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WCCW TV 2/27/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 2/27/1982

Taped 2/27/1982 at the Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Aired on 2/27/1982.

Mark Lowrance is in for Gene Goodson this week on commentary. Kevin Von Erich joins him at the start of the show. Joe Renelli is the ring announcer.

Bugsy McGraw vs. Jesse “Relampago” Leon

They talk about Bugsy having lost the American Heavyweight title to Kerry Von Erich recently. Relampago Leon uses his quickness to keep away from McGraw. Bugsy gets a little frustrated over this. Bugsy charges into the corner but Leon moves out of the way and gets in a few forearms on Bugsy who gets even more frustrated. McGraw complains to referee Bronco Lubich. He spins around a bit.

Kevin Von Erich thinks Bugsy McGraw is in his own head trip and thinks something is wrong with him. McGraw gets Leon in a wristlock but Leon does a nip-up a few times trying to escape the hold. He gets Leon in a headlock and into a wristlock. Nice back and forth off the wristlock. McGraw sends Leon into the ropes but Leon leapfrogs him and catches Bugsy with a dropkick. Bugsy’s upset and talks to the referee for a bit.

Crowd starts cheering on for Relampago Leon. He gets in a few punches at McGraw. Bugsy misses a few punches and finally gets Leon with a few of his own. Bugsy misses a senton on Leon. He is able to grab hold of Leon and puts him in a reverse chinlock. Leon tries to escape but Bugsy pulls him back down by the hair. Leon gets back to his feet and again back down via hair pull from McGraw.

Jesse Leon gets in a few elbows and gets McGraw in a headlock. He knocks down McGraw a few times with a flying tackle. He misses a third attempt and McGraw goes to work on Leon. Fist-drop by McGraw followed by some forearms into Leon’s back. McGraw slams Leon’s head into the top turnbuckle several times. He stomps on Leon even more and more of Leon getting his head slammed into the top turnbuckle. Bugsy slams Relampago Leon and follows with an elbow drop. Bugsy McGraw climbs up to the top rope and splashes Relampago Leon for the win.

WINNER: Bugsy McGraw

King Kong Bundy and Gary Hart join Mark Lowrance for an interview. Hart says everyone understands money. He understands wrestling ability and he knew that Fritz Von Erich wasn’t going to help Bundy because Fritz is only going to help his kids. Hart says Bundy found that out and he’s paying Bundy big bucks and not nickels and dimes. He says Bundy isn’t dressing like a farmer and isn’t doing wasting his time doing the stuff he was doing. King Kong Bundy said he is happy now making money which is all he cares about. He doesn’t agree with Fritz Von Erich about this being about sportsmanship, he only cares about money and GH is giving it to him. Gary Hart says Bundy doesn’t have to worry about money anymore because he has him now.

Al Madril vs. “The Crippler” Capt. Frank Dusek (w/ Wild Bill Irwin)

This is a return match. The crowd chants “Chauncey” to upset “Wild” Bill Irwin. Madril wants revenge on Dusek for injuring him in a previous match. Referee David Manning wants Irwin out of the ringside area. Madril goes after Dusek as Irwin is being told to leave. Al gets a few punches in on Dusek and sends him to the outside of the ring. Dusek gets back in the ring and tries to go after Madril’s legs with a takedown but he’s unsuccessful.

Al Madril gets Dusek in a headlock and gets in a few more punches. They get on the ropes and again Madril is able to counter Dusek and keep control of the match. Madril blocks a few punches thrown by Dusek and gets a few in again off his own. Crowd chants loudly for Madril. Dusek heads back to the outside.

Al Madril slingshots Dusek back into the ring. More punches thrown by Madril! Dusek goes down on his back! Dusek gets in a headbutt into Madril’s midsection. He follows with another headbutt and slams Madril into the turnbuckle. Dusek bites Madril’s forehead! He chokes Madril on the ropes! Madril gets in a few kicks at Dusek. He slams Dusek’s head into the turnbuckle and tosses him into the corner into a tree of woe position. Referee keeps Madril off Dusek and while that’s going on, Dusek grabs hold of a whipand starts hitting Madril! Referee calls for the bell and disqualifies Dusek. Madril takes away the weapon from Dusek and chases him away while whipping at Dusek.

WINNER: Al Madril via DQ

Fritz Von Erich joins Mark Lowrance for an interview. He says his sons are doing well. He worries about Gary Hart and his stable. He says he’s lost 20% of his vision due to The Great Kabuki and vows revenge. Fritz says Big Daddy Bundy who is now King Kong Bundy and working with Gary Hart. He had doubts about Bundy when he firsts showed up and Bundy tried to hurt Kevin and the Von Erichs vow to get revenge on Hart, Bundy and Kabuki. Fritz says Gary Hart has been a thorn on the side of his for the past 20 years.

King Kong Bundy vs. El Negro Assassin

Kevin Von Erich talks about how he was friends with Bundy and took him hunting and fishing. He can’t believe he turned on the Von Erichs. Announcer introduces Bundy as “Big Daddy Bundy” and Hart corrects him and tells everyone to look at him because he is now “King Kong Bundy”. Kevin is shocked and disgusted at this name change.

