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WCCW TV 2/20/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 2/20/1982

Taped 2/7/1982 at the Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Aired on 2/20/1982.

Gene Goodson is joined this week by David Von Erich on commentary. Mark Lowrance is the ring announcer.

Carlos Zapata vs. Tony Torres

Armbar takedown by Torres to start the match. Zapata gives him a wag of the finger for pulling off that move. A couple of armdrags by Torres but Zapata is able to stop him after a third attempt. Zapata beats on Torres and rakes and bits him! Forearms over Torres back by Zapata. He sends Torres into the ropes and backdrops him. Zapata only gets a 2-count and continues to stomp on Torres. Bodyslam by Zapata.

Tony Torres makes a comeback but its cut short by Zapata. Rake to the back of Torres by Zapata. Zapata sends Torres into the ropes and leapfrogs and dropkicks Zapata. He goes for a second dropkick but Zapata moves out of the way. Zapata chokes Torres! Small package by Torres on Zapata. Zapata escapes and continues his attack on Torres.

More forearms across Torres back but he fires up and makes a comeback. He hiptosses Zapata and then whips him into the turnbuckles. Torres charges into the corner but Zapata moves out of the way. Zapata gets Torres in a neckbreaker and gets the pin. Carlos Zapata shadow boxes as he celebrates his win!

WINNER: Carlos Zapata

Kevin Von Erich is interviewed by Gene Goodson. He’s excited about wrestling in various towns coming up and looking forward to meeting some new girls. Kevin points out that every town has a different blond and then smiles after saying that. He says that the Von Erichs like challenges and one of those challenges is getting rid of people like Gary Hart from the pro wrestling business. Kerry Von Erich reads a letter from a fan named Margaret who says World Class is the best wrestling in the U.S.

The Great Kabuki (w/ Gary Hart) vs. Richard Blood

Quick armdrags by Blood on The Great Kabuki send him down to the mat! He gets Kabuki with two flying headscissors! After the second, Kabuki jumps back up on his feet and kicks Blood! Kabuki spins around and attacks Blood. He gets Blood with his nerve holds below Blood’s armpits. Blood breaks away and tackles Kabuki off the ropes. He goes for another tackle but Kabuki lands a chop. Kabuki with a middle rope chop at Blood!

The Great Kabuki spins around again and gets Blood back in the nerve hold. Blood fights back but Kabuki with a couple of kicks at Blood. Back to the nerve hold! Blood gets in an elbow but Kabuki gets him with the kicks! The Great Kabuki bites Blood. He then gets in a series of chops and kicks in the corner. Kabuki again with a fist off the middle rope to Blood’s throat. He does it a second time and covers Blood for the pin. Blood is shown foaming from his mouth! They ask for a physician to come out.

WINNER: The Great Kabuki

The physician and Al Madril both come out to check on Richard Blood. Goodson and David Von Erich do a great job of selling the injury. Ivan Putski and Bronco Lubich join everyone else to check on Blood.

Replay of the Kerry Von Erich vs. The Great Kabuki match from the 1/9/1982 TV episode is shown in its entirety. (I recapped it already.)

Ivan Putski vs. Jack Taylor

David Von Erich reports that Richard Blood suffered a fractured sternum in his match against The Great Kabuki. He says Blood has been taken to a hospital.

Taylor gets Putski in a side headlock. He’s able to break free but Taylor heads to the outside. Taylor again gets Putski in a side headlock and punches him. He gets in a few more punches and forearms at Putski but that fires him up. Ivan Putski tosses Taylor across the ring. He tosses him into the ropes and then knocks him down with the Polish Hammer for the pin!

WINNER: Ivan Putski

Putski poses after the match and does a little dance as he celebrates in the ring. He grabs the mic and yells “Polish Power”!!!

Gene Goodson interviews Armand Hussein. He talks about how World Class is the best wrestling promotion and wants fans to attend their shows. Gary Hart and The Great Kabuki talk about the Von Erichs and Hart talks about losing his hair in a match due to the Von Erichs and him managing “another guy”. He vows to see The Great Kabuki destroy all the Von Erichs including Fritz.

Al Madril vs. Capt. Frank Dusek (w/ “Wild” Bill Irwin)

Dusek takes Madril down with a full nelson into a takedown and then struts a bit. He gets Madril again with a hiptoss and struts yet again as he talks to Irwin who is ringside. He taunts Al Madril. They lock-up again and Madril this time is able to toss Dusek. He isn’t happy and complains to Lubich. An armdrag takedown by Madril sends Dusek to the outside.

The crowd starts a “Chauncy” chant against Irwin. Madril takes Dusek down with a side headlock. Dusek rolls Madril over a few times to get a pin but Madril gets up and keeps the headlock on. Dusek gets out of the hold and whips Madril into the ropes. Madril goes for a leapfrog over Dusek but lands badly and grabs hold of his knee. Dusek starts to kick at Madril who keeps holding his knee. He goes for a stepover toe-hold on Madril who keeps holding his knee and referee Bronco Lubich calls for the bell.

Frank Dusek attacks the fallen Madril. Bronco Lubich reverses the decision and disqualifies Dusek. Irwin starts to kick at Madril. David Von Erich runs into the ring to make the save for Al Madril. David cleans house and goes and checks on Al Madril.

WINNER: Al Madril via DQ.

Gene Goodson thanks David Von Erich for joining him on commentary and show ends.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Thought this show was in the “okay to good” range. If you hadn’t watched the Kerry Von Erich vs. Great Kabuki singles match that was replayed then you’d probably come away from this episode feeling it was good. If you had already seen that match and based it on just what was new on this show, then I thought it was more of an okay show. Ivan Putski’s match was kept pretty short. The main event was short because of Madril’s leg injury but it did have David Von Erich doing a run-in to help Madril. The Von Erichs doing interviews that are mostly about building up their upcoming appearances can be funny at times especially when Kevin’s talking about how every town has a different blond. The Great Kabuki vs. Richard Blood match and angle were good. I really liked how they keep building Kabuki as this dominant heel out to destroy the Von Erichs and anyone else who gets in his way. The finish with him causing Blood to foam at the mouth and “injuring” him were really well done.


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