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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 11/28/1981

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 11/28/1981

Taped 11/25/1981 at WPCQ-TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 11/28/1981.

Bob Caudle and David Crockett are on commentary.

Blackjack Mulligan & Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Charlie Fulton & Nikolai Volkoff

Jake Roberts and Charlie Fulton start off the match. Roberts takes down Fulton with a hiptoss and goes to a side headlock. Fulton gets Roberts up and whips him into the ropes but Roberts catches him with a bodyslam. Fulton tags out to Volkoff. Roberts get Volkoff in a headlock and tags in Mulligan. Volkoff shove Mulligan as they try to lock-up. Mulligan gets Volkoff with an armdrag. Volkoff gets a few kicks in on Mulligan and then slams him.

Nikolai Volkoff gets Mulligan in an armbar and pulls his hair to take him down. Mulligan fights back and slams Volkoff and then punches Fulton. He tags in Roberts who gets in a few kicks at Volkoff and then at Fulton. Fulton gets a few forearms at Roberts near a corner but Mulligan interferes. Referee keeps Mulligan from getting involved and Volkoff and Fulton double-team Roberts. He escapes their corner and tags in Mulligan. Mulligan with a big punch at Fulton. The two have some back and forth action until Mulligan knocks Fulton down and tags in Roberts again.

Roberts with a backdrop on Fulton and tags in Mulligan. Mulligan gets Fulton with the claw! Volkoff interferes. Roberts dropkicks Volkoff out of the ring. Mulligan slams Fulton and covers him for the pin.

WINNERS: Blackjack Mulligan & Jake Roberts

Blackjack Mulligan joins Bob Caudle for an interview. Mulligan apologizes for not being in good shape. He asks what people think of the “Texas Connection” with Jake “The Snake”. He liked their tag team. Blackjack impressed with the amount of talent in Mid-Atlantic.

They air an interview with match maker Sandy Scott. He talks about trying to bring big-time talent to Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling. He talks about the tournament with the winner getting a Cadillac. Sgt. Slaughter interrupts and says he is the #1 talent in the world. He also wants more talent but doesn’t think they are that good.

They re-air a complete version of the “Wildfire” Tommy Rich vs. Tony Russo match that they aired on the previous show. Sgt. Slaughter joins Sandy Scott to talk about the match. He praises Rich’s strategy and says he has that too and Slaughter says he is the greatest. Roddy Piper joins them on commentary and also talks about the match. Slaughter tells Piper that he might have to wrestle him for the Cadillac which Piper tells Slaughter that he apologizes because it’s going to be a long day for him. Piper mentions that Rich can’t do any of the moves that he’s doing to Russo. They show the botched Thesz Press which Slaughter & Piper covered for by saying Russo countered with a belly punch.

Roddy Piper and Sgt. Slaughter continue to talk about winning the Cadillac. Sandy Scott then shows them a video of Angelo Mosca vs. Steve King. Mosca is shown just beating on King. Sgt. Slaughter says Mosca is big and vicious but he’s going to lose to him.

Blackjack Mulligan says he is not number one but he makes people sweat. He was told by his family to win the Cadillac or they are going to leave him. He and Jr. (Barry Windham) are out to win the tournament. He calls Angelo Mosca the filthiest wrestler and pro football player. They air a recap of Big John Studd slapping Blackjack Mulligan Jr. and Mulligan said he wants pay back for doing that to his son.

Sgt. Slaughter joins Bob Caudle and immediately insults Wahoo McDaniels by calling him “Sqwahoo McDaniels”. He mentions how last week he brought a contract for Wahoo to sign and he didn’t. Slaughter says he is done with Wahoo and is open to defending his title against anyone else. He also says that if anyone can break out of the Cobra Clutch, he will give them $1,000 dollars. Slaughter then points to the ring as his new protege Jim Nelson is about to wrestle.

Jim Nelson vs. Keith Larson

Sgt. Slaughter stays on commentary to talk about Nelson. He is pleased with his takedown to start the match. He says Nelson was a “loser” and a “boy” before he took him under his wing and now he’s becoming a man. Nelson with an elbow at Larson’s neck. Larson escapes a chinlock but Nelson is quick to get back on his feet and attacks him. Nelson gets Larson in a chinlock again. He gets a knee into the side of Larson’s waist. Larson makes a quick comeback and gets Nelson with a backdrop. He gets Nelson with a dropkick! Nelson recovers and tosses Larson out of the ring.

