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ECW TV 11/2/1993

Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV #30 (11/2/1993)

Taped 10/2/1993 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aired on 11/2/1993.

Matty In The House opens the show talking about Road Warrior Hawk teaming with Sabu against Terry Funk and a mystery partner. They recap Paul E. Dangerously picking Road Warrior Hawk as Sabu’s tag team partner. Terry Funk then mentions that he’s not picking Abdullah The Butcher, Kevin Sullivan, Tito Santana or Ted DiBiase but someone who is closer to him. Sabu’s handlers try to keep him away from Terry Funk.

Joey Styles is on commentary and at the news center. They air a recap of last week’s match between Shane Douglas and J.T. Smith that also included Terry Funk turning on Smith and attacking him.

The Sandman and Peaches are backstage for a promo about The Sandman challenging Shane Douglas for the ECW Heavyweight Title. They air highlights of a previous match between The Sandman and “The Franchise” Shane Douglas. That’s followed by The Sandman highlights.

Joey Styles mentions it’s time for the title match between Shane Douglas and The Sandman so he sends it to the back for some final words from The Sandman. We go backstage and The Sandman is knocked out with Peaches checking on him. Tod Gordon goes and checks on him and asks why Sabu’s going to the ring. Paul E. Dangerously interrupts and claims the “poor alcoholic” (The Sandman) got nervous. Since Paul E. is still Douglas manager he knows that he has a substitution clause on his contract for his title match, so he’s made Sabu his opponent for tonight’s match!

Shane Douglas (w/ Sherri Martel) ©vs. Sabu (w/ Paul E. Dangerousl) for the ECW Heavyweight Title

Sherri Martel attacks Paul E. Dangerously before the bell rings. Sabu jumps into the ring and he and Douglas start to brawl. Sherri beats on Paul E. Douglas knocks Sabu down with an elbow and then slams him down. He lands an elbow on Sabu and calls out Paul E. Sabu’s handlers help Paul E. to the back. Douglas gets Sabu with a superplex as the fans start to chant for Sabu. Paul E. returns to the ringside area. Sherri has Paul E’s phone.

Sabu sends Douglas into the corner and then catches him with a belly-to-back suplex. He climbs to the top rope and hits a moonsault on Douglas and covers him for the pin! Sabu wins the ECW Heavyweight title!

Sabu’s handlers grab him and take him to the back as Paul E. Dangerously holds up the ECW Heavyweight title! He shows it to Sabu but that doesn’t calm him down.


Paul E. Dangerously talks about how he and Sabu are the greatest combination in sports history. ECW President Tod Gordon shows up and interrupts him to let him know that there will be an added stipulation for the November to Remember tag team match with Terry Funk’s ECW TV title on the line but so will Sabu’s ECW Heavyweight title will be on the line. Dangerously doesn’t think Funk has a mystery partner for that tag team match. Gordon tells him that he does and brings out a piece of paper and shows it to Paul E. who screams and gets hysterical. Right when Gordon is going to announce the name, Paul E. knocks down the camera man.

The Bad Breed (Axl Rotten & Ian Rotten) vs. Chad Austin & Todd Shaw

Chad Austin uses his speed to keep away from Ian Rotten. Ian finally gets Austin with a headlock. He knocks Austin down off the ropes but Austin makes a comeback and dropkicks both Ian and Axl. Austin gets a near fall on Ian after a cross body block off the top rope. Ian recovers and starts to beat on Chad Austin.

Axl Rotten now in and he hits a corner splash on Austin. Austin gets caught by a spin kick by Axl Rotten! Ian Rotten back in and he whips Austin into the ropes and back drops him. He shoves Austin into his corner so he can tag in Shaw. Ian knocks Shaw down and tags in Axl. Axl tosses Shaw to the outside. Ian hits a dropkick off the ring apron at Shaw. He rolls Shaw back into the ring and Axl gets a 2-count before he picks Shaw up. Ian now in and hits a splash on Shaw. Again the Rottens refuse to pin Shaw. Double underhook DDT by Ian Rotten on Shaw!

Ian tags in Axl and slams Shaw. Axl lands a top rope elbow on Shaw. Ian then climbs up to the top rope and Axl tosses Ian at Shaw with their British Bomb finisher and Ian covers Shaw for the pin.

WINNERS: The Bad Breed

Jimmy Snuka promo telling everyone that its ECW and what are they going to do about it.

Mr. Hughes promo about wrestling in ECW against Johnny Gunn.

The Public Enemy music video. “Slam” by Onyx is the music of choice.

Matty In The House back again hyping the Public Enemy vs. Badd Company tag match. He announces that viewers get to pick the stipulation for this tag match.

Kevin Sullivan promo talking about him thinking his matches against Abdullah The Butcher and Terry Funk were shoot matches. He also mentions his shoot fight against Tommy Cairo and thanks ECW President Tod Gordon for letting him know what the rules are for a shoot fight.

They air a confrontation between Madusa and Sherri Martel at John Arezzi’s Weekend of Champions Convention. Madusa challenges Sherri to a match. She mentions that Sherri hates her and wants her to stop and instead try to open up more doors for women in pro wrestling. Sherri tells Madusa that she’s always been a bimbo and will be in the shadows of her. She then tells Madusa that she couldn’t handle the competition so she went to Japan. Martel says that Madusa couldn’t be #1 in her own country.

Sherri then says that Madusa is so proud of Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and tells her she had sex with him and he wasn’t bad. Madusa says that if all Sherri can brag about is sexual credentials then she’s not much. They start yelling at each other. LOL! Greg Valentine is sitting there listening to them argue. Madusa keeps yelling and tells Sherri that she might be heading to the WWE soon and what did Sherri do, left WWE.

Jason joins Joey Styles and asks if the camera is getting his good side. Styles asks Jason what he thinks of the Sherri-Madusa situation. Jason says that he believes everyone would agree that he’s the sexiest man alive. He also asks Joey what he thinks of his coat. They air the Jason video again.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Didn’t like this episode. It had the big title change that was really only a few minutes and not much to the rest of the show. Felt more like a show that went 30 minutes. Sabu beating Shane Douglas for the ECW Heavyweight title was a good segment with the lead-up to it including The Sandman preparing for the match and then getting knocked out by Sabu who then replaces him in the title match. The Bad Breed match was okay. Then there was a lot of filler in the match. I don’t think the Madusa vs. Sherri Martel match happened so it felt like a waste of time. A lot of the promos and video packages late on the show felt like they were the same stuff they aired in previous episodes.


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