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SMW TV #30 (8/10/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #30 (8/10/1992)

Taped 8/10/1992 at Avery County High School in Newland, North Carolina. Aired on 8/22/1992.

Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell on commentary. Mantell mentions his guests this week on “Down and Dirty” are The Dirty White Boy & Mr. Ron Wright.

Tim Horner vs. Mike Sampson

Tim Horner goes for a quick roll-up pin attempt on Sampson but Sampson breaks away. They reverse hammerlocks and go to the mat. Back up, Horner gets Sampson in a wristlock. Horner uses his quickness to take Sampson down with a couple of armdrags. Mantell rates one of Horner’s moves a 2.3. Horner gets Sampson in an armbar but Sampson whips Horner into the ropes. Horner catches Sampson with a dropkick but Sampson back up tries for an elbow but misses. Horner gets Sampson back down with an armbar.

Mike Sampson shoves Horner into the corner and lays in a few forearms and kicks. He slams Horner and covers him for a pin but only gets a 2-count. Sampson whips Horner across the ropes and hits him with an elbow across his chest. Snapmare by Sampson and he starts choking Horner. Sampson slams Horner’s head into the top turnbuckle. He attemps a suplex but Horner blocks it and he gets Sampson up in a suplex instead. Horner with an elbow.

Horner goes for another suplex on Sampson. He whips him across the ropes but Sampson reverses and tries to slam him. Horner slips out of his grasp and shoves him into the ropes and gets Sampson with a roll-up into a bridge for the pin.

WINNER: Tim Horner

They show a highlight of Tim Horner at a charity event where he lost an arm wrestling match. Tim Horner joins Bob Caudle for an interview. Horner wants a chance at the SMW Heavyweight title but he can’t get a hold of The Dirty White Boy because he might not have a phone. He doesn’t think Mr. Ron Wright is responding either. Horner thinks he can represent the fans as champion. SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong brings out a WANTED poster for Brian Lee that he’s seen hanging in various places. Brian Lee joins Armstrong and Caudle. Armstrong tells Lee that he’s going to do the best to find out who is doing this. Lee mentions that the bounty of $10,000 is a lot of money and believes someone in SMW is scared of him. He challenges anyone who wants to collect that bounty to come at him.

The Heavenly Bodies & Jim Cornette talk about the tag team situation. Cornette mentions that he’s called his mom and she’s willing to put up $10,000 so the Heavenly Bodies can get a title rematch from the Fantastics. Cornette asks the Bodies if they are up for it. Lane says that the extra incentive just adds to them wanting to beat up The Fantastics. Prichard mentions that they want their tag team titles back.

The Fantastics respond saying that they will make the Heavenly Bodies wait just like they did. Bobby Fulton says they won’t accept the rematch but suggests to Jackie that they might be so desperate that they might offer more for that rematch.

The Heavenly Bodies (Dr. Tom Prichard & Stan Lane) (w/ Jim Cornette) vs. Danny Davis & Tommy Angel

Jim Cornette introduces The Heavenly Bodies. Lane is still wearing his head gear and Cornette tells everyone to keep the noise down because he’s still dealing with a busted ear drum. Crowd chants even louder. Mantell thinks it is the Fantastics that put the bounty up on Brian Lee. Bob Caudle tells him that the Fantastics wouldn’t do that and they are the type of guys he would want his sister to date. Mantell responds by telling Caudle that if The Fantastics showed up on his porch to date his sister, he’d meet them with a shotgun.

Lane and Angel start the match. Angel gets a near fall on Lane. He slams Lane and catches him with a dropkick. Angel whips Lane into the ropes and Lane catches him with a neckbreaker. Mantell gives Lane a 9.8 for the neckbreaker. Caudle disagrees and suggests it was a 6.5. Prichard in the match but Angel tags in Davis. Davis reverses a whip into the corner and catches Prichard with a chop.

