Stevens down. All four men get in the ring. Referee tries to get Jones out of the ring. Ole Anderson grabs Landell and tosses him right at Stevens which knocks both Landell and Stevens down. Ole covers Landell for the pin.

Ray Stevens shoves Ole Anderson off of Landell and starts arguing with Ole! Gene Anderson is shown holding Paul Jones by the leg. Landell lays in a few forearms at Stevens. Landell whips Stevens into the ropes but Stevens catches him with a knee lift and covers Landell for the pin.

WINNERS: Ole Anderson & Ray Stevens

Ray Stevens grabs one of the belts away from Ole Anderson. Gene and Ole start to scream at Ray Stevens before they leave unable to grab hold of the other title.

Paul Jones, Jake Roberts and Ricky Steamboat join Bob Caudle for a promo on the Charlotte Coliseum show. Jones talks about how no one can get along in Mid-Atlantic. Roberts and Steamboat agree about their being a lot of bad blood at the moment. Blackjack Mulligan Jr. vows to win the U.S. title from Sgt. Slaughter.

Carl Fergie vs. Larry Hamilton

Nice fireman’s carry by Hamilton to start the match. Fergie gets in a knee in Hamilton’s mid-section and lays in a few punches. Front facelock by Fergie on Hamilton. Hamilton picks Fergie up and slams him. Fergie lays in a few forearms in the corner at Hamilton. Hamilton misses a corner splash on Fergie. Hamilton with some nice counters on Fergie. Fergie gets Hamilton with a neckbreaker and gets the pin.

WINNER: Carl Fergie

Ray Stevens joins Bob Caudle and says Ole Anderson has cost him a lot of money. He says Ole cost him a world championship in the past and he tried to sacrifice him in this tag match like he did his “stupid” brother. He knows Gene is Ole’s brother and he’s going to stick with him. Stevens is not Ole’s brother and doesn’t want to be his brother and thinks he’s rotten and stinks! He says no one in pro wrestling is going to make a fool of him. He tells Ole that if he wants his belt back, he can come and get it. He says if he sees Ole on the streets he’s going to kick his “can”.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Fun show. Went by quickly. Thought the best part of the show was the Ole Anderson and Ray Stevens tag match and meltdown over Ole sacrificing Stevens to win the tag match. Some fun interviews as well with Piper and Steamboat finally signing a contract for a singles match. Announcers not having a clue who John Studd’s opponent was and calling him “Tim Horner” only to have the actual Tim Horner wrestling in the following match made them look bad. Sgt. Slaughter’s a really good heel on this show.


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