Larson comes back into the ring and Nelson continues to beat on him. Nelson gets Larson in a headlock but he escapes and gets Nelson in a hammerlock. Slaughter heads over to the ringside area to scream at Nelson. Nelson slams Larson and then lands an elbow on him. Sgt. Slaughter says that he even taught Nelson the Cobra Clutch. Nelson clotheslines Larson and then applies the Cobra Clutch on him for the win!

WINNER: Jim Nelson

Rick Steamboat brings a long a plastic bag for an interview with Bob Caudle. He says Piper has told him that he has to prove himself before he gives him a match. Steamboat said he needs petitions and letters to get the NWA to agree to that match. The plastic bag contains a ton of fan mail and he says there are three bags full of letters. Steamboat says that every time he gets a bag full of mail, he puts it all on Jim Crockett’s desk. He asks again that Piper give him that one singles match.

The Ninja (w/ Jim Holiday) vs. Vinnie Valentino

Referee tells The Ninja and Jim Holiday that The Ninja has to get rid of the sword. The Ninja quickly attacks Valentino and takes him down with a headlock. He twists at Valentino’s head. He drops a knee across Valentino’s chest. Jim Holiday joins the commentary team. Hard chop by The Ninja is heard loudly in the studio.

The Ninja again takes Valentino down with a front facelock. Another hard chop thrown at Valentino. Hiptoss by The Ninja takes Valentino down and again he gets him in a front facelock. Vinnie finally makes a comeback with a wristlock but The Ninja gets in a few hard chops on him. Valentino makes another brief comeback before getting slammed to the mat. The Ninja climbs up to the middle rope and gets him with a diving headbutt for the pin.

WINNER: The Ninja

Ole Anderson & Roddy Piper vs. Don Kernoodle & Tony Anthony

Ole Anderson and Don Kernoodle start the match. David Crockett talks about how Gene Anderson is out with an injury but he still shows up as a manager. Piper gets in the match and he grabs hold of Kernoodle’s leg. Kernoodle kicks Piper off. Piper gets Kernoodle with a front chancery but Kernoodle rolls up Piper for a pin attempt. Piper complains about Kernoodle grabbing his trunks. Piper tags in Ole.

Tony Anthony gets in the ring and gets in a few shots at Ole Anderson. Ole takes Anthony down and in a side headlock. He tags in Piper who punches Anthony in the mid-section. Piper goes to work on Anthony’s left arm. He drives a knee into Anthony’s left arm. Anthony gets in a few punches on Piper but Piper’s close to his corner and tags in Ole. Anderson grounds Anthony to the mat. He tags Piper back in who punches Anthony again and goes back to work on his left arm. Anthony again fights back but Piper picks him up for a bodyslam. Ole climbs to the top rope and gets his knee into Anthony’s left arm.

Piper and Anderson working in synch and just focusing all their attention on Anthony’s left arm. Quick tags from them and Ole gets Anthony in an armbar and gets him to submit.

WINNERS: Ole Anderson & Roddy Piper

Roddy Piper is overheard asking if Anthony is still alive. Ole and Piper get back into the ring and beat up on Anthony and Kernoodle. They toss Kernoodle out and continue to work on Anthony’s left arm. Rick Steamboat and Jake Roberts run out and brawl with Ole Anderson and Roddy Piper. They leave the scene as everyone else goes to check on Tony Anthony.

Ricky Steamboat and Jake Roberts join Caudle and they are upset about what Piper and Anderson just did. They say it’s one thing to beat an opponent to win a match but what Piper and Ole are doing is trying to beat their opponents out of wrestling.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Thought this show was okay. They had a lot of stuff that was repeated from the previous week with the videos featuring Tommy Rich and Angelo Mosca matches. Sgt. Slaughter was great again in his interviews and then being on for commentary and ringside for Jim Nelson’s match. The main event was the best match on the show with Ole Anderson & Roddy Piper working the tag match like an Andersons type of tag match with them working on one part of the body. The post-match stuff involving Steamboat and Roberts was good.


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