Tom Prichard gets a few hard chops into Davis’ chest. Prichard gets a few boots in on Davis and tags in Lane. They double-team Davis with Lane getting him with a side slam and Prichard landing an elbow. Lane back in with a kick at Davis. He follows with a clothesline. Lane whips Davis into the ropes and Davis gets Lane with a sunset flip but Prichard makes the save. Prichard now in and Davis tags in Angel who knocks down both Bodies. He slams both. Prichard clotheslines Angel. Double-team slam by the Bodies and they get the pin on Angel. Cornette struts as the Bodies do a few celebration poses.

WINNERS: The Heavenly Bodies

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express promo for Beckley show were they’ll face The Stud Stable.

Buddy Landell and Paul Lee join Bob Caudle for an interview. Landell tells Paul Lee that he’s going to take him under his wing. He asks Lee who the greatest wrestler of all-time is and Lee responds that its “The Nature Boy”. Landell asks him who is “The Nature Boy” and Lee replies that it is Buddy Landell. Buddy then tells Lee that he’s going to “use him” but then corrects himself and says he’s going to put his “talent to use”.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) vs. Buddy Landell & Paul Lee

Landell gets in a series of punches in the corner on Gibson. He whips Gibson into the corner but Gibson reverses and backdrops Landell. Quick tag from Robert to Ricky Morton. Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden join Caudle and Mantell on commentary. Ricky Morton catches Landell with a huracanrana on Landell. He goes for a quick pin attempt. Landell kicks out and tags in Paul Lee.

Crowd chants “Rock ‘n’ Roll”! Ricky Morton whips Lee into the corner and he lands on his feet on the outside apron but Gibson punches him. Quick double-team work from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express on Lee. Lee tries to tag in Landell but he backs away. Mantell and the Stud Stable rate the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express a 2.7. More double-team work from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express with Landell refusing to tag in. Morton works on Lee’s left leg. Another quick tag with Robert continuing the attack on Lee’s left leg. They come in and both punch Landell and then hit a double team dropkick at Lee for the pin.

WINNERS: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express

Buddy Landell argues with Paul Lee in the ring.

“Down & Dirty” with Dutch Mantell and this week’s guests, The Dirty White Boy and Mr. Ron Wright. Mantell congratulates The Dirty White Boy. Mr. Wright says that thanks to The DWB, he’s now off the generic medication and getting the real stuff for his heart. He’ll be getting hip implant surgery soon now that The Dirty White Boy is the SMW Heavyweight Champion. He also mentions that he still has to carry around his heart monitor so that he doesn’t have one of his spells like he’s had in the past.

The Dirty White Boy says that nothing but greatness is coming for his future. He says that now that he’s champion Mr. Wright can have all of his operations. The Dirty White Boy says he will be a fighting champion and names several people who he’ll wrestle. Dutch asks The Dirty White Boy what he thinks about Tim Horner asking for a title match. The Dirty White Boy says that Tim Horner isn’t in the top category to get a shot at the title. He says Horner hasn’t proven anything to him.

Brian Lee vs. Robbie Eagle

Robbie Eagle attacks Brian Lee as the bell rings. Lee makes a comeback and slams Eagle. He catches Eagle with a dropkick. Lee gets in a few punches at Eagle and lands a kick to his back. Brian Lee catches Robbie Eagle with a belly-to-belly suplex. He slams Eagle again and lands an elbow on him. Robbie Eagle makes a quick comeback and climbs to the top rope but Brian Lee grabs him and slams him. Brian Lee gets Eagle with his finisher, The Cancellation, for the pin!

WINNER: Brian Lee

The mystery man (The Mongolian Mauler) attacks Brian Lee after the match. He splashes Brian Lee and leaves the ringside area. Mantell asks who is that guy. Several wrestlers and Bob Armstrong come out to check on Brian Lee.

