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Mid-South Wrestling 8/12/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 8/12/1982

Taped 8/4/1982 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on August 12, 1982.

Boyd Pearce and Bob Roop are on commentary this week. Roop wants to know where The Junkyard Dog is given that he is at the moment the biggest superstar in pro wrestling. JYD hasn’t been on TV and this will be the third week that he hasn’t appeared. Roop mentions that Pearce told him JYD was just named the “People’s Champion” and he says that he’s never heard of that award before. LOL

Boyd Pearce said that he was announced the “People’s Champion” in Houston. He says that they have video of a recent match he had in Houston against Nick Bockwinkel that promoter Paul Boesch sent in but they can’t show the match because of JYD’s refusal to have his matches air on TV until he gets a match with Ted DiBiase. Pearce says they can however show the match introductions! Bob Roop rips on JYD saying that maybe he thinks he’s too good for Mid-South Wrestling and wonders when he’ll stop sulking and act like the man they all think he is.

Ted DiBiase & “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. Jesse Barr & Mike Bond

DiBiase gets Barr in a side headlock. Barr whips DiBiase into the ropes but DiBiase is able to knock him down and also slams him before tagging in Duggan. Duggan gets Barr with a neckbreaker. Front chancery by Duggan on Barr. DiBiase back in and kicks Barr and follows with a series of elbows across Barr’s neck. DiBiase again knocks down Barr and also gets him with a hiptoss. Barr counters an elbowdrop and goes to work on DiBiase left arm. He tags in Mike Bond who keeps working on DiBiase’s left arm.

Ted DiBiase rakes Barr’s eyes and slams him into the corner. Duggan comes in and Barr armdrags him. He whips Duggan into the ropes but Duggan counters and attacks Barr with a few knees to his back. Barr almost lands on his feet after a backdrop and tags in Bond. Duggan with a spear at Bond followed by an elbowdrop by DiBiase. DiBiase gets Bond in a figure four leglock. Duggan spears Barr out of the ring. DiBiase submits Bond for the win.

WINNER: Ted DiBiase & Jim Duggan

Mike Sharpe vs. Tug Taylor

Bob Roop talks about Tug Taylor being just as strong as Mike Sharpe. Taylor gets Sharpe in a full nelson but Sharpe breaks out of it and counters with a full nelson of his own on Taylor. Taylor reaches the ropes. Sharpe knocks down Taylor and then leapfrogs over him and dropkicks Taylor! Some good quickness shown by Sharpe.

Tug Taylor slams Sharpe but misses an elbowdrop. Sharpe gets Taylor in a wristlock and twist him around before taking down to the mat with an armbar. Taylor reaches the ropes. Sharpe attacks Taylor and puts him in a chinlock. Taylor escapes and whips Sharpe into the ropes and punches Sharpe in the mid-section. Sharpe makes a comeback and pounds on Taylor with a series of punches. Sharpe whips Taylor into the ropes and dropkicks him. He gets Taylor with a piledriver and gets the pin.

WINNER: Mike Sharpe

They re-air Dick Murdoch wrestling Rick “Hangman” Harris from several episodes ago. Bob Roop doesn’t agree with Dick Murdoch saying he wants to punish Ted DiBiase for what he did.

“Precious” Paul Ellering vs. Billy Starr

Paul Ellering takes Billy Starr down after being caught in a side headlock. Roop talks about how Ellering was out of wrestling with a knee injury for a year. He mentions not seeing the same speed he had prior to that injury. Ellering does a quick takedown which Roop is impressed with. Ellering takes Starr down with a headscissors and follows with a side headlock. Ellering knocks Starr down and follows with a standing dropkick. Another headscissors by Ellering.

Starr breaks out of the headscissors but Ellering gets him with a hammerlock immediately. Starr punches his way out of the hold and then slams Ellering’s head into the turnbuckles. Billy Starr with a kick and forearm at Starr. He whips Ellering into the ropes but Ellering catches Starr with a knee at the chest. Ellering hiptosses Starr and then suplexes him. He gets a two-count. Ellering gets Starr with a hangman’s neckbreaker for the pin.

WINNER: Paul Ellering

Killer Khan (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar) vs. Tommy Saxon

Killer Khan starts choking at Saxon. He takes Khan down and starts to kick at Saxon. Roop is going to leave soon but stayed to watch Killer Khan’s match. More kicks from Khan. He rips at Saxon’s nose. Double chop at Saxon’s neck area by Khan. Killer Khan rakes his forearm across Saxon’s face. He then starts to slam poor Tommy Saxon’s face into the mat. He gets up and stomps on Saxon. Clotheslines takes Saxon down again. Killer Khan slams Saxon and then jumps off the middle rope with a knee drop for the pin.

WINNER: Killer Khan

Bob Roop leaves the commentary desk. Ted DiBiase and Hacksaw Jim Duggan join Boyd Pearce on commentary. Pearce mentions that next week The Junkyard Dog will be back on TV either in a tag team title match teaming with Mr. Olympia against Ted DiBiase & Hacksaw Duggan OR in a singles match against Ted DiBiase for the North American Heavyweight title.

Mr. Olympia vs. Vinnie Romeo

Mr. Olympia with a fireman’s carry takedown on Romeo to start the match. DiBiase says he respects Mr. Olympia as a wrestler but thinks he is scared to go at it on his own and doesn’t know why he’s loyal to his partner who he doesn’t see anywhere around lately. Mr. Olympia uses his speed to keep control of the match. He gets Romeo in an armbar. Pearce again repeats that JYD will be back again next week which leads to Hacksaw Duggan screaming, “I don’t think the Dog has the guts to show his face around here!”

Mr. Olympia gets Vinnie Romeo in an abdominal stretch. Boyd Pearce mentions Dick Murdoch will be on the show next week and DiBiase has to talk to him. DiBiase says he doesn’t need to explain himself to anyone because he’s not a rookie or pupil, he’s a champion now. Mr. Olympia continues to control the match. He takes Romeo back down with a slam and gets him in an armbar. Mr. Olympia whips Romeo across the ropes and catches him with a couple of dropkicks and a backdrop. He whips him into the corner again and backdrops Romeo and Mr. Olympia follows with a body press off the corner and gets the pin on Vinnie Romeo.

WINNER: Mr. Olympia

Boyd Pearce mentions that Kevin Von Erich will also be on next week’s show. Pearce interviews Ted DiBiase who says that it is not true that he won’t give JYD a title match. He and Duggan issued a challenge to Mr. Olympia and The Junkyard Dog. DiBiase says the reason JYD hasn’t been wrestling in Mid-South is because he’s scared of losing the Mid-South Tag Team titles and since JYD already lost the Mississippi title, North American title and if he loses the tag titles, he’d have to leave the territory. Hacksaw Duggan says that they are not hard to find and suggests that JYD and Mr. Olympia sign on the dotted line. DiBiase again repeats if there is a match with JYD on TV, it will be for the Mid-South Tag Team titles next week.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Thought this show was okay. The matches were pretty average. I thought the best part of this show was Bob Roop on commentary and the final segment with Ted DiBiase and Hacksaw Duggan on commentary and their interview hyping up the show for the following week. Also was amused at them talking about Paul Boesch sending footage of JYD’s match against Nick Bockwinkel from Houston and them not airing the match because JYD won’t let them show any of his matches on TV until he gets a match with Ted DiBiase.


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