El Negro Assassin gets a dropkick in on Bundy to the delight of the fans. Bundy finally gets El Negro Assassin and beats him up in the corner. Kevin thinks Bundy is stronger than Andre The Giant! Bundy whips Assassin into the corner and splashes him. Kevin tells Mark Lowrance that he has to go prepare for his match coming up next. Bundy grabs hold of El Negro Assassin in a bear hug and then slams him into the corner. Assassin rakes Bundy’s eyes and gets him in a side headlock but Bundy picks him up and slams him down.

Bundy whips El Negro Assassin into the ropes and then shoulder blocks the Assassin who goes flying over the top rope to the floor! King Kong Bundy suplexes El Negro Assassin back into the ring. He then runs the ropes and splashes El Negro Assassin for the pin.

WINNER: King Kong Bundy

King Kong Bundy attacks El Negro Assassin after the match. Hart gets him to leave the ring while he calms down the referee in hopes of not getting the result reversed.

Kevin Von Erich vs. “Wild” Bill Irwin (w/ Capt. Frank Dusek)

Frank Dusek is upset with the ring announcer and corrects him by telling him its “Wild” Bill Irwin. Mark Lowrance mentions next week’s show has Kevin & Kerry Von Erich vs. King Kong Bundy & Armand Hussein.

Kevin Von Erich quickly with a leg takedown on Irwin who reaches the ropes to break the hold. Irwin with a takedown of his own on Kevin but he can’t grab hold of Kevin. Crowd cheers on Kevin. Kevin tells Irwin that he’s too slow! Kevin gets Irwin in a wristlock and goes to work on his left arm. He goes with a step-over and takes Irwin down to the mat. Armbar by Kevin on Irwin with Bill trying to break free from the hold. Crowd starts a “Chauncey” chant for Irwin.

Hiptoss by Kevin after a botched spot by the two off the ropes. Irwin gets Kevin on the ropes and lays in a big forearm across Kevin’s chest. He whips Kevin into the ropes and Kevin leapfrogs Irwin and follows with a dropkick. Irwin makes a comeback and lays in a few kicks and forearms on Kevin. Crowd tries to get Kevin going with some loud cheers. Side suplex by Irwin gets him a 2-count. Backdrop sends Kevin down to the mat. Backbreaker by Irwin on Kevin and he sprawls him across his knee and punches him in the mid-section.

Crowd gets louder. Irwin cuts off Kevin every moment and slams him head-first into the turnbuckles. Another backbreaker by Irwin on Kevin. Kevin Von Erich fights back! He reverses a slam and goes for a roll-over pin attempt on Irwin but Irwin kicks out and sends Kevin into referee David Manning. Irwin lays in a few more forearms. Kevin reverses a whip into a corner and splashes him in the corner twice. Irwin reverses a whip into the corner but Kevin Von Erich gets Irwin in a body scissors. Dusek gets up on the ring apron and lays in a forearm at Kevin’s mid-section to break the hold. Referee calls for the bell to disqualify Irwin for Dusek’s interference.

Referee raises up Kevin Von Erich’s arm as the winner but Kevin refuses to accept the win in that manner. Kevin Von Erick asks for the mic and says a Von Erich doesn’t win a match like that and says, “Chauncey, you come back here and take your whippin’.”

The match continues as Irwin returns to the ring. Kevin charges at Irwin and follows with some chops and an elbow. He goes for the Iron Claw on Irwin who fights him off! Kevin Von Erich gets the Iron Claw on Irwin’s stomach but he rolls him over and starts choking at Kevin! He beats on Kevin. Wild brawl between the two! Back and forth punches from both! Kevin snapmares Irwin and runs the ropes and lands a big splash on him. Irwin escapes a pin attempt by Kevin. He gets in a few kicks and some punches on Kevin and covers him for the pin. Kevin kicks out at two!
Kevin pulls on Irwin’s leg and then works on his left leg! One minute left in the match. Dusek looks concerned ringside. Crowd starts another “Chauncey” chant. Irwin gets back up and gets in a knee at Kevin. They brawl in one corner. They exchange punches as the bell rings. Match ends in a time limit draw!

WINNER: Time Limit Draw

Capt. Frank Dusek runs in with his whip and hits Kevin. He grabs hold of Kevin Von Erich but Irwin accidentally hits Dusek and sends him to the outside. Kevin Von Erich cleans house. Kevin says it’s not over and wants the match restarted.

Mark Lowrance says they ran out of time to air the Kerry Von Erich vs. Carlos Zapata match.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent show! Fun show from start to finish. Thought all the matches were pretty good. Best match on the show was the main event of Kevin Von Erich vs. Wild Bill Irwin. It’s a little strange to see Kevin wrestling in boots since he usually wrestled barefoot. It’s one of those things that one notices that when it is different, it immediately catches your attention. I thought the Gary Hart and King Kong Bundy interview segment was great as was Fritz Von Erich talking about wanting revenge against Hart and his men. All the matches had some really good heat and a lot of energy.


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