Ron Garvin vs. Paul Orndorff

Garvin and Orndorff lock-up and are on the ropes. Orndorff complains that Garvin pulled his hair. Garvin takes Orndorff down with a shoulder block and gets him in a side headlock. Orndorff shoves Garvin into the corner. He sucker punches Garvin are they break away. Referee Mark Curtis warns Orndorff. He goes back to stomping on Garvin. Orndorff with a snapmare and a big elbowdrop across Garvin’s throat.

Ronnie Garvin gets up but Orndorff continues to lay in some punches on Garvin. He starts to stomp on Garvin. Orndorff tries to punch Garvin again but the referee blocks him and instead Garvin punches Orndorff. Garvin knocks down Orndorff and goes for a pin but Orndorff kicks out. They both collide off the ropes and land on the mat. Garvin grabs Orndorff for the piledriver but Orndorff lifts him over his shoulders. They struggle for a pin attempt with Garvin getting Orndorff with a 2-count.

Paul Orndorff teases doing a piledriver. He grabs hold of Garvin’s head but Garvin holds onto the ropes. Orndorff gets Garvin in position for a piledriver but Garvin backdrops Orndorff and he falls into the corner turnbuckles. Garvin with some headbutts at Orndorff and then catches him with a sleeperhold. Garvin goes for the pin but Orndorff reaches the ropes. Several pin attempts by Garvin but Orndorff keeps kicking out.

Ronnie Garvin backslides Orndorff and gets another two-count. Another headbutt from Garvin but Orndorff rakes Garvin’s eyes. Orndorff whips Garvin into the ropes but Garvin ducks whatever Orndorff was trying to do and Garvin punches him. Garvin tries to get Orndorff in the piledriver. The referee refuses to let Garvin do the piledriver and grabs his legs to put him down. Garvin argues with the referee. Garvin goes over to Orndorff and does “the Garvin Stomp” across Orndorff’s entire body. Garvin still can’t get Orndorff in a pin. Orndorff headbutts Garvin in the mid-section and knocks him down.

Paul Orndorff charges at Garvin and knocks him down with a knee! Orndorff gets Garvin with a backbreaker and stretches him out across his knee. Garvin reaches the ropes during a pin attempt by Orndorff. Paul starts choking Garvin under the ropes. Orndorff slams Garvin’s head on the top turnbuckle. Knee lift by Orndorff on Garvin. Orndorff climbs to the top rope and lands a forearm across Garvin’s back.

Orndorff decides he’s going to get Garvin in a piledriver. He argues with the referee and again the referee doesn’t allow Orndorff to piledrive him. He argues with the referee and shoves him down to the mat. Ronnie Garvin sneaks up from behind and rolls up Orndorff for the pin. Referee doesn’t count the pin because he disqualifies Paul Orndorff for knocking him down. Paul Orndorff threatens the referee with a chair.

WINNER: Ron Garvin via DQ.

Jim Cornette, Killer Kyle and The Stud Stable promos for Beckley show.

Ronnie Garvin joins Bob Caudle for an interview. Garvin says that this is starting to get out of hand. He thanks the fans for wanting him to return to SMW. He only planned on having that one tag match, teaming with Brian Lee. He now vows to piledrive Paul Orndorff for life.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. The main event was the best match on the show. Surprising somewhat given Garvin mentioned in his interview that he was practically retired when he was called by SMW to return. Orndorff has been really good in this SMW run. They continued the storyline about their being a bounty on Brian Lee and also had the mystery man attack him again. They’ve also continued their two tag team feuds with Cornette upping the ante on The Fantastics by offering $10,000 for them to give The Heavenly Bodies a rematch. The Fantastics still refused. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and The Stud Stable feud continued as well. Tim Horner wants a SMW Heavyweight title match and The Dirty White Boy is refusing to give him one. That’s now an added storyline. Also amused at Buddy Landell trying to mentor Paul Lee with his intentions being more about using Lee. Fun show overall.


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